President John F Kennedy Murdered November 22 1963


John Kennedy Revolution Coming

President John F. Kennedy Warned US about the Illuminati Zionists Secret Societies

Rabbi Abraham-Finkelstein reveals the truth about Illuminati Zionist Jews.
Jews are different than the Israelites Hebrews.

By Professor James Fetzer

“Forrest Gump on the Grassy Knoll”

“The JFK War: An Insider’s Guide to Assassination Research”

“The JFK War: An Insider’s Guide to Assassination Research II”

“The JFK War: An Insider’s Guide to Assassination Research III”

“The JFK War: The Empire Strikes Back”

“The JFK War: The Challenging Case of Robert Groden”

“Zapruder Frame 343: The blowout at the back of JFK’s head”

“The JFK War: The Case of Federal Judge John Tunheim”

“RFK: Outing the CIA at the Ambassador”

“The JFK War: Hany Farid, Jefferson Morley and the Zapruder film”

“The JFK War: Outing the JFK Assassination Research Bureau”

“The JFK War: The two Cyril Wechts, the “magic bullet” and the HSCA”

“The JFK War: CBS endorses the “magic bullet” absurdity”

“The JFK War: The disturbing case of Jim DiEugenio, LBJ and Israel”

“MARY’S MOSAIC: Litmus test for JFK research integrity”

“The JFK War: What’s going on with Len Osanic and Black Op Radio?”

“Noam Chomsky and Larry Sabato: Mainstream purveyors of JFK disinformation”

“The JFK War: Welcome coverage from CBS and the Santa Barbara Independent”

“JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, the Patsies that Didn’t”

“The Cartha DeLoach FBI Memo and the Altgens6”

“JFK: What we Know Now that we Didn’t Know Then”

“JFK Special: Oswald was in the doorway, after all!”

“Oswald was in the doorway, after all!”

“Faking Oswald at the DPD”

“Believe it or not: Oswald wasn’t even a shooter!”

“The JFK Altgens6: Bill Shelley’s Shrunken Head”

“Why Buell Wesley Frazier was erased from the Altgens6:

“Lovelady’s ‘arrow’ points to conspiracy and cover-up”

“49 years in the Offing: The Altgens6 Reenactment”

“US Government Official: JFK Cover-Up, Film Fabrication”

“Who’s telling the truth: Clint Hill or the Zapruder film?”

“Two NPIC Zapruder Film Events Pointing to its Alteration”

“Two NPIC Zapruder Film Events: Analysis and Implications”

“Did Zapruder film ‘the Zapruder film’?”

“Nix film contradicts Zapruder: More Proof of Fakery”

“JFK Escort Officers Speak: The Fred Newcomb Interviews”

“JFK en route to Parkland: Unpacking the Miller photograph”

“The ‘grassy knoll’ rider and JFK limo back seat”

“The second JFK limo stop / Holding back the Altgens6”

“The James ‘Ike’ Altgens JFK photo timeline”

“Tampering with the JFK Limo in the Altgens6”

“Reason and Rationality in Public Debate: The Case of JFK”

“What happened to JFK’s body: A cover-up ‘on the fly'”

“JFK Conspiracy: The Bullet Hole in the Windshield”

“Did George H.W. Bush coordinate a JFK hit team?”

“JFK, the CIA and The New York Times”

“The Missing Bullet chicanery of Joseph Ball, Attorney at Law”

“Jim Garrison, The Warren Report and the End of the ‘Magic Bullet’ Absurdity”

“JFK at 50: The Assassination of America”

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Stew Webb served in the United States Marine Corps and was Honorable Discharge. Stew was a Realtor-General Contractor-Home Builder until 3 car crashes in 2010-2011 (attempted murders see picture my Van on concrete barrier below Breaking News column) and is now disabled. Stew turned Federal Whistle blower - Activist of 39 years and has been a guest on over 4,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and now has his own Radio Network .Stew was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and Hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings Neil Bush Director, the Denver International Airport Frauds Hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. (MDC-NYSE) Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 Hearings and the information provided that lead to the 2008 Illegal Bank Bailout. Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges which were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush - Millman - Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman (Deceased 2004) was member of the "Illuminati Council of 13". Larry Mizel is now in control of this Organized Crime Syndicate RICO. I have contributed to the following books: * “Defrauding America”, by Rodney Stitch * "Drugging America", by Rodney Stitch * “The Mafia, CIA and George Bush” by Pete Brewton * “The Oklahoma City Bombing Power of Politics”, by David Hoffman * “Bushwacked” by Uri Dowbenko * “Silverado Savings and Loan” by Steve Wilmsen * “Drugging America” by Rodney Stitch * I was instrumental in brokering a deal that has lead to Al Martin’s new book “The Conspirators”, I have known Al since 1991, when I had to hide from the FBI who tried to jail me for exposing,“The Bush Crime Family-Denver Connection-King Pin Leonard Millman”, my former-father-in-law. @@@@@ (Your kind and generous contributions are much appreciated and needed, Please copy and paste the link below into your browser to contribute today thank you Stew Webb. Contributions by mail: Stew Webb 12820 SW K-4 HWY #B Topeka, Kansas 66601-9749 Phone: 785-213-0160)


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I am on social security disability because of 3 car crashes,  2 were attempted murder of me.

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Attempted Murder of Stew Webb

Grandview, Missouri Police Obstruct Justice and tried to Cover up the car crash by FBI Stooges and Killers.

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