General Singlaub and Hillary Clinton Stooge Larry Nichols

Hillary Clinton and Larry Nichols

General John Singlaub fired by President Carter 1986 took over Mena Drugs with Larry Nichols from General Richard Secord and Ollie North who were exposed in Iran Contra.

By Stew Webb

Here is a Recording of Larry Nichols

Larry Nichols details many crimes done by the Clinton’s during his time in their inner circle. In the last 5 minutes Larry Nichols details how he hid money from bank regulators for the Clinton’s by taking millions of dollars out of the bank before bank regulators got there! He drove around with tens of millions of dollars of illegal Clinton money in the back of a pickup until bank regulators were finished with their investigation.

I helped Al Martin broker the deal to get this book published and I want everyone to understand who Larry Nichols really is a stooge for HildaBeast aka Hillary Clinton.

By Al Martin

Trinity Oil and Gas, Ltd., which was a collaboration of Barry

Seal, Richard Hamil, Larry Nichols and a few others., as I have previously mentioned.

Barry Seal is conventionally described — and conventionally pigeon-holed — as a

drug smuggler, but he was much more.

There’s much more to this man than simply drugs. His money laundering in

corporate operations is an area which has never been touched.

If anybody ever wanted to do a serious work on Seal, you have to look at this area.

By 1985, I was personally raising through Southeast Resources about $3 million a


Of course, I was only one guy out of two thousand.


By Al Martin Iran Contra Whistle blower

The Conspirators:

Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider

By Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin (US Navy, Ret.)

Copyright 2000, Al Martin. All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Confidential File: Alexander S. Martin……………………………………………….…3

Chapter 2 The NPO and Operation Sledgehammer……………………………………………. 14

Chapter 3 Oliver North: The Money Laundering Drug Smuggling “Patriot”……. 26

Chapter 4 “Do Nothing” Janet Reno and Iran-Contra Suppression………………..….. 42

Chapter 5 Classified Illegal Operations: Cordoba Harbor and Screw Worm ……..50

Chapter 6 The Don Austin Denver HUD Fraud Case …………………………………..….. 66

Chapter 7 Bush Family Fraud & Iran-Contra Profiteering ……………………………… 72

Chapter 8 Insider Stock Swindles for “The Cause”…………………………………………….89

Chapter 9 Corporate Fraud, Stock Fraud and Other Scams………………………………106

Chapter 10 The Tri-Lateral Investment Group – Bush Family Fraud…………………. 114

Chapter 11 Lawrence Richard Hamil: The US Government’s Con Man…………… 122

Chapter 12 US Government Narcotics Smuggling & Illicit Weapons Sales……… 136

Chapter 13 US Government Sanctioned Drug Trafficking ……………………………….. 141

Chapter 14 The Chinese Connection: US Weapons & High Tech Graft…………….. 156

Chapter 15 More Iran-Contra Stories: Both Humorous & Salient …………………… 171

Chapter 16 Chinese Money for US Weapons …………………………………………………….185

Chapter 17 US Government Narcotics Smuggling (Part 2) ……………………….… 192

Chapter 18 In Hiding Again ……………………………………………………………………………..209

Chapter 19 Corporate Fraud, Government Fraud and More Fraud……………………224

Chapter 20 The Real Story of Operation Watchtower…………………………………………234

Chapter 21 KGB & East German Activities in the US (1985-87)…………………………..240

Chapter 22 The Woman in Red (And Black)…………………………………………………………252

Chapter 23 Bush Family Corporate, Real Estate, and Bank Frauds…………………….260

Chapter 24 Iran-Contra Real Estate Fraud…………………………………………………………..277

Chapter 25 More Chinese-Military Connections…………………………………………………288

Chapter 26 ONI, CZX & Orpheus. ………………………………………………………………… 295


* Born 5-19-54, Oberammergau, West Germany, Federal German Republic.

* Mixed German and American parentage.

* Returned to United States 09-Aug-1957.

* Graduated Masconoma Technical School, 16-May-1972.

* Full ROTC training then available at high school level.

* Graduated with certificates in electronics and communications equipment, as well as a

Level 05 Certificate in Russian Languages.

* Subject joined the United States Navy, 19-May-1972.

* Sent to China Lakes Naval Air Station to complete basic training and for further

training in electronics and communications.

* Subject MOS – 16-Sep-1972.

* At subject’s request, TDY’d 03-Oct-1972 Naval Communication Center, Saigon, South


* Remained in South Vietnam theater until cessation of naval and air hostilities on 27-


* On 04-Sep-1973, subject again, and on request, TDY’d Subic Bay, Pacific Theater of

Operations Naval Command Center.

* Discharged honorably United States Navy 19-May-1976.

* Immediately thereafter joined United States Naval Reserves, Active Status.

* Rremained United States Naval Reserves active status doing two tours.

* Transferred and relisted, inactive service United States Naval Reserves.


* Subject retires United States Naval Reserves 19-May-1988 at the Reserve Officers Rank

of Lt. Commander.

After my discharge from active naval duty service in 1976, I moved to Cuzco, Peru,

and set up a business with a childhood friend, George W. Carver III, son of then CIA

Deputy Director, George W. Carver Jr.

The business dealt in alpaca, llama, and vicuna, but was actually a cover, as a “G” for

the State Department.

My assignment at the time was to gather intelligence on Russian military operations

in Peru.

At the time, Peru was officially pro-Moscow. It was armed by Moscow and had

about 4,000 Russian army advisors in the country.

I remained in the country until September 9, 1977, the coup of Gen. Hector Bermudez

and the installation of civilian President, Fernando Terry. At that time I returned to the

United States, initially settling in Miami.

While in Peru, I became acquainted with numerous CIA field agents and support

personnel, then being run out of CIA’s Lima station. These included Deputy CIA

Station Chief Eugene S. Barlow, more commonly referred to as “Buzz” Barlow, whose

claim to fame had been that he had secretly recruited Vladimiro Montesinos, a

Peruvian army officer, who then in turn developed an intelligence network that

informed on Russian Army and Soviet KGB movements within Peru.

An interesting footnote to this is that eight years later, Montesinos would become a

double agent working for the KGB. He was being run by then Assistant Deputy KGB

Director, Major Yuri Shvets, whose cover was Commercial Trade Attache for the Soviet

Embassy in Washington.

Barlow would play an important role in Iran-Contra, particularly in the post 1983

environment and would finally finish up his career as a senior FBI agent at the Tulsa

field office.

Subpoenaed before Congress in 1987, Barlow either refused to answer, or answered “I

don’t know” 117 times when asked about his Iran-Contra role.

In 1978, I met Lawrence Richard Hamil, a Department of Defense shadow player, a

hanger-on as many are, who wait for profitable covert operations.

His father was the well-known Harry J. Hamil, former senior Defense Department

policy analyst of their southern desk before his death of natural causes in 1984.

Hamil and I and others including Frank Snepp, Jack Terrell, Harry Aderholt, Landon

Thorme, Duke Rome, and a host of other players in the shadows of Washington,

became involved in a scheme in 1979 to traffic in American Express credit cards in

Argentina on behalf of the American Express Corporation.


At that time, the United States had placed a short-lived financial embargo on the

country of Argentina in an attempt to pressure the military junta there.

I received twenty dollars for every American Express Card delivered to waiting

customers in Argentina.

You may remember that the scandal was broken by The Washington Post in 1980.

They showed that there was extensive CIA involvement in the operation and that, in

fact, the CIA had actively cooperated with other United States’ financial institutions to

evade the financial embargo placed on Argentina at that time.

Through 1980, I also became involved with Mr. Hamil and others in illicit

transactions to evade the Dominican sugar blockade then extant at that time.

In the late 1970s, I became involved with Lt. Col. Jack Terrell, Brig. Gen. Harry

Aderholt, Lt. Col. Landon Thorme, Lt. Col. Duke Rome.

All would become major Iran-Contra participants three or four years later.

Landon Thorme, for instance, was very close to Jeb Bush.

He acted as a corporate strawman for Jeb Bush in a lot of Bahamian shell corporations

formed around Bush’s principal artifice called IMC (International Medical Corporation)

then directed by the infamous Miguel Recarey, who fled the country in 1985.

In 1984, at the request of Lawrence Richard Hamil, I formed several corporations in

Florida, chiefly among them, Southeast Resources, Inc.

I also established offices in Miami, ostensibly to act as a primary marketer for Hamil’s

series of corporate shells, collectively known as the Gulf Coast Investment Group.

The shells were formed primarily to legitimize the flow of funds between wealthy

individuals and right-wing Republican investors who wished to support Iran-Contra.

Oliver North called it “The Cause. Secord called it “The Enterprise” and by June 1984,

it was just starting to get off the ground.

Obviously it was not legal for these individuals to contribute money to an illicit and

illegal covert operation of state.

Therefore they needed a legitimizing factor which is what Hamil and I provided.

In July 1984, I had a meeting with Richard Secord and Larry Hamil in Miami. There I

was extensively briefed about Iran-Contra operations and was allowed to review

voluminous CIA white papers concerning Operation Black Eagle drafted in 1983.

Very quickly I understood that Iran-Contra (or the euphemism “Iran-Contra”) was a

ruse to ostensibly arm an envisioned 50,000 man guerrilla or “contra” army in

Nicaragua which would act as a bulkwark against the increasingly powerful Sandinista


The Sandinistas by that time had built up an army of 120,000 men and were being

extensively equipped by the Soviets.


In July 1984, I was approached by the infamous Lawrence Richard Hamil, who was

then operating under the direction of Richard Secord.

Hamil had already set up a series of thirty-seven corporations, all using the word


It was very common.

* Gulf Coast Investment

* Gulf Oil and Drilling Supply, which was in a partnership with Jeb Bush.

* Gulf Realty, which was another joint partnership with Neil Bush.

* Gulf Offshore Trust Corporation, a joint deal with George Bush, Jr.

* Gulf Asian Corporation, a joint venture between us and Prescott Bush, the Vice

President’s brother, and his son, Wally.

Wally owned a securities firm in Phoenix, called J. Walter Bush Securities.

As a matter of fact, the firm was in the Lincoln Savings and Loan Plaza. He had a

good deal with Charlie Keating. They did a lot of business with the Lincoln Savings

and Loan. Keating would provide financing for illegal securities deals — deals that

existed nowhere but in a file drawer.



(Coincidentally, J. Walter Bush Securities was located in an office directly opposite

the World Anti-Communist League office, the famous front organization founded by

General Singlaub.)

In exchange, the bank got notes and stock and everything which eventually wound

up being worthless.

The fraud was segregated. For example, Jeb Bush’s real forté, when it came to fraud,

was oil and gas drilling, oil and gas fraud, real estate fraud, mostly commercial real

estate fraud, à la that Broward Savings and Loan scandal where they lost three or four

million because of Jeb.

And the list goes on endlessly.

Neil, of course, was almost exclusively real estate. These included all of those Gulf

Realty deals.

And you may remember, this is the same Gulf Realty Corporation of the late 1950s

which was originally a CIA proprietary that got cut loose in the 1970s and lay dormant

for a while until Neil and his two partners, Bill Walters and Ken Good, picked it up

and instituted a tremendously complex web of land fraud that stretched from Florida,

Texas, California, and Connecticut.

It was a really intriguing web of land fraud.

The Boca Chica Development, the Destin Country Club Development — these were all

deals that were designed to be frauds.

When they went down the tubes, ultimately they were bailed out with public money

to the tune of $780 million apiece.

There were about 100 such projects in all which were ultimately bailed out by some

public guarantee institution.

It wasn’t necessarily the FDIC or the FSLIC, but in some cases, very esoteric public

guaranteed funds were used to bail these deals out.

George Jr. naturally specialized in oil since he controlled the Bush family oil portfolio

including Harken Energy stock, Tidewater Development stock, and Apache and Zapata


These were all deals where George Sr. had formerly been on the Board of Directors.

Now George Jr. was on the Board of Directors, since Sr. as Vice President couldn’t have

that capacity.

Harken Energy was a classic fraud.

The stock still trades on the AMEX at five or six dollars a share. It’s been pumped up

recently because there’s a new fraud going on with those Bahrainian Leases that

Richard Secord originally had ten years ago.



The stock will shortly collapse back to two dollars again, as soon as everybody gets


A lot of Republicans will make money on the deal.

You think, for instance, that the fraud doesn’t still go on today. It does.

A recent example of this fraud is Bre-X Minerals on the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

George Bush was on the Board of Directors and made about $40 million in the deal —

through stock he never paid for.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger made $12 or $13 million on the deal.

George Schultz made money on the deal.

Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada, made money in the deal.

It’s just another example of the continuation of the original fraud which links back to


I remind everybody that Iran-Contra is the genesis for so much of the fraud that exists


In some cases, not even the corporate names have been changed.

Their jurisdictions may have been changed, but the people behind the deals are all the


Anyway, I set up a corporation in Miami in 1984. I didn’t even have to disguise it. It

was just a regular Class C Florida corporation called Southeast Resources, Inc., which

did nothing other than market the product of other people.

It did not generate any of its own product. It was simply a marketing company. It

had marketing contracts for illegal product, illegal limited partnerships, illegal loan

syndications, and so forth.

I was in a very good position to see a very broad range of fraud since at one time in

1985 I had over 300 investment products in-house.

And these not only came from the Bush boys or Richard Hamil, but in some cases I

marketed one deal called Trinity Oil and Gas, Ltd., which was a collaboration of Barry

Seal, Richard Hamil, Larry Nichols and a few others., as I have previously mentioned.

Barry Seal is conventionally described — and conventionally pigeon-holed — as a

drug smuggler, but he was much more.

There’s much more to this man than simply drugs. His money laundering in

corporate operations is an area which has never been touched.

If anybody ever wanted to do a serious work on Seal, you have to look at this area.

By 1985, I was personally raising through Southeast Resources about $3 million a


Of course, I was only one guy out of two thousand.



I mean, I don’t have any special claim to fame on any of these deals.

However, an interesting capacity I became involved in was passing along money to

certain politicians in states where we had marketing operations, which was part of the


This was part of the system of the fraud — that the money would get passed on to

Republicans, particularly Republican governors, or Republican members of the House

and Senate in certain states where we had operations.

A good example of this (which I testified about to the Kerry Commission in 1987) was

passing along money to the husband of then-Governor Martha Lane Collins,

Republican of Kentucky.

Her husband, Dennis the Dentist, was a dentist on the Board of Directors of First

National Bank of Frankfort, Kentucky.

He, himself, later got indicted for fraud, with Jake Butcher and his brother in that

National Bank of Frankfort and the Union Planters Bank in Nashville deal.

That was a good sized fraud — about $80 million. Of course, Dennis the Dentist made

out pretty well. He never spent any time in jail or anything. And Collins was

protected absolutely.

Another guy I passed money to (actually it was to his aide) was then Republican

Governor Thompson of Illinois.

I was in Chicago regularly because many of our contributors were in Chicago.

Richard Hamil and I would meet regularly with the governor’s aide in the bar in the

Whitehall Hotel on E. State Street in Chicago and pass some envelopes — $20,000,

$40,000 at a time.

Those are just two examples. But another way Republican members on the Hill were

paid off was this. They were given limited partnership interests for nothing.

Now, granted, these limited partnership interests were fraud and weren’t worth the

paper they were printed on.

But ultimately (Porter Goss is a prime example of this) Porter was given shares in the

Destin Country Club deal, which was all a fraud.

What happened was the bank, City Commercial Bank of Sarasota, Florida, which was

in the loop, ultimately bought back the shares from him — even though they were


It was one way of getting Porter money.

The same thing was done for former Representative Paul Hawkins. Hawkins

profited enormously from these schemes.

You can see by the pattern of Republican congressmen, senators, and governors that



they were all in Iran-Contra states — states where Iran-Contra activity was extant, like

Texas, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, California, Colorado, and so on.

There was some effort to investigate this in 1987. As a matter of a fact, it was the

Tower Commission that first began to notice all these connections because of Hayden

Gregory, the General Counsel. He was a real bright guy, but Tower had his own

vested interest in Iran-Contra through his disguised interest in the infamous Houston

Energy Partners, which had been controlled for years by Jim Baker.

Before the Tower Commission could complete its investigation, however, Senator

Tower died in a mysterious plane crash near Brunswick, Georgia. It should be noted

that the first contingent of supposed NTSB investigators on the scene were actually CIA

agents posing as NTSB investigators. Tower’s personal briefcase also somehow

mysteriously vanished.


More on Larry Nichols

I will also mention here the extent of my knowledge insofar as I was involved with

so many, both Republican and Democratically controlled investigating committees in

the 1987 to 1996 time frame.

Also to use several illustrations where Republican-controlled committees were dying

to get into Arkansas and use Iran-Contra activities in Arkansas against Clinton and

others, but could not do so because they could not gerrymander out Republican

liability and, therefore, they couldn’t use it.

I have a tape-recording of a very interesting conversation I had with Bob Dole’s

campaign manager about this subject in the last Presidential campaign.

You can easily see the Republican reaction in attempting to use this kind of


I also wanted to mention that I have been assembling a condensed compendium of

Israeli involvement in Iran-Contra, principally centering around my knowledge of the

activities of the infamous Michael Harari with subsections about Ari Klein.

It would be principally about Harari and certain meetings Harari had with both

Oliver North and Manuel Noriega, and even one meeting with George Bush himself

and Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams, and then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of

State Michael Kozak.

These are detailed transcripts of meetings involving the Panamanian G2 and security

for narcotics shipments and weapons trans-shipments through the South African

corridor which Harari arranged.

I’m going to mention a little bit about the US/South African/Israeli connection into

Iran-Contra and how that worked through South African military intelligence which

was then under the command of General Magnus Milan.

But I’m not going to dwell on this because — where does it all stop?

I do want to mention an important weapons and narcotics channel, so you can clearly

see the involvement of the Israelis in Iran-Contra, which I think has been much


People talk about Israeli involvement in Iraqgate, but there was substantial

involvement, not only through Michael Harari, but others and even the influence of the

great Rafi Eitan, himself, during Iran-Contra and how this related to the liquidation of

Amir Nir and others.

It’s important to show the relationships and to show that a lot of people died to cover



this thing up and to cover up the knowledge of this relationship.

Essentially it was to cover up Michael Harari’s activities.

I’m also going to reveal for the first time much more extensive knowledge than what

people have commonly presumed about Amiram Nir, in terms of that July 29, 1986

meeting at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which George Bush attended and how

that sealed Nir’s fate.

Also to be discussed will be how Nir’s wife, who is an American, was treated by

Israeli intelligence after Nir’s death.

  1. Corporate Fraud, Stock Fraud and Other Scams

So far, we have attempted to illustrate Iran-Contra vis-a-vis the breakdown of three

specific areas — namely, narcotics, weapons and fraud. Returning to fraud, we will

examine individual transactions and individual companies, as they related to the

overall pattern, an organized pattern, of State-sponsored fraud under the guise of what

is now known as Iran-Contra.

The first deal I would like to speak about is the infamous Trinity Oil and Gas

Corporation, founded in 1984 by the infamous Barry Seal, Lawrence Richard Hamil

and Larry Nichols.

Trinity Oil and Gas was designed to be a fraud similar to all other oil and gas frauds

at that time.

Not unlike Jeb Bush’s Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company.

Not unlike Larry Hamil’s Gulf Coast Investment Group and LRH Associates, etc.

We will examine what these frauds had in common, how these frauds related to each

other, and ultimately where the money went.

Trinity Oil and Gas was perhaps a little different. Its purpose was perhaps a little

different. It was not only designed simply to be a fraud, but also as a vehicle to

launder Barry Seal’s money — money that Barry Seal was earning from his narcotics


Barry Seal, of course, has been extensively discussed in public before, but usually

only in the context of narcotics. His involvement corporately, or in fraud, is really an

overlooked area.

Anyway, Trinity Oil and Gas — to get its base of operations, similar to Gulf Coast



Investment Group — purchased a bunch of old, beat out, one-barrel-a-day pumpers,

two-barrels-a-day pumpers.

These were principally in the sand tar pits outside of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Most of the assets that Trinity Oil and Gas started with to construct the fraud were

assets that it had purchased from the old Sterling Oil of Oklahoma and the old Lyric

Energy of Oklahoma, both which had been publicly traded companies on the NASDAQ

prior to this time and had unfortunately busted out with the decline in oil prices in the

early 1980s.

Again, the scheme was similar.

You take the one or two-barrel-a-day, fifty-year-old pumpers that are given a shot of

acid every three months, and you make it appear that they’re pumping four hundred to

eight hundred barrels a day.

Of course, how you make that appear is by your runs and logs. In this case, Hamil,

once again, turned to Hess Oil, a division of Marathon Oil, then owned by Armand


We have discussed before how Armand Hammer allowed certain divisions — oil and

gas divisions, suppliers, distributors — that he owned to be used to commit fraud.

I guess, you could say this was his contribution to Iran-Contra and to Republican


Anyway, as they had done with Gulf Coast Investment Group and with Gulf Oil and

Drilling Supply Company, Hess had given false runs and logs, making it appear that in

fact Trinity Oil was pumping five hundred times the oil that it was actually pumping.

And one would say, “Where are the cash deposits? Where is the cash flowing

through Trinity Oil and Gas accounts to match this supposed oil production?”

Of course, where it was coming from initially was Barry Seal.

Barry Seal was simply using this as a device to launder money.

After July-August 1984, Trinity Oil and Gas, under the auspices of Larry Hamil,

became something larger, a newer entity, and an entity to actually defraud people.

As we have said before, we’re using the term “defraud” loosely.

Actually people invested in Trinity Oil and Gas Limited Partnerships, who wanted to

contribute to “The Cause” as Oliver North referred to Iran-Contra.

But obviously a private citizen could not simply contribute to an illegal activity of

government, ergo another artifice steps in, namely Trinity Oil and Gas.

Monies are siphoned off accordingly. It was very similar to the way monies were

siphoned out of Gulf Coast Investment Group and Gulf Coast Oil and Drilling Supply.

You would notice that all three of these companies tended to use either Hess or



Marathon as their pickup agents in the field.

They also tended to use the infamous Orca Supply Company of Coral Gables, Florida,

supposedly to purchase oil well equipment.

Orca Supply Company was a CIA cut-out that had been dormant. It was picked up

again and was run through the Iran-Contra period by the infamous Lt. Col. Jack Terrell,

aka “El Flaco.”

What was different about Trinity Oil is that it is one of the very few Iran-Contra deals

one can point to wherein money was siphoned off in both directions, politically


Not only did money go to Republicans, but it also went to Democrats in the State of


Trinity Oil and Gas is an excellent example to illustrate how important the State of

Arkansas was (and the Democratic substructure in Arkansas was) to overall Iran-

Contra operations.

For instance, Trinity Oil and Gas was legally formed and its general counsels were

the Little Rock Law Firm of Rose and Hubbel. As a matter of fact, it was one of Web

Hubbel’s own accounts wherein he was counsel.

You will see that others within the Board of Directors of Trinity Oil are Dan Lasater

and Raymond “Buddy” Young. Invoices, by the way, would be faked to make it appear

that Trinity Oil and Gas was actually purchasing materials from the infamous Brodex

Manufacturing and Global Associates.

Certainly, we remember these artifices from the past. Freddie Lee Hampton, Calvin

Edwards, George Rebb — all of the Mena players.

Also, what should be mentioned — and I think it’s very unique to Trinity Oil and Gas

was its relationship with Seth Ward of Ward Manufacturing.

Same old scheme. Faked invoices for materials that were supposedly purchased, that

were in fact never manufactured or delivered.

Brodex Manufacturing, Global Associates, Ward Manufacturing and so forth were

receiving $20,000 – $40,000 a month. That type of thing. It was essentially money being

bled out of Trinity Oil and Gas.

Of course, records subsequently revealed that Trinity Oil and Gas was making

substantial contributions to GOPAC, as well as individual Republicans. It had also had

contributions to the Democratic State Party Committee in Arkansas.

Regarding Trinity Oil and Gas, there was Jeb Bush’s involvement with it vis-a-vis his

own oil and gas fraud, the Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company.

Trinity Oil and Gas purchased Argentine and Brazilian oil and gas leases for about



$30,000 or $40,000 per lease from Gulf Oil Drilling Supply.

Of course, these leases were effectively worthless.

Gulf Oil Drilling Supply obtained these leases originally from Zapata. They bought

these leases for a dollar each from Bush-controlled Zapata Oil, which had held these

leases for some time. But they were tantamount to worthless.

Suddenly these leases are effectively given from father to son and they wind up in

the hands of the Jeb Bush-controlled Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company.

Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company hypothecated these leases, borrowed money from

these leases with numerous Iran-Contra friendly banks in the Miami area, principally

Capitol Bank.

Later they would default on these loans, and when Brazilian authorities got word that

these leased areas were being used for fraudulent purposes in the United States,

Brazilian authorities mounted an investigation.

It was a half-assed investigation, but it was enough for Jeb Bush to disgorge. He

didn’t want anything more to do with these leases, so consequently he sold them to

Trinity Oil and Gas, which again made the same claims that Gulf Oil Drilling Supply

Company had previously made. They said that these leases were, of course, fabulously

valuable, when in fact, they were tantamount to worthless.

To further illustrate the Arkansas connection to Trinity Oil and Gas, it should be

noted that the general counsels with the law firm of Rose and Hubbel — their bank was

another infamous Arkansas Iran-Contra bank — the Twin Cities Bank of North Little

Rock, Arkansas.

The officer there, later a Director of the bank who handled the account was the

infamous Jonathan Flake. Flake was the one who helped Seal and Hamil put together

limited partnerships and syndications, while the bank provided bridge loans.

Also, in general partnerships of oil production, proved up production (which they

didn’t have, but they simply made it appear that they had), interests were sold by, of all

people, Dan Lasater.

Flake, by the way, was an officer and Director of Twin Cities Bank of North Little

Rock — a key figure in Iran-Contra fraud in Arkansas.

Flake was involved in numerous oil and gas scams and bogus real estate limited

partnerships that the bank also marketed and/or financed. He was also involved with

numerous U.S. congressmen.

In all of these bogus oil and gas deals or bogus real estate deals that Congressman

Alexander, Congressman Solarz, Congressman Dellums and others got hurt, the

common factor is Twin Cities Bank of North Little Rock Arkansas and its senior loan



officer and later Director, Jonathan Flake.

A precise example of Flake’s involvement would be that Twin Cities Bank of North

Little Rock was both was a submarketer through its securities division as well as a

financier in terms of holding non-recourse and fully recourse paper on bogus limited


However, Flake was directly involved in the marketing and subsequently financing

of the fraudulent real estate investment trust known as the Boulder Property Limited

Series of Partnerships.


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Stew Webb served in the United States Marine Corps and was Honorable Discharge. Stew was a Realtor-General Contractor-Home Builder until 3 car crashes in 2010-2011 (attempted murders see picture my Van on concrete barrier below Breaking News column) and is now disabled. Stew turned Federal Whistle blower - Activist of 39 years and has been a guest on over 4,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and now has his own Radio Network .Stew was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and Hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings Neil Bush Director, the Denver International Airport Frauds Hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. (MDC-NYSE) Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 Hearings and the information provided that lead to the 2008 Illegal Bank Bailout. Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges which were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush - Millman - Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman (Deceased 2004) was member of the "Illuminati Council of 13". Larry Mizel is now in control of this Organized Crime Syndicate RICO. I have contributed to the following books: * “Defrauding America”, by Rodney Stitch * "Drugging America", by Rodney Stitch * “The Mafia, CIA and George Bush” by Pete Brewton * “The Oklahoma City Bombing Power of Politics”, by David Hoffman * “Bushwacked” by Uri Dowbenko * “Silverado Savings and Loan” by Steve Wilmsen * “Drugging America” by Rodney Stitch * I was instrumental in brokering a deal that has lead to Al Martin’s new book “The Conspirators”, I have known Al since 1991, when I had to hide from the FBI who tried to jail me for exposing,“The Bush Crime Family-Denver Connection-King Pin Leonard Millman”, my former-father-in-law. @@@@@ (Your kind and generous contributions are much appreciated and needed, Please copy and paste the link below into your browser to contribute today thank you Stew Webb. Contributions by mail: Stew Webb 12820 SW K-4 HWY #B Topeka, Kansas 66601-9749 Phone: 785-213-0160)


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October 25, 2010 Attempted murder of Stew Webb by 2 goons working for FBI JTFG Joint Task Force Group Kansas City, Missouri, Click on the picture to see additional information and pictures.

I am on social security disability because of 3 car crashes,  2 were attempted murder of me.

Click on the picture below and read the Private Investigators report Grandview, Missouri Police covered up for the FBI with a false report.  This broke every vertebra in my neck.–Stew Webb

Attempted Murder of Stew Webb

Grandview, Missouri Police Obstruct Justice and tried to Cover up the car crash by FBI Stooges and Killers.

SEE: PROOF (Exhibits 1-22)

Stew Webb December 3, 2023 my story how I became a US Whistle blower

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Chatty Gargoyle at Denver International Airport

Larry Mizel and the Pro Jewish Mafia

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