US Senator Charles Shumer Blackmailed

US Senator Charles Shumer Blackmailed


The Control Files: Blackmail of Congressmen and Senators

Inside the Bush Crime Family

Part 2

The Control Files:

Blackmail of Congressmen and Senators

(December 1999 Part 1.)

(May 2000 Part 2)

By Uri Dowbenko

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Federal Whistle blower Stewart Webb remains adamant in his outrage
at the epidemic corruption in the highest levels of government, especially
in the U.S. Department of Justice.
“There is no party line difference,” says Webb. “There’s this group of
criminals-and there’s a woman in the White House, Hillary Clinton-
who are screaming about Democrats-when when in fact she herself
was involved in the blackmail of Democrats.
“The Highest echelons of the Democrats and the Republicans are both
involved, and they have conspired in the elimination of good, honest
people in government,” Webb states. “Also, the control that they have
in certain judicial districts is incredible. I’ve been told by Justice
Department officials that Denver, Colo., was the most corrupt judicial
district in the country because of the control that ‘The Boys’ had.”
And who are “The Boys”? “The Boys” are the spooks and other
criminals who constitute the Shadow Government of the United States.
The late journalist Danny Casolaro called this criminal network
“The Octopus.” It includes federal judges, attorneys, politicians,
bureaucrats, current and former high-ranking military officers, as
well as CIA, NSA and other intelligence operatives.
The intelligence agency assets and covert operatives are part of a
secret faction called Pegasus. This ultra secret group, which includes
Whistleblowers Gene “Chip” Tatum and Gunther Russbacher,
conducts assassinations, drug trafficking and money laundering
under the cover of “national security,” continuing the criminal
operations of the OSS- originated “Super Program” and the
“Brownshoe Boys.”
In a recent interview, Webb tried to explain the complexity of this
organized crime hierarchy which has infiltrated the federal government
and which, in many cases, can not be distinguished from the
government itself. Call it the Bush-Clinton-DoJ Crime Family
for short.
“These are the players, and here’s how it works,” he says. “First there’s
General Richard Secord, Leonard Millman, Neil Bush, Jeb Bush,
Hillary Clinton, Jackson Stephens and Jonathan Flake of the CIA.
Those were the ones who were in charge of what they called
‘The Control Files.’”
“What happened was that
they got the files from the CIA on the
congressmen and senators…The alliance started
with Secord, who was running the Iran-Contra operation,
making sure there were weapons and guns-
all part of the Denver equation as well.”
“What happened was that they got the files from the CIA on the
congressmen and senators… The alliance started with Secord, who was
running the ‘Iran-Contra’ operation, making sure there were weapons and guns-all part of the Denver equation as well. They did a lot of securities
fraud and banking fraud on behalf of the Denver boys.” (Webb is
referring to the failed S & Ls, HUD scams, and other real estate
development subsidiaries used to launder money in the Denver area.)
At least since 1981, this organized crime group has established conduits
for sending arms south into Latin America and drugs north into
North America, then laundering the drug profits through Wall Street,
banks, S&Ls, as well as real estate deals, often involving HUD low
income housing and mortgages.
“Later in 1993, when they supposedly stopped funding the Contras,
they changed the name to Operation Black Eagle,” Webb explains.
“That’s when they really went ballistic and started stealing from
America wholesale.
“There was Hillary Clinton and the Rose Law Firm, a CIA proprietary,
and also Webster Hubbell, who’s been indicted and jailed. (Hubbell
was the former No. 2 at the Justice Department, who was used to
run interference on any investigation that got too close). He was
the former Assistant Attorney General under Janet Reno.
“And there was Vince Foster (another Rose Law Firm/intelligence
operative) who had been killed. The car that drove off the body
(of Vince Foster) had Denver ties. That was the Hensel Phelps
Construction Company. The car license was RCG702, a yellow
pickup truck with Arkansas tags that belonged to Hensel Phelps.
“Hensel Phelps was taken over back in 1992 by three Denver-
connected people, including drug money launderer John Dick,”
Webb continues. “Clinton allowed the drugs to come into Arkansas.
His partners were Dan Lasater and Jackson Stephens (the infamous
financier of both the George Bush and Bill Clinton presidential
campaigns). Gene Tatum called it the ‘Three Legs of Iran Contra’-
Arkansas, Colorado and Ohio.”
Gene “Chip” Tatum. a CIA operative, helicopter pilot, mortgage
banking scamster and government assassin, was part of Pegasus,
the defacto Bush Crime Family hit squad. He was often used to
deal with uncooperative partners in crime. His work, of course,
was also done under the cover of “national security.”
According to his own testimony, Tatum was “tasked” by George Bush
to eliminate Texas billionaire Ross Perot. When he refuse-purportedly
because Perot is a U.S. national-Tatum and his wife were prosecuted
under phony charges and falsely imprisoned. According to recent
reports, Tatum is offshore enjoying the fruits of a deal he made to
remain silent.

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