Radio Stew Webb and CIA Whistleblower Gene Chip Tatum 1997 and more

Radio Stew Webb and CIA Whistleblower Gene Chip Tatum 1997


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President Barack Obama Speech on the fight against ISIS from the Pentagon

The President made this speech to the Pentagon officials and employees, however he slipped and let them know that in reality, we are supporting ISIS.


ISIS terrorist group based in Arizona Stew Webb Whistle blower on Press TV

ISIS terrorist group based in Arizona Stew Webb Whistle blower on Press TV – Stew Webb Federal Whistle blower


Blast from the Past September 20, 2014 – Stew Webb


Press TV has conducted an interview with Stew Webb, a US Federal Whistle blower, from Kansas City, to discuss the situation in the Middle East.

Could you shed some light on this high-level meeting of the UN Security Council on how they’re going to combat the problem of terrorists in ISIS Takfiri militants?


Webb: I heard your report by your reporter, Susan. I think she’s very accurate and I believe that the statements made by your Iranian official were very accurate in the fact that this ISIS is a spinoff. It was there as a result of the Iraq war.


Basically, ISIS, ISIL, whichever you want to call it – it’s been called many names – it’s just no more than al-Qaeda. What ISIS is  the same thing that’s happening in Ukraine, the ones that are lining themselves with that government there, are nothing but this so-called al-Qaeda, this boogeyman that was created.


But it’s really the US Department of Defense private contractors that Darth Vader Dick Cheney created during his reign. He allowed this privatized mercenary group to be created under Halliburton, mainly – that’s what was protecting oil pipelines, that’s what took over the oil in Iraq. Prior to the Iraq war, Iraq government controlled 90 percent of the oil and Halliburton got 10 percent.


After the war in 2008 when Dennis Kucinich, a Congressman, tried to impeach George W. Bush on July 20, 2008, introducing the impeachment he said, and he was absolutely right, that Halliburton and the five sister oil companies were getting 90 percent of the oil out of Iraq and only 10 percent was going to the government. This was an illegal war. As a result, ISIS group is based out of Sierra Vista, Arizona. It’s a privatized mercenary group. They’re paying 200,000 US dollars per year to go over there. If they go for a second round, a second year, they pay them up to 350,000. It’s coming out of our defense budget.


We are aware, and US intelligence is quite aware, and I’m not an intelligence officer but I have many that I work with on a daily basis, are telling me that the funding is coming out of Saudi Arabia, that it’s coming out of Aramco, called the American Arabian Oil Company, who daddy Bush is the Saudi Arabian partners going back to 1972.


Now we do know that ISIS, its members, are being treated in Israeli hospitals after they’ve been wounded and shot. That tells you that it’s the Israelis and US Department of Defense private contractors, mercenaries, that are these ISIL members.


The US government has come to realize that. The Obama administration and also John Kerry has come to realize that.


What we have, and if you see the staged roles during the hearings this past couple, three, four days in Washington where Kerry was up there asking for approval to go after them, basically, in the event if he needs troops on the ground, which he does not need to do, all you’re seeing is AIPAC, the American-Israeli pact controlled Congress and Senate up there…John McCain and the others, sitting, yelling and screaming and demanding troops on the ground.


What they want to do, the Congress and Senate that’s controlled, and the Israelis and the crime syndicate, Cheney and Bush, that is daddy Bush – junior never had any brains – what they want to do is put 100,000 plus troops on the ground because their intention is to take over the whole frigging Middle East for its oil including Iran, along with Israel and make it a big state of Israel – the whole Middle East.


That’s not going to happen. Obama’s got enough common sense now. Obama listened to his military advisors, Chuck Hagel, General Dempsey and others, and he realizes that this cannot happen. He realizes what has happened in the past with Bush and the Israelis pulling in the illegal Iraq war, illegal Afghanistan war, he’s not playing the game anymore.


The new secretary of state is not doing this either. He’s not playing the game. He realizes what he’s up against – those herrings in Washington.


What you’re going to see is a tremendous amount of drone strikes probably inside Syria itself with Syria’s approval to get rid of it because this was the problem they tried to play with the conflict many months back when they were trying to say that Syria was attacking its own people with gas, sarin gas, which they were not.


These were the al-Qaeda, ISIL terrorist group, army, whatever you want to call it, al-Qaeda that were doing it. These were the ones John McCain met with over there, supported and so forth.


Press TV: Don’t you think the lines kind of blurred? What the administration is doing now, they’ve approved arming what Washington calls moderates in the area, and this is as ISIL is gaining more and more strength. They’ve taken over 30 or 40 villages in the last two days and yet the US has approved to put more arms in the hands of militants in that country. As we’ve seen in Iraq, these arms are always ending up in the wrong hands and yet, you know, the Obama administration is given the go ahead to send in more US arms into these war-torn regions. What do you think about that?


Webb: I’m not sure exactly what the scenario is there but I do know about meetings that went on with Barack Obama in Florida just yesterday or two days ago at MacDill Air Force Base. I have friends that were there. I have friends that talked with President Obama regarding this.


I cannot give you the details but I will say this, I’m aware, I believe strategically what’s going to happen is that ISIL, ISIS, whatever you want to call it, taken out. You’re going to see this crap stopped in the Middle East. You’re not going to see the expansion of the borders of Israel into Iran or any other country, and I believe that we are going to have to have a coalition to put a halt to it.


What we have is we have a coup d’état that’s occurred many years ago in our own country, in the United States. It’s this Bush crime syndicates. It’s this Israeli AIPAC – what it is the Israeli mafia – that’s taken over our Congress and Senate, and they act like a bunch of idiots up there when they make statements.


It’s all in support of this dual citizenship with Israel, expand the borders, call for new world order, take over the whole planet and we control everything. They’re greedy. They’re evil.


We’re not going to see this under the Obama administration. We’re not going to see it with General Dempsey or Secretary Hagel. Very good people, many people are now within the United States government, within the military.


There’s been 2,800 hardliners, we call them the Bush crime syndicate stooges, admirals, colonels and others that have been fired in the past two years. There’s more to come. I can’t tell you how many but they’re cleaning house. These are people that want war. These are people that are willing to expand into territory.


Nobody wants war. I know that Iran – we’re quite aware that Iran doesn’t want war. We’re quite aware that you need pickup trucks, and you would love to buy some Chevrolets, Fords and Dodge pickup trucks from us, and we would love to sell them to you, and we would love to purchase your oil at discounted, below the AIPAC prices. These things need to be worked out.


But this problem that we have in the Middle East is all Israel; it’s the Bush crime syndicate that is out of control over America for many years. There’s a battle going on inside the US government right now of good versus this evil.


The evil is tied to the Israeli government. It’s evil. The whole top of that government’s evil. What they’ve done to the Gazans, what they’ve done to the Syrians, what they’ve done to Iran, everyone, I mean this is just new world order expansion. They want to take over everything.


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