Special Forces Raid Regime Warehouse Filled With Drug Shortage Meds Headed to Ukraine

Special Forces Raid Regime Warehouse Filled With Drug Shortage Meds Headed to Ukraine

Special Forces Raid Regime Warehouse Filled With Drug Shortage Meds Headed to Ukraine | Real Raw News


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem this week signed an executive order to investigate the cause of a nationwide drug shortage that has worsened since the criminal Biden regime stole the 2020 election—White Hats, however, believe they have a clear idea why ill Americans can’t find basic drugs like antibiotics: the administration is hoarding stockpiles of medications and sending them overseas to Ukraine.

United States Special Forces last Monday raided a warehouse in Staten Island, New York, where they expected to find crates containing hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition bound for Internal Revenue Service buildings across the country. When the regime gave the IRS $80 billion to hire and arm thousands of new criminal investigation assassins last year, the Service’s maniacal commissioner, Charles Rettig, ordered every type of weapon under the sun. Rettig retired in November 2022, but his successor, Danny Werfel, swore allegiance to Joseph Biden and promised to boost IRS revenue, at gunpoint, if necessary. Real Raw News has reported on White Hat’s efforts to seize said weapons before IRS agents could use them to target American citizens.

A source in General Smith’s office told RRN that the general had received “credible intelligence,” pointing to a 7,500-square-foot warehouse filled from floor to ceiling with ammunition crates. He said the tipster was known to provide accurate info and that he gave Gen. Smith exterior and interior still images of the facility. The pictures showed mountains of steel and wood crates with stenciled writing indicating quantity and caliber.

The tipster reportedly said the warehouse would be emptied within five days, though it’s unclear how he obtained that information. Nonetheless, Gen. Smith treated the tip as he would the Gospel—solid enough to deal a triumphant blow to the Deep State hegemony.

As he often had, Gen. Smith conferred with 5th Special Forces Group commander Brent Lindemen, and together they formulated a plan. They had to make a logistical decision to confiscate or destroy the ammunition. Destroying it meant rigging explosives, which would’ve triggered a 4th of July-style pyrotechnic display, damaged nearby homes and businesses, and attracted unwanted attention. Thus, they opted for a less cavalier approach. Special Forces would breach the warehouse and hold it until trucks came to empty the place. They would then incapacitate the drivers/loaders and commandeer the vehicles.

“Let’s be straightforward. We can use the ammo for the coming war,” Gen. Smith told Col. Lindeman.

But when Special Forces infiltrated the warehouse in the predawn hours Monday, they found no ammunition or ordnance. The ammo crates held thousands of bottles of medication currently on the FDA’s drug shortage list: from amoxicillin to fentanyl patches, from penicillin to tramadol and oxycontin, a smorgasbord of antibiotics and narcotic painkillers. They also located shipping manifests stating the crates were to be transported to John F. Kennedy International Airport, with a final destination of Warsaw, Poland.

“Red flags went up right then,” our source said, “and it was immediately obvious what was going on. The only reason to send anything to Poland is for it to get trucked from the border to Ukraine. We know the illegitimate administration is sending weapons there, but they’ve not said they’re depleting medication reserves. They’re stealing meds to give to Ukraine.”

Special Forces, he said, communicated their discovery to Col. Lindemen, who informed Gen. Smith of the subterfuge. They ordered Special Forces to assume a defensive posture around the warehouse and await the arrival of whoever came to empty the storeroom.

They hadn’t waited long; the following morning three tractor trailers pulled into the parking lot. One backed up to a loading bay, and both driver and passenger unlocked the trailer door, from which a half-dozen men, presumably the loading crew, hopped out and waited for the driver to open the shipping/receiving door to the warehouse. The driver slid open the steel door and found himself staring down the muzzles of a dozen rifles.

The driver tried to pull a pistol from a shoulder holster and was shot dead, while the workers, who apparently spoke no English, shouted in Spanish, “Somos temporales. Nos damos por vencidos,” or “We are temporary workers and give up.”

Their definition of surrender, however, defied logic. One was unslinging a Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun when a Special Forces bullet punctured his forehead, killing him instantly. Perceiving the rest a threat, Special Forces gunned down the driver, the passenger, and the other loaders, then surrounded the other two tractor-trailers, ordering the occupants to dismount or be shot dead.

“That ended the firefight. The rest didn’t want to get killed. Fifth Special Forces, in fact, had those crews load the warehouse’s contents onto the trailers. We’re pretty sure everyone besides the people in the cabs were illegals who thought they were just hired to do a job—like the ones you see standing outside any Home Depot. Our people took control of the trucks and we now have the meds from the warehouse, for now. There’s no doubt it was meant for Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Deprivation of medication probably caused the deaths of a lot of good Americans. No, we didn’t find bullets in the warehouse, but still this was a significant victory,” our source said.



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