Cherry Point FBI Suspects Were ATF Until Last Week

Cherry Point FBI Suspects Were ATF Until Last Week

Cherry Point FBI Suspects Were ATF Until Last Week | Real Raw News



The two federal agents caught outside a bomb depot at USMC Cherry Point Air Station had transferred to the FBI from the ATF only days before an alert aircraft mechanic spotted the shadowy duo sneaking around an ordnance depot on a secure military installation, a source in General Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported yesterday, one suspect, once apprehended, told Cherry Point Military Police he was an FBI agent whose orders included infiltrating the base and planting a remote detonator in a bomb storage building. He said that “his superiors,” presumably Director Christopher Wray or his immediate underlings, had authorized the incursion. He did not, however, namedrop Wray—our source made that assumption, which we inexcusably mistook as fact.

The M.P.s confirmed the suspects’ identities through fingerprint matching using the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Indeed they were FBI Special Agents, each with over 10 years of government service. However, a background check revealed a morsel of information that the talkative suspect hid from military police: he and his colleague were transferred to the FBI on April 10, less than a week ahead of the would-be attack.

Interagency transfers are common. The FBI and DEA, for example, have historically recruited members of the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division, and “personnel shuffling,” as one FBI whistleblower unrelated to this incident told Real Raw News, is routine business. Nonetheless, the odds of both agents getting reassigned to the FBI’s Atlanta office are infinitesimally small and, factoring in their nefarious plans, exclude mere coincidence.

It’s unclear why the ATF would send agents to the FBI to commit an act of domestic terror against a U.S. military installation. Although the agencies have disparate roles, they have in the past criminally conspired against the citizenry, namely in Ruby Ridge, Idaho (Randy Weaver,) and Waco, Texas (Branch Davidians.)

Even the chatty suspect, our source said, clammed up when M.P.s inquired about his recent job change.

“When military police brought up the ATF, the guy suddenly got as quiet as the proverbial mouse on Christmas morning. He was talking up a storm until that. We know ATF Director Dettelbach is a Black Hat, and a foul one, but he wasn’t really on our radar until the other day. Given his chummy friendship with Wray, well, we can make some assumptions,” our source said.

Neither the FBI nor the ATF, he added, has jurisdictional authority on U.S. military bases, for any reason.

When asked about the fate of the two agents, our source said, “Honestly, right now they’re held as prisoners of war, while JAG decides if they should be held for a military tribunal or summarily executed since they were caught in the act.”



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