White Hats Arrest Loony Jihadist Infiltrator

White Hats Arrest Loony Jihadist Infiltrator

White Hats Arrest Loony Jihadist Infiltrator | Real Raw News


White Hats on Tuesday detained a U.S. Army captain after discovering he was a closet Muslim who wanted to “disembowel all Jewish-looking people in response to Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza,” a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Captain Timothy Joseph Daniels, born Zaamil el-Alam, was raised in Afghanistan in 1978. He is the only child of Saahir and Radwa el-Alam, healthcare workers at a Kabul hospital prior to their murders at the hands of Taliban insurgents during the Afghan Civil War in 1997, who, mistaking the el-Alams for CIA advisors, publicly beheaded them. Nineteen-year-old Zaamil saw his parents’ brutal execution and vowed to avenge their deaths. He migrated to the United States and earned legal citizenship. He disavowed his Muslim heritage, or so he said, and embraced Christianity, joining the First Christian Church in Lansing, Michigan. While attending Michigan State University on a scholarship, he legally changed his name to Timothy Joseph Daniels to make himself seem more American. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s in political science, he wrote a heartfelt letter to Senator Lindsay Graham, asking for a letter of recommendation to West Point to take part in George W. Bush’s war on global terror. Graham authored the testimonial and endorsed el-Alam, calling him “more patriotic and driven than people born in the United States.” The year was 2003.

El-Alam completed West Point in 2008, by which time the war on terror had shifted from Afghanistan to Iraq and back to Afghanistan, and he, a fledgling 2nd lieutenant, was assigned to a communications platoon stationed in Kabul. By then, he was enraged at Barack Hussein Obama’s recent ascension to the Oval Office. He had asked a company chaplain for guidance, wanting to know how a prominent Muslim became POTUS and commander in chief. He confided in the chaplain that he would never trust a Muslim again and that no Muslim should be allowed to run for office in the United States. The chaplain cautioned him to not speak negatively about Obama, for it could jeopardize his career. Under an alias, “Patriotic Foreigner,” el-Alam created several social media profiles to bash Obama and anyone who voted him into office. “Obama is a fake Christian. Obama is a terrorist. No one with the name Hussein is a Christian. Obama must be impeached. Death to Obama! Obama has a fake family. Obama is not who you think he is,” el-Alam had written, and much more.

While serving three tours in Afghanistan, el-Alam submitted four requests for transfer to an infantry unit, but the Department of Defense denied each, citing “the needs of the Army.”

He rotated stateside in 2011, continuing his clandestine Facebook attacks on Barack Hussein Obama, and was eventually promoted to 1st lieutenant and, in 2016, captain of a company at Fort Polk—now called Fort Johnson thanks to the regime’s Woke Department of Defense.

In 2021, el-Alam found a new person to target on social media: the criminal Joseph R. Biden, who, el-Alam often wrote, was an illegitimate president, an election thief. Using his non-de-plume, he said he’d do anything to help reinstate Donald Trump. He underwent a metamorphosis, abandoning his virtual discretion to share his hatred of Biden—Obama incarnate, he called him—with subordinates, one of whom ratted him out to the battalion’s executive officer.

Fortune smiled at el-Alam; the XO, a grizzled major, was what can loosely be called a White Hat recruiter. He quizzed el-Alam on his allegiances and ordered him to close his social media accounts, for he was drawing unwanted attention. The major put him in touch with a White Hat field unit, and for three years el-Alam loyally served the White Hat movement.

That changed Tuesday as Israel retaliated against Hamas with blistering airstrikes on Gaza settlements. El-Alam told a fellow soldier that “Allah called to me” for the first time in more than 20 years and commanded him to “disembowel” any soldier who looked or smelled like a Jew. “Allahu Akbar. It will be a glorious Jihad,” el-Alam chanted. He blamed “the Jews” for “holding him back,” saying he should have been promoted to a full bird colonel with his time-in-service and time-in-grade.

“Captain Daniels, that joke’s in poor taste,” the soldier told him.

“My name is Zaamil el-Alam, Allahu Akbar,” el-Alam reportedly replied, and drew a blade.

He rushed the soldier, whose last name was Weinstein, but four other soldiers tackled and disarmed him before he could fulfill his oath to “disembowel.”

“We don’t know if el-Alam was a closet Muslim the whole time, or if he just snapped like a twig, or if Allah really spoke to him. He will be charged with attempted homicide,” our source said.


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