Hillary Clinton Narcotics Weapons Frauds Treason



Hillary Clinton Narcotics Weapons Frauds Treason

By Stew Webb
At the posting of this information it is believed that Al Martin may be dead or is being held at an illegal Prison on an Island off the coast of Venezuela controlled by a former Venezuela Military colonel tied to George HW Bush and Hillary Clinton were they were ordering the illegal kidnapping under the disguise of US Government to silence what they called “Loud Mouths” Al Martin, myself, Tom Heneghan and others.
You will see the Connections to Denver this is my ex-in-law Leonard Millman who I had no relationship with during my marriage to his daughter Insane Witch Doctor Kerre Millman. Since I own 10% of the book and never have been paid a dime I feel the information must be released to all Americans. The Conspirators by Al Martin can be purchased on Amazon.com and every American must read the entire book to understand how America was taken over by the Illuminati Zionist Organized Crime syndicate.—Stew Webb Federal Whistle blower 31 years and still breathing.

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By Al Martin Iran Contra Whistleblower
The Conspirators on Amazon.com

The Conspirators:
Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider
by Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin (US Navy, Ret.)
Copyright 2000, Al Martin. All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Confidential File: Alexander S. Martin……………………………………………….…3
Chapter 2 The NPO and Operation Sledgehammer……………………………………………. 14
Chapter 3 Oliver North: The Money Laundering Drug Smuggling “Patriot”……. 26
Chapter 4 “Do Nothing” Janet Reno and Iran-Contra Suppression………………..….. 42
Chapter 5 Classified Illegal Operations: Cordoba Harbor and Screw Worm ……..50
Chapter 6 The Don Austin Denver HUD Fraud Case …………………………………..….. 66
Chapter 7 Bush Family Fraud & Iran-Contra Profiteering ……………………………… 72
Chapter 8 Insider Stock Swindles for “The Cause”…………………………………………….89
Chapter 9 Corporate Fraud, Stock Fraud and Other Scams………………………………106
Chapter 10 The Tri-Lateral Investment Group – Bush Family Fraud…………………. 114
Chapter 11 Lawrence Richard Hamil: The US Government’s Con Man…………… 122
Chapter 12 US Government Narcotics Smuggling & Illicit Weapons Sales……… 136
Chapter 13 US Government Sanctioned Drug Trafficking ……………………………….. 141
Chapter 14 The Chinese Connection: US Weapons & High Tech Graft…………….. 156
Chapter 15 More Iran-Contra Stories: Both Humorous & Salient …………………… 171
Chapter 16 Chinese Money for US Weapons …………………………………………………….185
Chapter 17 US Government Narcotics Smuggling (Part 2) ……………………….… 192
Chapter 18 In Hiding Again ……………………………………………………………………………..209
Chapter 19 Corporate Fraud, Government Fraud and More Fraud……………………224
Chapter 20 The Real Story of Operation Watchtower…………………………………………234
Chapter 21 KGB & East German Activities in the US (1985-87)…………………………..240
Chapter 22 The Woman in Red (And Black)…………………………………………………………252
Chapter 23 Bush Family Corporate, Real Estate, and Bank Frauds…………………….260
Chapter 24 Iran-Contra Real Estate Fraud…………………………………………………………..277
Chapter 25 More Chinese-Military Connections…………………………………………………288
Chapter 26 ONI, CZX & Orpheus. ………………………………………………………………… 295

* Born 5-19-54, Oberammergau, West Germany, Federal German Republic.
* Mixed German and American parentage.
* Returned to United States 09-Aug-1957.
* Graduated Masconoma Technical School, 16-May-1972.
* Full ROTC training then available at high school level.
* Graduated with certificates in electronics and communications equipment, as well as a
Level 05 Certificate in Russian Languages.
* Subject joined the United States Navy, 19-May-1972.
* Sent to China Lakes Naval Air Station to complete basic training and for further
training in electronics and communications.
* Subject MOS – 16-Sep-1972.
* At subject’s request, TDY’d 03-Oct-1972 Naval Communication Center, Saigon, South
* Remained in South Vietnam theater until cessation of naval and air hostilities on 27-
* On 04-Sep-1973, subject again, and on request, TDY’d Subic Bay, Pacific Theater of
Operations Naval Command Center.
* Discharged honorably United States Navy 19-May-1976.
* Immediately thereafter joined United States Naval Reserves, Active Status.
* Rremained United States Naval Reserves active status doing two tours.
* Transferred and relisted, inactive service United States Naval Reserves.
* Subject retires United States Naval Reserves 19-May-1988 at the Reserve Officers Rank
of Lt. Commander.

This would be a good point in the book to show that certain things that happen today
had their genesis in Iran-Contra activity in the mid-1980’s and that certain entrails of
that activity are still ongoing to this day.
I think in this Democratic/Republican liability crossover using Arkansas would be an

excellent way to portray the relevance of said information today. How people are still
dying because of this information. How people are still being incarcerated because of
this information in an effort to discredit them.

At that time, I was effectively on the outside looking in.
In February 1986, I was informed that I was a co-conspirator and also a target of a bill
of indictment against Lawrence Richard Hamil, proffered in the Miami district,
alleging bank, securities and wire fraud.
On February 16, 1986, I had a meeting with Jeb Bush at his office at 1390 Brickell
Avenue in Miami to discuss the context of my grand jury testimony.
At that time, Mr. Bush informed me that my attorney, Michael Von Zamft, would be
contacted with further instructions.
In fact, my attorney, Michael Von Zamft, was contacted directly by then Attorney
General Ed Meese with instructions for his client — me — to invoke national security
privilege for refusal to answer all questions in said grand jury.
On Friday, March 21, 1986, I did in fact appear before a Miami grand jury and was, in
fact, questioned by the infamous and sinister Assistant United States Attorney William
Richard Scruggs, then chief of political liability control and suppression for the Miami
US Attorney’s office, then headed by US Attorney by Leon Kellner.
In fact, I refused to answer all questions on national security privilege. An in camera,
ex-parte hearing was held before the day judge, Judge Eugene Spellman, which had
been arranged in advance by Attorney General Meese and then Deputy Attorney
General George W. Terwilliger.
In that meeting I dictated ten pages of secret testimony which was sealed by Judge
In ten days, the government then appealed to the Federal 11th Circuit, in Atlanta to
overturn the seal. The seal was dissolved four days later.

Oddly enough, the government made no effort to act upon the overturn and demand
the information.
It was later discovered that a copy of the transcripts had been spirited out of the
judge’s office in cooperation with the illicit help of his secretary Judy, who also worked
part time as a secretary for Jeb Bush at the Dade County Latin American Republican
Participating in this scheme with the judge’s secretary to illegally secret a copy of my
transcript from the judge’s chambers were the infamous, sinister, and dreaded bagmen
of the Department of Defense, Lt. Col. John Berglund and his aide, Maj. Karl Wahl,
formerly seconded to the 407th Intelligence Unit of the 16th Expeditionary Force,
Southern Command.
I continued to retain relationships with local Miami federal agencies, principally the
FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency and Customs until the collapse of Iran-Contra the
day after Thanksgiving 1986.
In fact, I was invited on Thanksgiving Day to go the Miami Field Office with Mr.
Dinerstein to search certain files and aid in a large shredding operation taking place in
the Miami Field Office on that day.
At that time I was informed that similar shredding operations were occurring in both
Drug Enforcement and United States Customs offices on that day.
The next day, Attorney General Ed Meese gave a national address and told the
American people that we got a problem and it’s called “Iran-Contra.”
It was an effort to put a simple spin on the operation, that it was simply the diversion
of 40 million dollars in Iranian weapons profits to support the contras.
In 1987, I switched sides, as it were.
Initially I began to cooperate with the Kerry Commission until I realized that chief
committee investigator, Jack Blum, and his staff, Jack Terrell and Ralph Maestre, were
being paid by the CIA to suborn the Kerry Commission investigation. They were also
being used as a front to elicit information from potential witnesses for threat
Unbeknownst to my superiors, I realized the temerity of what later would be called
Iran-Contra as early as March 1985. I understood that if Iran-Contra was to ever be
made public that the agency would need many scapegoats.
Unfortunately for me, I elected to align myself with the Democrat-controlled
investigating committees in the 1987 to 1991 timeframe.
I had cast aside the classic Washington dictum that those who tell the truth about
their government die with their personal reputations in disgrace and their personal

finances in ruin.
From 1987 to 1991, I cooperated with every Democrat investigating committee in
Washington investigating Iran-Contra and later investigating Iraqgate, BCCI, BNL, etc.
from the early stages of the Kerry Commission hearings in 1987 to the Tower
Commission, the Hughes Commission, and the Alexander Commission. This finally
ended in 1991.
Despite the 1.6 million pages of testimonies, depositions, affidavits, and
interrogatories accumulated by these committees, not one shred of the truth was ever
revealed to the American public.
Of the 1,300 witnesses, subpoenaed, deposed, interrogated before these committees,
413 have since died under clouded circumstances.
Regarding Barry Seal. I was aware of Barry Seal as early as 1979 since Mr. Seal and
Mr. Hamil had a personal and business relationship.
Early on in 1980, Hamil began laundering money Seal was accumulating through his
illicit narcotics trafficking activities.
In 1983, as a matter of fact, Mr. Hamil and Mr. Seal set up a fraudulent oil deal in
Arkansas called Trinity Oil. This later was to involve Larry Nichols, although Mr.
Nichols is very reticent to mention of it today given his current predicament.
Until 1984 I thought of Seal as little more than a early, mid-level CIA doper, one of
the increasing legions of CIA dopers at that time.
Tosh Chumlee, whose father was Colonel Michael Chumlee, Mickey Toliver, and
notorious CIA dopers had just gotten involved, although Barry had already been
involved for some time.
On September 11, 1984, I was extensively briefed on the meeting between Oliver
North and Senior CIA Operations Office head Duane C. (Dewey) Claridge concerning
cementing Seal’s relationship with the CIA for “sanctioned” narcotics operations.
I was also aware of the extensive 2,500-page debriefing of Seal on May 23, 1984,
undertaken by the Department of Justice to sanitize Seal’s CIA connections at that time.
Agents involved in that interrogation later were to become very infamous in the post-
Iran-Contra environment and charged with participation in a variety of cover-ups —
Bill Kennedy and Ernie Jacobson of the FBI, Tom Cash, then Director of the Miami DEA
office who acted as a paymaster in some cases for Barry Seal.
However, I did not become extensively familiar with Seal’s operations until January
1985 due to tape recordings I have with Betsey Wright, then Governor Clinton’s chief of
staff, and Governor Clinton’s senior counsel at that time, Bruce Lindsay, Raymond
Young (more commonly referred to as “Buddy” Young), Dan Lasater, Patsy Thomasson,

and Winston Bryant, then Attorney General of the State of Arkansas.
I’d like to read into the record the summarized transcripts of tape recorded phone
conversations occurring on Wednesday, January 9, 1985, concerning information
received on that date as to the whereabouts of Larry Hamil who was arriving at Miami
International Airport on a Southern Air Transport air charter from Washington on his
way to Little Rock via Miami.
Larry was scheduled the following day to pick up a large amount of cash in Little
Rock, Arkansas. He was to meet with Bruce Lindsay, Raymond Young, then Assistant
CIA Deputy Director Clair George, and Oliver North on that day.
The person who’s most able to provide more information is Betsey Wright. A call
was made to Betsey Wright in the Governor’s office in Little Rock. She was friendly but
would provide little direct information, suggesting that Buddy Young should be
contacted pursuant to the relationship with Larry Hamil and Barry Seal,
Here’s a summary of transcripts (Thursday, 10-Jan-1985)
* Received a call from Barry Seal who stated that he received word from Betsey
Wright concerning my wanting to know the location and whereabouts of Lawrence
* Asked Barry if I could record call. He said, “all right.”
* Barry Seal confirmed that the federal government and a number of states were well
aware of Larry Hamil’s whereabouts and activities, the private confidential group
where his activities were originally based at Mena, Arkansas airport.
* Barry Seal promised that if Larry Hamil was involved in unauthorized fraud that he
would be stopped and that Barry Seal would keep me further informed.
* Further he said that any monies that Lawrence Hamil had owed any other players in
“the group” would be returned in full.
* If any problem continued, call Betsey Wright back and ask to have Buddy Young
call me.
Record of meeting, February 11, 1985, Little Rock, Arkansas involving Claire George,
Dewey Clarridge, Oliver North, Barry Seal, and Larry Hamil.
Clair George, by the way, is one of the overall connections in all this.
It is well known and it has been well documented and publicly revealed — the
relationship between Barry Seal, Dewey Clarridge, and Oliver North.
However, to this date, Barry Seal’s relationship with CIA chief of authorized narcotics
operation, Clair George, has not been well documented nor publicly revealed despite
the fact that said documentation is not that difficult to obtain.
It is interesting to note at this juncture that pursuant to the renowned scenario where

Barry Seal had recording cameras ensconced in the rear bay of his personal Fairchild
123 Aircraft whereupon landing in Nicaragua to disembark and unload narcotics — the
photographs and videos that were later used by Ronald Reagan in an effort to inculpate
the Sandinista regime in narcotics trafficking — what was not revealed by the
administration at that time was the fact that the CIA had a ringer within the Sandinista
Ruling Council, namely Council member Thomas Borgé.
To continue a condensed summary of Barry Seal at this point, it was obvious to me
that by September 1985, Barry Seal was becoming a problem due to extensive prior
ongoing federal investigations by uncontrollable aspects in the FBI into his operations.
By December 20, 1985, the decision had been reached by William Casey to have Barry
Seal liquidated.
That decision — the enaction of which was left to Oliver North and Richard Secord
pursuant to a meeting on the afternoon of December 19, 1985 and December 20, 1985
here in Miami, where in fact Oliver North and Richard Secord met with William Von
Raab, then Customs Director.
There was also a telephone conversation with Regional Customs Director, now
recently retired United States Customs Commissioner, George Weiss, FBI field office
head, William Weld, and DEA Miami head, Tom Cash.
Secord made the arrangements for the liquidation of Barry Seal upon meeting with
Jim Langhton, then President of Southern Air Transport and Bill Mason, then Vice-
President of Southern Air Transport.
A $50,000 contract for liquidation of Seal was given to two individuals, Raoul
Herrera, and the infamous Bernardo “Bernie” Tamayo, who is now serving a life
sentence in Angola State Penitentiary, Louisiana for being the trigger man in the hit.
What has never been publicly revealed is that after the assassination of Barry Seal on
February 10, 1986, the government tried to put out the spin that Tamayo and Herrera
were Colombian hit men dispatched by Fabio Ochoa.
In fact, they were not dispatched by Fabio Ochoa, nor were they even Colombians.
Southern Air Transport has always been sensitive to the fact that both individuals
were former Southern Air Transport employees and had worked as aircraft mechanics
for Southern Air Transport only a year earlier.
Tamayo confessed to the crime and received a life sentence without parole. Herrera
is still challenging his conviction. Tamayo has never talked, never admitted the truth,
and for certain reasons regarding his family, will never reveal the truth.
It’s a dead end for anyone to explore that avenue.
However, Tom Spencer, Counsel for Southern Air Transport and personal counsel for

Richard Secord, continues to threaten to sue any public agent, any media outlet that
even mentions that Tamayo and Herrera were former Southern Air Transport
He even challenges anyone to prove that, insofar as records indicating their
employment with Southern Air Transport had long since been destroyed.
Unfortunately for Mr. Spencer, while under my employ, Mr. Dinerstein was able to
get copies of their Southern Air Transport employee identification cards.
In conclusion, Iran-Contra was very simply a ruse.
The ruse was to arm a 50,000 man army in Nicaragua by means of sanctioned
trafficking in cocaine, by means of trafficking weapons, and by means of the intricate
and complex network of State-sponsored, State-organized, and State-protected fraud.
It was fraud of every nature.
* Fraud perpetrated upon savings & loans and commercial banks.
* Fraud perpetrated on securities firms, and insurance firms.
* Fraud perpetrated on the Internal Revenue Service through a variety of illicit tax
Such a scheme had really never been devised and frankly it was not envisioned in
1983. It was an operation that simply got out of hand and, at its peak in 1985, involved
over 5,000 individuals.
The essential concept was to refinance and to replenish the coffers, of what
constitutes, as then Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams said publicly, “a Shadow
Government in the United States,” a Government Within a Government, comprising
some thirty to forty thousand people that the American government turns to when it
wishes certain illegal covert operations to be extant pursuant to a political objective.
It’s been estimated by the Kerry Commission, and re-estimated by the Hughes
Commission, that the US institutions and individuals were defrauded out of $5billion
to $7 billion dollars. Most of the money was guaranteed by the US Treasury. It’s money
that the taxpayers of the United States will ultimately have to pay.
Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton Illegal Iran Contra Activities
In an effort to insulate Ed Meese from the more tawdry affair of liability control and
suppression, the S-1 (Suppression-1) function of the Department of Justice was put in
the hands of his subordinate, Deputy Attorney General George W. Terwilliger.
This Terwilliger is a real piece of work. His equally sinister and dreaded henchman,
Lowell Jensen, is now a federal district judge in California.
Terwilliger, by the way, is now a senior partner in the Washington DC law firm of
Woods, McGuire, one of the repositories for nasty right-wingers in waiting (the
ultimate repository being the Heritage Foundation).
Included in the Suppression Control Unit of the Department of Justice
(which of course is a secret unit of the Department) were what I used to call the
Sinister Bobbsey Twins — Associate Attorney General David Margolis, then Chief of
Domestic Criminal Operations, and the equally sinister Mark Richards, then Chief of
the International Crime Section.
The function of these people was to prosecute those who had talked too much — or
who might talk too much in the future — such as the way I was prosecuted in 1986,
although unsuccessfully.
The Suppression Unit in the Department of Justice is so powerful it reaches into all
This Unit maintains control features into all politically sensitive US Attorneys’ offices
that were involved in Iran-Contra — Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Atlanta, etc.
In Miami, for instance, the Control Unit’s hand-picked boy was the powerful,
infamous, dreaded and sinister William Richard Scruggs, who is still an Assistant US
Attorney there.
In West Palm Beach, it was Jay Lewis, who would prosecute politically sensitive
narcotics cases, such as the Jack Devoe case.
These were cases where people had actually trafficked in narcotics on behalf of, with
the complicity of, or at least with the acquiescence of the Agency.
The people had now become politically expendable. and there was a whole route
maintained how people like me got prosecuted n the aftermath of Iran-Contra.
Tremendous resources were devoted to these prosecutions too.
The people who were rather mid-level in the Department of Justice within the

Suppression Group at the time are now senior officials.
A good example is Lee Radek, an Associate Attorney General and also the head of
Justice’s Public Integrity Section.
Public Integrity? What a joke that is.
The Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice, by the way, is full of ex-CIA
At the time, Lee Radek’s assistant was Deputy Associate Attorney General Bobby
Muller. Bobby was forced out of the Department in 1992 for having a big mouth. He
was an alcoholic and he fancied himself a Republican cocktail circuit dandy.
The problem is that in the Beltway, Bobby would get half in the bag — and in an effort
to be humorous — would run his mouth off about what people had said. He would do
it when there were members of the press around.
It was a riot the stuff Bobby would say.
Bobby was the one who forced that comment out in June 1992, the public comment
George Bush made to Sarah McClendon about Iran Contra.
When McClendon asked George about Iran Contra, George Bush said, “Sarah, if
people ever knew what we had done, we’d be chased down in the streets and
It was also Bobby who reiterated what Bob Dole had said when Bob Dole was half in
the bag.
I myself was not ten feet from Bob Dole during the Reagan re-inauguration dinner in
January 1985, which was held inside the Watergate Hotel because it was so goddamn
freezing outside.
Record snow. Record cold temperatures in Washington.
Bob Dole was half smashed.
Frank Carlucci was there. Armitage was there. The whole gang, the whole cabal was
And Bob Dole said, “America. Land of the Naive and Home of the Provincial. Thank
I think the final nail in Muller’s coffin was that stuff he gave Mother Jones Magazine,
an article called “Shredded Justice” by Mary Fricker and Steve Pizzo (1991) about
Attorney General Billy Barr.
Muller had said that Barr would go around to the 6th floor of the Department of
Justice building.
That’s where all the shredders are.
And Billy would call himself, “Billy ‘I Never Saw a Document I Didn’t Want To

Shred’ Barr.”
The infamous Richard Scruggs rose to prominence in the media since he directed the
last kidnapping under the Reagan-Bush political kidnapping policies which ended in
They would kidnap people, foreign fugitives, who knew too much.
The last kidnapping was of course the renowned Israel Abel. Finally the Costa Rican
government said, No More.
Mr. Scruggs, still an Assistant US Attorney, is under indictment in Costa Rica for
felony kidnapping, yet he continues to serve in the Department of Justice.
The Department of Justice continues to this day to deny the Costa Rican extradition
In fact, there are over 17 senior officials still serving in the Department of Justice, who
are under indictment in foreign countries for breaking the laws of those countries, yet
they are protected legally by the Department to this day.
These are guys like Scruggs, or former US Attorney Leon Kellner and former US
Attorney Stanley Marcus (respectively now a senior law partner and sitting federal
judge in California).
To this day, you can’t imagine the human misery they’ve created.
The number of people falsely incarcerated — not because of what they did, but
because of what they knew.
The people who were killed because of these men’s fervent wantonness to control
It really should be exposed.
No one has ever made a serious attempt, besides the Miami Herald, to do it, and they
were very quickly shut down.
In 1993, Spencer Oliver attempted to present the secret Amnesty International Report
stating that there were over 1,200 US citizens wrongfully incarcerated because of what
they knew about Iran Contra.
Unfortunately, it got destroyed before it could be disseminated outside Congress. But
Spencer’s still got a copy of that report.
Another person who would be valuable for Republicans who want to use Iran Contra
against the Clinton cadre would be Andy Leff.
In the early 90s, Andy was the head of the DNC Press and Research Office. It was his
job to conduct an investigation of Iran Contra on behalf of the DNC.
Leff was one hell of a good investigator. He was also very friendly with Maury Waas,
a freelancer who wrote stuff for the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Maury was one hell of a competent investigative journalist. I met him several times
and liked him.
Ron Brown had ordered an investigation of Iran-Contra in an effort to embarrass
Bush and others in the upcoming election. The problem was that Andy found
substantial connections between Ron Brown’s Iran-Contra role as well as Bill Clinton’s
and a host of Clinton Cadre members’ roles in Iran-Contra too.
He wisely kept it secret from his immediate DNC superior, Dan Carroll. But he
would leak this information out to Maury. He would package it up into stories.
What happened is that Carroll got wise to what was going on and figured that this
information was coming from Leff.
Andy Leff left his office on a Friday night — this was late 1991 — and over the
weekend, unbeknownst to him, his office was raided by Dan Carroll and a special team
from the DNC.
They discovered what he had found out about Ron Brown and Clinton and other
Democratic involvement in Iran-Contra.
All his investigative files were shredded.
The locks on his office door were changed.
When he came in on Monday morning and went to his office, his own secretary said
she didn’t know who he was.
Leff immediately knew what was coming. He went to Dulles International Airport.
He didn’t even go back to his own apartment. He got on the first plane and got out.
He currently lives in hiding in California. He’s frightened of his own people — with
justification I think.
But I’m one of the few people who knows how to reach him, and I think he would be
more interested in getting involved again because he wants some revenge.
In the aftermath of any illegal covert operation which collapsed and became public,
Iran-Contra is the most egregious and notorious.
When an operation collapses, people like me get put through a three-tiered strainer.
We’ll call it the “A,” “B,” and “C” strainer.
The “A” strainer is for people who were two rungs of the ladder above me — guys
like Major General Richard Secord and Major General John K. (Jack) Singlaub.
These are the people who are on the right side of the door of liability when it slams
shut. They are the ones who get their “briefcases” and they will always live in great
financial comfort and security, just going along — endlessly committing fraud and
endlessly being protected from the consequences of it.
This is something that Richard Secord continues to do to this day.

The bulk of the people involved in such an operation are put through the “B” strainer.
The “B” strainer is where people are pressured, harassed, intimidated, discredited,
bankrupted and sometimes imprisoned on false charges, forced into exile in an effort
to maintain the deniability of their superiors and to legally discredit them before any
potential congressional committee, or any court proceeding in which they might testify,
or give any deposition on someone else’s behalf.
The “C” strainer, which is the minority — in which usually one in ten people are put
through — is death.
Those are the people who were simply down on the ladder. They were not trained
intelligence people. They found out a few little kernels of something that nobody wants
revealed. And these people are considered unreliable, so they are simply done away
As we mentioned, more than 400 people out of the 5000 involved would be in that
On the rim, between “A” and “B,” there are always some limbo people — like me.
There are only two or three dozen of us left.
These are people who were not quite high enough on the proverbial ladder to get
their “briefcases” and get taken care of when the door of liability gets slammed shut.
Yet they know too much.
They would be too much of a problem if a serious effort to discredit them, or ruin
them, or imprison them were to be extant, since it would give people like me a
It would again focus the spotlight on us.
It would give us a platform, or a soapbox as it were from which to speak.
And that is something that we must be denied at all costs.
The handful that’s left — of people like me — naturally this handful gradually
diminishes as time goes by, simply through attrition or through a variety of changing
However we are stuck in a never-ending state of limbo.
It’s called being in the proverbial jack box from which we cannot crawl out.
Essentially that’s the way we will live the rest of our lives. We’re never going to be
invited back on the inside.
We will always be monitored or watched in some fashion.
As a few years go by, as in this case with the collapse of Iran-Contra, I have settled
into a zone of understanding with my antagonists.
I know there is a line in the sand for me. If I cross that line by talking too much, I am

Or I am suddenly arrested.
As I’ve told you, I’ve been arrested 17 times in 10 years.
Suddenly I’ll be arrested again on something out of the blue that no one ever knows
anything about. I’ll spend forty or fifty days in some country jail under an assumed
I’ll be kept away from a telephone. I will be kept in very uncomfortable
And I don’t really get out, until word gets out of my circumstances and then there’s
some pressure from my friends on Capitol Hill.
And finally I’m let out.
But the message is sent.
So through constant arrests, through constant intimidation and pressure, I have
learned to survive and to know where my personal line in the sand is.
When information gets out en masse and it’s quickly disseminated, it gives me some
protection, However it is an absolute fantasy that public attention gives one protection.
It doesn’t.
The only way it does is if it’s disseminated quickly. In other words, a surgical strike is
made with what one knows.
One does all the talk shows back to back. Then you can get some protection. But that’s
more easily said than done.
And it doesn’t alter one’s circumstances. I can do all the talk shows, but they won’t
pay me any money.
I could appear in every newspaper I wanted, but that doesn’t change my
I have to garner funds to get back into the woodwork and the only way that is ever
going to happen is through someone who has an interest in what I know, for whatever
purpose — whether they want to publicly disseminate it or use it for some sort of lever.
Anyway I’m going to put together some list of precise operations — paramilitary,
illegal covert operations, narcotics and weapons operations, fraud and money
operations, money laundering operations, and so on.
The only thing I can do off the top of my head is based on my sense of what the
public is interested in knowing.
One of those things would be to look at Iran-Contra, to look at the 5,000 people
involved and to ask —
* What happened to those people?

* What were the circumstances of the 400 who were murdered?
* What are the circumstances of the 1200 of those 5,000 who were incarcerated?
* Were they incarcerated for what they know and not for what they may have done?
* What happened to the 500 at the top?
* What are their circumstances today?
* Are they living in comfort based on their illicitly gotten gains?
* What fraud do they continue to commit?
* How has that fraud taken on a new form?
* How has trafficking in weapons taken on a new form?
And overall, how has this affected the American people?
In other words, what has been the cost to the American taxpayers to bail out
institutions, brokerage firms, banks, savings and loans, insurance companies, even
some quasi-governmental agencies, which were in severe distress because of the fraud
these 5,000 committed?
* How many billions of dollars did it cost the taxpayers to bail these institutions out?
* How many billions of dollars of revenue was denied the US Treasury because of
certain narcotics and weapons transactions and a whole panoply of other transactions,
like illegal partnerships, illegal securities deals, and so on?
I think that the one thing the American people are interested in is — what did it cost
They don’t give a shit who made what really, or what was done, or the weapons or
the narcotics.
Sure they have some sizzle. But that’s all they really have.
The meat of it? What did it take out of the American people’s pockets?
That’s something the American people are always interested in.
Also on the broad canvas, what’s been overlooked is the KGB involvement in Iran-
Contra — what the KGB knew, the amount of information they accumulated.
You have to look at KGB involvement in Iran-Contra over a much broader period of
time — from Soviet intelligence activities in the United States until the early 1990s.
You have to look at how that information got sold back to essentially the same people
in Washington who committed the mischief.
The other area to look at is the 500 at the top, most of whom are still in government,
by the way, to look at what they did, what happened to them, how the cover-up
worked, how they were able to orchestrate a cover-up, and where they are now in
It would show people how little has actually changed.

The control mechanism is still in place.
This would be an excellent way to demonstrate how political liability spreads and
how it crosses party lines vis-avis Iran-Contra, Iraqgate, BCCI, S&Ls and so on.


It’s interesting to note the connection between some of the old crowd at OTS and the
RTC, the Resolution Trust Corporation and Bill Seidman.
Bill has made a big reputation now as an economist and market prognosticator.
But what the RTC did was commit fraud — a fraud compounded on a fraud.
In the liquidation of Lincoln Savings and Loan, certain members of the Board of
Directors of Lincoln Savings and Loan were able to hide certain assets of Lincoln
Savings and Loan to prevent the bondholders and various shareholders and creditors
from getting a hold of them.
There’s another interesting aspect to the collapse of Lincoln Savings and Loan.
Look at the $800,000 home Singlaub now lives in outside of Phoenix, in a very, very
exclusive subdivision by the country club.
It was listed originally at $800,000. He paid $160,000 for it.
All these houses are on a cul-de-sac. On one side of the cul-de-sac is Jack Singlaub’s
house. In the middle of the cul-de-sac, Richard Secord owns a home. On the other side
of the cul-de-sac, George Bush owns a home.
The mortgage holders? Lincoln Savings and Loan.
Another example of everybody scratching each other’s back would be Richard

Secord’s land holdings — the land he owns around Greeley, Colorado. It’s very prime
land, and it’s not developed. I mean, the land’s $100,000 an acre.
Secord’s land literally goes as far as the eye can see.
It was a default out of none other than Silverado. Richard Secord got to pay ten cents
on the dollar for it.
Suddenly the original mortgage papers all get put through the shredder from the
previous holder.
The bank simply writes off the money and puts the paperwork through a shredder.
Newt Royce tried to talk about this and Peter Keitel and John Solomon, when John
first got to AP but they hit the brick wall real quick.
I just wanted to mention Iran-Contra sympathetic banks in Miami.
They included:
*Bayshore National Bank
*Eagle National Bank
*Capital Bancshares
*Ocean Bank
*Sunshine State Bank
I could go on and on. But these were all banks that understood what was going on.
They understood they were participating in a fraud.
Bayshore Bank was one of the first I had dealt with.
As a matter of fact, that was the first bank I had dealt with because Richard Secord
introduced me to Tony DiConcerti. DiConcerti was the Chairman and Secord had
borrowed through Barbara Studley. He fronted Studley into a bunch of loans — Secord
and Aderholt. Ultimately they defrauded the bank out of about $13 million.
Then Bayshore Bank finally went into liquidation.
To avoid having to disclose anything, Eagle National Bank steps in and very quickly
takes over Bayshore. It was within a matter of a couple of days.
There was never any public disclosure of Bayshore’s bad loans. Eagle at that time
was owned by Cabrero (Pepe) Sarmiento, who also owned the Banco de Colombia.
And he he bought 80% of Eagle National Bank from Burt Kantor.
Burt Kantor still owned 20%.
Eagle illegally lent millions, and I mean millions, to people like me, and Richard
Secord, and Harry Aderholt, and a whole list of other people.
All of these loans got defaulted on.
One of the reasons Eagle was used was because they had a very confidential wiring
arrangement with the Banco de Colombia for funds — to get funds out of the United

You could do it very quietly and in size with them — because Sarmiento’s one of the
big fourteen names in Colombia.
And Walter Greenberg is another one of the fourteen Colombian names. Wally also
had an interest in the Banco de Colombia.
Wally then recirculates some of the money to buy office buildings in Miami.
My own office building, the Bayshore Office Building, on 4770 Biscayne Boulevard
was a Greenberg building. Anyway, it’s complex.
One of the reasons no one — other than Rebecca Sims and a few others — has ever
wanted to go after it is because it is a tedious, complex, intricate web of fraud in a
At the top of that pyramid, there are people like George Bush and a few others like
Oliver North.
But Oliver North doesn’t even belong on the top of the pyramid.
George Bush is at the very pinnacle of that pyramid.
I don’t know if anyone would ever want to divulge the resources necessary to put all
this together — the time, the labor, the cost — the millions of documents involved in
connecting the dots. It would be an enormously costly task.
And certainly, it’s one of the reasons nothing has ever been done.
The narcotics and weapons have the sizzle. But that’s not where the real meat is.
The meat is in the fraud. That’s what costs the American taxpayer.
It wasn’t narcotics or weapons.
Here’s an interesting and humorous example of how we would compound a fraud
upon a fraud upon a fraud and so on.
I have a recording of a conversation I had with Jeb Bush. And naturally he didn’t
know he was being recorded. But what Jeb would do (Jeb was a sharp cookie and still
is a real sharp cookie) since he knew we were taking banks down the tubes (I’m
speaking in the collective sense now since there were 2,000 people involved) is
mention in this conversation (and he mentioned this to a lot of other people too) is say,
“Hey Al, you gotta short the stock of MCorp. It’s going down the tubes. We’ve taken it
down the tubes.”
At the time MCorp common stock was trading about three bucks a share. You
couldn’t short any of it. It was all out. All out of the box. Nothing to short. But the
preferred, which was trading about eight dollars, you could still get shorts off.
What Jeb does then is he borrows a million dollars from MCorp just as it’s going
down the tubes. He uses that million dollars to short M-Corp preferred stock, which

ultimately winds up going down to zero, and then doesn’t pay back the loan after he
was involved in originally taking the bank down.
I can’t tell you how profitable that was and how many times we shorted the stock.
We did this with Allied Bancshares, Texas American, Great American Bank and
Trust, and Silverado Saving and Loan.
We did this on their preferred stock. Obviously we knew the banks were going to fail
because it was “we” who were causing them to fail.
We would then use the bank’s money which we illegally borrowed from them to
short their own stock and then in turn not pay back the loan, or pay back the loan at
thirty or forty cents on the dollar when it got in the hands of the FSLIC.
Because the entity we used to borrow the money would then declare bankruptcy and
liquidate fraudulently.
So only thirty or forty cents on the dollar had to be paid out. It became a fraud,
compounded on a fraud, compounded on a fraud.
Other notable Republican Iran-Contra profiteers at the time were Henry Hyde, for
instance. I already mentioned Porter Goss.
But Henry was recently censured by the House and fined a lot of money. $300,000 …
or $800,000 … I forgot the number, but it was six figures.
Naturally, very little was ever made public about it.
There was some talk one day, the New York Post did a little thing on it and that was
the end of it.
But Henry had gotten involved in a bunch of illegal partnerships with us that
borrowed a lot of money from Oak Brook Savings and Loan in Illinois and the Key
Bank out of New York. Henry was on the Board of Directors at one time with D’Amato,
Alfonso D’Amato’s brother.
And Key Bank was taken straight downhill.
Henry had short positions in both their stocks.
He used the banks’ own money to sell their own stock short, having participated in
the fraud that took the banks in question down the tubes.
And later on, D’Amato’s brother, who is an attorney, Louie, got indicted. He also
wound up getting indicted into a murder-for-hire scheme. He was looking at like
twenty-five years in jail .
So he spends eight months in jail.
Suddenly the guy that actually pulled the trigger on a contract killing winds up
slipping on a bar of soap in jail and he dies.
The depositions and affidavits, interrogatories he had done previously suddenly

Real interesting deal.
But D’Amato, through his brother’s connections, made a fortune in illegal Iran-Contra
profiteering. He is very weak. D’Amato could be gone after to this day. If anyone
wanted to sink D’Amato, it’s very doable.
Of course, I can’t picture anybody wanting to do it.
To round out the list of Republicans, there’s Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who was
very young at that time.
When he was still Congressman Santorum, he profited immensely through that ISC
scandal (International Signals and Controls) in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
You probably remember the deal. Gordon and Jacobson ran it. And Gordon wound
up going to jail. Jacobson quietly left the country and now lives in Israel.
But Santorum profited quite handsomely off that deal as did Arlen Specter.
That’s why Arlen is still being looked at by Billy Turpin, Deputy Inspector General in
the Justice Department, former Chief of the Federal Office for Labor Racketeering in
He’s got a collaboration with Andrea Volks. Andrea is now the Senior Assistant
United States Attorney in Philadelphia for their fraud division. And Andrea has been
wanting to go after Specter for a long while.
They just busted Allen Teal for running out in those Salt Lake City’s securities scams
for the ninety-second time. They’ve tried and tried to turn Allen Teal to talk about
Turpin and others he had done business with in Pennsylvania and Colorado.
But so far, they’ve had no luck in doing it. But they’re trying.
The only Democrats, by the way, that I can think of off the top of my head that could
still be hit with Iran-Contra profiteering would be David Pryor and Dale Bumpers, and
of course, Aphernon and Shelby.
Shelby’s out of Alabama, and they could both be whacked with Iran-Contra
If someone wanted to go after Clinton, they’d go after Pryor and Bumpers because of
that phone call, which tips their hands that Pryor and Bumpers had knowledge of Iran-
Contra — what was going on including knowledge of narcotics trafficking in Mena.
If you want to go after Pryor and Bumpers or go after Clinton through Pryor and
Bumpers, the way to start would be with that conversation, which is fully documented
and available for sale.
If somebody wanted to sink Ron Dellums, that’s also doable. It’s only because I still
got part of the Control Files I was given in 1985.

I never had all of them. I know it’s been speculated, but I just had thousands of
pages. These are the famous so-called Secord Control Files, which is the way we did
business at that time.
Obvious we knew that what we were doing would ultimately fall apart and there
would be public hearings and so on, and we knew that key Democrats would have to
be controlled.
Consequently Control Files were established in the early 1980s with the help of the
CIA. That’s how I know so much about Dellums’ personal narcotics use, his problem
with women, his problems with some of his financial dealings and so on.
David Boren — I’m very familiar with his homosexual proclivity, and how the CIA
caused him to be set up in that 1984 trade mission trip, where those pictures were taken
with that seventeen-year-old boy.
That was all a set-up deal, but it absolutely controlled Boren.
You know the Gonzalez deal — when his gray Lincoln got riddled with bullets
outside of his Washington townhouse. After that Henry wasn’t a problem any more.
He’s an old man. He figured it wasn’t worth it — trying to tell the truth.
I’d also like to briefly mention international cooperation on Iran-Contra with our
I’ve always liked, but wasn’t really involved, with our British friends at MI-6 and
their aid to us, vis-a-vis one of their cut-outs, the infamous, sinister, renowned
Churchill Matrix Corporation.
That was an MI-6 deal and their personal hand-picked boy was Paul Henderson. In
1988 this became public.
In that lawsuit, the criminal action in London, where MI-6 finally had to step up and
admit that it was one of their cut-outs and that in fact it had been used for illicit
weapons transactions, and that in fact Henderson was one of their guys.
After they made those admissions, any further look at Churchill Matrix got shut
down in a hurry. One of the reasons is because of Mark Thatcher’s connection to it.
Churchill Matrix kept financing Mark Thatcher deals.
Mark was a young guy, but these were the go-go ’80s and his mother was Prime
Minister, and he figured he could do whatever he wanted.
I have a picture of him with Oliver North. I mean, he got very involved with us at
one time.
He liked the fast life.
He liked to do drugs.
He was big into racing cars.

He liked women, and he raised money for us among loyal Tories in England.
That money would then got funneled through Churchill Matrix until it later became
revealed what Churchill Matrix was doing — vis-a-vis illicit and illegal armament
shipments in the Middle East.
Other corporate artifices in the mid and late 1980s that were helpful to us were the
Univac Missile Corporation of Germany and Ryan Meyer Chemicals of Germany. Ryan
Meyer was the one that built those chemical facilities in Libya.
It has to be looked at separately — the international connections into Iran-Contra —
because there are crossovers.
It is the very same corporations, cut-outs, chemical manufacturers, weapons
manufacturers and so on that then reappear two or three years later, post Iran-Contra,
in what now is known as “Iraqgate.”
But it’s the same names and faces from the past.
And it’s the same profiteering. There was just a different list of scapegoats. The
routes were the same — that old route from the United States, South Africa, Israel route,
that trans-shipping route that had been used in Iran-Contra was exactly the same route
that then gets used in what is now called Iraqgate.
This is how the new runs into the old.
During Iran-Contra, one of our prime suppliers of arms (how Secord did all the
weapons transactions on behalf of North) was a company called Trans World
Armaments of Quebec City. It was owned by the infamous Emmanuel von
And this is publicly detailed in the so-called Lake Resources civil lawsuit (United
States v. Richard Secord) in an effort to recover that $13 million bucks that sits in the
Union Bank of Switzerland.
Anyway a recent news story had three guys arrested attempting to sell helicopters to
Iraq, military helicopters being supplied by Trans World Armaments of Quebec City.
The helicopters were US military helicopters.
That was the whole scheme with Trans World Armaments.
The Defense Department would sell them brand new US military items and they
would list them as used.
They would sell them for very cheap prices to Trans World.
Actually they would sell them very cheaply to the Canadian army. The Canadian
army would then turn around and sell them to Trans World at somewhat marked up
Trans World would then turn around and sell them to Richard Secord using money

that we had defrauded to get these weapons to other places in the world that we
wanted these weapons to go to.
But you may know how this Trans World Armaments deal broke open in Canada.
And how Joe Clark made money.
It was the Brian Mulroney connection, and it was a much bigger scandal in Canada
than it ever was here.
4. “Do Nothing” Janet Reno & Iran Contra Suppression
Janet Reno was first appointed in 1981 as State Attorney for Dade County, Florida.
At that time, the state government was heavily Republican. She was personally
recommended for the job by then candidate for State Controller’s Office, Gerald Lewis,
who himself would become renown for his Iran-Contra activity five years later.
Reno, once ensconced in her new position, immediately began to surround herself
with some of the old Republican cronies from south Florida including Kathy Rundle,
Jay Hogan and Richard DiGregory, who was later then moved to the Miami US
Attorney’s office in 1984 as a political liability control specialist.
The first two years of her tenure as State Attorney for Dade were uneventful. It
wasn’t really until late 1983, when Iran-Contra activity was getting geared up in south
Florida that Reno began to come into more prominence.
The original deal was, of course, politically sensitive cases. Iran-Contra connected
cases and cases that dealt with narcotics, weapons or fraud that could not be handled
by the US Attorney’s office in Miami — then controlled by US Attorney Stanley J.
Marcus — would be kicked down to the state level.
The potential defendants would be re-indicted on the state level where a trial was
much more controllable because there was no national security exclusion blanket.
Also, of course, state trials did not generate the publicity from national media outlets
that federal trials did.
Reno’s role as State Attorney became more important for a while after Stanley Marcus
was forced out of office under pressure in late 1983. Afterwards he was appointed the
federal district judge in the 9th district of California — a district where it was
anticipated that there would be Iran-Contra activity, particularly narcotics.
This was part of the scheme leading up to the most egregious Iran-Contra activity —
to appoint US Attorneys to federal district judgeships as control features who would
then in turn make sure that certain Iran-Contra sensitive cases were heard in their

You saw this time and time again in all of the sensitive districts — Dade County, West
Palm Beach, Tampa, 3rd District of Tampa.
You see this in the 1st District of New Orleans, 2nd District of New York, 9th District
of California, 10th District in Denver, and so on.
Marcus, by the way, was succeeded in his position by Leon J. Kellner, who was
confirmed without any problems into the office at the end of 1983.
It was at this time that the control unit feature was put together, that is, where Janet
Reno would control Dade County in terms of Iran-Contra politically sensitive cases.
Jay Lewis was promoted in West Palm Beach to Senior Assistant State Attorney there
and you saw the commonality between the way the US Attorney’s office in Miami and
the Dade State Attorney’s office worked, and the US Attorney for West Palm Beach, and
the way the West Palm Beach State Attorney worked in terms of bouncing down
politically sensitive cases.
They were always being handled by the same state attorneys or assistant state
attorneys, always being heard in the federal jurisdiction by the same federal
Republican-appointed judges or the same elected Republican state circuit judges.
As an example of what I am talking about — if one were to review Iran-Contra
politically sensitive cases, say, from 1984 to 1990, in the 1991 and 1992 period, one
would see the same consistent pattern.
Let us take, for instance, the US Attorney’s office in Miami. All politically sensitive,
Iran-Contra politically sensitive cases, would be heard by one of two judges — either
the chief federal district judge, Lawrence King, now retired, or the cases would be held
by the newly ensconced Republican judge Fred Marino.
In some cases, when there was a overload, the cases would be bumped up to the
retired judge, Claude Atkins, a solid Republican. The defendants were convicted in
every single Iran-Contra sensitive case heard by these three federal district judges.
On the state level, during the government’s motion to close a trial under national
security procedures — when they started to get overturned regularly by the 11th
Appellate Circuit in Atlanta — which was still loaded with Carter appointees by the
way — the cases in question (and there’s three or four hundred of the prominent ones)
would then get kicked down to the state level.
Reno then would prosecute, she would repackage the charges. Everyone would cry
about estoppel, but because of that state federal loophole, there was nothing they could
do about it.
Reno would then prosecute the cases, always using the same Assistant State Attorney,
Chet Zerlin, an Assistant State Attorney in Dade County. In turn, some three hundred

cases would be heard by the same judge, Richard Gersten, a well known right-wing
Republican in Dade County, a man, who made no secret of his personal friendship with
everyone from Oliver North to Jeb Bush.
In other words, defendants who knew too much about Jeb Bush or Oliver North
usually didn’t have much of a chance of being exonerated in his court.
This was at the peak of Iran-Contra activity in 1985, also the peak of such activity in
the three big Florida jurisdictions where most of the CIA-sponsored narcotics and
weapons trafficking occurred.
Janet Reno had such a place of prominence as a state attorney for Dade County that
when Ed Meese made a visit to the US Attorney’s office in Miami on August 9, 1985 for
a briefing, he brought Lowell Jensen with him, who was later also made a federal
district judge.
By the way, Janet Reno, a state attorney, was actually invited to a classified briefing at
the US Attorney’s office with the then Attorney General of the United States, along with
the US Attorney from Miami, Leon Kellner and, of course, William Richard Scruggs,
then Senior Assistant US Attorney in Miami, who also performed the S-1 function in
that office.
S-1 is the political liability control and suppression unit that exists within each US
Attorney’s office as well as the Department of Justice.
At that meeting, it was decided that more and more criminal cases that were
scheduled to be held in the federal jurisdiction would now be bumped down to the
By August 1985, Meese, Terwilliger, and Bobby Muller, etc. at the Department of
Justice were having an increasingly hard time plugging all the holes in the dike.
There were too many people in the media who were getting a piece of what was
happening and beginning to figure it out.
Certainly, those who figured it out first in the media were those who wrote for papers
in areas where there was a large amount of Iran-Contra activity. Miami was chief
among them.
Dave Lyons of the Miami Herald was well known for his cutting edge stories about
Iran-Contra, even before it was called Iran-Contra.
Warren Richie of the Sun Sentinel was another. Ray Locklear used to be the head
investigative reporter, and Ray is now the editor of the Tampa Tribune.
These guys had a sense of what was going on. They knew that people were being
railroaded in court because they knew too much, and they would regularly write about
it. They would show up with mini-cam recorders at the Miami International Airport,

taking pictures of Southern Air Transport aircraft, and so on.
Therefore it was decided that many cases would now be heard on the state level — to
keep them out of the limelight. The reason? You don’t have people from the
Washington Post and New York Times covering state trials like you do federal trials.
In this 1985 period, particularly the summer/fall of 1985, Janet Reno had had a
separate problem vis-a-vis the famous Frank Fuster case. This made the national
headlines at the time. They had committed enormous resources to find Fuster guilty,
and he was ultimately found guilty.
The attorney who represented him, Michael Von Zamft, was a famous national
security attorney, but he was principally one of the very few national security attorneys
that specialized in defending Iran-Contra people.
Reno was nervous that the Fuster case was going to blow up in her face. And, of
course, there were all of the unusual dealings she had with Fuster’s wife, Ileana. She let
Ileana out of jail, making sure she wasn’t sentenced to any jail time. She also made sure
that Ileana got deported later to Honduras where nobody in the media could find her.
Reno also made the deal to arrange for money to come to Ileana in Honduras.
There was an interesting article in the Herald about how this girl living in some dirtpoor
tenement in Honduras was able to pay $28,000 in cash for a Ford Bronco and
where the money came from.
When Lyons got onto that story, it was shut down in a real hurry. That’s how
sensitive this case was.
Had it blown up in their faces, it would have been discovered what the state attorney
did in order to try to indict Fuster — all the secret little deals that were made, the illegal
wire taps, the illegal mail intercepts. Illegal. Illegal. Illegal.
Reno was sensitive to this at that time, and, frankly she needed some help from
Washington, which she got.
Another connection, or crossover connection, when we cross over from weapons,
narcotics and fraud, I am going to discuss my knowledge of something that has not
been written about publicly.
That is the deep old Brazilian connection into George, Sr. and others — a very deep
and very dark connection of which very little has been mentioned. Only once publicly
to my knowledge, in an article in The Wall Street Journal, has George Bush, Sr.’s
connection ever been mentioned to a very sinister and very wealthy Brazilian financier
named Amaro Pintos Ramos.
Some of what I know involves the illicit transfer, not only of weapons, but also of
nuclear materials.
I imagine that’s one reason nobody’s ever wanted to to look at this. It involves a large
amount of fraud. All types of fraud. Oil and gas, bank and securities fraud. Everything.
It also involves the illicit sale or attempted illicit sale of nuclear materials out of Brazil
and certain transactions that — not only was the Agency involved in — but George Bush
himself was involved in.
And I don’t think anybody has ever wanted to link George Bush — although linking
him to Iran-Contra fraud, knowledge and profiting from cocaine and weapons
transactions — I don’t think anyone has ever wanted to link him to the transfer of
certain nuclear materials and components.
But that is something that I intend to do.
Further, I intend to reveal the connection between George, Sr. and Jeb, and these
Brazilian transactions through the International Signals and Controls, Inc. of Scranton,
This was the infamous story with Mischer, Gerwin and Jacobson.
There was another corporation in Virginia which was a cut-out — not International
Signals and Controls — but International Systems and Components. Separate. A
different company altogether. They have often been mixed up.
But I will explain the difference and how certain materials left this country and went
Anyway, let’s get back to Iran-Contra fraud. I had intimated previously that I would
like to spend more time on Prescott Bush, the Vice President and later President’s
brother, and Wally, his son and their Iran-Contra fraud.
So I will use the one example I am most familiar with, and an example that has been,
to some degree, publicly revealed.
That is Prescott Bush’s so-called $5 million Korean Swindle, which involved his
partner, Alphonse D’Amato’s brother, the attorney.

That fraud, although small, is a good example of how Prescott used the family name
to commit his own little petty series of fraud. During Iran-Contra, it didn’t amount to
much — $20 or $30 million.
Wally’s ability to commit certain securities fraud, particularly at Merrill Lynch, and
get away with it was due to the control feature that existed at Merrill Lynch. Even after
Don Regan left to become Chief of Staff in the Reagan Administration, Ray Birk was his
successor, and Ray was very friendly to the old Republican cabal. He was also very
sympathetic to Iran-Contra.
Consequently, Merrill Lynch was used for certain illicit transactions. And this socalled
$5 million Korean swindle is a good example of that, of the use of power to cover
up something.
What makes it more sinister is the fact that somebody was murdered because of the
Yes, the money was ultimately returned, but that wasn’t until after somebody in
Korea threatened to start to talk.
And someone in this side of the world got murdered because of it. As you may
remember, that murder got pinned temporarily on D’Amato’s brother.
And D’Amato was facing twenty-five year to life sentence.
Through a series of missing evidence and forgetful witnesses, he winds up spending
three months in jail.
Prescott specialized in Korean and Japanese fraud because of the old Republican
connections that existed between the Japanese conservative, and Korean and
Republican parties here.
I’m going to make a blind reference and use Prescott Bush to get into it — why it was
always necessary to have a Republican control guy as ambassador to both Japan and
You see how quickly (after Donald Gregg was essentially forced out of his position as
Vice Presidential National Security Advisor because of Iran-Contra allegations) he
ultimately winds up becoming Ambassador to South Korea.
There’s no mystery as to why that happens. It really has only been in recent years
that that whole money connection between Korea and the Republicans here fell apart.
And I believe the former Korean President, General Ro Tae Woo is under a death
sentence. Of course, it will be commuted. But there are hundreds of millions of dollars
missing from the Korean Treasury because of it, which mysteriously wound up in
Republican coffers here.
Anyway, I will try to condense that into what I intend to say about Prescott and

Wally. I also want to make note of my knowledge of the Republican and Democratic
party crossovers into certain transactions and to certain artifices, particularly some
large foreign banks. The Industrial Bank of Indonesia, for instance. The Hong Kong
and Shanghai Bank, their branch in Hong Kong.
And of course, I will bring in the whole Arkansas matter, and I will build the bridge.
As I’ve always said, Arkansas is where political liability vis-a-vis Iran-Contra crosses
party lines. And I intend to show that bridge, both in context of narcotics, weapons,
and money transactions.
Next I am going to build that bridge into Republican/Democratic political liability
crossovers in Arkansas, vis-a-vis Arkansas-related Iran-Contra weapons, narcotics, and
monies operations.
I will talk about my knowledge of Governor Bill Clinton, Betsey Wright, Bruce
Lindsay, Buddy Young, Patsy Thomasson, Dan Lasater, Web Hubbell, Hillary and Rose
and Hubbell Law Firm, and Stephens Investment Group.
I did a lot of business with Stephens. I did business with Lasater. I was familiar with
what was going on at the time.
I have extensive 1985 tape recordings of gubernatorial aides, Bruce Lindsay and Betsy
Wright discussing Oliver North’s operations in Arkansas.
They can’t say that they didn’t know about them — and their efforts to manipulate the
Arkansas State Police on behalf of the Republicans.
And we will discuss, of course, my knowledge of then U.S. Attorney, Asa Hutchison,
Republican U.S. Attorny in Little Rock, and the cover-up that was instituted by them
and the Little Rock Office of the FBI, vis-a-vis Iran-Contra operations.
We’ll talk about everything in Arkansas from Barry Seal to Max Mermelstein and their
connections. “Fat Max” Mermelstein is certainly an overlooked connection in
But although the focus of this book is principally Republican in nature, it has to be
because that’s what was going on when I was involved. I would also like to mention
the Democratic crossover.
Some people may consider this news old, but I would like to draw the entrails to this
day. How some mysterious deaths on the Democrat side of the ledger are directly
related to the entrails of Iran-Contra operations.
This would be a good point in the book to show that certain things that happen today
had their genesis in Iran-Contra activity in the mid-1980’s and that certain entrails of
that activity are still ongoing to this day.
I think in this Democratic/Republican liability crossover using Arkansas would be an

excellent way to portray the relevance of said information today. How people are still
dying because of this information. How people are still being incarcerated because of
this information in an effort to discredit them.
I will also mention here the extent of my knowledge insofar as I was involved with
so many, both Republican and Democratically controlled investigating committees in
the 1987 to 1996 time frame.
Also to use several illustrations where Republican-controlled committees were dying
to get into Arkansas and use Iran-Contra activities in Arkansas against Clinton and
others, but could not do so because they could not gerrymander out Republican
liability and, therefore, they couldn’t use it.
I have a tape-recording of a very interesting conversation I had with Bob Dole’s
campaign manager about this subject in the last Presidential campaign.
You can easily see the Republican reaction in attempting to use this kind of
I also wanted to mention that I have been assembling a condensed compendium of
Israeli involvement in Iran-Contra, principally centering around my knowledge of the
activities of the infamous Michael Harari with subsections about Ari Klein.
It would be principally about Harari and certain meetings Harari had with both
Oliver North and Manuel Noriega, and even one meeting with George Bush himself
and Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams, and then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of
State Michael Kozak.
These are detailed transcripts of meetings involving the Panamanian G2 and security
for narcotics shipments and weapons trans-shipments through the South African
corridor which Harari arranged.
I’m going to mention a little bit about the US/South African/Israeli connection into
Iran-Contra and how that worked through South African military intelligence which
was then under the command of General Magnus Milan.
But I’m not going to dwell on this because — where does it all stop?
I do want to mention an important weapons and narcotics channel, so you can clearly
see the involvement of the Israelis in Iran-Contra, which I think has been much
People talk about Israeli involvement in Iraqgate, but there was substantial
involvement, not only through Michael Harari, but others and even the influence of the
great Rafi Eitan, himself, during Iran-Contra and how this related to the liquidation of
Amir Nir and others.
It’s important to show the relationships and to show that a lot of people died to cover

this thing up and to cover up the knowledge of this relationship.
Essentially it was to cover up Michael Harari’s activities.
I’m also going to reveal for the first time much more extensive knowledge than what
people have commonly presumed about Amiram Nir, in terms of that July 29, 1986
meeting at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which George Bush attended and how
that sealed Nir’s fate.
Also to be discussed will be how Nir’s wife, who is an American, was treated by
Israeli intelligence after Nir’s death.
9. Corporate Fraud, Stock Fraud and Other Scams
So far, we have attempted to illustrate Iran-Contra vis-a-vis the breakdown of three
specific areas — namely, narcotics, weapons and fraud. Returning to fraud, we will
examine individual transactions and individual companies, as they related to the
overall pattern, an organized pattern, of State-sponsored fraud under the guise of what
is now known as Iran-Contra.
The first deal I would like to speak about is the infamous Trinity Oil and Gas
Corporation, founded in 1984 by the infamous Barry Seal, Lawrence Richard Hamil
and Larry Nichols.
Trinity Oil and Gas was designed to be a fraud similar to all other oil and gas frauds
at that time.
Not unlike Jeb Bush’s Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company.
Not unlike Larry Hamil’s Gulf Coast Investment Group and LRH Associates, etc.
We will examine what these frauds had in common, how these frauds related to each
other, and ultimately where the money went.
Trinity Oil and Gas was perhaps a little different. Its purpose was perhaps a little
different. It was not only designed simply to be a fraud, but also as a vehicle to
launder Barry Seal’s money — money that Barry Seal was earning from his narcotics
Barry Seal, of course, has been extensively discussed in public before, but usually
only in the context of narcotics. His involvement corporately, or in fraud, is really an
overlooked area.
Anyway, Trinity Oil and Gas — to get its base of operations, similar to Gulf Coast

Investment Group — purchased a bunch of old, beat out, one-barrel-a-day pumpers,
two-barrels-a-day pumpers.
These were principally in the sand tar pits outside of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
Most of the assets that Trinity Oil and Gas started with to construct the fraud were
assets that it had purchased from the old Sterling Oil of Oklahoma and the old Lyric
Energy of Oklahoma, both which had been publicly traded companies on the NASDAQ
prior to this time and had unfortunately busted out with the decline in oil prices in the
early 1980s.
Again, the scheme was similar.
You take the one or two-barrel-a-day, fifty-year-old pumpers that are given a shot of
acid every three months, and you make it appear that they’re pumping four hundred to
eight hundred barrels a day.
Of course, how you make that appear is by your runs and logs. In this case, Hamil,
once again, turned to Hess Oil, a division of Marathon Oil, then owned by Armand
We have discussed before how Armand Hammer allowed certain divisions — oil and
gas divisions, suppliers, distributors — that he owned to be used to commit fraud.
I guess, you could say this was his contribution to Iran-Contra and to Republican
Anyway, as they had done with Gulf Coast Investment Group and with Gulf Oil and
Drilling Supply Company, Hess had given false runs and logs, making it appear that in
fact Trinity Oil was pumping five hundred times the oil that it was actually pumping.
And one would say, “Where are the cash deposits? Where is the cash flowing
through Trinity Oil and Gas accounts to match this supposed oil production?”
Of course, where it was coming from initially was Barry Seal.
Barry Seal was simply using this as a device to launder money.
After July-August 1984, Trinity Oil and Gas, under the auspices of Larry Hamil,
became something larger, a newer entity, and an entity to actually defraud people.
As we have said before, we’re using the term “defraud” loosely.
Actually people invested in Trinity Oil and Gas Limited Partnerships, who wanted to
contribute to “The Cause” as Oliver North referred to Iran-Contra.
But obviously a private citizen could not simply contribute to an illegal activity of
government, ergo another artifice steps in, namely Trinity Oil and Gas.
Monies are siphoned off accordingly. It was very similar to the way monies were
siphoned out of Gulf Coast Investment Group and Gulf Coast Oil and Drilling Supply.
You would notice that all three of these companies tended to use either Hess or

Marathon as their pickup agents in the field.
They also tended to use the infamous Orca Supply Company of Coral Gables, Florida,
supposedly to purchase oil well equipment.
Orca Supply Company was a CIA cut-out that had been dormant. It was picked up
again and was run through the Iran-Contra period by the infamous Lt. Col. Jack Terrell,
aka “El Flaco.”
What was different about Trinity Oil is that it is one of the very few Iran-Contra deals
one can point to wherein money was siphoned off in both directions, politically
Not only did money go to Republicans, but it also went to Democrats in the State of
Trinity Oil and Gas is an excellent example to illustrate how important the State of
Arkansas was (and the Democratic substructure in Arkansas was) to overall Iran-
Contra operations.
For instance, Trinity Oil and Gas was legally formed and its general counsels were
the Little Rock Law Firm of Rose and Hubbel. As a matter of fact, it was one of Web
Hubbel’s own accounts wherein he was counsel.
You will see that others within the Board of Directors of Trinity Oil are Dan Lasater
and Raymond “Buddy” Young. Invoices, by the way, would be faked to make it appear
that Trinity Oil and Gas was actually purchasing materials from the infamous Brodex
Manufacturing and Global Associates.
Certainly, we remember these artifices from the past. Freddie Lee Hampton, Calvin
Edwards, George Rebb — all of the Mena players.
Also, what should be mentioned — and I think it’s very unique to Trinity Oil and Gas
was its relationship with Seth Ward of Ward Manufacturing.
Same old scheme. Faked invoices for materials that were supposedly purchased, that
were in fact never manufactured or delivered.
Brodex Manufacturing, Global Associates, Ward Manufacturing and so forth were
receiving $20,000 – $40,000 a month. That type of thing. It was essentially money being
bled out of Trinity Oil and Gas.
Of course, records subsequently revealed that Trinity Oil and Gas was making
substantial contributions to GOPAC, as well as individual Republicans. It had also had
contributions to the Democratic State Party Committee in Arkansas.
Regarding Trinity Oil and Gas, there was Jeb Bush’s involvement with it vis-a-vis his
own oil and gas fraud, the Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company.
Trinity Oil and Gas purchased Argentine and Brazilian oil and gas leases for about

$30,000 or $40,000 per lease from Gulf Oil Drilling Supply.
Of course, these leases were effectively worthless.
Gulf Oil Drilling Supply obtained these leases originally from Zapata. They bought
these leases for a dollar each from Bush-controlled Zapata Oil, which had held these
leases for some time. But they were tantamount to worthless.
Suddenly these leases are effectively given from father to son and they wind up in
the hands of the Jeb Bush-controlled Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company.
Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company hypothecated these leases, borrowed money from
these leases with numerous Iran-Contra friendly banks in the Miami area, principally
Capitol Bank.
Later they would default on these loans, and when Brazilian authorities got word that
these leased areas were being used for fraudulent purposes in the United States,
Brazilian authorities mounted an investigation.
It was a half-assed investigation, but it was enough for Jeb Bush to disgorge. He
didn’t want anything more to do with these leases, so consequently he sold them to
Trinity Oil and Gas, which again made the same claims that Gulf Oil Drilling Supply
Company had previously made. They said that these leases were, of course, fabulously
valuable, when in fact, they were tantamount to worthless.
To further illustrate the Arkansas connection to Trinity Oil and Gas, it should be
noted that the general counsels with the law firm of Rose and Hubbel — their bank was
another infamous Arkansas Iran-Contra bank — the Twin Cities Bank of North Little
Rock, Arkansas.
The officer there, later a Director of the bank who handled the account was the
infamous Jonathan Flake. Flake was the one who helped Seal and Hamil put together
limited partnerships and syndications, while the bank provided bridge loans.
Also, in general partnerships of oil production, proved up production (which they
didn’t have, but they simply made it appear that they had), interests were sold by, of all
people, Dan Lasater.
Flake, by the way, was an officer and Director of Twin Cities Bank of North Little
Rock — a key figure in Iran-Contra fraud in Arkansas.
Flake was involved in numerous oil and gas scams and bogus real estate limited
partnerships that the bank also marketed and/or financed. He was also involved with
numerous U.S. congressmen.
In all of these bogus oil and gas deals or bogus real estate deals that Congressman
Alexander, Congressman Solarz, Congressman Dellums and others got hurt, the
common factor is Twin Cities Bank of North Little Rock Arkansas and its senior loan

officer and later Director, Jonathan Flake.
A precise example of Flake’s involvement would be that Twin Cities Bank of North
Little Rock was both was a submarketer through its securities division as well as a
financier in terms of holding non-recourse and fully recourse paper on bogus limited
However, Flake was directly involved in the marketing and subsequently financing
of the fraudulent real estate investment trust known as the Boulder Property Limited
Series of Partnerships.
It was through these partnerships that Congressman Alexander lost about $3 million.
Now Alexander didn’t actually lose the $3 million. He didn’t have it to lose. But he was
forced to default on the debt and forced to declare personal bankruptcy because of it.
Later we will agains touch on Twin Cities Bank of North Little Rock, Arkansas, and
see how that bank is a key element in the so-called Denver Daisy Chain.
Through this bank, it will be possible to see that Neil Bush was a substantially larger
Iran-Contra fraud and Iran-Contra profiteering player than the public has been led to
believe because there is a direct connection between Silverado and the Twin Cities
Bank of North Little Rock.
That connection exists through Phil Winn of the Winn Group in Denver and his
partners Leonard Millman and Steve Mizel, as well as Millman’s company, MDC
Holdings, a publicly listed company and its then brokerage subsidiary, the National
Brokerage Group.
These are all infamous Iran-Contra artifices, but we are going to explore in the Denver
Daisy Chain and make the connection between the Denver frauds and how that filters
through Arkansas. This is an area which has not been extensively researched in the
Moving on to the infamous Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company — this was Jeb Bush’s
favorite oil and gas fraudulent artifice. Many of these Iran-Contra frauds would
borrow names from large existing well-known corporations, such as “Gulf.”
You will see in virtually every oil and gas fraud in Iran-Contra the word “Gulf” is
However, it is commonly and correctly presumed that the word “Gulf,” as in Gulf
Coast Investment Group and its subsidiaries refers to the southeastern United States
region, meaning “Gulf,” which is the common presumption.
In the case of Gulf Oil Drilling Supply — Jeb Bush’s deal — that referred to the Arabian
Gulf. This is not commonly known publicly. But it really should be.
It’s rather obvious when one looks where Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company

supposedly did business.
Its principal foreign office was in Bahrain, which was headed by, of course, Richard
Gulf Oil Drilling Supply of Miami, New York and Bahrain was, I believe, a more
sizeable fraud than has been publicly thought in the past.
When one adds up total losses taken by banks and security houses, it is in the $300 or
$400 million range, so it is what I would consider to be a medium to larger size fraud.
The fraud was rather simple.
Richard Secord arranged through then Vice President George Bush Sr.’s old friend,
Ghaith Pharaon, the then retired head of Saudi intelligence, for Gulf Oil and Drilling to
purchase from the Saudi government oil and gas leases in the Gulf which were
effectively worthless.
As you know, most Gulf Oil production is onshore and not offshore.
The reason is that it is very expensive to extract offshore.
And, of course, these leases would be dummied up, then prettied up to make them
look like they were just worth a goddamn fortune.
The leases again would be hypothecated or borrowed against in some other fashion,
again, through Intercontinental Bank, Great American Bank and Trust of West Palm
Beach which subsequently failed under the weight of unpaid Iran-Contra loans.
Marvin Warner, of course, was the chairman of that bank. Also, in the case of Gulf
Oil Drilling Supply, there was some moderately large international lending to that
As you would suspect, it was principally out of the old George Bush friendly banks —
Credit Lyonnais and Banque Paribas, which, combined lent $60 million dollars to Gulf
Oil Drilling Supply, which, of course was defaulted on later.
It has always been my personal opinion that the reason the Kerry Committee, the
Hughes Committee, the Alexander Committee, and other Iran-Contra investigating
committees on the Hill as well as some people in the media shied away from Gulf Oil
Drilling Supply — and why there is so little known about it publicly — is because it
directly relates to the great conundrum.
The minute it is seen that Gulf Oil Drilling Supply had relationships with Credit
Lyonnais, Banque Paribas and others — that puts it in a whole different much higher
The old George Bush connections of deep old fraud is something that everyone in the
media and on the Hill is frightened of because — if you started with Gulf Oil Drilling
Supply and investigated it to its logical conclusion, you get into that whole bigger

picture where there is multi-billion dollar fraud — something no one really wants to
look at.
And Gulf Oil Drilling Supply is very difficult to segregate, to look at it as one
individual company, or one individual fraud, or a series of frauds because it’s really
much more than that — and it taps into a much larger pre-existing fraud.
However, I would certainly recommend that it be pursued, since I have substantial
information about Gulf Oil Drilling Supply (I did business with them and with the
Orca Supply Company).
In some cases, I repackaged the worthless leases into other partnership deals. But I
do have substantial information about it.
There is a lot more information available about Gulf Oil Drilling Supply than is
commonly presumed, because when Iran-Contra unraveled the day after Thanksgiving
1986, there was a big effort to classify documents concerning Gulf Oil Drilling Supply.
There wasn’t any effort made to hide them under correct analysis that no one would
want to get into the deal and really pick it apart for fear of that big bugaboo — for fear
of getting into the bigger picture of the deep old frauds.
It should also be noted that Gulf Oil Drilling Supply also retained banking
relationships with the Bank of Greece, Union Bank of Switzerland, and Jarlska Bank of
One need only look to see who was on the Board of Advisers of Gulf Oil Drilling
Supply to see what the fraud was all about — essentially the old cast of characters.
Ghaith Pharaon was on the Board of Advisers.
Andre Papandreou, the former Prime Minister of Greece was on the Board of
Marcel Dessault, Jr., the old man’s son, was on the Board of Advisers.
And, of course, we see these names again, again and again in Iran-Contra frauds as
you saw these names ten and twenty years earlier in other type of Bush-orchestrated
To get back to Trinity Oil and Gas — I wanted to mention something that’s been
completely overlooked. Trinity Oil and Gas was a publicly listed company for a short
period of time on the pink sheets.
It was a deal that was done in part through Meyer Blinder (Blinder Robinson
Securities in Denver) as well as Atlantic Securities, Balfour McClain Securities, Singer
Island Securities.
All of these companies had the same ownership through the National Brokerage
Group of Denver.

Trinity Oil and Gas was backed into a shell which was then pumped up. The stock
traded as high as a dollar before the deal collapsed.
But returning to Trinity Oil and Gas — a good example of what I would list as a passthrough
fraud, that is, a nuts to bolts fraud.
The company is started as a fraud to legitimize flow of funds from Iran-Contra
sympathizers to the hands of Oliver North and Richard Secord and others. Then it
would pass into the hands of the political parties and the various members of the Bush
family who had financial interest in Trinity Oil and Gas vis-a-vis the connection
between Trinity and their own corporations.
What I mean by “pass-through” is not only was the oil-and-gas part of it a fraud (to
defraud banks and securities firms), but you then back it into a public shell — start it
out at three or four cents a share and pump it up to a dollar.
That is simply another way to exploit the fraud.
We have taken an oil and gas fraud, moved it into a banking fraud, then into a
securities fraud. It’s called squeezing every last penny of fraud out of the initial fraud,
which is not directed towards anything else.
In the Florida connections (during 1983 to 1986) I was friendly with Charlie Harper,
then SEC Commissioner from Miami.
I used to see Charlie. Charlie used to go to a lot of Republican functions. Charlie was
also a team player, and when I mentioned the Trinity Oil and Gas, and Gulf Oil
Drilling Supply, Charlie said that those were on his “red flag” list — personally
provided to him from his superiors in Washington. These were deals that he was not to
look at or investigate.
Subsequently, in my 1987 testimony before the Kerry Committee, I had mentioned
this to Jeff Goldberg, then Counsel for John Kerry’s office, and they approached Harper.
Harper immediately denied that such a list existed, and three weeks later, of course,
Charlie was promoted to Regional SEC Commissioner in Atlanta.
Of course, at this time, Mr. Harper was also unable to explain where the money had
come from for him to purchase a $350,000 vacation home in the out islands, and where
the money had come from for his sailboat and his Cessna 210 airplane.
He had always claimed that he was an honest public servant, living on his salary of $
68,932 a year.
It should further be noted that when the Kerry Committee attempted to ask then-
Florida State Controller, Gerald Lewis (the cousin, by the way, of the infamous Marvin
Warner) and later subpoena him as to why he had not investigated certain security
transactions and businesses ongoing in Florida such as the Gulf Coast Investment

Group, Trinity Oil and Gas, and the Gulf Oil Drilling Supply Company, the comptroller
promptly resigned his position and elected to take an extended vacation in his luxury
Caribbean home, which he purchased for the equivalent of ten years his public salary.
10. The Trilateral Investment Group Fraud
I’d like to discuss another infamous Iran-Contra cut-out — the Tri-Lateral Investment
Group, Ltd. This was another offshore corporation formed early in 1984 by Larry
Hamil and included as either its officers, principals, or directors, of Richard Secord,
Oliver North, Jeb Bush, Gen. Aderholt, and the infamous, sinister and dreaded Col.
Robert Steele.
Steele, by the way, now runs a business in McLean, Virginia called Outsource
Computers, Inc., whose soul contractee is the National Security Agency.
Anyway I wanted to use the Tri-Lateral Investment Group as a good example of one
business which incorporated all phases of the old right-wing favorite frauds, i.e. oil and
gas, real estate, gold bullion, aircraft brokerage, security and banking fraud, insurance
fraud. They were all wrapped up into one.
What Tri-Lateral would in real estate, for instance, would be to form various
fraudulent real estate investment trusts, which didn’t exist as anything more than
paperwork in somebody’s file drawer. They would take out leases on the land, build a
few models, get bridge loans, rehypothecate the bridge loans and so forth.
The net result is that in the end, the project would collapse, and $20 or $30 million
would disappear.
But on the real estate end of transactions, Tri-Lateral is interesting for its
involvements in a very infamous fraud — the Topsail Development, Ltd. Fraud of
Pensacola, Florida.
This was the famous diversion of 22,000 acres in central Florida, which was financed

by original bridge loans from the American Bank and Trust of Pensacola, Florida,
which at that time was owned by BCCI.
It seemed odd at the time, but this was not known until some years later. People
thought it was odd that BCCI would own a little nickel and dime commercial bank in
Pensacola, but it was essentially to launder money and to provide bridge financing for
Iran-Contra profiteering.
In 1988, the American Bank and Trust of Pensacola, Florida collapsed under the
weight of unrepaid illicit Iran-Contra loans. The Topsail Development deal was the
largest real estate fraud ever committed in the United States. It was ultimately bailed
out by the Coca-Cola Corporation through those Belizian transactions.
Tri-Lateral Investment Group had become involved in that transaction vis-a-vis the
leases that Tri-Lateral held through Larry Hamil on 45,000 acres of coastal Belizian
All it ever was — was a first right of refusal and tenuous leases. The land was never
actually owned by Tri-Lateral. The loans, by the way, the $9 million in bridge loans to
purchase the lease on those lands, came from Great American Bank and Trust of West
Palm Beach.
Marvin Warner personally approved the loans. I was involved in several meetings. I
was sitting there, as a matter of fact, when Marvin Warner was there and Hamil and
Secord and others to discuss the bridge loan.
Naturally, this $9 million was never paid back, but that was the intent.
Simply transferring money from the bank into other people’s hands ostensibly for
“The Cause” which we all chuckled about, as everyone knew that it was essentially
going into other people’s pockets.
As history recounts, of course, Great American Bank and Trust also failed in 1988
under the weight of unrepaid illicit Iran-Contra loans, to the extent of about $156
million that wasn’t repaid.
In terms of oil and gas, Tri-Lateral also had an interest in Gulf Coast Investment, Ltd.,
which held a lot of marginal oil production and limestone production in Tennessee,
Kentucky, and Oklahoma.
The old one-a-day pumper routine. In oil terms, what’s known as the Knox in Clay
County, Kentucky that extends up around Olney, Illinois. These are all beat out one-aday
pumpers, one-barrel-a-day, two-barrel-a-day pumpers that have been around for
fifty years.
Hamil made them look like they were simply pumping thousands of barrels a day.
What Tri-Lateral would do was to take its supposed proprietary interest in Gulf Coast

Investment Group. Make it appear, in fact, this proprietary interest was worth a lot
more than it was.
It would then hypothecate that interest to commercial loans, principally out of
Citibank. It would then purchase with this money Citibank’s securities, mostly Citibank
I remember the large amount of the coupons in 1993 that Tri-Lateral held with money
it was lent by Citibank.
The notes would then be held at Merrill Lynch, where they would be margined out.
Then the money, again, would be put into something else, usually a bankers
acceptances, often at Chase Manhattan.
What I’m trying to say is that you start with $100,000 and at the end of a series of
frauds that $100,000 is essentially turned into a $10,000,000 house of cards, of which
perhaps $5,000,000 in cash was actually extracted before the whole house of cards falls
As I’ve said before. what made this possible is that all the financial intermediaries,
banks, brokerage houses, or security companies, were all determined “Iran-Contra
Again, essentially it was transferring wealth from a bank, from a brokerage, from
investors, from one pocket to another.
Another reason I wanted to mention the Tri-Lateral Investment Group is that it was
deals concerning the Tri-Lateral Investment Group which eventually forced the
downfall of Richard Hamil in May 1985.
When Hamil was transferring all that cash out of Union Bank of Switzerland (in so
many of these frauds I was involved with or familiar with or marketed or whatever)
Union Bank of Switzerland was invariably the butt end of the fraud.
In other words, it was the last place a fraud was hypothecated. It was where the final
cash would be extracted.
You can pretty well see that the government of the United States admits that in its
famous Lake Resources civil suit against Richard Secord, which was filed in 1991.
The government makes the admission, that during this 1983 to 1986 time frame, that it
had funded a variety of frauds on behalf of Richard Secord, and that Richard Secord
was its authorized agent.
In fact, they admitted that the CIA had had a longstanding relationship with the
Union Bank of Switzerland and that many powerful Republican interests also had a
longstanding relationship with the Union Bank of Switzerland.
The problem was that UBS was always supposed to be made whole in the end. As I

attempted to describe these frauds before, the last agent had to be made whole.
The last big agent in this case was UBS.
Unfortunately, Richard Hamil and Richard Secord did not make UBS whole — all that
money that Hamil transported in physical cash they laundered through Zurich.
Hamil would board a plane. He would fly to Curaçao. The money would get
deposited at Banque Z in Curaçao, and then the money would be re-transferred to a
Banque Paribas branch in Belize City.
People tried to trace that down before and they found out there isn’t any branch there.
Well, yes there is. It’s not incorporated in Belize, however. It’s an offshore branch of
Banque Paribas Panama Branch.
This was the ultimate deep repository for Secord and Hamil, where the money
ultimately got skimmed off, which ultimately accumulated to about sixteen and twothird
million dollars, as I later identified in a whistleblower complaint to the
government and to the Treasury Department.
The Treasury Department duly informed me that they had found about sixteen and
two-third million dollars in the account.
I had known in 1985 the account had contained about eight million dollars. And I
didn’t know what transactions had been committed after that time, or how much that
account was ultimately worth.
I would add a personal note here. This was another whistleblower complaint that I
got screwed out of.
I had been promised and I still have the letter, as a matter of fact, from the Treasury
Department’s FARCO (Foreign Asset Recovery Control Office) then under Rich
Newcomb that I would receive a $623,000 finders fee for the identification of that
account, which the United States government subsequently froze.
However, I was then informed that under that 1986 Administrative Whistleblower
Act, that there were pre-existing claims or pre-existing information, which of course the
Treasury Department doesn’t have to tell you what they are or anything.
I have complained bitterly before about the holes in that Whistleblower Act that you
could drive a truck through.
I’ve never known anyone who’s identified a surreptitious account that’s ever received
a finder’s fee that they’re supposedly entitled to by the law.
The Tri-Lateral Investment Group, Ltd. is also one of the deals (one of the very few
deals, perhaps only a few dozen deals in that era by this group of guys) that you could
connect Jeb, Neil, George, Jr., Prescott, and Wally Bush.
All five — you can put in the Tri-Lateral Investment Group, Ltd.

You can put Neil in it vis-a-vis Tri-Lateral’s dealings with Neil’s Gulf Stream Realty.
Then you back up a step and put Neil Bush into Tri-Lateral Investment Group’s
dealings with the Winn Financial Group of Denver run by the infamous former
Ambassador to Switzerland, Phillip Winn.
You can put George, Jr. in the deal vis-a-vis the Tri-Lateral Group Ltd.’s fraudulent
relationship with American Insurance General (AIG) , of which George, Jr. was a part
through the same series of fraudulent fidelity guarantee instruments issued on behalf
of Harken Energy from American Insurance General. Tri-Lateral Investment Group
then sold bogus oil and gas leases to AIG.
This is a direct fraud that George, Jr. profited to the extent of (not a lot) $1.6 or $1.7
million. But it was a clear out-and-out fraud.
Finally, I want to make note of the Tri-Lateral Investment Group because I think it’s
worth noting that it was allegations of receiving illicit campaign donations from the
Tri-Lateral Investment Group which ultimately led to the defeat of Republican Senator
Paula Hawkins in 1986.
Tri-Lateral Investment Group (in terms of gold bullion fraud, another old right-wing
favorite for the generation of illegal, covert revenue streams) was also involved in that
20,000 ounce transaction that Larry Hamil and Richard Secord did.
I use Larry and Richard Hamil interchangeably but the man’s real name is Lawrence
Richard Hamil. In various public documents and in congressional testimony, he is often
referred to as either Larry Hamil or Richard Hamil.
Anyway, Hamil had in conjunction with Richard Secord (using a letter of
recommendation from Jeb Bush) borrowed money from Citibank to buy 20,000 ounces
of gold bullion from Deak Perrera in New York.
The said bullion was then transferred to the Royal Trust Bank of Canada, actually its
branch in Nassau, the Bahamas.
The bank then issued a bonded warehouse receipt, as it is entitled to do. The Nassau
branch of the Royal Trust Bank of Canada is authorized to issue bonded warehouse
receipts. The said bonded warehouse receipts — at the price of gold at that time was
perhaps $7 million worth of bullion.
The said bonded warehouse receipts are then rehypothecated back here in the United
States through a variety of Iran-Contra friendly institutions.
Ultimately, Hamil and Secord hypothecate the same 20,000 ounces of bullion thirteen
times. At thirteen different lending institutions. This is one of the oldest tricks in the
book. The gold bullion trick.
I mean this was Jack Terrell’s original scheme. This was a scheme that had been used

in the 1970s by the CIA.
Before we go further in this, it should be mentioned that not all of Hamil’s dealings
were with Republicans.
How Hamil got involved in Arkansas (this has been another question that people
have always wanted to know) wasn’t just through the Trinity Oil and Gas deal.
It also wasn’t simply through fraudulent securities transactions with Stephens
Investment Group.
And it was not simply through bogus banking transactions at Twin Cities Bank of
North Little Rock, Arkansas.
In fact, Hamil acted as a Republican bag man in Arkansas. He used to transport
money for the Agency for operations in Mena. He would transport a large amount of
physical cash in a briefcase.
One of the things that Larry was often used for was a courier of cash.
That’s how Larry becomes so involved and so intimately knowledgeable about Buddy
Young because he meets Buddy Young.
He and Buddy and Barry got into Trinity Oil. They then, in turn, got Danny Lasater,
and Patsy and Harry Thomasson into transactions.
Larry set up more bogus corporations in Arkansas, of course, through the Rose Law
Firm — and Hubbell acts as general counsel.
As a matter of fact, Hillary Clinton, herself, was the counsel on several of these bogus
corporations, including the sinister Trinity Oil and Gas deal.
Bruce Lindsay, then deputy to Governor Clinton, and Betsey Wright, then the
Governor’s personal secretary, knew precisely what Hamil was doing in Arkansas.
They also knew his itinerary — who he was meeting and the amounts of money that
were involved.
It was obvious that they were being briefed on Oliver North’s Guns For Drugs
operations in Arkansas. And it also became subsequently revealed through further
conversations that Attorney General Winston Bryant was also familiar with this.
As a matter of fact, when Bill Duncan was with the Attorney General’s office, it was
Bill who leaked the word out to Col. Tommy Goodwin, the Commander of the
Arkansas State Police.
Goodwin gets on the phone to Governor Clinton. He’s all pissed off because he is not
being kept informed of all the CIA narcotics and weapons transactions in the state.
Clinton says he’s well-advised of it, and that it’s an authorized operation of the US
And that was a key problem — that conversation.
By the way, Goodwin had an internal taping system. He taped all of his calls. That

tape was one of the three tapes out of the infamous series of forty, during the FBI
sponsored break-in of Goodwin’s office.
It was when Asa Hutchinson, then US Attorney in Little Rock, Republican, ordered
the Arkansas State Police Commander’s office be broken into, and three tapes were
stolen out of the forty tapes that he had regarding this matter.
One of the tapes taken was that conversation.
Tommy Goodwin went out and tried to tell people about it.
And subsequently he suffered a heart attack.
In September 1985, Hamil’s original bill of indictment was about a foot thick in terms
of documentation. He was indicted on a variety of counts — mail fraud, wire fraud
The indictment was reamended, reamended, and reamended until finally a foot thick
stack of documents, as filed in September 1985, wound up being a one-inch thick stack
of documents by 1986.
Hamil, ultimately, pled guilty. He was sentenced to forty-five years or something.
And then began the great Hamil odyssey of being in and out of jail all the time, which
persists to this day.
I would estimate that the man has probably spent (I would guess) six of the last
thirteen years actually incarcerated in this continuous in-out, in-out, in-out.
First he’s in jail someplace. Then he’s in another jail and another jail. He was
transferred thirty-two times in six months between penal institutions — always under
assumed names. Or he wasn’t there. Or there was no record of it.
But this continues to this day. For instance, one day Hamil would be in the Desoto
Correctional Facility in Florida, or the Hudson Correctional Facility.
Two days later, he’d be seen in Zurich, Switzerland. Or he’d be seen in New York, or
Washington in the company of “Department of Defense officials.”
Then a week later he’d be in some other penal institution.
This yo-yo persists to this day. This is the ultimate conundrum about Hamil. I can
understand why people would want to protect him because of what he knows.
But in that case, it would be more logical, simply to eliminate him. I mean, that
would be the obvious step.
As discussed before, on December 20, 1985, Oliver North simply wanted to liquidate
him. That would have been the obvious, quick and easy solution.
There’s got to be something that keeps this guy alive, and I frankly don’t know what
it is. Maybe it’s because he’s created documents. That’s a possibility.
I know North was never able to get the documents he wanted to recover from Hamil.

That is a possibility. But someone protects this guy from on high.
His protection comes from more than the Department of Defense, and it is somebody
very high who acts to protect this guy — even in this recent subpoena that Hamil
received from the House Judiciary Committee.

12. US Govt. Drug Smuggling, Illicit Weapons Sales and Wholesale Fraud
So far, I have tried to describe a compendium of Iran-Contra activities. These have
been commonly divided as 1) Narcotics, 2) Weapons, and 3) Money.
Money refers to fraud.
Narcotics refers to illicit narcotics transactions directed by certain U.S. Government
Weapons refer to the illicit sales of weapons which the US Government wanted to
transfer, even though these transfers were clearly in violation of the law at that time.
We will also explore in greater detail all three areas of Iran-Contra, producing, a
compendium of Bush Family Fraud, vis-a-vis illicit Iran-Contra profiteering.
The Bush family has been heavily involved, especially George, Sr., George, Jr., Jeb,
Neil, George’s brother Prescott, and Prescott’s son, Walter.
We will also explore in detail the infamous M&L Industries fraud, involving Robert
Josephs of Denver, as well as the Bush family’s role in that fraud and their profit.
Other Bush Family Frauds include the so-called Lone Star Cement Fraud, involving
Lone Star Industries of Texas, the Loral Defense Corporation Fraud, the E Systems
Corporation Fraud, the Marriott Missile Diversion Fraud, the Sooner Defense Missile

Diversion Fraud, and a whole host of other diversions, frauds, stock swindles,
including Zapata, Apache, Tidewater, and Harken Corporations.
We will also attempt to produce a complete compendium of Bush Family Fraud, visa-
vis Iran-Contra, and to add up the numbers — what this fraud has actually cost the
American taxpayers, in terms of failed financial institutions and in terms of monies that
came from the public purse to bail out these banking, securities, and insurance
Rest assured, the numbers are in the billions.
We will limit discussion of fraud to Iran-Contra related fraud with respect to the
Bush family. Some of these banking corporations involved include Kingsdale Bank,
Beach Federal Savings and Loan, the Worthen Banking Group, and the Stephens
Investment Corporation.
Also there was fraud specifically targeted to help certain Democrats within Arkansas,
then-Governor Bill Clinton and the Tyson Chicken Diversion Fraud, which is much
larger commonly believed and the Arkansas Bestway Trucking Kickback Diversion
Some of the corporate entities, by the way, are publicly listed companies, which have
since changed their names.
Arkansas Bestway Freight is now known as AmeriFreight. But you will clearly see
how then-Governor Clinton profited from a diversion of fees being paid Arkansas
Bestway Trucking to crate weapons from Ft. Campbell, Kentucky into Mena, Arkansas.
These weapons were then being flown south, and conversely narcotics were flown the
other way — Oliver North’s much renowned Guns For Drugs Program.
The complete Arkansas Democratic Party infrastructure at that time was well aware
through its knowledge and involvement in the chain of command of Iran-Contra
activities in the State of Arkansas.
There will be so much attention paid to Clinton minions, such as Betsey Wright, Bruce
Lindsay, Winston Bryan, and Col. Thomas Goodwin, then commander of the Arkansas
State Police.
We will also juxtapose the involvement (in terms of a conspiracy to suppress
knowledge of this) of certain Republicans in the state, such as the then renowned Little
Rock U.S. Attorney, Asa Hutchinson, who now sits on the House Judiciary Committee,
and who with its Chairman, Henry Hyde, has attempted to block every effort to
reinvestigate these matters again.
We will also show the consequences that key members of Congress who have acted
to initiate investigations have suffered — Sen. Kerry, Congressman Hughes,

Congressman Alexander and others. We will show what happened to their political
careers and what happened to them financially, and how they were pressured to not
look at certain Iran-Contra matters in their investigations.
We will also look at the political and personal fortunes of certain members of
Congress who acted to block Iran-Contra investigations– and how their fortunes rose
because of it.
In terms of sanctioned Iran-Contra narcotics operations, we will zero in on Arkansas
and narcotics operations in Arizona, Oregon, and New Orleans, Louisiana.
We will look at the diversion of narcotics trafficking from the Southeast Corridor to
the Northeast Corridor since I have substantial information about this. We will also
piece this together so the reader can understand the entire route these narcotics took as
well as who was involved and the extent of U.S. Government involvement in both the
air and sea routes.
We will also discuss in greater detail the Haitian sea corridors for transporting
cocaine and we will see the huge amount of monies involved — who profited by it and
who still has much to lose by exposing the information today.
We will also explore what happened to many key witnesses due to be called before
Congressional committees and the clouded circumstances under which they died.
In some cases, they died just a few days before they were to testify, or were to submit
for depositions, or had intended to submit affidavits, or be questioned for
interrogatories, etc.
I think a very complete picture can be drawn about the 400 people, mostly American
citizens, who died because of what they knew and not because of what they may have
It is also my intent to look at examples of the 1,200 American citizens currently
incarcerated in federal institutions serving long-term sentences related to Iran-Contra
narcotics activity, as well as fraud and weapons activity.
We will see exactly why they are incarcerated. What happened to them. The unusual
circumstances at their trials, The invocation of “National Security” surrounding their
And we will also look at the so-called “A Team,” a set of people, including Jack
Devoe, Tony Fernandez, and other narcotics traffickers who were operating with the
direct sanction of the US Government.
We’ll see how well they were treated. Certain individuals faced two hundred year
Then the Iran Contra Crime Era (1983-1986) moved into the Iran Contra Crime

Coverup Era (1987-1993) and I think this is equally important.
The acts committed by government to cover up these matters were equally egregious,
if not more so.
Certainly this is the period when the bulk of the people died, when the bulk of
documents were shredded, etc.
I think it is certainly important to later shift focus from the perpetration of the acts
into the mechanics of how they were covered up
For the reader, it’s important to be able to draw the conclusion that is mine — that the
conspiracy to cover up these activities was as great as the conspiracy to perpetrate
Also the story of BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) is important to
see how large a role it played in both Iran-Contra and Iraqgate activities.
This was money laundering and fraud of unimaginable proportion. It has been
commonly presumed that BCCI’s central involvement came in Iraqgate. That is
completely untrue.
BCCI was formed in 1978. From the time of Burt Lance, it had substantial Iran-Contra
BCCI is also a good example to show Democratic Party involvement in Iran-Contra
and how certain individuals in the Democratic Party profited.
There will also be an overview of what is commonly known as Iraqgate — who
profited, where the money went, what it was all about, and the separate conspiracy that
was orchestrated by the US government and other governments to cover it up.
Iraqgate involved a wider conspiracy to cover up than Iran-Contra originally did — in
terms of international involvement. We will see the British and German governments’
involvement in an effort to protect themselves and cover their own political liability.
We will further illustrate the so-called Capitol Hill Control Files that existed (1983 to
1986), wherein certain parties around the Reagan and Bush Administration, including
Richard Secord, Bill Casey, Bobby Gates, and a host of others, acted to pressure certain
members of Congress who were considered hostile.
Hostile meant that they might institute some action to investigate matters relating to
Iran-Contra. Over 42 members of the House and Senate were controlled financially and
I’ll also go into my personal file on whistleblowers in government and those not in
government, with salient highlights such as Peter Viednicks of Customs, and Brad
Ayers of DEA, and what happened to them and others when they attempted to blow
the whistle on Iran-Contra drug trafficking activity.


Coverup Era (1987-1993) and I think this is equally important.
The acts committed by government to cover up these matters were equally egregious,
if not more so.
Certainly this is the period when the bulk of the people died, when the bulk of
documents were shredded, etc.
I think it is certainly important to later shift focus from the perpetration of the acts
into the mechanics of how they were covered up
For the reader, it’s important to be able to draw the conclusion that is mine — that the
conspiracy to cover up these activities was as great as the conspiracy to perpetrate
Also the story of BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) is important to
see how large a role it played in both Iran-Contra and Iraqgate activities.
This was money laundering and fraud of unimaginable proportion. It has been
commonly presumed that BCCI’s central involvement came in Iraqgate. That is
completely untrue.
BCCI was formed in 1978. From the time of Burt Lance, it had substantial Iran-Contra
BCCI is also a good example to show Democratic Party involvement in Iran-Contra
and how certain individuals in the Democratic Party profited.
There will also be an overview of what is commonly known as Iraqgate — who
profited, where the money went, what it was all about, and the separate conspiracy that
was orchestrated by the US government and other governments to cover it up.
Iraqgate involved a wider conspiracy to cover up than Iran-Contra originally did — in
terms of international involvement. We will see the British and German governments’
involvement in an effort to protect themselves and cover their own political liability.
We will further illustrate the so-called Capitol Hill Control Files that existed (1983 to
1986), wherein certain parties around the Reagan and Bush Administration, including
Richard Secord, Bill Casey, Bobby Gates, and a host of others, acted to pressure certain
members of Congress who were considered hostile.
Hostile meant that they might institute some action to investigate matters relating to
Iran-Contra. Over 42 members of the House and Senate were controlled financially and
I’ll also go into my personal file on whistleblowers in government and those not in
government, with salient highlights such as Peter Viednicks of Customs, and Brad
Ayers of DEA, and what happened to them and others when they attempted to blow
the whistle on Iran-Contra drug trafficking activity.

How whistleblowers’ lives were absolutely destroyed by the Government. How every
subterfuge was employed to discredit them, disgrace them, ruin them, and bankrupt
It’s a pretty sordid tale, I think, and it should be told.
The Viednicks case is particularly egregious. The man’s immediate superior was the
infamous, sinister and dreaded George Weiss, who would eventually rise to become
Customs Commissioner of the United States.
He participated in incriminating, inculpating, and doing everything possible to
destroy his own subordinate.
His reward? He steadily advanced from local to regional Customs Commissioner and
ultimately to Customs Commissioner of the United States. Then he was ultimately
forced out by his own past, in that series of articles in the Washington Times, in which I
had a hand.
I thought it was important for the sake of justice to see that Weiss was forced out.
And he was.
We will illustrate several examples of how government whistleblowers were
discredited, intimidated, pressured, harassed, suborned by their own superiors, and
what the superiors’ reward was.
There’s a direct correlation that can be drawn.
As we have spoken before, the genesis of so much of today’s mischief making in
Washington is grounded in what has been termed Iran-Contra.
In fact, continuing conspiracy and continuing coverup has its genesis in Iran-Contra
Regarding the 1992 election, we will show the secret deal that Perot was essentially
was forced to make in June of 1992, and we will discuss the infamous document
shredding in the final days of the Bush Administration.
And then we will proceed to 1993-94, the actions that the Clinton Administration took
to cover up its own Iran-Contra exposure, and to continue to discredit people, and the
files that they inherited, the Control Files they inherited from the Bush minions.
This was the reason why the Clinton Administration held over an unusually high —
over 1,100 — number of Bush people in key positions within the Executive offices and
Federal agencies.
We will see that Clinton did nothing to extradite 17 senior members of government
who are wanted in various foreign countries for violating their laws regarding Iran-
Contra activities.
We shall also explore in detail the continuation of the Bush political kidnapping

policy which continues to exist to this day, despite Clinton denials to the contrary.
Next, we will look at the 1996 Democratic Campaign Conspiracy, money laundering,
illicit contributions from foreign governments, and the so-called Chinese Connection
will be fully detailed.
As I mentioned before, these Chinese, Indonesian, and Southeast Asian connections
are essentially nothing more than old Republican connections brought forward into a
Democratic Administration for the purposes of extracting money.
But the protocols and understandings and the transfer of technologies remain
effectively unchanged underneath the surface.
We’ll also make a complete review of all the people that I was involved with. We’ll
focus on, perhaps, the top fifty or sixty — where they are now, and what has happened
to them.
It will be a clear illustration that those who talked did not fare very well. Those who
participated in the original acts, and those who participated in the ensuing conspiracy
to cover them up, how wealthy they have grown. And how comfortable they are now.
We will also touch upon the secret arrangements between the Soviet government as it
was collapsing and the American government, the dissemination of information from
the KGB and the Eastern European Intelligence files to the United States.
We will discuss the transfer of people, senior KGB officers, who now live comfortably
in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.
Whether this information is delivered in book form, or in articles, or in terms of a
motion picture, my principal motivation in completing this project is the hope that it
can be used to exact some measure of justice.

13. U.S. Government Sanctioned Drug Trafficking
We shall explore in greater detail U.S. Government involvement in Iran-Contra
narcotics trafficking.
Since 1985, a good researcher can now find evidence in many forms — in criminal
lawsuits, depositions, affidavits, as well as testimony before various congressional
investigative committees. There were even admissions in newspaper articles recently
in the London Times.
In fact, there is now a substantial body of admission by the United States government
that it “acquiesced” to certain narcotics trafficking during the Iran-Contra period from
1983 to 1986.
However, when the government states “acquiesced,” I would maintain that this
“acquiescence” is tantamount to actual authorization.
The term “acquiescence” would imply that the government simply turned a blind
eye. But when one looks behind that word and what the government’s actions were, as
well as what is already known as a matter of public record, these are not acts of
They are much more proactive, and they are tantamount to a conspiracy by the

United States Government to traffic in narcotics during for the purpose of generating
ongoing covert revenue streams.
US Government sponsored criminal activities include 1) the appointment of CIA and
FBI personnel to have direct contact with narcotics traffickers, 2) the manipulation of
U.S. Customs to ensure certain aircraft and ships were not inspected, and 3) the
maintenance of secured shipping routes and narcotics storage facilities by the United
States military.

But it could change (and what I’m hoping to do in writing this book), it the way
people look at these Iran-Contra figures to ensure they never rise again politically
speaking, which is my real goal
In a final summary, we shall continue to discuss Iran-Contra/CIA narcotics
trafficking, the government principals involved, the private principals involved, and
the airlines involved.
We will discuss the air and shipping routes in greater detail.
We will also discuss Oliver North’s Guns-For-Drugs Operations out of Mena. And
we will discuss Mena operations where political liability crosses party lines. Politically
that becomes a different ball of wax for Clinton and his minions.
But that’s where we’re headed.
14. The Chinese Connection: US Weapons and High-Tech Graft
The final report of the Congressional Select Committee, chaired by Christopher Cox
of California, has been released.
His co-chairman, Nelson Dix of Washington, is a Democrat but essentially controlled
by Republican interests, who’s very close to the defense industry within the State of
They have released this report, wherein they mention that illicit transfers of high
technology American weapons in exchange for political money have been going on for
over twenty years.
Of course, they just mention it as a matter of state policy.
In their draft report, they mention only two defense contractors — Loral and Hughes
Electronics. The only reason these two were mentioned is because they have already
been previously exposed vis-a-vis the illicit transfer of high technology weapons to

However, no mention was made of political money in exchange for Department of
Commerce permits allowing these defense contractors to export weapons and
Furthermore, no other defense contractors were mentioned in the draft report of the
Select Committee.
This report will now go over to the Defense Intelligence Oversight Committee, which
is investigating criminal matters vis-a-vis this very same subject pursuant to subpoenas
said committee issued to high-ranking military personnel in and around the Redstone
Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.
What the Select Committee has claimed in their findings is that the relationship vis-avis
technology transfers of weapons has existed for approximately twenty years.
That is approximately correct, by the way.
They also mention the importance of Pakistan and Israel and a few other nations in
this trade. However, they fail to tackle the subject from the very beginning.
So for the purposes of this discussion, we will have to consistently digress so that the
reader can understand the geopolitics of the relationship between the United States and
the People’s Republic of China, particularly from 1977 to 1979, when these illicit
technology transfers began to occur.
What the report fails to include is the original importance of Pakistan as a surrogate
arms merchant for the United States in the beginning of this period, 1978.
We must now remember the time frame and what was happening at that time, what
the United States geopolitical and geomilitary policy was at that time vis-a-vis both the
Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China.
You may remember that in 1977, President Carter delinked the United States from
Taiwan by withdrawing diplomatic relationship with Taiwan, ostensibly to seek an
increased trade relationship with the China.
At the same time he extended, in a confidential protocol, certain military guarantees
to Taiwan.
This was walking a fine line, and President Carter knew that it was an immensely
unpopular decision, particularly within conservative quarters where Taiwan had been
considered a traditional ally of the United States.
This had particularly been true in Republican administrations of the past.
At the time Prime Minister Ali Bhutto of Pakistan, whom the United States had
initially supported, began to waver vis-a-vis the protocols he had established with
Washington in exchange for both economic and military aid.

In late 1977, Bhutto began a rapprochment with India and a rapprochment with the
Soviet Union taking the traditional Pakistani policy, a regional economic, political
economic, and military policy, in absolutely the opposite direction of what it had
traditionally been.
In other words, Pakistan had been a de facto political, economic and military vassal
state of the United States, which it was then and it still is today.
Ali Bhutto, in doing this perhaps failed to appreciate the power of the CIA in Pakistan
at the time — and continuing to this day.
The CIA has substantial assets in Pakistan. At that time, in late 1977 and early 1978,
the CIA was very influential and very closely aligned with the Pakistani military.
As Ali Bhutto increasingly began to ignore the wishes of the United States, vis-a-vis
U.S. theater policies in the Indian sub-continent, the CIA quietly started to encourage
the Pakistani military, then under the command of Chief of Staff, General Zia el Haq to
institute a coup d’etat against the Ali Bhutto administration. It would be a coup d’etat
that the United States would secretly support.
As history recounts, the coup d’etat was undertaken.
When Zia el Haq came to power, one of his first official acts at the covert urging of
the United States, was to put Ali Bhutto on trial for treason.
Ali Bhutto is history now, as he was promptly hung.
His daughter Benazir, who was politically popular in Pakistan at the time was exiled
to England.
It should be noted that the CIA has used England in the past as a political dumping
ground for those it has wished to see exiled.
Zia was ensconced in power, and his power not consolidated by the spring of 1978, he
proceeded to do his masters’ bidding in Washington, and immediately reversed Ali
Bhutto’s rapprochment policies.
He immediately stopped the warming of Pakistani relationships towards India and
the Soviet Union.
He immediately reinstituted a very hard line, both politically and militarily, against
India and the Soviet Union, and immediately began to thaw out the previously close
relationship between Pakistan and China.
One of the points of putting General Zia in power was to restore the balance of power
in the Indian sub-continent vis-a-vis United States and China geopolitical policy.
Since Zia was a right-wing dictator, he would reinstall a pro-western, (secular in
name only) democracy, which is essentially what he did in Pakistan at that time.
He contained Muslim fundamentalism by force of arms.

He readopted an extremely close relationship with the United States for public
consumption, but the real underlying truth was that Pakistan was a de facto vassal of
the United States in every way possible. It could not survive without United States

Filtering Iran-Contra into this equation for a moment — who was the principal
conduit between the US, South Africa and Israel regarding weapons transfers to Iran
and Iraq in 1985-1986?
It was the infamous Michael Harari, a senior Mossad agent who operated closely with
Manuel Noriega.
Bringing this through the 1980s — the policy towards arming China began to change
in 1986, when relationships between the United States and the Soviet Union began to
thaw to some degree. They continued to thaw in the years thereafter.
Some of my fellow cohorts knew, for instance, in discussions I had with Elliot
Abrams in 1986 (he was the Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs)
what the bigger picture was.
The Republicans within the Reagan-Bush regime knew as early as 1986 that there was
a potential scandal brewing, if the extent of indirect weapon transfers to the People’s
Republic of China in exchange for Chinese money ever came out.
This became an increasing detriment due to the shift in global strategic policy from a
hardline towards the beginning of a thaw between the U.S. and the Evil Empire.
So, by this time (1986 to 1987), the Chinese began to be regarded as a destabilizing
force geopolitically, whereas before they had been considered a stabilizing force.
The Soviet Union had not been particularly concerned about our weapons transfers to
China for twenty years (from 1966 to 1986) insofar as Chinese strategic nuclear
weapons had all been concentrated around the facilities where China produced nuclear
weapons, namely Lop Nor.
By 1986, however, Chinese strategic assets had been well-dispersed throughout the
country in mobile launchers and in silos, much to our chagrin.
We also became increasingly aware that the bulk of Chinese strategic forces was in
fact aimed at the United States, not at the Soviet Union, as had been commonly
presumed earlier — and as the Chinese had informed us earlier.
Therefore, there was a period from 1986 to 1990 where weapons technology transfers
and sales to China via intermediaries were temporarily scaled down, just as the Soviet
Union began to convert from a communist country to a capitalist country.
However, when it became apparent in 1990 that the Soviet Union was effectively
unraveling, we returned to the situation that we were in previously. This time it was
for a different reason — that Russia was now a destabilizing factor because of its own
internal political chaos.
Therefore, a renewed effort with China to bolster Chinese technology and to bolster
the production of strategic systems in China was looked at as a restabilizing influence

against Soviet internal instability instead of external adventurism, as it had been ten
years prior.
In 1991-1992, at the very end of the Bush administration, technology and weapons
transfer to China was ramped up again, which served Mr. Bush well in terms of the
amount of Chinese money that came into his 1992 presidential campaign.
However, this is not to say that the Chinese didn’t hedge their bets.
They had traditionally given money to both parties for years through a variety of
artifices. Before 1992, the bulk of political campaign contributions had always been
given to Republicans.
In 1992, even the Chinese sensed there was a shift coming. They made sure, for the
very first time, that the Democratic National Committee started to get six-figure
Chinese political money.
Fast forwarding to today, that amount of money has increased. The policy of covertly
arming China has really not changed.
As Larry Klayman at Judicial Watch is correct in pointing out, we are “Japanning”
And I wonder how many Americans really understand what that means. What he’s
saying is that by allowing China, ostensibly a hostile nation, to have “most favored
nation” status with the United States regarding trade policies, we are allowing China to
exercise a $3 to $4 billion a month trade deficit with the United States.
Most of this trade deficit is then used to purchase weapons, which are used to build
strategic thermonuclear weapon systems pointed at the United States.
The long and short of it is that the American citizen acting in his capacity as both a
taxpayer and a citizen is essentially arming China to point weapons at the United
And that is the real nub and the real sizzle of the scandal.
Klayman knows it. And you can tell by the way Klayman talks on the political talk
shows, he tries to grind in the “Japanizing” of the connection, since we allowed Japan
to run trade deficits with the United States for years in order to purchase US goods,
principally weapons.
You can imagine that Klayman says this is the biggest potential scandal of the century
— a covert policy that has existed for over twenty years. This cannot be disguised or
colored for geopolitical or geomilitary purposes because in the public’s mind, it is so
much about money.
Even in the politician’s mind, it is now really a relationship about money. There are
no longer any geomilitary or geopolitical concerns.

This budding scandal, which is now starting to be investigated by the Department of
Justice, as I have said, is the next big scandal.
For twenty years, this policy has existed.
There have been millions and millions that have come into both political parties’
national committees in exchange for weapons going out the back door.
These are weapons that the American people, both as taxpayers and consumers, have
financed to have pointed at themselves.
You can imagine that this is one hell of a scandal if it gets packaged up the right way,
which is exactly what Klayman is attempting to do.
We’ve discussed the previous geopolitical, economic and military implications of this
policy. Why this policy was framed to begin with and why it continues to this day.
What we have not discussed is the money coming through a variety of Chinese
agents. The crossover — which is going to become of greater interest I think in the next
six months — the crossover between the Republican and the Democrats vis-a-vis
surreptitious Chinese political money coming into the national committees of both
coffers has been worked consistently over twenty years by the same intermediaries.
That is what has already been publicly revealed about Charlie Trie and John Huang,
for instance, and the 147 other Chinese that commonly mentioned in the media as being
“The Gang of 147 “ identified by Congress.
The banks, which are the root of the money, start from the Bank of China and filter
out through the Hong Kong branch of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank owned by
Great West Life of Englewood, Colorado Leonard Millman’s Company, the
Industrial Bank of Indonesia, and the Riady family.
The notion of Clinton’s closeness to the Riady — this isn’t new. None of this is new.
The Riady family was also very close to the Bush people. It’s just that when the money
for Republicans left the Industrial Bank of Indonesia, it simply took different routes.
It is Chinese money (and this is little known) that principally caused the formation of
the Nugan Hand Bank.
When that fell apart and became exposed and some people in Australia died to make
sure it stayed covered up, there was simply a new artifice created for Democrats.
Money from the Riady group was coming directly into Arkansas banks, principally
through the Stephens Investment Group and B.C.C.I. Bank.
It was simply a different artifice when the money went from the Orient to the United States.
When it got to the Democrats, it was simply a different set of banks and a different set
of brokerage firms. In Republican times, the money had often been filtered through
Merrill Lynch. Now it’s filtered through Stephens Investment Group and other smaller
brokerage firms close to Clinton or other Democrats.

What has come to light recently is the Democrat side of the equation. This includes
the connection of Ron Brown, the DNC, Chinese weapons and licensing by the
Commerce Department for export of armaments and high-technology weapons, which
were winding up in China being mislabeled and so forth.
You start to understand the role of Ron Brown in all of this. Also you start to
understand why he had to go.
He suddenly died at the very same time that the FBI received conclusive information
that John Huang and Charlie Trie and a few others were not only just Chinese
businessmen, but were in fact reserve officers (not just in the PSB) but of the MSS, the
Chinese Ministry of State Security.
If this were to become publicly known (the FBI already knows it and has leaked some
of this information to Burton’s committee, but not the proof to back it up), FBI Director
Freeh has recognized the political implication.
This would constitute treasonable conduct by the Clinton administration. The notion
of treason has been put forth by Klayman, Charlie Smith and others. There’s enough
that’s been leaked out publicly that you can start to connect the dots of why they’re
using the word “treason.”
Chinese money is coming in from Chinese brokers. Some of these Chinese brokers are
not only closely connected to the government in China, but in fact they’re Chinese
intelligence officers.
The Department of Commerce (under Ron Brown and continuing to this day) is
allowing false bills of lading for exports of forbidden weapons that it knows are going
to wind up in China.
Ron Brown had already begun to leak some of this publicly before he died.
I imagine it’s one of the reasons he did die.
Chinese weapons merchants, who are also Chinese intelligence agents, are being
allowed such access to the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.
Many of the Chinese arms merchants and Chinese people identified as having been at
weapons auctions at Redstone, or having been at certain military parties with two- and
three-star generals are also the very same people who are on this List of 147.
Perhaps it becomes more obvious why the Klaymans of this world are invoking the
word “treason” because if this is all put out the right way, and the dots are all drawn
in, it does represent treasonable conduct by the Clinton administration.
It also represents treasonable conduct by the Bush administration. I imagine that’s
why certain Republicans aren’t all that enthralled about investigating it.
Look at the Republicans who are the most reticent in supporting a new and expanded

probe into Chinese money for Chinese weapons. They are the very same Republicans
of the old Bush group who were very close to the defense industry before and continue
to derive much money from the defense industry.
It struck me with some humor that the members of the Congressional Select
Committee investigating this includes the second most senior Republican member. It’s
none other than Congressman Porter Goss who has the distinction of having received
more defense money from Loral and Hughes Electronics than anyone else.
So if anyone is looking for any astounding revelations from the select committee, or
even the Defense Intelligence Oversight Committee which is also loaded with
Republicans close to the defense industry, I wouldn’t bet on it.
There’s an ancillary point to this which is the Chinese hedging their bets.
In a separate probe, there was a gentleman who was revealed to be acting as an
intermediary, laundering Chinese government money to both recent Bush
gubernatorial campaigns — both in Florida and Texas.
It was also discovered how that money was being used by their campaigns, and then
getting laundered back to Republican National Committee, principally through
members of GOPAC.
It is exactly the same Chinese money route that existed in the 1980s. Nothing’s
The way the Democrats are getting the money is almost exactly the way the
Republicans have always gotten it. It just involves a different series of banks, once the
money leaves the Orient and gets to the United States.
But more and more of this is going to come out, and more and more of it is going to
be provable because there was never a large effort to cover it up.
It has only been in recent months that the Clinton administration has begun to
scramble with it. You can tell this is getting closer to home and Republicans are
becoming increasingly concerned about previous liability.
Why else would it be that Israeli, South African, and Brazilian so-called “Agriculture
Trade Delegations” have all shown up at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama?
The United States military institution has nothing to do with agriculture
It’s the same old connection. It’s really the South African-Brazilian connection and
that’s a separate issue.
You may remember some of the comments in the media and the little scandal that
had been created by the revelations of George Sr., and George Jr., and Jeb and Neil’s
connections with a certain Brazilian named Amaro Pintos Ramos who was heavily in
the Brazilian nuclear program and how nuclear materials left Brazil and went

That’s a whole different sub-connection.
However, the only reason I happened to mention it is because of all these South
Americans that showed up in these trade delegations.
Simply look who the people were from the past. It isn’t hard to understand what the
probable text of discussions were. This was called a “cover your ass” meeting which
involved Israeli, South African and some South Americans, as well as some senior
military officers, mostly two- and three-star generals who got their initial appointments
(their initial stars) in the Reagan-Bush administration.
What’s going on in Huntsville now is essentially a Republican effort to cover your ass
at the source.
An interesting little double feature of this on the Republican side is how they’re
making money three ways to Sunday on this thing.
In 1991, the first people who set up export companies in the Soviet Union were all
part of the Old Bush Gang.
Frank Carlucci and Dick Armitage set up an export company, Blackstone Investment
Group, operating ostensibly for the CIA to purchase potentially wayward nuclear
materials out of the Soviet Union. This also involves some technology people aren’t
aware of.
The stuff was getting repackaged and then surreptitiously sold back to China.
In other words, how can you can sell the same nuclear components and technologies
five different times in ten years and keep selling them to the same parties back and
It’s incredible. But, as I’ve said before, you could write a separate book on this.
Certainly, that’s what Larry Klayman and Charlie Smith will ultimately do . He and
Smith will collaborate with a few others, and you’ll see a book attempting to expose all
this as much as they can.
Unfortunately, they probably don’t know half of what I know, but they’ll try.
Anyway, I think I’ll end it here because otherwise if I start getting into the banks, it’s
just endless — following this Chinese money around. And then how it gets looped into
deals in the United States and looped into transactions that are so far removed, you
would never believe that they originally extended from Chinese money.
They get guaranteed from all sorts of esoteric little agencies that don’t have anything
to do with the Department of Defense.
It is almost laughable.

16. Chinese Money for US Weapons
There is certainly nothing new about the concept of Chinese money coming from The
People’s Republic of China (PRC) and flowing into Republican coffers in exchange for
1) political favors, 2) a continuation of Most Favored Nation status, and 3) not seriously
pressuring the Chinese regarding human rights issues — all in exchange for hightechnology
weapon sales to China which are illegal.
Recent allegations of Chinese money flowing into Clinton coffers (for the first time
into Democratic coffers) are certainly nothing new or unusual, since the Chinese were
reasonably convinced that Clinton would win the 1996 election — and survive a second
term in office.
The Chinese money connection must be understood and be put into a context of
understanding the southeast Asian theater — or protocol –or whatever words you wish
to use.

This significantly predates PRC money coming into the United States for political
purposes. It is well known that in the early 1950s, at the beginning of the Eisenhower
Administration, a series of secret protocols were established with various southeast
Asian nations — Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong — for those countries to funnel
monies surreptitiously into Republican campaign coffers in the United States.
These countries would then allow favorable treatment and entrance into their markets
by certain U.S. corporations, like Texaco, Hewlett Packard for example.
A secondary example in the late 1950s would be Tidewater Development. In the
1960s, it was Zapata Energy.
One need only look at the major stockholders and the officers, principals and
directors of these publicly-held companies to understand the Republican connection.
Much of this has been written about before in widely dispersed articles. But
certainly, there was, by the late 1950s, an entire scheme developed which became
literally a covert protocol of the United States to funnel money from these countries —
most notably Japan and South Korea — into Republican coffers.
We have mentioned previously tapes why in Republican administrations the
ambassadors to Japan, the ambassadors to Taiwan and the ambassadors to South Korea
have invariably come out of the CIA and have acted as a control feature, or a control
mechanism in the past.

It is also interesting to note the talk about Bill Clinton’s closeness to the Riady family
of Indonesia and the Riady’s own bank and real estate holding group.
Mohammed Riady was the long-time President of the Industrial Bank of Indonesia,
the largest bank in Indonesia, which acts as a de facto central bank for Indonesia.
If we think back only fifteen years, there were similar allegations about George Bush’s
long-time relationship with the Riady’s and the Riady’s laundering PRS Chinese
government funds through their various enterprises and having that money laundered
through the Industrial Bank of Indonesia into other offshore entities, like The Hong
Kong and Shanghai Bank, where George Bush was a long-time Director. That’s not
widely known.

And then it was done through the Stephens Offshore Investment Group, which had
an office in Hong Kong.
They never had an office outside the United States, and all of a sudden a mediumsized
regional brokerage firm starts to open up offices in Hong Kong, in Sydney,
Australia, in Jakarta .
There was a reason for this that had very little to do with the securities business, and
that was essentially to launder money back to Republican interests here in the United
There was an interesting instance in which one of the Riady sons, Mahmoud Riady,
was linked to a rather large shipment of heroin into California in 1983. He was arrested
and, in fact, incarcerated for seven or eight hours.
The CIA then marched into the Sheriff’s office, took him out, and put him on the next
plane back to Indonesia.
But it was Mahmoud Riady who subsequently befriended Bill Clinton. He was the
very same son who helped launder Chinese PRC money to Bill Clinton and to the DNC
twelve years later.
I find it interesting and humorous. It’s the same old connections and the same old
schemes, really.
There was that photograph released of Mahmoud Riady and his wife having dinner
at the White House with Bill and Hillary, yet Mahmoud is technically still a wanted
fugitive in the United States.
He seems to move around awful freely though under his own name in this country,
despite his so-called fugitive status. He must have an angel on his shoulder somewhere
in Washington.
A more recent example of this is Col. Lan Chin, otherwise known as Lannie Chin,
who’s on the CIA’s list as being a foreign intelligence officer in the Ministry of State
Defense of the People’s Security Bureau of the People’s Republic of China.
Even so Chin is allowed to travel freely in the United States without any of the usual
restrictions placed on foreign intelligence officials. Also he has a Class 1 license to bid
on Department of Defense so-called surplus and high-technology weapons auctions.
Chin is also able to transport these weapons outside the United States very readily,
without any customs checks at all, despite the fact that he’s a known foreign
intelligence agent of what is potentially a Class 2 country, meaning potentially a foe of
the United States.
The odd part is that it is now substantially easier to uncover information about this
so-called Chinese money-for-weapons, or money-for-political favoritism connection.

Nobody makes a secret of it anymore, and it’s pretty well out in the open.
Of course, what the Clinton Administration desperately hoped to avoid was any
notion that the media would start to announce that both political parties in this country
were foregoing the future military security of this country by arming China in
exchange for covert political money.
Furthermore, they allowed China to have, as part of this covert policy, Most Favored
Nation status, despite the fact that Clinton said he wouldn’t renew it.’
Clinton has renewed it four times with the understanding that there would be
increased pressure on China regarding their human rights record. This was a bone to
Clinton’s own left-wing constituency. Of course, Clinton talks up a pretty good game.
But that’s all it is.
Now the Chinese, as any economist could tell you, have been allowed to run huge
trade surpluses with the United States, rivaling the old trade surpluses of Japan.
These trade surpluses essentially get kicked back to the United States by covert
political donations and by the very same money used to illicitly purchase hightechnology
U.S. military weapons — weapons that are, in turn, targeted back at the
United States.
I know for a fact that the Clinton Administration is scared shitless of anyone putting
it together this way in the media because no matter what the complacency of the
American people, if the truth came out this way, the American people wouldn’t stand
for it.
In the recent State of the Union Speech, Clinton said one of the bills he has proposed
in the past is campaign finance reform. But if one looks at the proposed campaign
finance reform legislation he’s proffered before, you will see in the fine print, that there
are specifically worded exemptions. It becomes immediately apparent then that these
exemptions are targeted at the American defense industry — to ensure that the defense
industry is not limited in its so-called soft money contributions to political parties,
political action groups, and political think tanks and committees, which are exempt
from existing limits as it is.
To date, what has been revealed to the American public about the recent Chinese
government contributions to the Democrats in the United States is about Charlie Trie,
John Huang and a host of others.
We do not hear about all of the others, the one hundred and seventeen listed by the
Federal Election Committee. All one hundred and seventeen conveniently left the
United States in very quick order.
What has not been revealed (because the media won’t go after it because it considers

it too tedious) is how this money is getting here.
What banks are being used for its laundering?
When one looks at the Chinese money connection in that respect, one sees that the
names of the banks involved are the same old banks that have been involved in this for
twenty years.

The Chinese money-for-weapons connection is really not my forte. I only have one or
two files full of information about it, and it was nothing that I was ever involved in
The Hamil episode, however, is easily flushed out, easily looked at, and it can be
easily explained.
The banks are all known. The corporations are all known. How the Bush brothers
got the money and through what corporations it was laundered.
That would be a way of back-dooring this. And certainly, it would be a way of
hurting Jeb Bush and George, Jr. by tying them to Chinese money.
I think this Hamil-Chinese Money-Governors Bush Connection is something that
should be invetsigated.
I think it would be a mistake, though, to attempt to launch a general investigation
into the Chinese Money- Clinton-Democratic National Committee Connection
I honestly think that’s a quagmire, and I doubt that any organization would have the

resources to make a real effective effort in that direction since there are so many people
involved, so many banks, and so many records.
It would be a task beyond the resource limit of most orgnizations. Therefore, I would
suggest, as I have done before, that any group, if it’s interested in continuing this
investigation regarding Chinese money-for-weapons-political favoritism, should try to
back-door the issue.
The Hamil Connection, in fact, would be an excellent back door.
17. U.S. Government Narcotics Trafficking (Part II)
So far, we have explored:
* Six principal CIA-connected cocaine traffickers active during the Iran-Contra years.
* Three principal Bahamian cases involving well-known Bahamian ministers of state.
* Barry Seal and some of his partners, including Buddy Young.
And an overview of CIA and DIA operations at the time as it related to the
importation and distribution of narcotics for the maintenance of a covert revenue
Now we will further explore these connections and examine six other prominent
cases of CIA-connected dopers.
The first case deals with another Barry Seal associate — what used to be called the
“Jewish Threesome.”
These included Eddy Singer, a cocaine trafficker and his partners, Yoram Ettinger,

then a member of the Israeli Knesset, and Lt. Col. Ari Klein, a retired Israeli intelligence
officer who had been Mexico City’s station chief for the Mossad until his retirement.
They operated extensively through Mexico from 1984 to 1986 and they were partners
with Barry Seal.
Barry Seal tends to be the common link between cocaine traffickers and the CIA. His
name comes up in virtually every connected dope case that was filed in the mid-1980s.
More were filed, when it became convenient to do so, after Barry Seal’s murder on
February 10, 1986.
The Singer case, which I think Dinerstein worked on, was interesting because it
showed the connections between the CIA and the Israeli intelligence service regarding
the transportation, trafficking and narcotics. This was a very overlooked thing at the
time, never mentioned in any subsequent congressional hearings.
Nobody in the press, for obvious reasons, really went after it for fear of embarrassing
Israelis or whatever.
But I think it’s a case that should be looked at again. There has been some recent
interest in the media, particularly non-Jewish aligned media.
The Singer case has been mentioned in the last six months in a variety of congressional
forums still dealing with Iran-Contra. The reason this case was brought back to the fore
was the new activities of Yoram Ettinger and his recent travels to Huntsville, Alabama
as well as his new business in trafficking weapons and technology and acting as a
broker for the Chinese and the Russians on the illicit transfer and sale of high
technology US weapons and weapons design.
That’s what brought the Singer case back to the fore. But I can tell you at the time,
getting back to the narcotics aspect of it during Iran-Contra, that Singer was a
substantial dealer in cocaine, perhaps trafficking a thousand to twelve hundred
kilograms a month, which came through Mexico.
By the way, this was one of the sensitive cases that the DEA agent who was
murdered, Enrique Camarena, found out about.
And I have often speculated that one of the reasons he was murdered, (although he
was murdered by the Mexican Federal Police and they had some complicity with the
CIA who were desperate to get rid of this guy) was that the CIA knew he had
discovered the Singer Organization in Mexico.
Singer’s connection because of Ari Klein also connected to senior Mexican
government officials at that time, including a past Mexican President, Ernesto Portillo,
who was later indicted in Mexico for fraud, narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking,

The connections for Israeli narcotics trafficking in Mexico had been essentially set up
in the 1970s by Klein and Rafi Eitan and others.
The Israeli government was very friendly with the former Mexican dictator, Ernesto
Portillo. You may remember there were subsequent fraud cases involving bogus oil
deals, oil leases, and oil schemes that didn’t exist.
Those who are well-educated on Iran-Contra would remember the great effort that
was made in 1986-1987 to keep George Bush and his two sons out of the Mexican
indictment of Portillo on the oil fraud because this was a fraud in which Zapata
Corporation, Tidewater Corporation and Harken Energy had all participated in.
There was a desperate effort by the Reagan-Bushites to keep Bush’s name out of that
indictment, which was successfully done.
Another thing that has not been known was that in 1986 the CIA was very nervous
about DEA activity in Mexico.
The CIA was very concerned that it was going to be exposed and its connections to
corrupt Mexican officials were going to be exposed.
There was some speculation after the Kerry Committee hearings, particularly in the
Hughes Committee hearings, about whom the CIA was trying to protect within the
Mexican government, particularly the Mexican Federal Police.
They were trying to protect the CIA’s hand-picked guy in Mexico, Gen. Raul Medina,
Chief of the Mexican Federal Police.
Medina actually ordered the death of Enrique Camarena at the urging of the CIA.
After Camarena died, another renowned DEA agent operating in Mexico, Celerino
Castillo, found out. He knew about the connections and the orders, how it was done,
and how Camarena’s killers were protected.
Of course, when Castillo tried to go public, he was immediately discredited and
dismissed from the DEA.
Another prominent CIA doper I wanted to mention is the infamous Michael K.
Palmer, who operated out of Detroit.
Palmer was another minion of what I would classify as the “Barry Seal-CIA-DIASouthern
Air Transport Narcotics Organization,” which is literally the way it was at the
I think it’s the best way to look at it. Although I haven’t seen him in years, I knew
Palmer personally at the time. He used to be in Miami a lot. And when in Miami, he
would always stay at one of Southern Air Transport’s corporate suites, provided for
him at the Intercontinental Hotel.
Palmer had a Southern Air Transport Guest Membership Club Card to the Jockey

Club, the Ocean Club and the Turnberry Club — the three most exclusive clubs in
Miami at the time.
And I used to drink with him. He was a drinking friend of myself, Gen. Secord, Jim
Langton and Bill Mason, the President and Vice President respectively of Southern Air
He would be in and out of Miami quite frequently, although he did operate out of
The reason I wanted to mention him is because Palmer was one of the keys in what
was then known as the “Canadian Connection.”
When thinking of Iran-Contra narcotics trafficking, we tend to think of South
America, Central America, and the United States. We forget all the other points of
entry and all the other places that cocaine trafficking routes existed, including through
Narcotics were coming through what is a very porous border. Palmer had owned a
couple of aircraft hangars in a little complex on the outskirts of the Detroit airport. As
a matter of fact, the cocaine would simply come by truck, the Canadian border was so
By air, it would get reshipped to New York or San Francisco, wherever it was going
by Polar Aviation.
This is also a little known fact. This fact was contained in the Brad Ayers Report
when Ayers reported back to his superiors at DEA the connection of Polar Aviation,
which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Air Transport, and still exists to this

It was speculated later on why such resources were committed to cover Palmer’s ass
after things fell apart in the post-1986 environment.
It’s because Palmer could have exposed the connection between the CIA and the
Canadian Intelligence Service, the Royal Canadian Police External Intelligence
Division, now known as CEPIS.
He could have named names and faces and agents. And that was a sensitive
connection that the CIA and the Canadian government went to great lengths to hide,
including those two Canadian intelligence officials who now live comfortably under
assumed names in the Caribbean.
A lot of resources were committed to protect Palmer.
Palmer was subsequently indicted in Miami and was facing a forty-year to life
sentence. He pled guilty, served 117 days in the Federal Metropolitan Correction
Facility in Miami, and then was quietly relocated to Honduras in further aid and
execution of investigations of the United States Government.
We know how that story works. I have no idea where Palmer is now. I know he uses
Honduras as a home base, but I have no idea frankly where he is.
The other fellow I wanted to discuss is Bill Duncan.
Bill did a real good job in the mid-1980s in his position as an investigator with the
Arkansas State Attorney General’s office. He was able to document activities in Mena,
but he went much further than people commonly presume.
He documented connections between the Clinton Governorship and what was going
on in Mena through Barry Seal, through Clinton’s brother, Roger, through Buddy
Young and so forth.
He documented connections with the State Police that Tommy Goodwin had already
known about.
Unfortunately Tommy had a heart attack before he wanted to say anything.
But I always felt bad about Duncan because we all know what he went through — the
absolute shit this man got put through because of what he knew, particularly when he
started to get some press exposure.
The Attorney General’s office felt that they obviously could not fire him since it
would only increase his prominence.
But what he went through — the harassment of having his phone tapped and his
home broken into — the harassment he went through was horrendous.
I think the Attorney General’s office wisely elected to allow him to continue with his
position, until he had enough time in for his pension and then he retired immediately.
He sold his home, and now lives discreetly in a cabin in the Ozarks under an

assumed name, by the way. He’s not easy to reach anymore.
This is a good case of someone who got burned out on the truth, particularly when all
the major networks wanted him, when he helped everybody and made a lot of noise in
He didn’t realize that the bigger scheme of things was that nobody was going to ever
bring out the whole truth.
Another interesting Iran-Contra/CIA narcotics trafficking connection not extensively
discussed at the time was the trafficking points in Nevada and Arizona.
Also there were the flights coming in through the Pacific, from Southern Air Cross, a
division of Southern Air Transport, which was technically based in Australia. It was a
foreign domiciliary in Australia at the time.
The Australian Supreme Court judge, Murray Fahrquar, was brought down by the
Southern Air Cross investigation in Australia, when he attempted to leak documents
the court had indicating a relationship between Southern Air Cross, the CIA, and the
Australian intelligence organization.
Fahrquar was charged with a variety of crimes, and ultimately he was brought down.
He was impeached and imprisoned, as a matter of fact. He got set up on some bogus

You see some of the names of people who got money back from the U.S. Treasury. It
includes people like General Richard Secord, for instance.
Surprise. Surprise.
I think it should be mentioned here that the only little crack in the Treasury wall
about Iran-Contra was back in the early 1990s when Richard Newcomb, then head of
Treasury’s FARCO office, was secretly indicted by the United States Attorney’s office
for Washington, D.C. under these very same allegations.
As a matter of fact, other certain accounts were not frozen when Treasury had
evidence from other agencies that said accounts should be frozen.
Newcomb was secretly indicted.
Eric Holder (I have a file on this guy six inches thick), was then the US Attorney for
Washington, D.C., and he personally presented the case to the grand jury.
An indictment was issued and then put under national security seal.
Newcomb was eventually unindicted, forced out and retired.
Holder had previously been an Assistant United States Attorney in Little Rock. He
was a very loyal Republican under then U.S. Attorney, now Senator, Asa Hutchinson,
investigating links between narcotics trafficking, Mena and the Clinton administration
in Arkansas.
Holder then moved up to U.S. Attorney, and zealously participated in all manner of
Iran-Contra coverup.
Where is he today? He’s the Senior Assistant Attorney General of the United States.
If you look at Holder’s career and the cases he was involved in, Holder is a good
example of how a Reagan-Bush coverup specialist became a Clinton coverup specialist.
Holder’s career route (the cases he prosecuted, or unprosecuted as the case may be)
figure in to subsequent allegations he faced in the early 1990s during the Alexander
probe of Iran-Contra coverups.
It’s a real classic example. It also sets the mold if one ever wanted to do a study on all
of the people held over from the Reagan-Bush Administration and put into the Clinton
Administration. There were over 1,100, as we mentioned before, an unusually high
But look at who the people are. Look at the commonality between them.
Over two-thirds of these 1,100 people had been alleged, during a congressional
hearing or some lawsuit, to have had involvement in the Iran-Contra coverup, the
destruction of documents, or the manipulation of witnesses and so on.
Holder is a real sneaky son of a bitch. Not only is Holder a Senior Assistant United
States Attorney General, but guess what else he’s in charge of?

Iran-Contra whistle-blower filings, no less.
I wasn’t even aware of that until about eighteen months ago, when Dinerstein and I
made a whistle-blower complaint on that account in Belize.
We got back a letter from Treasury saying that $16.6 million had been seized and that
we were due a $623,000 finder’s fee.
Of course, a subsequent letter denied that finder’s fee to us claiming that there was a
previously existing file claimed, of which we have no access. We also aren’t entitled to
any information about it.
The subsequent letter of denial was signed by Eric Holder.
Speaking of whistle-blower complaints pursuant to Iran-Contra monies, it would be
an excellent idea to approach all of the Iran-Contra whistle-blowers.
When it comes to money or accounts, you will see that they have all been denied the
fees that were originally promised — finder’s fee originally promised them after the
money was supposedly recovered by the United States Treasury.
Under the section of law that gives them the right not to tell you who the previous
claimant was, they don’t have to prove it.
And you don’t have any right to that information.
You just have to take their word for it, and that’s the way it is.
Match that with the actual account holders, corporate or individuals, when the money
is supposedly seized and find out how many of those people got the money back from
the U.S. Treasury. This is a real interesting connection.
It would sure as hell help a lot of starving whistle-blowers who found out that telling
the truth will get you broke.
Of all the various Congressional committee, subcommittee, permanent committee
reports on Iran-Contra investigations — there were a lot of little gems in the Alexander
Of course, it discredited Congressman Alexander and ultimately ended his career in
Congress — thanks to Bill Clinton who personally pressured him not to run and
supported his Democratic challenger after the two men had been friends and political
allies for twenty-five years.
But that Alexander Committee report is full of little gems.
One of the overlooked gems in it regarding the actual distribution of CIA-imported
narcotics in the United States was that exceptionally long series of depositions given by
Dick Brenneke before the committee.
Dick was a friend of mine. We had worked together during Iran-Contra and
although what he did and what I did were two different things, we knew each other

and were friendly.

There’s another cute trick: The U.S. Treasury freezes the account the day after all the
money was wired to another offshore bank.
This is another area I worked on extensively and which is quite glaring and it’s a
reasonably easy way for the informed armchair Iran-Contra sleuth to put some things
The lawyer angle leads into another very primary post-Iran-Contra investigation in
terms of a certain agency of government and division — namely the Treasury
Department, which has been significantly overlooked.
There has been much focus on the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, State Department and so
forth, but very little focus on Treasury’s activities vis-a-vis Iran-Contra — particularly in
the post-Iran-Contra or Iran-Contra coverup era.
The obvious question (and this is another area I have investigated in the past) is why
hasn’t FARCO, the Foreign Asset Recovery Control Office of the United States
Treasury, acted to seize offshore accounts and accounts in foreign countries, which it
has the power to do?
It has the power to freeze them and then petition for return of the monies.
Why is it that ALL whistle-blower complaints submitted to them about discreet Iran-
Contra related accounts in the post-Iran-Contra environment have been ignored and the
accounts haven’t been seized?
Or, if an account had been seized, why is it that the whistle-blowers never got the
percentage the U.S. Treasury promised they would get in writing?
Then we find out, through the few whistle-blowers who had the financial
wherewithal to press forward with a lawyer, in several cases, that the U.S. Treasury
did in fact seize sums and then in discreet court filings and arcane jurisdictions gave
the money back to the principals from whence it was seized.

You see some of the names of people who got money back from the U.S. Treasury. It
includes people like General Richard Secord, for instance.
Surprise. Surprise.
I think it should be mentioned here that the only little crack in the Treasury wall
about Iran-Contra was back in the early 1990s when Richard Newcomb, then head of
Treasury’s FARCO office, was secretly indicted by the United States Attorney’s office
for Washington, D.C. under these very same allegations.
As a matter of fact, other certain accounts were not frozen when Treasury had
evidence from other agencies that said accounts should be frozen.
Newcomb was secretly indicted.
Eric Holder (I have a file on this guy six inches thick), was then the US Attorney for
Washington, D.C., and he personally presented the case to the grand jury.
An indictment was issued and then put under national security seal.
Newcomb was eventually unindicted, forced out and retired.
Holder had previously been an Assistant United States Attorney in Little Rock. He
was a very loyal Republican under then U.S. Attorney, now Senator, Asa Hutchinson,
investigating links between narcotics trafficking, Mena and the Clinton administration
in Arkansas.
Holder then moved up to U.S. Attorney, and zealously participated in all manner of
Iran-Contra coverup.
Where is he today? He’s the Senior Assistant Attorney General of the United States.
If you look at Holder’s career and the cases he was involved in, Holder is a good
example of how a Reagan-Bush coverup specialist became a Clinton coverup specialist.
Holder’s career route (the cases he prosecuted, or unprosecuted as the case may be)
figure in to subsequent allegations he faced in the early 1990s during the Alexander
probe of Iran-Contra coverups.
It’s a real classic example. It also sets the mold if one ever wanted to do a study on all
of the people held over from the Reagan-Bush Administration and put into the Clinton
Administration. There were over 1,100, as we mentioned before, an unusually high
But look at who the people are. Look at the commonality between them.
Over two-thirds of these 1,100 people had been alleged, during a congressional
hearing or some lawsuit, to have had involvement in the Iran-Contra coverup, the
destruction of documents, or the manipulation of witnesses and so on.
Holder is a real sneaky son of a bitch. Not only is Holder a Senior Assistant United
States Attorney General, but guess what else he’s in charge of?

Iran-Contra whistle-blower filings, no less.
I wasn’t even aware of that until about eighteen months ago, when Dinerstein and I
made a whistle-blower complaint on that account in Belize.
We got back a letter from Treasury saying that $16.6 million had been seized and that
we were due a $623,000 finder’s fee.
Of course, a subsequent letter denied that finder’s fee to us claiming that there was a
previously existing file claimed, of which we have no access. We also aren’t entitled to
any information about it.
The subsequent letter of denial was signed by Eric Holder.
Speaking of whistle-blower complaints pursuant to Iran-Contra monies, it would be
an excellent idea to approach all of the Iran-Contra whistle-blowers.
When it comes to money or accounts, you will see that they have all been denied the
fees that were originally promised — finder’s fee originally promised them after the
money was supposedly recovered by the United States Treasury.
Under the section of law that gives them the right not to tell you who the previous
claimant was, they don’t have to prove it.
And you don’t have any right to that information.
You just have to take their word for it, and that’s the way it is.
Match that with the actual account holders, corporate or individuals, when the money
is supposedly seized and find out how many of those people got the money back from
the U.S. Treasury. This is a real interesting connection.
It would sure as hell help a lot of starving whistle-blowers who found out that telling
the truth will get you broke.
Of all the various Congressional committee, subcommittee, permanent committee
reports on Iran-Contra investigations — there were a lot of little gems in the Alexander
Of course, it discredited Congressman Alexander and ultimately ended his career in
Congress — thanks to Bill Clinton who personally pressured him not to run and
supported his Democratic challenger after the two men had been friends and political
allies for twenty-five years.
But that Alexander Committee report is full of little gems.
One of the overlooked gems in it regarding the actual distribution of CIA-imported
narcotics in the United States was that exceptionally long series of depositions given by
Dick Brenneke before the committee.
Dick was a friend of mine. We had worked together during Iran-Contra and
although what he did and what I did were two different things, we knew each other

and were friendly.
Brenneke was very familiar with Mafia distribution of CIA-imported cocaine. And
this was very true with the New York mob.
In those depositions, Brenneke did a real good job of detailing it — the names, dates,
places, meetings, connections, who met with whom and so forth.
He spelled it out pretty good, which was what unfortunately led to the subsequent
discreditment of Dick Brenneke — those depositions.
That combined with what he had to say about the Venezuelan government, the
Venezuelan army’s connection, their helping CIA cocaine out of Colombia through the
Caribbean and so forth — I think those two things together probably ended Brenneke’s
credibility because there was such an effort to discredit him after those depositions
were made public by the Alexander probe.
It’s a good place to look if one is interested in that gap — of cocaine coming into its
ultimate street distribution and if one wanted to look at mob involvement with the CIA
pursuant to the distribution of narcotics. That’s a good place to start.
Another overlooked area, in which I am reasonably knowledgeable, is the CIA’s
involvement during the Iran-Contra period with foreign intelligence agencies for the
importation of cocaine into certain foreign nations and its distribution as part of the
overall CIA scheme to produce an ongoing covert revenue stream.
I have discussed this before publicly. Unfortunately, there have been very few who
wanted to proceed further.
Some foreign media people wanted to proceed, but it’s another good area to get into.
Look at the connections at the time, 1984-1986, the meetings, dates, and places. These
were meetings that mid-level CIA officers, and even Oliver North himself, had with
ranking members of the British MI-6, the French DST, and the German BFI.
Those intelligence organizations’ collaborated with the CIA in aiding the importation
of CIA cocaine into their respective countries and its distribution.
Note how these foreign intelligence services and certain individuals within them
How certain conservative political parties in Europe also profited the same way the
Republican Party profited in the United States.
There has been quite a scattered body of work done on this. If you didn’t maintain a
clipping service at the time, it would be hard to put it all together.
The London Times did a lot on this at one time. The Economist did quite a bit. Le
Monde did quite a bit. It’s not like it’s unknown and nobody’s gone after it before.
But nobody’s ever really tried to go after it hard and really cement the connections.

I can tell you that those who did try to go after it hard, particularly some of the guys
at the BBC I used to deal with, they were immediately kicked out of the BBC and they
never worked in media in Britain again.
Paul Sappan would be a very notable case. Paul Sappan was a senior BBC producer I
worked with on this very subject matter, and Sappan’s career was absolutely destroyed
because of it.
But it is another area that I think bears out investigation. There is a body of work on it
already, and it would be an interesting thing to proceed with.
We see how sensitive in the late 1980s and early 1990s the British, French and
German governments became to these allegations, and how quickly they acted in their
own countries to clamp down on these allegations.
There were some cases, like the case of several French DST officers who were actually
murdered by their own people to keep it quiet.
I do have information about that. I think it’s an interesting area to proceed. It’s part of
the overall puzzle, and it would expand the horizons of the puzzle. It’s something that
needs to be done.
Speaking of foreign intelligence agencies’ involvement in Iran-Contra cocaine and
weapons trafficking, it still remains a much overlooked area. — then hostile east-bloc
intelligence agencies’ knowledge of CIA narcotics trafficking and western European
intelligence agencies duplicity.
Also how East-Bloc intelligence services attempted to recruit Iran-Contra players,
particularly when things were falling apart in 1986. How they attempted to use for
political gain the knowledge that they had about CIA narcotics trafficking and other
misdeeds and how that backfired on them in some cases.
That would be a great subject for a book in itself — to look at what the Russians,
Czechs, and East Germans knew. A lot of that is public knowledge now.
What happened to the agents that actually knew it?
Some are dead. Others, particularly colonels and generals live quite comfortably in
the United States now and receive a fat check from Uncle every month for keeping their
mouths shut.
There are still many in the mid-level of former east-bloc intelligence services that
were not treated so well.
Yuri Shvets is a prime example. Particularly after he wrote the book, Washington
Station, he wasn’t treated very well. There’s still a lot of those guys that I know who
live in the United States that would be prepared to talk, but no one ever tries to go after
them to talk to them.

It isn’t like there isn’t information available. I think it’s a great way to expose
knowledge because these people have credibility by virtue of the fact that they were
serving field officers at foreign intelligence agencies at the time.
These are people with real credentials mostly stationed covertly in the United States.
I’m familiar with them. I did business with a lot of them. The United States did
business. Richard Secord did business with them.
This is an area I feel we should really go after sometime in the future.
18. In Hiding Again
Here I sit — on Wednesday afternoon, June 9, 1999 — in hiding again.
Although I was originally not going to include this as part of the overall story, I think
it would be good to have it for the reader’s edification.
This is to explain about those who have the unfortunate situation of knowing too
much of the truth — what I and others like me are put through endlessly)
Here I am — in hiding again for the umpteenth time.
The current round of pressure against me started last Monday, June 7th, when I
noticed a strange car in front of my place.
Nothing unusual about that. I notice them all the time.
The cars are always a dead giveaway — typically white, blue or gray Ford Tauruses or
Crown Victorias. Always with black-wall tires. Always with tinted windows. Always

with a lot of aerials coming out of the back of the boot.
I noticed a well-dressed man, suit and tie, about forty, sitting in the automobile, Of
course the other giveaway is that it was brazenly apparent through my binoculars that
it was a J.C. Penney special. He obviously smacked of government.
I also noticed he had a clipboard and with some forms on it.
He was simply sitting in his car, curiously looking at my residence, writing down
It would appear that he was simply updating a file, probably making physical
description of my residence, possibly hoping I noticed he had a camera with a
telephoto lens in the back seat of his vehicle.
He was probably hoping to get a good quality photograph of me, a new recent
photograph for a file.
This wouldn’t be anything unusual. However, as I have learned in the past, I’ve been
forced into hiding so many times through this kind of pressure, that what this man was
doing is generally a precursor to me being, let us say, reinconvenienced for the
umpteenth time.
It means someone is updating a file, tagging me, checking and making sure where I
am, looking at where the entrances and egresses to my property are.
Upon further investigation I found out (the last two days being in hiding which gives
this a more sinister twist) that the Polk County Sheriff’s office had absolutely no idea
what this man was doing.
I found out that he ran my record at 9:10 a.m. on Monday, the 7th, using his secure
passcode, but the Sheriff’s office has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, and there is no
active file with my name on it in the Sheriff’s office.
Nor is there an active investigative file with my name on it, or even my name
mentioned in any file within the Polk County State Attorney’s office.
It turns out this guy is one of those nebulous sort of guys that every State Attorney’s
office has in Florida. Although he is technically employed by the Polk County State
Attorney’s office, he is invariably on loan to different agencies.
As of right now, he is on loan to the statewide Prosecutor’s office, which is a division
of the Attorney General’s office of the State of Florida located in Tallahassee.
As it turns out, this man was a functionary in both the 1994 and 1998 gubernatorial
candidacies of Jeb Bush in the State of Florida.
Prior to that, he was an official in the 1992 presidential State of Florida Bush
campaign committee.
He obtained his job as a political appointment. It has become obvious through my

investigation and through inquiries I’ve made that he is operating directly under the
Governor’s office.
He simply bypasses all of his supposed superiors.
This should not strike the reader as unusual, though, particularly in the State of
Florida, where there is always at least one state attorney in each county directly under
the control of the Governor’s office.
This is done for political purposes — to protect the Governor from people like me,
who might know too much about them.
Governor Jeb Bush most certainly does not want his Iran-Contra past thrown up in
his face, especially while news is beginning to leak out that there will be allegations
that both he and his brother George Bush Jr., the Governor of Texas, accepted Chinese
Government campaign money during their most recent gubernatorial bids.
Fox News just broke this the other evening, and I suspect there will be more coming
out about it because Fox News, which has been the vanguard of this issue, would like
to expand it to include Republicans taking money.
So that’s why this man was here — because a list is being compiled of anyone who
can throw Jeb’s past back in his face. Or anyone who can make connections to Jeb’s past
about what he’s done with the Chinese money.
The reader should understand that in these various conspiracies and cover-ups (Iran-
Contra, Iraq-gate and now, Fox News is calling this one PekingGate), the places and the
dates change, but the names behind these operations, in terms of movement of
weapons, laundering of money, and the people receiving the money, don’t really
change much.
Consequently, people like me who may have known about certain Jeb Bush
connections in the mid-1980s — these same connections are being used today vis-a-vis
Chinese weapons, or the facilitation of transporting American weapons to China
through third party countries.
In terms of money laundering, Chinese Government contributions have used exactly
the same character as before — namely my former superior, Larry Hamil.
It became quite obvious to me what this tactic was: surveilling me and trying to tag
me, as the jargon goes, within the community.
Then I became aware that there was one state attorney in all the sensitive counties
(the word “sensitive” implies counties where Iran-Contra activity took place) like Polk,
Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsboro, Orange Counties, that were doing exactly the
same thing as this “watcher.”
These are Florida counties, known for the shipment of narcotics or weapons, money

laundering, as well as being the headquarters of fraudulent corporate entities.
The “watcher” had been provided with a list of names. I don’t know how many
names are on that list, but it’s a list of obviously sensitive names of people residing in
the county.
Other names on this list included Marty Greenberg, Dennis Raditsky, and Louis
Frankly, I know these men but I haven’t seen them in years I didn’t even know if they
were alive or not. But if those three men were on a similar type of list, it gives me a
pretty good idea what’s happening because the one thing those three gentlemen and I
have in common is Jeb Bush.
We have a connection to Jeb Bush, either transactions with Jeb Bush and a knowledge
of Jeb’s Iran-Contra activity. That’s the one thing we all have in common.
Another thing we all have in common is that we tried to talk about our knowledge of
Jeb Bush to different congressional committees or through newspaper articles or
whatever during the post-Iran-Contra environment.
Therefore, it becomes patently obvious that this is some sort of a hit list that’s being
drawn up a second time.
Undoubtedly, as the Chinese limelight, shall we say, in the media starts to get a little
closer to Jeb Bush and his brother, individuals such as myself will be contacted by the
media and will be asked what we know about the past to help connect the dots.
Then we will most likely be reinconvenienced to dissuade us from doing so — as has
happened to me in the past.
Just a little thumbnail description of the other three fellows.
It’s a pretty diverse lot. Marty Greenberg and I actually did business together during
1984-1986. Marty was a syndicator for Atlantis Securities, headquartered in Denver. It
was one of the legions of Denver penny stock houses that participated in raising Iran-
Contra connected money in Florida.
Marty used to syndicate real estate deals, principally small airport developments and
secure warehouse facilities around airports. He put them together in limited
partnerships, most of which never panned out anyway.
But Marty surprisingly enough also used to market Jeb Bush real estate product
during this time frame. In fact Marty’s one very sensitive connection was the fact that
Jeb Bush was on the Board of Directors of that West Palm Beach Airport development
deal where all those supposedly ultra-secure warehouses were going to be built around
West Palm Airfield, way out in the western section which the military still controls
there, or did at the time.

What those warehouses were going to be used for was the storage of narcotics. That
was the intent. And Oliver North was directly involved in that West Palm Beach
Airport deal.
Ollie, for instance, was at the due diligence meeting for this offering held on the
second floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami.
To show you how close the relationship was, Greenberg was staying in a corporate
suite paid for by Southern Air Transport.
Greenberg also had a plane given to him, or had access to, a Lear jet that belonged to
Southern Air Transport.
He also used Southern Air Transport’s limousines and other corporate charges.
The relationship was pretty close. Greenberg would have the ability to put Jeb Bush
directly into having knowledge of that development, of profiting from the development
financially, as well as knowledge of what that development was when Oliver North
and Jeb Bush sat down at a dinner on the second floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in
Miami talking about it.
I don’t know how Jeb could possibly deny it, since much of that meeting was
recorded by a variety of sources. The Miami Herald was there. There were some other
people that commonly covered due diligence meetings.
Unfortunately, they weren’t investigative reporters. They were business reporters.
And a lot of what was said didn’t really mean anything to them. They didn’t really tape
record what they should have in my opinion.
Dennis Raditsky, another interesting guy, was a very flamboyant CIA-connected
doper at the time. This is what we used to call a “navta-doper,” instead of an “aerodoper.”
In other words, he ran dope out of high speed boats.
Dennis had a customized marine shop on the Ft. Lauderdale River just behind the
Pier 66 development, just down the river a bit.
It was a custom marine shop that built high-speed racing boats and repaired boats,
engines, and high-speed engines.
That was what he used as a cover. But Dennis had worked for a long time with some
much more infamous dopers with CIA connections such as Jack Devoe, Tony
Fernandez and Bill Blakemore and so forth.
Dennis was squeezed very, very hard after Iran-Contra fell apart because of what he
Dennis had this very unfortunate knowledge (and I say it’s unfortunate because many
times it is unfortunate to know the truth) that there was a connection between Jeb Bush
and Don Aronow.

Aronow was the famous boat builder in North Miami Beach, who built the Aronow
speed boats and who was subsequently murdered a few days before he was to testify
before the Hughes Commission hearing.
Anyway, Dennis was one of the very few people who knew — because of his
relationship with Aronow. They were both in the same business — building speed
Dennis was supposed to get a piece of that contract. You may remember the $5
million contract Noriega gave Aronow through Oliver North at Magnum Marine (the
name of the corporation) to build five gun boats for the Panamanian Navy.
Dennis was supposed to get a piece of that, and he was very familiar with the
negotiation of that contract because he was in Aronow’s office at the same time Oliver
North was there.
It was North who was supposed to steer this piece of business to Aronow, and
Aronow was supposed to give him a percentage of the money back as a kick-back for,
as North would like to say, “The Cause.”
The problem was that North had mentioned to him that Jeb Bush was also aware of
this transaction and that Jeb was going to get a piece of it as well.
Jeb was extremely familiar with what these boats were actually used for, that
although they were going to be gun boats for the Panamanian Navy, they were actually
going to be used for the transportation of narcotics.
Despite his professionalism, North never hesitated to tell you who else was involved
in something that he let slip out. And Dennis remembered that. And he made notes of
it when he was there because he realized what he had heard was dangerous
Ollie essentially screwed Don Aronow and kept the $5 million for himself — well, not
for himself, but for “The Cause,” as Ollie liked to put it.
Eventually, of course, it went into other people’s pockets.
But Aronow got fucked out of the money and he’s sitting there with a signed contract
saying, “I can’t deliver these gun boats without the money.”
For those who think Ollie is such a wonderful guy, he is a cold, steely, calculating
killer. No more. And that’s what the man is.
He is a zealot who would do anything to advance the cause he believed in at that time
— the prevention of a communist beachhead in Central America– and he didn’t care
what means had to be used, whose pockets had to be enriched and so forth.
North told Noriega — at the discussion with Nestor Sanchez and Fred Ikley, Deputy
Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for Central and Caribbean Theatre

Operations held at one of the lunches of the Dade County Latin American Republican
Club, which Jeb Bush chaired — that Aronow simply absconded with the $5 million
which was a lie.
North kept the $5 million himself.
Aronow didn’t have any contact with Noriega, not that I know of anyway. I don’t
believe he ever did, but the long and short of it is that Aronow started to get pressured
from the Panamanian government to deliver these boats he’s supposedly been paid for.
He starts to talk about it, particularly to Sydney Freedberg at the Miami Herald.
That’s how a lot of this came out. You may remember that very shortly thereafter,
within two or three weeks, Aronow was murdered. He was machine-gunned in front of
his office by the ubiquitous and convenient Colombian drug lord gangs.
What a convenient excuse that was in the mid-1980s in Miami for every political
assassination that came down, for every Iran-Contra-connected murder that happened.
Invariably, it was blamed on the mythical Colombian drug gangs or drug lords.
Only later, it was discovered that the shooters weren’t even Colombians. They didn’t
have anything to do with the Colombian drug lords. Of course, Aronow’s killers, in
this case, were never found. Quite conveniently so.
This is part of the case that involved Rolando Sojes and Freddie Fernandez and some
others who themselves were subsequently murdered.
We’ve discussed this before with Sydney Freedberg when she switched from the
Wall Street Journal to the Miami Herald. She was the one who interviewed Sojes’ wife
after he had died in that helicopter explosion. Then Sojes’ wife was murdered the next
The Miami Metro Dade Police Sergeant tried to leak it to Mike McQueen at the
Herald that she had two bullets in her head, but there were three shots fired. They
went directly through her head.
There were three shots in the wall, yet only two bullets were missing from the .38 she
had in her hand.
Where’d the third shot come from?
And before Sydney and I (this is when they retained me) could go to see the sergeant,
he was found dead in the morning the day after, floating in the canal in back of his
house. He lived in an area of Miami called Hialeah Lakes which fronts a series of
His death, of course, was ruled a”swimming accident.”
There was also a connection in the sequence of all these deaths.
It involved a guy named Johnny Elesquary. His real name was Warren Elesquary

and he was the brother of Omar Elesquary.
I was the one who originally told the Metro Dade Organized Crime Bureau about
who Omar Elesquary was.
In fact, he was a Cuban intelligence agent, a DGI agent, who was slipped in here
through the Mariel boat lift in the early eighties.
The Herald tried to go with it once before but it got closed down in a hurry — this
concept of Castro sneaking agents into this country during the boat lift.
Anyway, that’s another story, but an awful lot of people died in this sequence of
events. A lot of people. At least seventeen that I knew of.
Sydney Freedberg, of course, finally realized what she had done, that she had been
unprofessional. She had kind of a loose mouth and didn’t believe people. And when
everyone died, she wigged out.
She took a sabbatical from the Miami Herald, supposedly to go the University of
She has never come back. She has never returned phone calls, and to this day, she
says she doesn’t want to hear the word Iran-Contra again.
The third individual on this list of names is Louis Champlaign. Louis lived in West
Palm Beach. He was Dr. Barbouti’s right-hand man.
The very infamous Barbouti from this so-called West Palm Beach “Cherry Syrup
Deal,” which always struck me funny — the way this thing got labeled in the press
when it fell apart.
The Iran-Contra afficionado would certainly remember Barbouti’s name because
when this deal was exposed, it became a sizeable scandal.
“Cherry syrup”? What was being shipped were chemicals for chemical weapons
labeled as “cherry syrup.” That’s where the name came from.
The Miami Herald and the West Palm Beach Post-Gazette both did a lot with this
story and it was done nationally as well.
This was a company in West Palm Beach that Oliver North had a part interest in with
one of his partners, Imre West, whose real name as we mentioned before was Imre
The third partner was the infamous Dr. Mansour Barbouti.
It didn’t fall apart, until after most of the so-called “cherry syrup,” which I’ve
forgotten what the exact chemicals were, but they were chemicals used in the making of
chemical weapons, when most of this stuff had gotten shipped to Iran.
Yes, Iran.
Not Iraq.

We’re not talking about 1989 Iraqgate. We’re talking about 1985 and the shipping of
chemical and bio-chemical weapons components to Iran.
This has always been overlooked. Very little has been done with that because
Iraqgate tends to steal the limelight.
Louis Champlaign — what he knew that was a problem with Jeb Bush is that Barbouti
didn’t speak English all that good.
He spoke with a British accent. He was educated somewhere in England, but he
didn’t really understand English as well as he let on. So he would take Louis with him
Louis was the Plan Supervisor for West Palm Beach, but he also acted like an
interpreter for him as well because Louis spoke both a little Arabic and a little Farsi.
So consequently, the infamous doctor would take Louis along to all sorts of meetings.
One of these meetings that Louis got taken to was a meeting at the main office of the
Great American Bank and Trust in West Palm Beach, then founded and chaired by the
infamous Marvin Warner.
At that meeting, not only was Warner there, but so was, of all people, Jeb Bush.
Jeb is recommending that Great American Bank and Trust extend the fifty million
dollar line of credit to Dr. Barbouti’s organization for the building they had to
complete. They had some more building to do, something to do with his chemical
complex that Barbouti owned. He needed some more financing for it, so Jeb personally
recommends it. He personally goes through an infamously cooperative Iran-Contra
bank with an infamous chairman and personally recommends that the bank lend
Barbouti money.
What Barbouti didn’t know, however, but what found out later on, is that Warner
was paying Jeb commission fees for steering loans to him.
That’s why Jeb was there so strenuously recommending it. Jeb had told Warner (and
Louis was there when this was said) because Warner was concerned about the
chemicals that were involved and all the various licenses necessary for chemicals.
Jeb told Marvin not to worry because the good doctor had a very special relationship
with Washington — and that there was no problem in transporting these materials or
anything else.
Warner knew exactly what Jeb meant because, of course.
Warner and Jeb were pretty tight.
Great American Bank and Trust, after all, financed a lot of Bush Codina property
deals that fell apart later on. That didn’t make any difference to anybody. It was just
the taxpayers that had to eat it at the end.

No one cares about them, certainly not Jeb Bush.
Lord knows, his deals cost the taxpayers enough money.
I think the estimate was $156-157 million. That’s from one of the congressional
estimates at the time.
But no one cares about that, least of all Jeb.
Anyway, that’s why Jeb has a continuing problem with these guys, Louis Champlaign
and Dennis Raditsky and Marty Greenberg. These guys weren’t big players.
One reason I spend a lot of time is because this is a good example of how little guys
get liquidated as time goes by.
These are the little guys that only have a very few pieces of the puzzle. But these
pieces of the puzzle continue to be quite germane, particularly when the limelight that
swirls around all the time on the latest scandal, which is invariably connected in some
fashion to the scandal before that, which in turn is invariably connected to the scandal
before that, and so forth under the guise that the names and the faces don’t change.
You take out these little pieces of the puzzle and suddenly it gets harder to put
together the bigger pieces of the puzzle.
It’s unfortunate about guys like this because these guys were nowhere near my level.
We’re talking about guys who were eighth or ninth string on a one to ten.
But unfortunately, they have a few pieces of the puzzle that could severely embarrass
Jeb Bush by bringing up and doing something that Jeb does not want to do if the
Chinese limelight gets a little too close to him.
He doesn’t want the past brought up in his face — his own Iran-Contra past — because
then we start to see the same names and connections that will connect him to Chinese
money 15 years later.
There are still many in the media who don’t like Jeb — particularly in the major
Florida media — the Miami Herald, for instance, and the West Palm Beach Post and the
Tampa Tribune.
There are many that don’t like him and would love to throw up the past in his face
again at the first opportunity.
Jeb certainly knows this, so we come full circle to me sitting here in hiding, for God
knows the hundredth time since the day after Thanksgiving 1986.
The pressure is relentless. It never ends.
People like me are always monitored, particularly people like me on the fourth string.
It shows that the fourth-stringers like us have not been forgotten. and we are never
forgotten, particularly when the limelight of the most recent scandal threatens to
illuminate one’s past and somebody’s got something to hide, or somebody that’s got a

career and a pension, or any ill-gotten offshore account to protect or whatever.
Suddenly people like me become quite inconvenient again.
And we are put through a never-ending cycle of harassment, intimidation, pressure,
and surveillance.
Yes, it’s not constant. It’s intermittent.
And we always know when it’s coming.
All you have to do is watch the news, and we can tell when it’s coming. We know
what we know, and we know the minute someone that we know something about from
the past starts to seep into the media a little bit, then a few words, a few connections,
and suddenly people like us are put under the gun once again.
And this never ends.
The only way this ends for me, for someone in my position as a fourth-string player,
frankly, is to write a book and see it published. I don’t really care how many copies it
sells, but to see it published, and with the media I can garner, I can stand up there with
this book and say, “This is Al Martin’s story.”
And the people have the right to know.
The people should know my story, what I have done in the last twenty years, or what
I did the first ten years for our government — all of which, of course, was illegal, covert,
surreptitious or illicit, and what happened to me the ten years thereafter during the
ensuing coverups.
It would be an eye-opener for all those that think the government is just lovely and
doesn’t do these things and just follows the rules and treats everyone wonderfully.
The truth has got to be told about me, I think, not only for my long-term survival, but
for the edification of the people.
And certainly, my book would sell. The reason why my book would sell where
others’ might not is not only because of my name, but the fact that my book is not
exclusively an Iran-Contra book.
My book is my entire experience, my life, what I’ve done with Uncle Sam and those in
the immediate shadows.
Therefore, it’s not exclusively an Iran-Contra story.
That’s been the problem in the past with me. I tend to get pigeonholed as an Iran-
Contra player and that’s it.
People tend to forget that I was also involved in the subsequent Iraqgate scandal, that
I had a relationship with BCCI and Banco Nationale Lavoro and that prior to Iran-
Contra, I was involved in illegal Dominican sugar transactions.
I was also involved in illegal transactions in Argentina to smuggle credit cards — an

operation directly fronted by the CIA at the time.
My story is a continuous story from Vietnam on. And I am in a good position to do
what many can do, but obviously wouldn’t do because they were on the right side of
the door of liability as these various conspiracies collapsed.
I can paint a continuous picture from Vietnam, from my service in Vietnam, all the
way to Iraqgate and even beyond.
I can show how Air America becomes Southern Air Transport, which then divides
into Southern Air Cross and Polar Aviation and on and on and on.
The continuous connection of the military and CIA behind it, for instance — this is just
one thing.
But there are many things I can show as a long continuous conspiracy because it’s all
the same names and the same people.
I worked with the same people literally from 1972 to 1986. It’s all the same people.
And then, when I got back into the things briefly in the late eighties and early
nineties, again, it was the same people doing the same thing — transporting illegal
weapons with the government’s approval, or importing cocaine, or laundering money
or whatever.
I think it may become obvious that I have a tone of exasperation in my voice.
I always do when I’m in hiding.
I think to myself, I’m definitely getting too old.
That Iran-Contra is passe is so wrong. But that notion in the media hurts people like
me because we don’t have the same ability to elicit media coverage we once had, yet we
face the same pressures that we’ve always faced during the coverup phase of Iran-
Iran-Contra is not dead.
There’s still congressional hearings about it to this day, as we’ve mentioned recently.
Unfortunately, every time I am in hiding, I think I get a bee in my bonnet to talk a lot
and to try to make a push to complete the book because I see it as really the only way of
my long-term protection.
Otherwise, the rest of my life is going to be the same — intermittent harassment,
intermittent hiding and pressure.
This will never end until the last son of a bitch that I know something about, that’s got
something to hide is out of the government.
Since a lot of these guys were my age, or in some cases even younger, it’s likely to last
the rest of my life.
And people want to say, the naive will say, “Well, so what what Jeb did fifteen years

ago? You know, yeah, he ripped off Broward Federal Savings and Loan for $4 million.
Who cares about that shit now?”
The reason why people would care (not necessarily that they do care now) is when
people like me come along and connect the dots.
And suddenly we start to get a little media attention, particularly at the same time
that the limelight of a new scandal which relates to the past is shining around the
individual in question who has something to hide.
That’s why the past is still pertinent today because things do not change.
The players do not change.
The government acquiescence does not change.
On a more personal note, it is days like this when I am in hiding, particularly the
nights when you can’t sleep, when the faces come back to you from the past — all those
you’ve known who have been murdered.
Sure, it didn’t come out and say they were murdered.
They died in swimming accidents.
They committed suicide.
They died of natural causes.
But no one’s being fooled by that. Not even anyone in the media was ever fooled by
Deaths of convenience.
I think of the faces of all of the men I’ve know that have died so very conveniently
within a few days of going before a congressional committee.
Within a few days of testifying in an Iran-Contra-connected civil or criminal suit.
Within a few days of meeting with a reporter or a congressman.
It is all so very convenient. And it’s the nights, when you’re under pressure, and you
know the knock could come at the door at any minute, as it comes for everyone like me.
The knock at the door eventually you know will come.
Because eventually the pressure and harassment will turn into an outright
Because it will become cheaper to have me eliminated than it would to have me
surveiled, harassed, pressured, intimidated, which actually the people who do that
have to devote more resources.
Termination is cheaper.
One bullet. One time. And that’s it.
And the only reason I am still alive as many reporters, friends of mine, my own
attorney often says, is that I’m still just a little too well known.

It’s called the conundrum of being on the fourth string.
You’re just a little too well known.
You’ve submitted just one too many depositions or interrogatories or affidavits to
congressional committees.
You’ve given just a little too much testimony in a variety of Iran-Contra or Iraqgate,
whatever-connected, civil or criminal suits, to which records are still public.
Your name has appeared in print just a little too often.
There’s still just enough guys around in the mainstream media that like you so if
something happened to me, there’d be questions raised. Probably even some new
articles written and all the names and dates would all be connected from the past again.
That’s what keeps me alive.
I doubt it will do so forever.
I have to take the offensive and the only way I can do that is by getting my story out
and then getting myself under the proverbial rock for awhile. Which is the way others
have done it.
All this takes a pretty common theme. Just as I know what’s going to happen to me, I
know I’m going to be harassed, intimidated, pressured. I know the routine that takes.
I’ve been through it before.
I also conversely know what I have to do to defend myself against it in the future. All
of this is play.
This game, surprisingly enough, between those who are charged with maintaining a
coverup and those who would potentially expose that coverup — the game is played by
a certain set of rules in a way.
You know that when the limelight shines the right direction, you’re going to get
pressured, harassed and intimidated.
You’re going to get thrown in jail for thirty or forty-five days on uncountable
You might be declared persona non grata quietly and forced out of the country. But
this is the way the game is played.
And then you retaliate by going to the media again, by rattling the cage again, by
going to your friends in Congress again, which in turn forces the response for those
who are charged with maintaining a coverup.
It’s a never-ending circle. Because people like me simply want to get on with the rest
of our lives.
We have to have the financial resources to do that. The only way those resources can
come is by what we know. By marketing what we know.

That’s the way everyone does it, and those who are charged with maintaining
coverup or those who would attempt to discredit us and prevent us from garnering
those financial resources just to live quietly. Because if we — those who could threaten
the coverup — all had the ability to do that, we’d have a tremendous upper hand.
Because we couldn’t be controlled financially. We could sit out there and say, “We
have enough resources to live quietly the rest of our lives.”
So the information we get, our information, what we know now becomes our own
sword of Damocles that we control and not someone else controls us because they can
control us financially by preventing us from earning a living.
Anyway, I’m dwelling on this point, and elaborating on it in great detail because I
want this to be not only a book about information, but about one man’s life, one man’s
It’s not simply a dry nonfiction book full of names and dates and places and bank
account numbers and who did what.
Those kind of books, nonfiction books which have been written that way vis-a-vis
Iran-Contra have never sold.
And the reason they’ve never sold is because they’ve been such dry reading.
They’ve really been like a journal of factual account. That’s not what people want.
They want to read a story that is interesting with a character they can sympathize with.
They might not be able to sympathize with me in the beginning, but at least I can say
I did so to help my country, which was the truth. And to line my own pockets. But so
did everybody else.
In terms of what happened to me afterwards, I can elicit the readers’ sympathy and
certainly it is a story that will maintain the readers’ interest because it’s full of
everything that people like.
It’s full of spies, sex, intrigue, and large amounts of money. All that we like to read.
This is just going to be in an autobiographical form of my life, full of near misses and
chases and long walks off of short piers, and multi-million dollar sums of money in
briefcases and voluptuous blonde-haired, blue-eyed women in hotel suites, and Lear
jets. That’s what my story is about.
And I think it’s a story that the public will be interested in reading. It’s a story that
they should know. Because interwoven in this story will be literally, although it will be
done subliminally, “Here’s the way it all works.” Because look what happened to me.
And there’s a regular routine. I’m harassed, and I’m pressured.
The guy next to me is liquidated, but that’s the way it goes to maintain a coverup.
This book is about conspiracy and coverup woven into the story of my life.

I hope I’ve gotten my point across so I’ve got to get back to downing more Rolaids
and taking more Tagamet and nervously looking out the window, looking for the car
and waiting for the knock on the door.
However, I do have a home shredder and to end this on a humorous note, I can take
solace in the words of George Bush, Sr., who once said, “The greatest reliever of stress
is shredding documents.”
19. Government Fraud, Corporate Fraud and More Fraud
Now I’d like to fill in some of the gaps regarding fraud and weapons and narcotics.
To present this information, I will draw from summaries of my own files, logs, notes,
tape recordings, surveillance photographs, journals, as well as very hard to find court
transcripts and other court submissions that have been made in the past in relevant
cases I worked on.
In my fraud files, I have a summary I labeled a “Master Iran-Contra Fraud File,”
which includes all substantive frauds committed between 1983 and 1991 during the
Iran-Contra and the post-Iran-Contra environment,

In this file, which includes 543 names, I have detailed and broken down the fraud
into various categories. These categories include real estate fraud, oil and gas fraud,
gold bullion fraud, bank fraud of many different varieties, securities fraud — all the
way down to charitable contribution fraud, brokerage fraud, i.e. aircraft and luxury
yacht brokerage fraud and diversion schemes.
This is all under the Iran-Contra banner.
Some of the significant names you will find as principals in these frauds include, but
not limited to, George Bush, Sr., George Bush, Jr., Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, and George
Bush Sr.’s daughter, Dorothy Bush’s husband who is Jimmy Le Blonde, Jr.
His father is the famous Colonel Jimmy Le Blonde of Air America and Iran-Contra
By the way, Col. Le Blonde held a congressional record for invoking the phrase, “I
don’t recall,” 117 times, when he was asked questions about Southern Air Transport’s
involvement in Iran-Contra cocaine and weapons trafficking.
Anyway, those are some names at the top.
Other names include former Frank Carlucci, former Assistant Secretary of State,
Elliott Abrams, former Assistant Secretary of State, Bernard Aronson, former Under-
Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger, and former Assistant Secretary of State,
Richard Armitage.
Involved in fraud on the CIA side of the ledger, the list would include former Deputy
Director of Operations, Clair George, Assistant Deputy Directory of Operations, Allan
Fiers, a variety of station chiefs there’s no sense in going into at this point, and CIA
Internal sub-Director, Dewey Clarridge.
On the military side, I have divided the “scamscateers” into both active and retired.
The retired group is quite substantial. In the fraud file, there are names like, but not
limited to, Maj. Gen. Richard Vernon Secord, Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, Brig. General
Harry C. Aderholt, Col. Sam Dutton, Col. Richard Gadd, Col. Robert Steele, Lt. Col.
Jack Terrell, Lt. Col. Duke Rome, Maj. John N. Piowatty.
You may remember Piowatty, of course, in his connection with Southern Air
Transport in the testimony he was forced to give in the 1990 Hasenfus civil case, and
some of the articles that were written about him in the Wall Street Journal.
The officers I just mentioned were all retired, and of course, are notorious Iran-Contra
figures. They often however are just placed into their involvement with Southern Air
Transport and its subsidiaries with regards to the trafficking of weapons and cocaine
and the liaison facility these men provided between the NSC and the CIA, vis-a-vis the
Honduran armed forces, the El Salvadoran Air Force, the Colombian and Venezuelan

Air Forces, etc.
They are seldom looked at in the context of fraud which they were involved in to line
their own pockets.
This was fraud committed under the banner of Iran-Contra and fraud for which they
were never prosecuted.
In these frauds, you’ll see very often there are companion links to other corporations
controlled by one of the Bushes. That is the common link that runs throughout these
frauds. This is particularly true in real estate, oil and gas, banking and securities fraud.
Some of the more minor frauds that were committed — the gold bullion and the
charitable donations frauds — those were undertaken directly by Gen. Singlaub, who is
quite notorious for those type of frauds.
In terms of active military officers participating in Iran-Contra fraud, they would also
include Lt. Gen. John Gavin and Lt. Gen. Michael Collins.
Also included in the notable list of retired officers in Iran-Contra fraud are Adm.
Elmo Zumwalt and Adm. C. Garrett Henderson, former Deputy Chief of the Office of
Naval Intelligence.
In the real estate fraud, which is the most extensive of the files, segmented into
regions, I have also linked all the real estate fraud and cross-referenced it with the
banks that were involved, which were of course all Iran-Contra friendly banks.
Otherwise the fraud would not have worked.
I have cross-referenced these frauds insofar as eighty percent of them involve so called
busted out HUD property, or so-called busted out bank deals that had been
previously been syndicated and broke down for one reason or another.
That was the most common underlying theme in these real estate frauds.
My former associate Larry Hamil’s recent activity — his most recent fraud was the $11
million fraud he committed in the State of Florida which also involved busted out HUD
But the schemes literally continue to this day, although not to the monetary extent
they once did.
The only reason is because there isn’t the availability of busted out property deals like
there once was.
And, of course, HUD is under significantly more scrutiny than it ever was before. Or
else, if the property was available, these frauds would reach the same magnitude they
did in the mid-eighties during the Iran-Contra period.
There are two real estate frauds I haven’t mentioned — two out of the many in my file
of about 137 major frauds.

You have to understand I didn’t make records at the time of every nickel-and-dime
$10 and $20 million fraud. It just wasn’t possible.
In my personal logs at the time — based on my own business affairs and my
interaction with others, particularly selling these fraudulent products, I used the cut-off
line of $100 million in the real estate fraud category.
Another larger frauds I think is worth mentioning is the Phoenix Development Fraud,
which involved a combination of busted out HUD property and busted out Lincoln
Savings and Loan property.
It got lapped up into a limited partnership and resyndicated by the general partners,
including Gen. Secord, Gen. Singlaub, Col. Gadd, Col. Dutton, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush,
Walter Bush, the then-Vice President’s nephew, Prescott Bush, the then-Vice President’s
older brother, and Prescott’s son.
Prescott himself became one of the problems in this fraud later on.
But it involved busted out HUD property bought surreptitiously through loans at
Lincoln Savings and Loan for anywhere between ten and twenty cents on the dollar.
These were very expensive residential developments in Phoenix, wherein Lincoln
Savings and Loan had a collateral guarantee against the original loans used in the HUD
It also provided bridge financing to build the developments. Lincoln Savings and
Loan finally sells out to this partnership at about seventeen cents on the dollar and
simply writes the rest off.
What was not commonly known is that Lincoln Savings and Loan through another
loan to Stanford Technologies Overseas, Ltd. actually provided the capital to purchase
the property from Lincoln Savings and Loan at an eighty-three cents on the dollar loss.
Ultimately, the loan itself by Stanford Technologies, a $17 million bridge loan, was
also defaulted on.
Stanford Technologies’ two principals were Oliver North and Richard Secord —
Secord, being the primary principal. Ollie was just a director of Stanford Technologies
Overseas, Ltd., but this is one of the few links.
To link Ollie North into fraud, to get him away from the narcotics and the weapons
and to link him into fraud — the best way is to link him through Stanford Technologies
Overseas, Ltd., or Intercontinental Industries, S.A. of San Jose, Costa Rica, in which he
was the principal and Richard Secord was the director.
These two are the most common ones. Lots of times, Intercontinental would front as
a money-laundering organization for disguised loans from other Iran-Contra
sympathetic banks in the Caribbean.

A good example of which would include the Banco de Popular, more specifically the
Santa Domingo branch.
But Intercontinental Industries would launder proceeds from what were essentially
illicit loans back to Stanford Technologies, who would in turn direct these proceeds by
purchasing interest in fraudulent real estate limited partnerships, to wit the Phoenix
Group Development.
Another example would be a large fraud like The Boulder Property, Ltd. series of
limited partnerships, in which Neil Bush, Bill Walters and Ken Good were all general
partners in the deal.
The only difference in that deal was that the principal financing came from
Silverado Savings and Loan.
The underlying property bought very cheaply had originally been HUD property
bought by MDC Holdings Corp. of Denver.
This gets into the Denver cast of characters — Phil Winn, Steve Mizel, Larry Mizel
and Leonard Millman, Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb ex-on-law.
Leonard Millman is the principal of MDC Holding Group, (MDC-NYSE).
There is a tremendous interlinkage in this MDC Holding Group fraud through MDC’s
subsidiary, M&L Industries, Inc aka M%L Business Machines Company, which in recent years
has been indicted several times.
Its principal, Robert Joseph, is currently in the Englewood Federal Penitentiary as a matter
of fact. He was offered a deal — if he would admit what Millman, Mizel and Winn’s
involvement was and how they profited by it. But he refused to talk and received about
a seventeen year sentence.
It’s quite humorous, that in the Phoenix Development Fraud, one of the consequences
was that Gen. Secord, Gen. Singlaub, and George Bush all wind up owning homes
together on the same cul-de-sac in Phoenix near the country club — for which they paid
These homes are appraised between $400,000 and $800,000.
And it cost them absolutely nothing.
Further up the street, Col. Jack Terrell has a home and this fraud is really blatant. But
people have tried to look at it in the past, and they’ve been hit with a blizzard of
If you weren’t there from the beginning and weren’t involved from the beginning as I
was, it’s tough to connect all the dots because there’s so many of them.
But George Bush, Sr. would invariably be given a piece of everything, of every fraud
that was done, because he was at the very top of the pyramid, and much of this fraud
could not have been committed without either his protection or his influence.
So he winds up with this house on a certain cul-de-sac in the Riverdale development

of this Phoenix project.
Although naturally it’s not held in his own name, it’s held by an entity known as PHB
Trust, Ltd.
The PHB stands for Prescott Herbert Bush, Sr. who is George Bush, Sr.’s father.
The way these real estate frauds work was all inside a neat circle.
For instance, the limited partnerships themselves were marketed by J. Walter Bush
Securities in Phoenix, which had a rent-free office in the Lincoln Savings and Loan
J. Walter Bush is George Bush’s nephew.
In turn, another entity that would raise money for these deals was Prescott Herbert
Bush, Jr. Investment Banking Firm of New York.
The frauds were all kept in a very small circle — MDC Corporation in Denver
aka M.D.C. Holding, Inc (MDC-NYSE), which
is a publicly listed company and still trades on the American Stock Exchange .
Through their National Brokerage Group subsidiary, they would then raise money
for the same deals.
Then National Brokerage Group winds up buying an interest in another firm (at one
time the largest penny stock firm in the United States) Meyer Blinder, which later
became Blinder Robinson before it was closed down.
In turn, MDC owned pieces of penny stock houses throughout Denver — Balfour
McClain, Atlantis Securities, Singer Island Securities. The list goes on and on, and you
will see that most of these corporations in turn had offices in Florida, Nevada, and
Texas — states where security regulations were rather lax.
Also these were states where there was a lot of Iran-Contra control features because
you had state governments that were very loyal to George Bush.
Consequently the ability to control liability within the various state securities or state
bank examiner’s offices was really remarkable.
The reason these frauds were able to operate for so long — in some cases, some are
still extant and operating fifteen years later — and rather discreetly is because no
individual investors’ money was ever used.
There wasn’t a series of warm bodies that bought one hundred thousand dollars
worth of these partnerships that got burnt.
The people who ultimately got burned were banks and securities firms, and, of
course, by extension, the American taxpayer who had to bail them out.
Another individual who was involved that you don’t often connect with Iran-Contra
fraud was Malcolm Forbes and his son, Steve Forbes.
I have extensive information on one of the direct frauds they actually postulated — the

Forbes River Development deal in the Ozarks, financed by Twin Cities Bank of North
Little Rock, Arkansas.
Again, Twin Cities comes to the fore.
Bridge loans were provided by another renowned Iran-Contra friendly bank, Beach
Federal of Kingsville, Texas.
That was an out and out fraud, and that deal did get busted out. Unfortunately,
Forbes had to come up with money out of his own pocket to hush everything up. He
wasn’t very good at it. He was the only guy I ever knew that went into fraud to make
money, and it wound up costing him more money in the end.
But I have all the original information on that deal. It was very slick and glossy. It
was well done, and it would have been a good fraud had Forbes actually known how
to turn it into a fraud.
But that’s what you get when you have that idiot, Jonathan Flake, in charge.
Flake is the former president of Twin Cities Bank of North Little Rock who was
subsequently indicted recently named in civil actions filed against the bank by
Congressman Alexander.
Alexander got whacked out of $3 million from that Boulder Property Limited series
of partnerships which Twin Cities Bank of North Little Rock cosyndicated and acted as
a sales manager in Arkansas.
These were the Boulder Property, Ltd. Partnership Series Six and Seven which got
used for a very sinister purpose.
The purpose was to specifically defraud certain targeted individuals. and those
individuals were hostile congressional Democrats. This has been mentioned before.
They were offered lucrative deals, no cash down, all recourse notes that had
tremendous tax leverage and so forth, that these guys literally couldn’t resist.
The people who got hurt in these deals were Steve Solarz of New York, Congressman
Dellums of California, Senator Boren of Oklahoma, Congressman Alexander of
Arkansas, Congressman Hughes of Ohio, Senator Chuck Shumer of New York,
— and on and on and on.
Look who got hurt. They were all leading congressional Democrats who were
banging the drum about Iran-Contra.
This was a way to control them.
And, boy, did it ever control them because it bankrupted every one of them. All of
these congressmen got suckered in.
It was the classic bait and switch. They were all offered small investments which they
made out of their own pocket — usually $20,000 to $30,000 in various real estate

They were bogus pyramid schemes, but designed so that these guys would get their
money back and show a huge profit.
Then they wuld be very susceptible to signing up into a much more major fraud later
on. That’s the routine that was used.
In Alexander’s case, he was offered a partnership interest in Marine Research and
Development Corporation in Boca Chica, Florida, which was a division of the Boca
Chica Development Corporation, Ltd. whose principal was Jeb Bush.
Another point that can be made through close scrutiny of Iran-Contra fraud is to link
seemingly minor players into major players.
For instance, if you wanted to link George Bush, Sr. directly into Iran-Contra fraud (I
mean, his name on a piece of paper), then the corporation at the top you’re going to be
looking at is, of course, Lone Star Corporation.
That’s Lone Star Development, Lone Star Cement, Lone Star Trucking. It’s a publicly
listed firm, in which Bush was a substantial shareholder, as well as a director at one
Lone Star has been mentioned many times vis-a-vis Iran-Contra fraud, the
transportation of narcotics and weapons, Lone Star Cement’s involvement, and other
real estate frauds, etc.
The one deal that links him directly is to start with M&L Industries aka
M&L Business Machines Company in Denver and go through Brodix Manufacturing in Mena, Arkansas.
You may remember Brodix Manufacturing as one of the deals set up by the infamous
Mena player Freddie Lee Hampton and Hubbell’s father-in-law, Seth Ward.
Brodix received letters of credit from Madison Guaranty, which in turn were
hypothecated to Lone Star for a bogus real estate development outside Paris, Texas,
which in turn is rehypothecated to the Victoria National Bank in Texas and so on.
If you put it all in front of you, you can see how George Bush directly profited from
this fraud. It gives you tremendous ideas about where to go vis-a-vis George Bush,
Sr.’s connection with Lone Star.
Lone Star is also the starting point to connect George Bush, Sr. into fraudulent
transactions with E-Systems Corporation of Dallas, Texas.
Another fraud (not specifically real estate, although it was partially a real estate
fraud) was the medical equipment fraud that links George Bush, Jr. directly into illegal
Iran-Contra profiteering — the International Medical Corporation (IMC) deal in Miami,
It was the infamous Miguel Recarey who was the head of IMC. Jeb Bush was a
director of the corporation and a major investor in it through the $4 million he
borrowed — and later defaulted on — from Broward Savings and Loan.

Jeb was pretty crafty though in trying to cover his ass in that fraud by forming that
shell corporation in the Bahamas and having Col. Duke Rome and Col. Lanny Thorme
head that shell corporation, International Medical Overseas, Ltd.
That’s how Jeb siphoned money out of IMC and consequently out of Health and
Human Services. You see IMC got most of its money from HHC in fraudulent billing
through all of its clinics in Little Havana and so on.
When that deal fell apart, Thorme got nailed, but Thorme would never talk. He was
one of those guys who was going to swing in the wind.
Jeb Bush’s two bagmen and gofers, Manny Diaz and Manny Perez, were prepared to
talk about the deal and, in fact, they had made arrangements to talk to Jeff Goldstein of
the Kerry Commission.
Unfortunately, Manny Diaz died in an unusual car accident before he could be
Perez also unfortunately died in his swimming pool before he could be deposed.
You may just remember the names Diaz and Perez. Sydney Freedberg did quite a bit
on them at the Wall Street Journal.
They were Jeb’s bagmen vis-a-vis Jeb’s dealings with Eagle National Bank in Miami.
People in the media often ask me to give them examples of frauds that began in Iran-
Contra and continue to this day, albeit under different names.
It’s essentially the same fraud and the same cast of characters.
The examples I always give (about which I have substantive information, since I was
involved in all three of the original frauds and also involved in marketing some of the
partnerships for the secondary fraud) are the Ocean Reef Development Group, Ltd., the
Omni Development Group, Ltd., and the Tri-Lateral Investment Group, Ltd.
Who were the common players who are links between all three deals during Iran-

For instance, I have not heard on any news broadcast anywhere that Johnny Chung is
a former officer in the People’s Army.
I have not heard anywhere that Trie, actually more interestingly, is Vietnamese.
Charlie Trie is billed as a nickel-and-dime Little Rock restauranteur, but his real name
is Trang Qua Trie. He’s a former captain of the Communist North Vietnamese army
during the war. His father, Trang Wa Trie, was a general in the North Vietnamese
As a matter of fact, during the war, Trie acted in a liaison capacity with the People’s
Army, pursuant to the supplication of Chinese weapons for the North Vietnamese
during the war.
And yet, Charlie Trie gets billed as a “little restauranteur.”
I have consistently said this to Fox News, which is on the cutting edge of this, and
Matt Drudge in particular, that some effort should be made to actually investigate who
in the hell these people are and how they’re all connected to each other in the past.
If somebody would do that, it would be much easier to put together a broader picture
of this Chinese Connection — how long it’s been going on, how many people are
involved, and approximately what weapons systems and technologies have been
transferred because of it.
How much money has been brought into the United States and gone into U.S.
political coffers?
The first step in ascertaining this is to find out who this cast of characters is — who
they were in the past, how they interrelate, and their connections to people in the
It’s like we say “Iran-Contra.”
“Iran-Contra” activity continues to go on today. In some cases, it’s the very same
names and faces. In other cases, it’s a newer, younger generation of names and faces.
But the narcotics, weapons and fraud aspects still continue to this day.
The same facilities are used now that were used then. It is no different with the
Chinese Connection.
As always, it’s the little things that get overlooked.
* The fact that Charlie Trie’s restaurant in Little Rock is actually in the Worthen Bank

* The fact that Bill Clinton and Charlie Trie have eaten at his restaurant together with
Johnny Chung many times.
* The fact that Trie, Chung, Clinton and James Riady, Jr. have all eaten dinner before
at Trie’s restaurant in Little Rock.
If you continue connecting the dots higher and higher, it is these little things that give
you much better clues as to the reasons behind what is going on today, and how some
of the connections are made.
This so-called Chinese Connection Scandal will grow into a major scandal. There are
many more revelations to come.
We are not to the point where somebody has come to me and asked me to piece it all
together on a six by nine foot chart for use in a court room.
But that will come.
Somebody will come to me eventually, particularly when this scandal gets to the
point that the designated bag of scapegoats start to get indicted and prosecuted.
It reminds me of the six by nine foot graph I did for Noriega’s counsels in 1989.
We are already getting to what I call the “silly stage” in these scandals. They all have
their own life, and we’re now at the “silly stage.” The bumbling stage.
Some of it’s actually humorous. For instance, when the FBI had Chung and Trie
under surveillance and they saw them walking out of the National Bank of China’s
agency office in Washington with briefcases that they could hardly carry.
FBI Director Louis Freeh was subsequently asked why the FBI didn’t stop these guys
to find out what was in the attache cases that they were taking out of the bank.
And Freeh said, “Oh, well. We didn’t have any probable cause because we weren’t
certain what might be in the attache cases that they had just come out of the bank with.”
And Matt Drudge immediately responded by saying, “Well, Mr. Director, don’t you
mean that you didn’t want to know what was in the briefcases?”
This embarrassed Freeh.
But this is the silly stage.
We’ll get past this, and there will be more revelations to come. Anyway, this was only
meant to explain who some of these characters were, and some of the humorous and
salient revelations that have occurred so far.
In the future I will do a fuller revelation. I have pulled up, as it were, all my Chinese
files, which admittedly are scant.
I really didn’t have many dealings with them in the 1980s. But I do, as always, have
the ability to find out more.
I can’t do a fuller revelation until such times as I am engaged either individually, in

concert with Steve Dinerstein or in concert with others to mount a more thorough
investigation, at which time I will probably connect the dots even more.
Certainly, the revelations yet to come in this so-called Chinese Connection Scandal
will tend to broaden the scandal out as these scandals tend to get broadened out. In the
new series of revelations that are coming, we’ll begin to connect the Chinese to the
Israelis to the Germans to the Russians in terms of arms shipping, who the ultimate
recipients are, and how the United States seems to turn a blind eye to all of this.
This will come and there will be a fuller definition and a broadening of the scandal.
The Chinese Connection will not be looked at so narrowly as it is now. And maybe at
some point, the American people will begin to get the idea of just how big of a cabal
this deal actually is — how things work, what happens, and what are the motives
behind it.
That is certainly, I believe, the direction that this thing is going. I’m aware of some of
the revelations yet to come. And I think this is a good and healthy thing, so that the
people can see for themselves just how deep and old these conspiracies are.
26. ONI, CZX and Orpheus
I wanted to mention the awesome power of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).
When I have been interviewed for newspaper or magazine articles on Iran-Contra,

people have always asked me, ”Where does the real power lay?”
And of course, everyone’s first answer would be the CIA, the DIA, the NSA.
And I would always say no. The real power is in the ONI. It always has been. They
virtually have god-like power.
Their mechanism to control liability is absolutely unparalleled.
And this has been a subject which has not been discussed much in Iran-Contra.
Certainly pieces have been written on ONI’s involvement in Iran-Contra, particularly in
the area of weapons and narcotics trafficking.
There have been 4,500 articles written about Iran-Contra in all publications from the
Frankfurter Algemeine to the Tokyo Asahi Shimbun. But there have only been six
articles that go into any detail in terms of ONI’s involvement in Iran-Contra.
I would like to discuss that, although it is diverging a little bit.
Most of the ONI operations are in the west — and always have been. It is generally
well known that they control their air facilities out of Medley, Oregon in that little air
strip that used to be called “Mena of the West.”
ONI’s principal controlled cut-out was Evergreen Airlines.
One of the very few people to stay on Evergreen Airlines in an investigative capacity
was Major Gary Atel, United States Army Major, Retired, who has testified before
congressional committees investigating Iran-Contra.
I know Gary very well. I’ve bought information from him in the past, and he has
purchased information from me.
He has a continuing civil action on behalf of the United States people against the
now-bankrupt Evergreen Airlines, which is very revealing.
Unfortunately, Gary has been persona non grata in the major media for some time.
He wasn’t so in the beginning, but he is now.
Part of it is due to the ONI’s ability to intimidate. Their power is such that the largest
media organization is frightened of them.
The group of admirals I was familiar with at the time included Admiral Henderson,
Admiral Pauley, and Admiral Collins in connection with Retired Admiral Elmo
Zumwalt. They were all mostly retired ONI admirals, or in some cases still active but
they constituted a group known as the “Goal Oversight Development,” which was the
name of their group — the initials GOD, which I think they did out of some humor.
But their powers are virtually god-like — their ability to assassinate people, to make
people disappear, to make documents and entire files disappear anywhere, anytime,
and their ability to corrupt judicial proceedings.
It is simply enormous.




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