France Catches Terror Cell involved in Paris attack


Exclusive November 16, 2015 218pm cst
By Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan

Above US Senator John McCain speaking at the Terrorist Cell known as the Turkish American Council tied to the World Trade Center attacks on 09-11-2001. McCain takes orders from the head of the Jewish Mob world wide Bank Bail out Scamster Larry Mizel of Denver, Colorado.  Mizel runs MDC Holdings, Inc. MDC-NYSE the parent company of the defunct Silverado Savings and Loan were Neil Bush was a Director laundering Iran Contra Drug Money. Larry Mizel and Norman Brownstein control Great West Life the parent company of HSBC Bank who launders money for ISIS Financing. Both Larry Mizel and Norman Brownstein are AIPAC Directors and Directors of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Norman Brownstein served as one of the six CIA Council to George HW Bush when he was CIA Director in the 1970s.  Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton Attorney James M. Lyons served on the Board of Directors of MDC Holding, Inc. (MDC-NYSE) during the 1980-1990s time frame. Fidelity Insurance company of Denver Colorado paid Bill Clinton’s legal fees during Clinton’s Impeachment. AIPAC Director and Attorney Norman Brownstien served on the Board of Directors of Fidelity at the time.

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I can now be reported that arrests have been made by French agents of an Cell in Istanbul, Turkey tied to ISIS and the U.S.-Israeli Mossad controlled American-Turkish Council headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey that were instrumental in the attacks in Paris on Friday.
Intelligence has further confirmed that the Turkish American Council has been involved in the sale of Black Market Passports along with Turkish Government Officials who are on the take.
We can now also report that command and control for the terrorist attacks in Paris, France last Friday was the U.S.-Israeli Mossad controlled American-Turkish Council headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Time Is Now the Match is Hot!
November 15, 2015
By Tom Heneghan
We can now also report that command and control for the terrorist attacks in Paris, France last Friday was the U.S.-Israeli Mossad controlled American-Turkish Council headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.
Command and control was also headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the headquarters for the NAZI German Bush P2 Adamus Group 9/11 Kurt Becker cell.
I have confirmed this with former FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds.
As of this hour the Republic of France has declared “Code Jena” target Hamburg, Germany.
We can also divulge that the FBI is sitting on new email evidence in which current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton corresponds with Dick Cheney’s daughter in regards to fundraising activity tied to the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the Clinton Foundation, and the Cheney owned Halliburton Corporation.
Clinton appealing to US war hawks
FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds has also revealed to me that then U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton of New York received the same 36 pre-9/11 warnings of a spectacular imminent attack on the United States that former year 2000 illegal White House occupant George W. Bush FRAUD and his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice received pre-9/11.
Reference: The pre-9/11 French Intelligence warning “the time is now the match is hot”.
New email evidence has also surfaced in which Hillary discusses with Sydney Blumenthal how joyful she was after the 9/11 attack because it was beneficial to her political goals, which was:
1. Finally legitimize Bush FRAUD as president
2. Eliminate duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. from the political equation.
3. Open the door for Hillary and her future presidential runs post Bush FRAUD.
In closing, at this hour, let the word go out.

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