Google Breaks Own Rules and Steals Ad Money From Popular Alternative Media Website

Google Breaks Own Rules and Steals Ad Money From Popular Alternative Media Website


Glenn Canady

The Google employees that are in charge of Project Nsearch’s youtube account have recently taken a page directly out of the Dr. Evil playbook and have begun illegally stealing advertising money from material that Project Nsearch owns!

Google’s website, Youtube always tells you that as long as you create your own material that you’ll never have a problem when it comes to copyright issues!    So then why has Google broken it’s own rules and stolen ad revenue from the Project Nsearch youtube account when they obviously know that Project Nsearch has the right to advertise on our own material?

Is this a petty attempt to take money away from one of millions of alternative media websites that tell the truth as best we can while the mainstream media is paid to lie and spin to the American people?

It all began about several weeks ago when I got a message from Google that told me that they were basically going to steal all my ad revenue forever for our very popular John Lear and Stew Webb interview because they couldn’t tell if I had the rights to advertise on it!

Here’s the Project Nsearch John Lear video they are stealing all the money on now.

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