Amanda Janusz Where is The Justice Department

By Stew Webb Your Pissed off Father and Patriotic American Federal Whistleblower

Breaking News November 16, 2010

Stew Webb’s Daughter Amanda Janusz have an illegal Life Time Restraining Order Denver Court. 

Frauds committee by Kerre Millman in 1984 a second illegal Divorce.


Frauds upon the Court by Kerre Millman.

Where is the Justice Department and Rule of Law?

Amanda Webb 2.jpg Stew Webb’s Daughter Amanda Webb aka Amanda Millman aka Amanda Janusz

Stew Webb’s Grandson he has never seen?

Tuesday November 16, 2010

I want my Daughter Amanda to know me.

She and I have that Right as adults that were illegally taken from us.

There is no Rule of Law in America…

Where is the Justice Department?, al.htm

I want to know my Daughter.

Stew Webb

Amanda’s Father

27 Years a Federal Whistleblower because of my only Daughter.

816 372 2656

WANTED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER 1984 of Amanda Webb and Stew Webb

kerremillman.gif Stew Webb’s Ex Witch Doctor: Fugitive from Justice Kerre Millman aka Kerre Smith aka Kerre Millmansmith

Kidnapping 1984

Obstruction of Justice

Frauds upon the Court

Bribery of a Justice

RICO CCE Ongoing Organized Crime Syndicate

Where is the U.S. Justice Department and Rule of Law?

Controls $50 Billion Stolen U.S. Treasury Funds, Stolen Pension Funds, Narcotics Money Laundered, Illegal Weapon Sales

See Below Wanted Treason and Sedition

Where is the U.S. Justice Department and Rule of Law?



Stew Webb information and current Court Filings with active Grand Jury case number 95-y-107 Denver Judge Richard Matsch Criminal Division being ignored why?

Obstruction of Justice.

Kerre Millman Records Always sealed under National Security why?












Grand Jury Demand July 1 2003 .html

Grand Jury Demand Aug 4 2004.html


Where is the U.S. Justice Department and Rule of Law?

Kill Stew Webb Whistleblower ex husband

DHS FBI Kansas City Assassination Attempt of Stew Webb

or Kerre Millman and Larry Mizel Murder for Hire Oct 25, 2010?



Where is the U.S. Justice Department and Rule of Law?

Leonard Millman Stalking Stew Webb 1990

Leonard Millman Stalking Stew Webb June 1990.htm

Where is the U.S. Justice Department and Rule of Law?

Leonard Millman Death Threats against Stew Webb

Leonard Millman Death Threats against Stew Webb.htm

Where is the U.S. Justice Department and Rule of Law?


Where is the U.S. Justice Department and Rule of Law?

Why were Kidnapping charges against Kerre Millman aka Kerre Smith, Leonard and Elaine Millman brought by Fired U.S Attorney Carol Lamm sealed under National Security Illegally by George W. Bush?

Why is there an illegal lifetime restraining order between Amanda and I in Denver Court Sealed for life, I Stew Webb never participated in any such actions that occurred in 1994.

Why did Dallas Divorce Judge Linda Thomas take a Bribe-Loan she never has paid back from Leonard Millman to illegally terminate Stew Webb and Amanda’s Right to a Father-Daughter Relationship in July 1985 after Kerre Millman aka Kerre Webb try to Muder Amanda in August 1984 one month after Amanda Melia Webb was Born?

Why was there an agreement August 11, 1984 that never was fulfilled between Carrollton Police, Texas Child Services were Kerre Webb agreed to a Psychiatric Evaluation within 7 days or go to Jail for attempted Murder of Amanda Melia Webb and assault with a weapon on Stew Webb. Kerre Millman Kidnapped Amanda Webb went to Leonard and Elaine Millman and Filed Divorce papers.

Why did a Texas County Judge Ashmore file a Mental Disturbance Warrant against Kerre Millman aka Kerre Webb August 12, 1984 # 84-2107 MI Warrant Texas vs Kerre Webb aka Kerre Sue Millman for attempted Murder, Kidnapping flight from agreed Psychiatric Evaluation with the State of Texas August 11, 1984?

Kerre_Millman_aka_Kerre_Smith_Audio_admits_attempted_Murder_Sept1991.wav Millman audio.wav

Suit Filed 1997


kerre_millman_occult_practicing_witch_colorado_06182010.htm Millman Stalking Stew Webb June 1990.html

Kerre Millman always tried to please the abuser Leonard and Elaine Millman,”Now my mother and father will love me because of my baby” August 1984—Kerre Webb


Leonard Millman Bible Code? Millman Bible Code.html

Where is the U.S. Justice Department?

Stew Webb (Patriotic National Security Expert)


Charges dismissed with prejudice after being held illegally as a Political Prisoner in American U.S. Custody for 10 1/2 months to silence me from the Media before the Organized Crime Syndicate bought out the Media.

Secret Documents Order of Dismissal Aug 93 92 CR 356.jpg 

Where is the U.S. Justice Department?

Secret Document June 1986 SW FBI Report Millman.jpg

Where is the U.S. Justice Department?




Recent attempted Murder of Stew Webb

President Obama has authorized CIA and military kill lists


Criminal Department of Homeland Security aka DHS FBI Division # 5 Bushes New World Order Shadow Government trying to Murder Stew Webb 4th attempt in 14 months.








BushesNaziGoonsNews.html Documents Order of Dismissal Aug 93 92 CR 356.jpg Document June 1986 SW FBI Report Millman.jpg

Millman-Bush Bank Account 100 Billion Dollar Wire Transfer to Colorado National Bank Bank Accounts Narco Frauds 911.htm

Where is the U.S. Justice Department?