Robert Pence Dirty CIA Denver FBI Ret 06152010

Breaking News Tuesday June 15, 2010

Updated June 15, 2010 pm

Robert Pence, former CIA and now FBI Division 5 out of Denver, Colorado [(303) 532-9619] has been fingered as working directly with the Israeli Mossad to coordinate domestic assassination teams on American soil.


Robert Pence Dirty CIA Denver FBI Ret 06152010

Robert Pense aka Robert Pence Criminal Felon Stalking Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

Bush-Millman-Mizel-Lindner-Clinton Crime Syndicate Stooge and Denver’s Dirty FBI

By Stew Webb


Dirty CIA Robert Pence aka Robert Pense FBI Denver Ret.

Craw back into you hole Snake.

You keep forgetting you are a non convicted Felon and criminal stalker.

As you have gotten Older is your memory shorter punk?

Tell Larry Mizel you are worthless to him in trying to neutralize me, I hear everything.


Breaking News Tuesday May 18, 2010

Daddy Bush calls Larry Mizel Heat!

It can now be reported George H.W. Bush went in to his raging tan drums today and stated:

“Heneghan and Webb are Dangerous Men they keep exposing what we do”

Bush further stated:

“Mizel is HEAT, he’s too Greedy, he’s one of those Greedy Jews”


You Pence aka Pense were the Bastar_ who made me a Political Prisoner for 10 ˝ months illegally with former Denver US attorney Michael J. Norton and Assistant U.S. attorney Greg Graff who’s brother was a Director of Mizel and Millman’s MDC Holding NYSE at the time.

You seem to forget how you live so comfortable on a so called FBI SAC retirement maybe your $1.5 Million Dollar Bribe paid by Leonard Millman & Larry Mizel needs to be posted here.

Your M&L Business Machines Investor Account fake name need to be expose with your Bahamas Bank account numbers

Soon a news link to this report will be added.

Here is Norton’s and I have yours.

mike_norton.jpgCriminal former Denver U.S. Attorney Michael J. Norton Littleton Colorado

One of Michael J. Norton’s Bribes to Obstruct Justice while Denver U.S. Attorney

I, Stew Webb give you Robert Pence a Warning stay the Hell away from me, I have seen you in the past Stalking me in Kansas City, if I seen you in person again I will shi_ down your windpipe punk.

Bush-Millman-Mizel-Clinton Crime Syndicate

How they Control Barack Obama

Stew Webb welcomes our latest Whistleblower

Larry Mizel’s former Transporter Whistleblower J.D. Method recently released from Prison after 17 years…

Robert Pence are you on Video or Audio with J.D. Method?

Robert Pence FBI SAC Denver Obstructed Justice took Illegal Bribes from Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, George H.W. Bush and Neil Bush

Too Obstruct Justice and Cover-up Crimes

During the periods of late 1980s-early 1990s see below

Robert Pence and Denver FBI Continued Attempted Murder cover-up for Kerre Millman aka Kerre Smith

1984 Millman's bribe a Dallas Texas Divorce Judge Linda Thomas with a $75,000 loan she never paid back to Republic Bank of Texas a Bush-Millman Iran Contra Narcotics laundering operation to terminate Stew Webb’s parental rights to have a Father-Daughter relationship with Amanda Webb, after Kerre Millman Webb tried to kill 28 day old Amanda. In 1994 Millman’s file a second divorce in Denver Colorado Court. Millmans forge and commit perjury, frauds upon the courts and obstruct justice by forging papers that Stew Webb gave up his parental rights for life. Millman’s further get a life time restraining order claiming Stew Webb took a $1.5 million dollar payment to give up his parental rights for life and allow the court to change Amanda Webb’s name to Amanda Millman. This is all lies and criminal acts done by Denver Colorado Courts, Judges, Attorneys and Kerre, Elaine and Leonard Millman.

Kerre Millman attempted murder fugitive from Justice

Stew Webb & Kerre Millman Meet Sept 1980 Kansas City, Missouri. Moved to Dallas May 1981, due to high 16% KC, MO Home interest rates and Building Market dead, Dallas rates 12% Dallas Market on hot. Stew was in Home Building Business since 1977. Married Sept 1981. Feb 1984 Kerre Webb chases Stew Webb through their house with a 25 Caliber handgun trying to shoot Stew Webb, Stew Webb has to hit Kerre to stop Kerre from killing Stew, which resulted in 3 stitches. (This incident was a result of Stew finding out in Feb 1984 that Kerre had a Sexual Affair with John Green in Feb 1983 a year before). Stew takes Kerri to Doctor and Stew convinces Doctor to either bring in Police or get Kerre Psychiatric help. Kerre agrees to seek Professional help. Kerre taken to 3 separate psychiatrists between Feb 1984 and June 1984, she would never go back to the same one after they told her she had explosive-violent behavior and needed extensive help. All 3 Psychiatrist and psychologist state: Kerre Webb-Millman diagnosed as an explosive disorder. Further diagnosis reveals massive child abuse upon Kerre from her Parents Child Abusers Leonard and Elaine Millman. Kerre diagnosed as: Child Abuse Now Adult Syndrome, extensive psychiatric care can help change Kerre’s abnormal behavior. Kerre refuses to seek further help. Amanda Webb born July 1984. Kerre Webb attempts to murder Amanda Webb Aug 11, 1984 this incident was triggered after Stew tells Kerre he will seek Divorce in 6 months if Kerre refuses to seek further Professional help for here explosive disorder-abnormal behavior she was demonstrating on that day. Police called ordered Kerre to undergo Psychiatric Evaluation through Child Protective Services within 7 days. Aug 12 1984 Kerre Webb kidnaps Amanda Webb and goes to Bush Crime Boss Hog Leonard and Elaine Millman in Denver. Aug 12, 2005 Mental Disturbance Warrants Issued Dallas, Texas against Kerre Webb 84-2107 MI. Aug 16, 1984 Stew Webb served with Divorce papers with restraining order. Aug Divorce hearing Judge Thomas covers up obstructs justice and Dallas County Sheriffs are told Mental Warrants dropped, but they were not. Stew Webb has limited 3 hour visitation with Amanda between Oct-Dec 1983 in Denver at Leonard Millman’s home locked in a utility room with an armed Denver off duty cop. Jan 1985 Stew finds out Millmans issued perjured statements to Police in reports to get arrest warrant when Stew comes to visit his daughter Amanda in Denver Jan 1985. Bond on warrants set at $5,000.00 cash only. Dec 1984 was last time Stew Webb and Amanda saw each other. Stew says enough of this crap and seeks actions through Dallas Courts. June 1985 Stew Webb attorney claims he will withdraw from case and claims no amount of money will ever allow you to see your child. Attorney further claims I will spend Millions and so will The Millmans. Court set for trial Sept 1985. July 1985 Kerre Webb-Millman gets a Divorce with Stew Webb Parental Rights Terminated under a Default Judgment. (Default Judgment means without Stew Webb being served that the hearing was happening) 30-day appeal expires before Stew Webb finds out that the Hearing Occurred. Stew interviews attorney-shysters Dallas Texas who Claim Leonard Millman paid Judge $75,000.00. Later Stew Webb obtains evidence of Racketeering and Bribes. Attorney-Shysters Dallas tells Stew Webb they want $250,000.00 to handle this Divorce and it may run into a Million before it is over with. All I, Stew Webb wanted was to co-parent my Daughter Amanda Millman, and for Kerre Millman to get professional help for her Child Abuse now Adult Syndrome, for the safety if our daughter Amanda Webb. Stew goes to FBI in KCMO June 1986 and then false arrests begin on Stew Webb to Obstruct Justice. (Kerre Millman has been married 4 times since 1977 Stew Webb was the second husband of the 4. Kerre had no other children except Amanda. Each marriage was destroyed due to 2 main things. First: Kerre because extremely violent with her husbands after Kerre feels seated into the marriage, then her multi-personality disorders come out in violent abnormal behavior. (This abnormal behavior was a result of Child abuse by her abusers Satanists Leonard & Elaine Millman. Child abuse now adult syndrome). Second she has extramarital affairs and was screwing around on each husband and was caught in each case. The combination of both ruined all 4 of her marriages. Statement by the Women in the Jewish Community in Denver and Phoenix have stated: You do not want to set up your sons with Kerre Millman, she destroys marriages.

1984 Leonard Millman Death Threats against Stew Webb

1986 Stew Webb reports Leonard Millman and attempted Murder to FBI Kansas City, Missouri FBI Obstructs Justice and never puts attempted Murder in Report. Heat from Robert Pence FBI Denver keeps info out of report and Stew Webb is continuously False arrest on Driving Charges

Over 30 False arrests between 1986 and 1991

Leonard Millman Stalking Stew Webb 1990 Orion Investigations Run by KCMO Former Dirty FBI agent

Sept. 1991 Kerre Millman admits to trying to kill Stew Webbs daughter Amanda in Aug. 1984. Kerre Millman an attempted murderer still roams the streets today, with out justice. Sept. 1991 Kerre Millman, Stew Webb ex-wife admits to trying to kill their daughter Amanda Webb a.k.a. Amanda Millman. This was the only conversation Stew has had with Kerre since the Aug. 1984 attempted murders. Bush Crime Family Boss Hog Criminal Leonard Yale Millman bought Kerre Millman out of the mess by buying off a Dallas, Texas Judge Linda Thomas and terminating Stew Webb parental rights illegally. A illegal life time restraining order was signed by a Denver Judge, keeping Stew Webb and his daughter Amanda Webb/Millman from making contact, Amanda is now 25 years old. A RICO suit is forthcoming by Stew Webb.

Kerre Millman’s attempted Murder of Stew Webb and Amanda Millman Dallas Texas August 11, 1984

FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE WANTED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER 1984: of Amanda Webb aka Amanda Millman Arrest Warrant 84-2107 MI Dallas TX Aug 12 1984.

 Soon this burned out (Druggie & Drunk) Old Witch will face Justice

Grand Jury Demand against Kerre Millman aka Kerre Smith related to attempted Murder of Amanda Millman

September 1991 after trying to locate my Daughter Amanda Webb I finally found her and called her.

September 1991 Kerre Millman admits in over 1.5 hours of conversation with Stew Webb attempted murder her is the audio

Kerre Millman aka Kerre Smith admits attempted in September 1991 days before Robert Pence Denver FBI and U.S. Attorney Mike Norton issued an Illegal Warrant for Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb’s arrest.

Kerre Millman Abused Child now Adult Syndrome

Addition Obstructor of Justice then Attorney General of Colorado Gale Norton

Congressional Investigators tell Stew Webb to turn Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel and all I then had over to IRS for Investigation


Question Dirty FBI Robert Pence where are the so called Terrorist Death Threats you and Mike Norton charged me with?

All this Obstruction of Justice, False Arrest of Whistleblowers and Cover up was done on Robert Pence and Mike Norton’s Watch

Stew Webb Savings and Loan Whistleblower Faces False and Illegal Federal Charges


Secret Documents Order of Dismissal Aug 93 92 CR 356.jpg

Current Denver Dirty FBI #5 run by FBI Mark Hostlaw against Stew Webb

Leonard Millman Satanism

Stew Webb continues exposing Bush-Millman-Mizel-Lindner-Clinton Crime Syndicate

BCCI Bank of Credits and Commerce International

Hillary Clinton attorney for BCCI

Millman Mizel Keating and BCCI

Lawsuit in Arizona 1992

Why did Senator John Kohen Kerry cover up BCCI? Why was George H. W. Bush’s CIA Attorney Jack Blumm the Lead council of the cover up on the Kerry Committee investigating BCCI? Why did the U.S. Government never prosecute BCCI? Investigative Journalist George Williamson went to District Attorney Morganthal of New York who then moved against BCCI because of the New York connections. Basically slapped on the wrist, I think Bush compromised an assistant to Morganthal. To protect The Bush Crime Family Terrorist Guns for Drugs network.

Here we go again BCCI Bank of Credit and Commerce International Bush Crime Family Narcotics for Weapons Money Laundering Bank in The News originally tied to Leonard Millman's MDC Holdings, Inc./Silverado Savings & Loan Denver Neil Bush Director, and Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings & Loan is now back on the front pages of Foreign Press, so here is the original stories that Jonathan Beaty found from investigating Silverado and wrote a book The Outlaw Bank. I, Stew Webb, worked with Beaty on many stories on Silverado, The Denver Airport, Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering and some BCCI connections. Therefore I have the right to post these stories. Enclosed also Stew Webb's never seen before facts of Money Laundering from Charles Keating with dates and amounts to BCCI From Lincoln Savings of California. Also original Silverado stories I Stew Webb Contributed too. Get Educated.

Checks given to Stew Webb by Time Magazine for Telephone Bills'S%20VARIED%20CAREER.html

Neil Bush These were the original articles which I Stew Webb was a Contributor that exposed Silverado Savings & Loan. Later I found out Silverado was a 50 Billion Fraud not 1 Billion & 12 Trillion in Narcotics Money Laundering in 10 Years. Silverado owned by MDC Holdings Silverado's Parent Company Owned and Controlled by Leonard Millman. Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, and CIA Council Norman Brownstein run MDC for Millman. These article lead to the exposure of BCCI Bank Of Commerce & Credits International and exposed By Johathan Beaty of Time Magazine. Richmond Homes an MDC Subsidiary Company Build Neil Bush's house.,%20by%20Al%20Martin.htm

Books Below Stew Webb Contributor

At the time I contributed to International Currency Review

I, Stew Webb did not know this clown Chris Story was British Intel

1. International Currency Review George Bush Sr. King of the New Underworld Order of occult masonry, skull and bones.(Stew Webb Contributor)

2. Defrauding America by Rodney Stitch (Stew Webb Contributor)

3. The Conspirators by Al Martin (Leonard Millman, Stew Webb's former-in-law mentioned in several illegal transactions with the Bush Crime Family Stew Webb Brokered the Deal That Got The Book Published and was screwed in the end by Uri Dowbenko, who turned out to be a Mossad Agent "Vacumncleaner")

4. Bushwhacked by Uri Dowbenko (Stew Webb Contributor Final Note Uri Dowbenko turned out to be a Mossad Agent Con Artist)

5. The Mafia CIA & George Bush by Pete Brewton (Stew Webb Contributor)

6. Oklahoma City Bombing Politics of Terror by David Hoffman (Stew Webb Contributor)

7. Drugging America by Rodney Stitch (Stew Webb Contributed Several CIA Sources for this book)

Stew Webb Grand Jury Demand and Case No. 95-Y-107 US District Court Denver, Colorado

Stew Webb current 2010 Court Actions

Suit Forthcoming 2010 Stew Webb vs. Kerre Millman aka Kerre Smith,%20al.htm

Current attempted murder of Stew Webb

Current June 15, 2010 Stew Webb Discovers he is being Stalked by Dirty Robert Pence aka Robert Pense

Below Larry Mizel MDC Holdings NYSE Criminal Fraudster and Organized Crime King Pin who replaced Leonard Millman upon his death in 2004.. Millman was Meyer Lanksky’s replacement for the Jewish Mob in the USA

larry_mizel.jpgLarry Mizel if you see this short little Jewish Punk on the street of Denver tell him how you feel about stealing your Pension Funds and the Bank Bail Out Frauds he caused.

Larry Mizel MDC NYSE Bank Bail Out Fraudster, Securites Frauds, Mortgage Frauds, Narcotics, Murders, Bribes, Organized Crime, Child Killer

Breaking News Monday June 14, 2010


Larry Mizel MDC NYSE Narcotics, Murders, Bribes, Organized Crime


The Larry Mizel Organized Crime Syndicate Identified


When will the Feds and SEC arrest and close down this Organized Crime Syndicate Larry Mizel?


Larry Mizel Denver’s Notorious Organized Crime Syndicate Mobster


Transporter Whistleblower J.D. Method speaks out through these letters filed with the


U.S. Senate Ethics Committee in relationship to then U.S. Senator Ken Salazar former


Attorney General of Colorado who Obstructed Justice and protected murders in behalf


of the Millman-Mizel Organized Crime Syndicate. Ken Salazar now


Obama’s U.S. Secretary of Interior currently stealing from the U. S. Treasury


with Larry Mizel BML Land Insider Sales in land locked Las Vegas, Phoenix and area


in California. Further evidence also of then Secretary of Transportation and


Secretary of Energy and former Denver Mayor Pedophile and Child Killer


Fredrico Pena, Co Chairman of Obama’s Presidential Committee,


this is just the tip of the evidence of Narcotics Trafficking ,


Narcotics Money Laundering, 1974-1991 Bribes by Larry Mizel to over 


700 Colorado  Politicians, Attorney Generals Police Chiefs, DEA Agents,


FBI agents and others that Whistleblower J.D. Method now stated to be accurate and true.


J.D. Method has had numerous conversations with myself Stew Webb and intertwining


evidence I have accumulated about the United Bank 4 Murders 20 years ago was


ordered by Larry Mizel and carried out by Mizel’s hit man John King a former


Denver Cop who according to J.D. Method killed at least 20 people at the


orders of Larry Mizel. John King was tried for the murders in state court


and covered up but not by the Feds which still should be done.


John King laundered $200,000 Dollars into M&L Business Machines after


the 4 Bank Guards that were murdered because they were caught stealing


a few thousand dollars from Mizel’s and Millman United Bank Narcotics


Cash Money boxes delivered daily to United Bank from Larry Mizel-Jabs-Chresron


American Furniture 11 State Narcotics Controlled Organized Crime Syndicate


still in Business today formerly known as Iran-Contra.


Read the letters to the Media, Feds, Ken Salazar, Opra Winfre,


John Walsh and others about Pedophile and Child Killer Fredrico Pena


Who is in charge of the BP Oil Problem?


Obama Secretary of Interior Criminal Ken Salazar who protected


his good buddy Pedophile and Child Killer Fredrico Pena.


Video Tapes and Audio Tape will be released soon stay tuned.


Readers Note please pass this to everyone you know.

: Any links that do not open simply cut and paste into your browser


See Below additional evidence on Larry Mizel with a Bad Crowd.htm Bond Daisy Chain Fraud by Stew Webb.html The Bush Crime Family Part2.htm Cradle to Cabal The Secret Life of Gale Norton.html Jury Demand July 1 2003 .html of 13_New World Order.html


Larry Mizel is this your flee from Justice Hidden Gold?


Were is Justice in America?




Breaking News Department of Homeland Security Assassinations Teams (ML 40)


June 10, 2010


Department of Homeland Security Assassinations Teams (ML 40)


Targets Patriotic Whistleblowers and Militias


Barbara Frei, Frances Townsend, Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates Exposed


It can now be reported that Federal Agents interrogated Barbara Frei Sunday June 6, 2010


regarding her involvement with DHS CIA Assassination Teams on US Soil to Murder Patriotic


Whistleblowers Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan.


It further can now be reported that investigations ties Barbara Frei DHS CIA had coordinated


the attempted murder of myself Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb on January 28, 2010 in


Hastings, Nebraska using a Blackwater/Xe Chinook Helicopter with four Israeli Mossad aboard


shooting me with Lasers.


The Blackwater/Xe Chinook Helicopter was shot down over the U.S. Governments Secret Underground


Facility east of Hasting known as Clay Center by a French Mirage Aircraft known by DHS Homeland


Security as the “incident” aka “Mechanical Failure” on January 28, 2010 east of Hastings,


Nebraska near Hi-way 6, Several people witnessed the fireball in the sky and the debris falling.


Several days many residents of Hastings, Nebraska saw the bombardment of Helicopters over


Hastings attempting to kill Stew Webb.

Original link has temporarily been removed until additional investigations are completed.........


Breaking News June 8, 2010


DHS attempted Murder of Whistleblower Stew Webb


Why Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, George H.W. Bush, Larry Mizel


and Kerre Millman want me dead?


By Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower


Denver's Dirty FBI Division #5


Where is Justice in America?