Phil Winn Denver Bush Crime Family

Insane Treason Against the American People

By Tom Heneghan

September 18, 2006

Item: Secretary of the U.S. Air Force exposes himself as Nazi. Michael Winn relative of Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate Bagman Phil Wynne, declared yesterday as reported by the Associated Press, that non-lethal weapons such as high powered microwave devices should be used on American Citizens in Crowd Control situations before being employed on the Battlefield, the Air Force Secretary, said Tuesday.


It is important to note that Phil Winn was pardoned by Daddy Bush’s Bitch William Slick Willy Rockefeller-Clinton in a HUD fraud case.

Phil Winn looted and laundered U.S. Treasury Funds for the purposes of creating campaign contributions for the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

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Note: The money then was further laundered through the Children's Defense Fund by noted Bagbitch and Republican stooge, Hillary Republican in the closet Rodenhurst-Clinton.

The Winn Family currently has secret accounts in Switzerland all traced to favors and gifts handed to them by the Bush Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Question: Will the Winn Family use microwave devices (Stone-R) on the Swiss Government when they come in to freeze their bloodmonied stolen funds.

P.P.S. Newt Gingrich, True Colors cover-up boy, archenemy of duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. has been promised some of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate Children's Defense Fund-Winn money in September 2007.

This to finance a Box Candidacy for the Presidency plus his commissions for covering up the extent of the criminal activity of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate during the alleged Impeachment Inquiry of 1998.

Note: the patsy in Canada named Gill, apparently has the phone number of Victor Thorn in his notebook.

Call 202-224-2231 and tell your Congressperson that it is time to have Mr. Winn arrested, duck taped and handcuffed.