May 6th Market Event MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE Larry Mizel Culprit

Breaking News Tuesday May 18 2010

May 6th Market Event MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE Larry Mizel Culprit

larry_mizel_2.jpgRight: Larry Mizel Denver, Colorado May 6th Market Theft $500 Billion


Complaint Filed Under 18 U.S.C.4 the Federal Reporting Crimes Act



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Subject: May 6th Market Event MDC Holdings, Inc. NYSE Larry Mizel Culprit
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Tuesday May 18, 2010


I, Stew Webb nationally known Federal Whistleblower

am Officially informing those in this e-mail notification

of what occurred on May 6, 2010 known as the May 6, Market event.


I have made all the official complaints, by phone and online criminal

referrals and complaints to NYSE and the SEC May 13 and 14, 2010.


I have answers how Larry Mizel did it.


Larry Mizel pocketed $500 Billion.

Used his and Leonard Millman Banks Mizel went to the Fed Window.

Used 50-60 Brokerage Houses to do trades..

Used electronic trades with shorts and longs all planed to defraud

investors in one day.

Mizel controls thousands of Corporations and Illegal entities.

See below Mizel Millman Narcotics Bank Wire Transfers

Larry Mizel Organized Crime Syndicate

Please review the attached below on Larry Mizel

Mizel Control $16 Trillion stolen over 40 years from the US Treasury, HUD,

Investors, Savings and Loans, FDIC, RTC and the Current Bank Bail Out.


Are you really going to get to the bottom of May 6, Frauds or not?

Please do not hesitate in calling me.

Stew Webb



Criminal Referral Filed by Federal Whistleblower

to SEC and NYX

on Larry Mizel insider trading with computers shorts and longs

Mizel runs MDC Holding NYSE May 13, and May 14, 2010


More on Larry Mizels Track Record of Organized Crimes



NASDAQ OMX and NYSE Euronext Coordinate to Determine Cause of May 6th

Market Event


New York, N.Y. — May 9, 2010 — The NASDAQ OMX Group (NASDAQ OMX: NDAQ) and

NYSE Euronext (NYSE:NYX) are committed to working closely with each other,

the Securities and Exchange Commission, other regulators and all market

participants to determine the cause of Thursday’s market plunge and to

develop effective solutions promoting greater market stability, efficiency

and transparency.


Criminal Referral Filed on Larry Mizel MDC NYSE to SEC and NYSE


Breaking News May 14, 2010


Larry Mizel MDC NYSE Organized Crime Syndicate


larry_mizel_2.jpg(right) Larry Mizel MDC NYSE


Notice to SEC and NYSE May 14, 2010


18 U.S.C. Federal Report Crime Act


Criminal Referral on Larry A. Mizel




Federal Grand Jury Demand Filings


United States District Court


Denver Case NO.95-y-107


Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower Information:


Current Filings In The United States District Courts:




Coming soon for Justice in America,%20al.htm




Millman-Mizel-Bush-Narcotics Money Laundering




Leonard Millman- Larry Mizel Organized Crime Syndicate


Some of Millman-Mizel Companies thousands more:




Larry Mizel's Religion and Murders


Larry is this your $1.5 Billion in Gold?




View More Frauds by Larry Mizel


Stew Webb




Thank you for your submission to the Division of Enforcement at the United

States Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. We

appreciate your taking the time to contact us. This automated response

confirms that you have successfully submitted information to the Division

of Enforcement. You can rest assured that an attorney in the Office of

Internet Enforcement will review your information promptly.


We are always interested in hearing from members of the public, and you

may be assured that the matter you have raised is being given careful

consideration in view of the Commission's overall enforcement

responsibilities under the federal securities laws. It is, however, the

Commission's policy to conduct its inquiries on a non-public basis -- so

this may be the only response that you receive. If your complaint is more

in the nature of a consumer complaint (such as a dispute with your broker

or a problem with your brokerage or retirement account), you should

contact our Office of Investor Education and Assistance -- they may be

able to help you. You may reach the Office of Investor Education and

Advocacy via telephone at (202) 551-6551 or through the Web at HYPERLINK

" ".


The Commission conducts its investigations on a non-public basis to

preserve the integrity of its investigative process as well as to protect

persons against whom unfounded charges may be made or against whom the

Commission determines that enforcement action is not necessary or

appropriate. Subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act,

we cannot disclose to you any information which we may gather and we

cannot confirm to you the existence or non-existence of an investigation,

unless made a matter of public record in proceedings brought before the

Commission or in the courts.


If you are unsure where you should direct your inquiry or you want to

learn more about how the SEC handles inquiries and complaints, please

visit the SEC Complaint Center at HYPERLINK



We appreciate your interest in the work of the Commission and its Division

of Enforcement.






Thank you for your e-mail to the Chairman's Office of the U.S.


Securities and Exchange Commission.  Your comments and concerns are very


important to us.  Unfortunately, because of the large volume of e-mail


received, the Chairman can not personally respond to each message.  We


do read and carefully consider the opinions expressed in all of the


e-mails that we receive.




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professional, firm or a public company, please visit our Complaint


Center, at, to file a complaint.  If


you have a securities-related question, please visit our website at to find fast answers to your questions


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professional needing assistance on technical matters, please check our


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        We deeply appreciate your taking the time to communicate your


thoughts and concerns to the Securities and Exchange Commission.










                                Lori Schock




                                Office of Investor Education and




                                U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission




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