Patrick Fitzgerald, Scooter Libby Commissioned by George W. Bush to do more Illegal Activities

March 31, 2006

Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald,

Sir, It has come to my attention through Unites States Intelligence that you, Tom Heneghan and I, Stew Webb are all now targets of Scooter Libby. Libby has been assigned by George W. Bush to neutralize Bush's opposition at any cost including but not limited to all three of us and others considered to be a threat. The meaning threat being the exposure and prosecution of George W. Bush and The Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Under 18 United States Code 4 The Federal Reporting Crimes act I am informing you of this information.

Based on what I have heard from others including Tom Heneghan there are British, Mossad, Russian Mercenary Rouge Assassination Teams liked to Yeugenly Primakow Finkelstein aka Maximum who is a KGB-GRU-Mossad agent that answers to Russian President Putin. Finkelstein had direct ties to the death of Chicago Federal Judge Lefko's husband and mother. Beware these Teams are active to carry out acts against us and others if necessary to stop the exposure and prosecution of George W. Bush and his cronies including Richard Cheney, Scooter Libby, Ken Lay, Skilling, Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove and other Bush Crime Family associates and their illegal activities.

Please remember Scooter Libby was mega Mossad agent Marc Rich's attorney. 

Tom Heneghan and I have additional evidence of the missing Enron stolen monies that George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Hillary Clinton and others looted from investors and we have the money trail of these looted assets. 

Gale Norton Bush's Secretary of Interior who recently resigned with ties to Jack Abramoff should be indicted not only for her illegal Abramoff activities and her illegal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Land sales to insiders with higher competitive bids in Land Locked areas such as Phoenix and Las Vegas, including Leonard Millman's MDC Holdings, Inc subsidiary Redhawk Homes of Las Vegas, and David Rockefeller's Vinrock subsidiary Olympic Corp-Valley Bank, Phoenix, Arizona.  Norton also should be indicted for Stealing Money from the State of Colorado in the form of additional staff attorneys that did not exist when she was the Attorney General in Colorado. Norton laundered those checks threw M&L Business Machines Company a Leonard Millman company that laundered $2.6 Billion in Narcotics Monies from Bill and Hillary Clinton's Mena, Arkansas Narcotics importation business. Norton further Obstructed Justice relating to Crimes of George W. Bush, Neil Bush, George H. W. Bush, Leonard Millman, Elaine Millman, Norman Brownstein, Larry Mizel and others involving False Claims and other major crimes.. M&L Business Machines attorney was Norman Brownstein of Denver. Gale Norton was a junior partner of Brownstein's law firm before becoming Secretary of Interior. Brownstein was involved as a director of Millman's CITI Bank Group where part of the missing and stolen Enron monies where laundered through and disappeared. CITI Group recently agreed to a $2 Billion dollar settlement. 

There was nearly $190 Billion Stolen from Enron Corp. 

Norman Phillip Brownstein is in control of nearly $3 Trillion Dollars stolen by Millman from investors, looted from the United States Treasury through False Claims-Government Contract Frauds and Iran Contra Narcotics Monies laundered before his death 2 years ago. 

Millman's cut for his services for The Bush Crime Syndicate was his $40 Billion dollar cut and Illegal Estate left to Elaine Millman his wife and co-conspirator criminal. 

Allan Karsh, Denver attorney Leonard Yale Millman's brother in law a known Mexico-Denver Narcotics Trafficker and Stephen Hoth of the Brownstein law firm are in control of the $40 Billion dollar illegal Millman estate left to Elaine Millman. The $3 Trillion Dollars controlled by Brownstein through numerous illegal 38 1/2 year Trusts where Brownstein and his associates show up as the Trustee are illegal and should be confiscate and returned into the United States Treasury. 

I have identified these stolen, illegally gained assets and am prepared to help with the return of these monies to the United States Treasury.

see: Bush Family Flow Chart

see on:  

From Cradle to Cabal The Secret Life of Gale Norton


I, Stew Webb and others have additional evidence that George W. Bush stole over $300 Million dollars from in a HUD reinsurance contractor related scam with US Mortgage-Leonard Millman and others and should be indicted.

In behalf and with permission of Tom Heneghan,  I, Stewart Webb, am herby notifying you of the enclosed information and request to appear before your Grand Jury to present evidence to the above information.

This is a publicly posted request that will be on my website at

Thank You and keep up the good work.

Stew Webb

Federal Whistleblower