NSA death squads to neutralize U.S. citizen activists

Washington—May 26, 2006—TomFlocco.com



It has been confirmed over and over again via multiple deep U.S. intelligence sources who spoke with 22-year federal whistleblower Stewart Webb and national security authority Thomas Heneghan that NSA death squads have been assembled using rogue, off-the books operatives with the full knowledge of George W. Bush and newly confirmed CIA Director, General Michael Hayden, to neutralize or kill American citizens speaking out, criticizing or otherwise threatening the political stability of the Bush presidency with inside information about its criminal activities. Heneghan and Webb told TomFlocco.com that the code for the operation is Thirteen-1-3, involving U.S., British and Israeli intelligence operatives. Since the majority of Congress has been compromised and blackmailed to prevent Mr. Bush from being held criminally accountable, impeachment is considered to be out of the question by intelligence factions who have turned to Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s grand jury as the more credible threat to the Bush presidency. Astonishing and outrageous criminal evidence and testimony has reportedly already been provided to grand juries. Some 60-70% of all federal intelligence agents are said to be finished with Bush administration crimes to the extent that they are handing over proof of criminality directly to Fitzgerald’s career prosecutors supervising the grand juries.