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Press TV has conducted an interview with Stew Webb, a columnist and US federal whistle blower, in Kansas City, to get his take on the scandalous collaboration between the German Intelligence Agency (BND) and the US’s National Security Agency (NSA).

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: It seems the scandal is getting deeper as far as the collaboration between the German intelligence agencies goes as well as the NSA. What do you make of it, specifically now that it has moved beyond just individuals to governments and even corporations?

Webb: Well, first of all, the spying has always been here and will continue to be here, but here is where the results are. In 1991, George Herbert Walker Bush installed a backdoor trap in what was known as the Inslaw/the Promise Software and he sold it to the German intelligence agencies, he sold it to the French, he sold it to everybody worldwide that would buy it. And it allowed the back door for the NSA to be a spy on anyone, anywhere in the world.

Now Israel, they installed in 1991 in an NSA satellite base and allowed Israel – which uses espionage against the United States of America – they allowed them to be able to hit into our spy agencies network. And as a result of that, everybody worldwide is spied upon. If they would just get rid of their Inslaw, their Promise Software that they bought from daddy Bush in 1991, it would stop the spying worldwide; otherwise, it is not going to stop.

Press TV: Right, now Mr. Webb, considering it can be done, the stopping of the spying, the fact that governments around the world haven’t taken that step goes to show some form of collusion, wouldn’t you agree?

Webb: I would agree, the new world order is upon us, this is put, and this is their agenda, is one more government eventually, with the capital being in Jerusalem. Now, I might add a couple of things.

The spying over here is so ridiculous. Federal courts have ruled – several of them, appeal courts – that it is illegal spying on American people, and yet it continues. And the NSA satellite base that they have in Utah is beyond belief the amount of computers six floors below ground and it’s run by private contractors tied to daddy Bush, I call him George Herbert Walker Bush, and this has to stop.

We ourselves have been inundated. The media over here is so fake. We do not have any real media. They own and control the media. As an example, six of us, columnists on Veterans Today, recently left because we found out that this is an FBI troll operation run by Gordon Duff, also known as Bob Foote.

And it is just unbelievable, even the alternative so-called media over here is so infiltrated and the garbage comes out to the American people is unreal. Now, we are trying to create a network here of independent journalists and former CIA personnel that are telling the truth and have been,  and of course I have my site,


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