Secret Space War II

Secret Space War II

By Dr. Preston James

There is an ongoing Secret Space War that the USG has been engaged in since 1947.

You are not allowed “to know” about it for certain, but you will be allowed “to believe” it exists.

In fact, soon you will be encouraged to do so as the Old World Order, the International Zionist Criminal Conspiracy (IZCS), is thrown under the bus by the Third Force which is beginning to make its move to restructure the world and seat its NWO Caesar of the Ages.

Controlled information leaks are now being orchestrated to help you believe UFOs and ETs are real without giving you actual verifiable proof or established public facts fully accepted and verified by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), necessary to “christen” or fully legitimize any such story.

This controlled leakage will provide the necessary cognitive dissonance to keep folks somewhat confused, suggestible and passive until such time that the Powers That Be (PTB) who run the world, the Old Black European Nobility (OBN) decide that full and factual disclosure will help them attain their NWO Globalist goals.

This means that you can now gain access to numerous very credible seeming personal testimonies, but no official USG body or the CMMM will carry such stories as established fact. At least for now.

But such stories verifying an “alien” or ET presence on planet Earth will come soon enough when the Third Force installs a New World Order Leader in Jerusalem, which has been the plan for the ages of those few at the top of the pyramid of control or world hierarchy going all the way to ancient Babylonia and perhaps even before.

Many of those who have worked in “beyond black” areas of national security have heard rumors that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has established various treaties and technology exchange programs with ETs aka “aliens” or EBEs. Some who claim to have had direct contact have come forward, but so far with no hard evidence backing their extreme claims.

Take the very interesting case of Charles J. Hall whom some believe is quite credible. He has written several books about his time working as an enlisted man in the presence of “Roswell type greys” and “tall white ETs” when in the military serving as a weather observer at Nellis AFB.

After a careful examination of his claims and the information he has provided, It certainly appears that Mr. Hall was set up and allowed to later become a credible source of testimony that ETs are here and in a business relationship with the SSG but without providing “smoking gun” proof. And that this was part of an agreement between the USAF high command or whoever was negotiating with the ET leaders.

Charles Hall was given air time on a prime time current affairs show in Australia which revealed his story to a substantial number of the public for the first time.

The apparent current modus operandi of the SSG in allowing and orchestrating controlled leaks without 100% verification in the CMMM and without providing verifiable objective pieces of “smoking gun” material evidence.

In this way the public can be slowly and incrementally prepared for later much larger disclosures while being kept in a state of cognitive dissonance which tends to keep them somewhat confused while suggestible and prone to passivity.

But why have so many secrets been kept secret about UFO, Alien ETs and anti-gravity craft (AGCs)? What is the SSG afraid of? Some have theorized that once the public realized that they had been lied to repeatedly since 1947 and that the SSG had murdered hundreds of citizens to keep the cover-up intact (at least during the earlier years up until the leakage of MJ-12 docs), that the public would never rust the USG again.

This reality could be created with a forced disclosure by those that pull the strings, the OBN, could be very helpful in convincing folks to break allegiance with their nation-state and its sovereignty and fully support a NWO Globalist Caesar that would clean up all apparent corruption and throw the IZCS and the associated central Banksters and moneychangers under the bus for good.

So we can assume that a long term strategy of the OBN to elicit deep chaos and destruction upon America and the whole earth could be used as a means to cause folks to give their allegiance to a NWO globalist ruler, a new Caesar of the Ages who cleaned up all corruption and instituted an honest real money system that treated everyone fairly.

President Eisenhower fully asserted his authority and got tough with the SSG and MJ-12.

It has been reported by several credible witnesses and there have been numerous rumors that President Eisenhower met with certain Alien (ET) leaders at Holloman Air Force while POTUS and actually negotiated standing treaties with these entities.

The following witness who desired to remain anonymous gave what should be regarded as an “end of life” testimony about his work for the CIA, his participation in Operation Bluebook (well known now to have been a cover-up operation), and his knowledge of ETs, anti-gravity craft, and MJ12, as well as how President Eisenhower forced the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to provide information to him about these “beyond black’ matters.

Richard Dolan, a highly respected very credible researcher interviewed this man “anonymous” and folks who know Richard Dolan and his work have the highest regard for his pioneering research which has essentially identified the SSG as a breakaway society that has placed itself above the law and all Congressional and military and judicial authority, and which has in many cases even asserted itself as superior in authority to any sitting POTUS.

So it appears that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) i.e. the “blackworld”, has hijacked America, asset stripped it for their own expensive needs and thoroughly abused so-called national security to serve as a false cloak for all sorts of treason, sedition and crimes. They have used national security to lock down and deny this knowledge even to many American presidents.

That strategy did not work however with Ike and he threatened to invade Area 51 and Dreamland with the first Army which caused the MJ-12 group which runs the SSG to give him and his personal aides access to these “beyond black” UFO/ET secrets of highest national security classification.

According to Whitley Strieber (quotation below taken from his website), Barry Goldwater who had been a Major General in the USAF, visited Wright Patterson Field while a sitting US Senator and requested access to all the UFO/ET secrets kept there including the recovered ET bodies.

He allegedly told a friend later on while retired that when he visited Wright Patterson Field he was shown some file photos of craft and bodies and told that if he insisted, he would be allowed full admittance to the secret hanger, but if he did the result would be that he would be tailed and watched continually for the rest of his life and all his personal communications would be monitored to make sure that he never talked about what was revealed to him, including to any members of his own close family. So as the rumor goes, he made the decision not to proceed.

In a 1967 letter to a reporter for the Bradenton, Florida Herald, Goldwater says, “The policy of the Air Force is to allow no one to see the UFO files at Wright-Patterson and, frankly, I can’t argue with this regulation at all. I did attempt to get in but I was told that no one was allowed and I can understand the sensitive and secret nature of these files so I didn’t press the point.”

If the SSG does have a technology exchange with various alien groups, what are the objectives and where is this leading?

For years those linked to top insiders have told stories that the folks that run the world (the top controllers or the Powers that Be PTB) are the head of a pyramid or hierarchical worldwide system of interconnected luciferian organizations who are alien/human hybrids and are working hard to bring Lucifer to Earth to be the NWO Caesar of the Ages. Some researchers have written extensively about this, David Icke for one and although many have doubted him and criticized his work, lately the more secrets that are revealed, the more his work and claims receive support.

President Ronald Reagan made references to the possibility of an alien invasion theat that would unify the world.

Some things are so unimaginable that folks can’t fit them into their heads when first told unless they study the facts over time or see things firsthand.

Take Stew Webb, a battle hardened researcher, hard core truth addict and federal whistle-blower with detailed research going all the way back to the Iran Contra drugs for guns war and much more and who was the first individual to publicly identify and expose the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) inside America. Although many of his claims have seemed extreme and impossible, especially the claims about this criminal group having well defined luciferian practices that are so evil as to be unimaginable, so far Stew Webb’s track record of such claims eventually being validated runs very, very high. Stew Webb has had and maintains a number of very deep contacts inside intel and at it periphery.

I know of several claims of Stew Webb’s that first seemed completely incredulous when I first heard them but have checked out to be 100% accurate as
he had claimed, cross verified by reputable sources and retired intel, and these matters have involved things so terrible I would have wished they were not true. Stew Webb proves the point in spades, do not reject such incredulous seeming claims out of hand. Pay attention, listen and then spend time systematically researching such claims before you just reject them out of hand.

Stew Webb and David Icke are not the only researchers to claim that the PTB that run the world sit at the top of an evil or luciferian type hierarchy. There are others who have seen things that shocked them and caught them off guard. Here is one example and a story similar to many others who have provided protective services to the super-elites and ultra-connected.

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