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CIA NSA 007 Gene Chip Tatum

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Born Dois Gene Tatum
Spouse Nancy Tatum
Exposed • CIA/Drug trafficking
• US Deep state
Member of Task Force Alpha
Deep state operative who has named a lot of names, especially in the area of CIA drug trafficking and the Iran-Contra deal.

Dois Gene “Chip” Tatum claims to have been an assassin for George H. W. Bush who quit in 1992 after Bush ordered him to “neutralize” Ross Perot (a word he specifically clarified did not necessarily mean “assassinate”, but included “intimidate” or “blackmail“).[1] Tatum reportedly became active as a whistleblower in 1995 after being charged with treason.


By his own account, Chip Tatum was a helicopter pilot for the United States Army from 1982 to 1986, during which time he flew missions in Central America and also from Ft Campbell, Kentucky. From 1986 to 1992 he was an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency, operating under a deep-cover assignment.


Chip Tatum claims to have been an assassin for George Bush who quit in 1992 after Bush ordered him to “neutralize” Ross Perot. He became active as a whistleblower in 1995 after being charged with treason, which the state blamed on a data error.[citation needed]

Team Red Rock

Tatum claimed to have participated in the attack on Cambodia‘s main airport in Phnom Penh on January 22, 1971 as part of an American special forces team under orders from Richard NixonHenry Kissinger and Alexander Haig. According to Tatum’s account, his team brought in Vietcong prisoners to kill and leave behind for the Cambodians to find. Someone in the chain of command had ordered their Montagnard guides to kill the team members after the mission, but the team avoided the trap. Upon learning of their survival, their commanding officer, a Colonel Brown, declared them to be hostiles and ordered a napalm attack on their position. Tatum named support staff back at Task Force Alpha in Nakhon Phanom as Master Sergeant Bobby Cox, Tech Sergeant Jim Taylor, and Sergeant Tim Flagler[2]


Tatum at times claims to have been given the code name Pegasus as a personal CIA code name, and at other times claims to have been recruited into a CIA unit whose code name was Pegasus.[citation needed]



From David Guyatt:[3]

[Tatum] believes Pegasus was established during the Eisenhower years as a secret group inside the CIA to spy on that agency on behalf of the President. At some point – believed to be after the assassination of President Kennedy – Pegasus went AWOL from direct US Government control and came under the direction of an international Board of Directors which Tatum alleges now includes George Bush and Henry Kissinger

It was in 1981, according to Tatum, that “President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive number 3 (NSDD-3) which authorised the Vice President to chair the Special Situation Group (SSG). The Special Situation Group was a division under the National Security Council (NSC). One entity formed to support the SSG was the Terrorist Incident Working Group (TIWG), established in April 1982 by authority of President Reagan in NSDD-30. This group consisted of representatives of the following: Director of Central IntelligenceDepartment of DefenseFBI, NSC staff and others as required.

Tatum explained that, “The purpose of TIWG is to provide SSG with direct operational support. TIWG then recommended to the President that a Terrorism Task Force be formed and chaired by the head of SSG (the Vice President). Reagan approved NSDD-138 in April 1984, which extended TIWG’s arm and ability to form sub-groups. As a result of NSDD-138 was the formation of the Operations Sub-Group (OSG). The Sub-Group was a select NSC-DoD-CIA-FBI-foreign intelligence agency which operated so as to bypass the regular operations of intelligence/military/law-enforcement agencies. OSG was formed in February 1986.”

Operations Sub-Groups

Guyatt: [3]

Tatum has now revealed the existence of three OSGs. OSG-1 was headed by Ted Shackley and was “our anti-narcotics group”. OSG-2 was the anti-terrorism group and OSG-3 was “our ‘alignment’ group”. Tatum was originally posted to OSG-2 which was commanded by Oliver North. The third group, OSG-3, was commanded by Richard Secord. Following the exposure of Oliver North’s role in Contragate in 1987, North resigned as head of OSG-2 and his spot was taken over by Secord. Tatum moved up to command OSG-3 at the same time.

OSG3 numbered around eighty people. [4]

Terrorist Incident Working Group

Guyatt: [3]

All three OSGs answered to those individuals who sat on the TIWG. General Colin Powell represented the Department of Defense; William Casey, the CIA; and Donald Gregg, the National Security Council. “FBI guys rotated in and out,” Tatum says. “It was like they couldn’t get anyone,” he concludes. Representing British Intelligence was Sir Colin Figures. Formerly head of MI6, Sir Colin transferred in 1986 to become “Security Coordinator”, one of the top slots at the Cabinet office under the premiership of Margaret Thatcher. He retired in 1989. Amiram Nir represented Israeli interests until his assassination by an “Archer” team led by Tatum – at the request of high-level Israeli individuals – in 1988. Any of these six could “call a mission”. In addition, George Bush could do likewise. Of significance, too, was the occasional representation on the TIWG of Lord Chalfont. The British lord was an adviser on “Mid-East affairs” between 1986 and 1990.

G7 representation

Guyatt: [3]

The directors of Pegasus meet once a year in secret conclave following G7 meetings. The group has “representation” from a number of intelligence agencies throughout the world. Included are the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) as well as agents from British, Israeli, Turkish and Danish Intelligence plus “others who performed various functions for Pegasus”. The mission of Pegasus, Tatum explains, is “to ‘align’ world leaders and financiers to our [US] policies and standards”.

Tatum Declaration

On August 15, 1996, Tatum declared in court that he transported cocaine for the CIA and ferried Iran-Contra figures to drug production sites. [5]

I, Dois Gene Tatum, declare: I was a helicopter pilot for the United States Army from 1982 to 1986, during which time I flew missions in Central America and also from Ft Campbell, Kentucky. From 1986 to 1992 I was an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency, operating under a deep-cover assignment. During this time I witnessed activities involving high-level U.S. personnel that I felt were unlawful, and I reported these activities to my superiors in the U.S. Army and to my handlers in the Central Intelligence Agency, to the National Security Council, and to various individuals, including William BarrOliver NorthGeorge Bush. Among these activities were rampant drug smuggling into the United States involving people in control of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the armed forces of the United States, among others.

I have documented some of these activities on military flight plans, showing as passengers on certain flights, the following: William BarrBuddy YoungFelix RodriguezOliver NorthJoe FernandezManuel Noriega, and Mike Harari. I have visited cocaine laboratories with the above people, who were inspecting the drug smuggling operations in Central America. I have documented on some of these military flight plans the nature of the cargo being carried in white coolers that were fraudulently marked as “medical supplies,” which I accidentally discovered to be cocaine. During one flight and related meeting, I was present while there were discussions as to where drug money was being siphoned on the Panama to Arkansas run. Present at this meeting were Manuel NoriegaWilliam Barr (associated with CIA proprietary Southern Air Transport and later attorney general of the United States); Joe FernandezMike Harari; General Gustavo Alverez. Participating in this meeting via satellite telephone was Vice President George BushOliver North, and William Jefferson Clinton, then governor of Arkansas. I had reported these illegal operations to my superiors, including William BarrOliver NorthGeorge BushFelix RodriguezJoe FernandezDon GreggDewey Clarridge.

After I refused to perform a mission that I felt were beyond my willingness to execute, I notified my handlers that I wanted out of the operation, which at that time was known as Operation Pegasus. Their response was to warn me that no one leaves the operation. I declare under penalty of perjury that the above facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


From April 1986 until 1992, Tatum claims to have been active in an assassination program, code-named Pegasus, operating under the direct command of George Bush and Felix Rodriguez. Tatum claims to have killed: Israeli Mossad agent Amiram Nir, Honduran General Gustavo Alvarez in 1989 and Enrique Bermudez, founder of the Contras, in 1991.[6] Tatum alleged that Alvarez and Bemudez built a number of cocaine processing plants known as “North Camps”, as they were run by Oliver North.[7]

Tatum alleges others in the Pegasus of having killed Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme in 1986, using a South African assassin.[4]

Death of Olaf Palme

From an interview with Peter Ford, after translation to Swedish and back: [4]

Peter Ford: – Where Bush involved … in some sort of complications … it was not a foreign minister or? Who was it who was murdered in Sweden? Gene Tatum: Olof Palme. Sweden’s prime minister … I was informed that it was the OSG was behind and used the “assets” (professional killer) in South Africa. Ford:-Well … and why he was “neutralized”? Tatum: – User certificates (end-user certificates to countries that it was legal to export arms to) was very important to “Contra Gate” / “Iran-Contra” could carry weapons around the world. Without the certificate, it was very hard to carry around weapons without violating international law and end up in fängelse.Så they needed these to ship out weapons (the call is about arms shipments to Iran and the Contras). Sweden was a country whose arms manufacturers (Bofors) had access to the legal beneficiary and that the North wanted to make use of. So what I understand he revealed the whole plan of the Prime Minister (here he is referring to Oliver North, who on Bush’s behalf according to other sources had direct contact with Olof Palme. He thought Bofors illegal sales through among others, South Korea and Nigeria, to further to Iran, the case with the Swedish government good memory) But the prime minister had nothing to do with this and was going to leave this over to “The International Community” (UN) because it was illegal. Ford: – … but it did not happen .. Tatum:-That’s the end of the story.

Death of Ramon Navarro

Tatum notes the “mysterious” death of Ramon Navarro on February 27, 1991, the day before he was due to testify in court against Manuel Noriega: [6]

Ramon Navarro, posed as a Lt. Col. of a foreign military. He accompanied Lt. Col. North on one occasion and was present at several contra camps involved in the manufacturing of cocaine. Navarro was a nefarious drug trafficker with ties to the Medellin Drug Cartel. Navarro died in a mysterious auto accident in Miami, Florida in February of 1991, the evening prior to his scheduled testimony for the government against the co-defendants of Manuel Noriega. Had he not died, he would have been taken to Nicaragua prior to his scheduled testimony and subsequently terminated. This was on orders from President Bush and William Barr via William J. Colby.

Tatum provides additional details: [8]

After being subpoenaed, Navarro contacted Felix Rodriguez, one of his handlers from the Contra cocaine manufacturing facilities. Navarro told Rodriguez that he wanted $1 million-cash or he would not only testify about Noriega’s involvement with drug manufacturing and trafficking, but he would also implicate Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Oliver North, President George Bush and others.

Having been recruited into a covert operations intelligence unit in 1986, directed by William Colby and George Bush, I was tasked with the mission of delivering the money with its terms to Mr. Navarro. On February 26th, 1991, an Archer Team, consisting of three assassins and one tracker began surveillance of Mr. Navarro. A Saberliner was flown into Miami Airport with a satchel of money containing $1 million. My orders were to deliver the money to Mr. Navarro and advise him that he was to leave with me.

It had been arranged through Adolfo Colero, an ex-Contra leader now in the Chamarro government of Nicaragua for Mr. Navarro to relocate and live in Nicaragua. Mr. Bush felt that it would be too dangerous for Navarro to testify. I was ordered by Colby to give Navarro the money and take him to the Saberliner. I was further instructed that, if Navarro refused to relocate, he was to be terminated on the spot.

Two Archers were placed at Navarro’s home the night of February 27th, 1991. I was stationed outside of Navarro’s girlfriend’s house with the Major (code name for an Archer team leader) and another Archer. Mr. Navarro exited his girlfriend’s house at about 11:30 pm. I exited my vehicle and approached Ramon. When Navarro saw me approaching, he jumped in his car and sped off down the road. The red BMW was speeding through the streets of Miami at about 80 miles per hour with our two vehicles in pursuit. We notified the team at his home and they were prepared to apprehend him. Suddenly, Navarro lost control and crossed the median, crashing into a fence. Navarro was dead. We stopped and insured that he was dead, and then departed. I returned the satchel of money to the aircraft.

Death of Amiram Nir

From a Tatum interview with Robert Lori: [7]

I was to fly a 4-man team to a southern Mexico town, outside of Morelia. Mr. Nir was involved in an avocado packaging plant which, I don’t know if it did or didn’t package avocados, or packaged something else. I was not involved in that. I was involved in eliminating him before he could appear before the commissions to testify in 1989.

I flew a 4-man team in. There was a radio beacon put in, with the frequency given to us, put on Mr. Nir. We triangulated the position. The 4-man team went to that position to eliminate Mr. Nir. However apparently there were two signals, and one was in an aircraft, a small aircraft. I think it was a Cessna T-210, a small, charter aircraft…

ROBERT LORI: Who ordered you to “take out” Amiram Nir?

GENE TATUM: It came through Major Rodriguez, who actually ended up being Felix Rodriguez. Most of the orders that we would receive would come through that particular mode. Now this, you have to understand, was after Iran-Contra. So the order came from Rodriguez, but it was actually from George Bush.

ROBERT LORI: Now how do you know it was from George Bush?

GENE TATUM: Because I spoke to Mr. Bush concerning it… He explained to me that Mr. Nir was a threat, that he was trying to expose the movement and the trafficking, and that he needed to be “taken out.” And he told me to pick up my Archer Team, relocate to El Salvador, that tactical fuel [unclear] and tactical beacons would be set up. I was to move my aircraft to those beacons for re-fueling, and eliminate Mr. Nir… Let me qualify that: I was also told that this was an approved mission by the Mossad and that it was primarily for the Mossad that we were doing this.

Tatum would later claim to have falsified Nir’s assassination, describing this new report as a dream he had in prison, and promised that Nir would return and produce documents in October 1996. [9]

“What made him want you dead?” I asked Ami as we planned his demise.

“I simply know too much and they’re scared little boys playing with real men’s toys,” Ami answered as he sipped a glass of cabernet sauvignon and smiled. “Now Chip, it must look very real. Your Archers are much too good to fool easily,” he bragged. “They were trained by us you know!”

“Yep,” I answered. “Harari told me of the training, and offered me a slot. I passed on it though. What will you do?” I asked. “Where the hell will you go? How will you live?” I wondered out loud.

“That’s my problem,” he answered. “For now it’s important that these documents, audios and videos, are preserved. I have made a copy of everything for you and have kept the originals. We must be patient in their use. Timing will be critical,” he explained. Together we had reconned the area and found a good site to stage a plane crash. “It’s important that my body is not identifiable. For this purpose I will have an assistant identify my body. I will be removed immediately and all will be well my friend,” he said as I flew him back to Morelia. I offered Ami my hand as we parted, but received a hug instead.

The plans were made. A transmitter on 46.10 MHz was planted in his luggage and he planted an additional transmitter in his briefcase. He then sent the briefcase to the airport with a female assistant. She chartered a Cessna T-210 and directed it to make an emergency landing to a remote area of ranch land. As the Archers attempted to triangulate and confirm the location of the signaling device, a second signal suddenly appeared. It was moving at a high rate of speed toward an airstrip. The Major radioed me and advised me of the movement. He asked me to fly a recon and attempt to locate the source. During my recon I notified him that it seemed to be coming from any one of several people boarding a single-engine aircraft. He ordered me that if it took off, shoot it down. I rogered and flew off to the east, awaiting the departure of the Cessna T-210. I armed a rocket and waited. Ami and I had decided that I would fire a sidewinder and remotely detonate it so that the missile did not pose a threat to the T-210. But the explosion would serve its purpose to fool the Archers into thinking that the plane was downed. The aircraft departed and I took off in quick pursuit. Ten feet off the ground I nosed up and fired the sidewinder. I then leveled off and detonated the missile in mid-air. I contacted the Major and advised him that the aircraft was down. He in turn advised me they heard the explosion and ordered me to recover all teams. We flew to a high point for a physical recon of the crash site from a distance. Happy with the results, the Major ordered the mission complete. A 1988 newspaper article stated that the pilot and a passenger in the front seat were killed. The passengers’ name was Pat Weber. The others aboard the aircraft survived, including a woman who had been traveling with Mr. Weber as his secretary. The bodies of Pat Weber and the pilot were removed from the wreckage and taken to local authorities where they were immediately released without being processed (ie. fingerprints, footprints, and photos). I heard Ami’s laugh echo, saying it’s amazing what a thousand American dollars will buy in Mexico.

Death of Gustavo Alvarez

Tatum claims to have suffered two broken ribs following the killing of Gustavo Alvarez when his aircraft came under fire while crossing the border six hours after the assassination.

Death of Ortega cousin

Tatum claims to have been part of a 1989 plot to assassinate a cousin of Daniel Ortega to intimidate him into holding free elections. [10]

GENE TATUM: In 1989, the United States was working in the Nicaraguan arena very heavily, to get free elections in place. Daniel Ortega would not allow the free elections. After the negotiations and the diplomacy failed, Ortega was given to us. We decided that we would try to align him. Because of his position, it would be a little too much to go in and assassinate him. The way we decided to align him is, we chose a second cousin of Mr. Ortega. Our diplomats went to Mr. Ortega. We told him that we intended on assassinating that cousin. We told him on what *day* we would assassinate that cousin and *how* we would assassinate that cousin, and told him to protect him as best he could — ’cause he would be next. On that day, in that mode, we assassinated his cousin.

ROBERT LORI: What was the name of this person?

GENE TATUM: I have no idea. I only flew the 4-man team in.

ROBERT LORI: How was the assassination accomplished?

GENE TATUM: Rocket fire. On the home.

Death of Rashid al-Jarrah

Tatum claimed, “I knew the OSG were bulletproof when one of our targets, a 25-year-old, was reported to have died of a heart attack. His name was Al-Jarrah.” [3] In 1987, the Larouche publication Executive Intelligence Review had identified this person as arms trafficer Rashid al-Jarrah, a side figure in the European sale of arms to Iran, who died on October 12, 1987. [11]

Adolfo Calero

Lori interview: [10]

Calero we were able to blackmail, using this drug [Scopolamine]. We took Calero. We put him in a hotel room with another man. We put them into [sex] acts together, and filmed it. Now they have a high-ranking official in the Chamorro Nicaraguan government under their control.

Guyatt: [3]

Mr X was a leader of one of the largest CIA-backed Contra groups. He recently testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. Formerly, X was a senior executive in a South American subsidiary of a leading US soft drinks corporation. During his Senate testimony, he denied any knowledge of CIA involvement in the narcotics trade, adding that condoning such activity would have been foreign to his way of life. Not so, says Tatum. Mr X had been recruited into the CIA by then-Director William Casey, with the assistance of Oliver North.

In 1990, when Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega announced there would be “free elections”, X was ecstatic. He began jostling for position and asked President Bush to ensure he be given a prominent position in the new government – in return for his years of toil at the behest of the CIA and the Enterprise. The pressure came in a form that Bush could not ignore. Failure to help his friend would result in X’s intimate knowledge of Bush’s involvement in the dope trade being made public. His threat left Bush with a sour taste. A Pegasus team was assigned to “neutralise” him in early 1990…

They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname “Burundanga” or “the Voodoo drug” … Tatum states that X was invited to spend a relaxing weekend at a luxury hotel as a guest of his friend George Bush. His host for the weekend was a trusted 18-year veteran field-intelligence officer. The evening started with cocktails and was followed by a fine meal. “‘Nothing but the best’ were the orders.”

Following the meal, he was ushered into the suite of a “blonde bombshell” supplied by the CIA. Mr X had already ingested a dose of Burundanga during pre-dinner cocktails. X was gallant with the blonde as they both moved into the bedroom where video cameras were already set up in one corner. In short order, the blonde had X standing naked in front of her and began to indulge his desires. All the while, the video cameras whirred. Slowly stripping off, the “blonde” revealed his manhood in all its glory. Mr X was instructed to reciprocate the favour and perform fellatio. He obliged, his intimate activities recorded at 24 frames a second on videotape.

Tatum says the male prostitute was hired from a bar in New York and killed that same evening.

Order to assassinate William Kennedy

Lori interview: [10]

GENE TATUM: In 1989 I backed away from my first assignment to “take someone out.”

ROBERT LORI: What was that assignment?

GENE TATUM: That was an assignment to “take out” a man who helped fund some of the Nicaraguan aircraft, a man by the name of William Kennedy, who’s now in Lompaw(?) Prison. I will not participate in assassinations of any sort, character assassination or anything, of American citizens. That, to me, is not furthering the cause of America.

William Kennedy Jr. ran the Fort Collins investment firm Western Monetary Consultants where he diverted investors’ money for personal use and to buy a helicopter for the Contras. His company declared bankruptcy in 1988 and he was convicted in 1993. [12]

Kennedy, Sam H. Zakhem, and Scott Stanley Jr. were indicted in 1992 for lobbying for Kuwait without registering with the US State Department[13]

Kennedy’s supporters include Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family.[14] and Bob Barr. [15]

Order to assassinate Ross Perot

On April 20, 1996, Tatum would claim that the prominent US citizen whom Bush had ordered him to assassinate was competing candidate Ross Perot.[16]

In 1992, as the commander of a Black Operations Unit called Pegasus, I was ordered to neutralize you. Our unit was directed by President George Bush. It was determined, at some point, that the party you formed was counter to the American system of democracy. In his attempt to justify your neutralization, Mr. Bush expressed not only his concerns of the existence of your party and the threat which you posed to free America, but also the positions of other U.S. and world leaders.


From Tatum in 2013:

President Bush did not order the assassination of Ross Perot. That is pure conjecture on the part of internet conspiracy theorists. He wanted Mr. Perot out of the race. That is true. But the order was to pressure him out, that would have been by intimidation. Believe me, there were archives of information that could have intimidated Mr. Perot sufficiently to leave the presidential race. The team that accepted the mission, instead used the family tact. Which is intimidate the target by using family members. And so it was. That License to kill was not a Ross Perot Order.

Iranian Superbills

Tatum claims that Bush took a $8 billion loan from Pablo Escobar to fund the sale of arms to Iran, then paid back Escobar with counterfeit bills printed by Iran.[3]

According to Tatum, a deal was arranged in the early to mid-’80s between VP George Bush, Panama’s Manuel Noriega and the Iranian leadership. A sum of US$8 billion deposited in the Banco Nacional de Panama on behalf of Colombian cocaine king Pablo Escobar was “lent” to George Bush. Of this, US$4 billion was shipped by plane to Iran where it was exchanged at a ratio of one good bill for two counterfeit bills. On the return trip, the 707 aircraft’s cargo container carried two shrink-wrapped pallets containing $4 billion each. The 707 arrived at Howard/Albrook Air Force Base in Panama where the pallets were offloaded under armed guard of the Panamanian military. The counterfeit notes were re-deposited into Escobar’s account at the Panama central bank. Under no circumstances could the counterfeit bills be permitted to leave the bank vault-for fear of devaluing the US currency with forged notes-and active steps would later be taken to ensure this.

The other half of Escobar’s “good” money was placed into the hands of Nana DeBusia, the grandson of Guyana’s first democratic leader. DeBusia was chosen by the CIA’s William Casey to launder the massive sum into numerous bank accounts under the joint signatures of VP George Bush and Director Casey.

The next leg of the operation was to retrieve the $4 billion exchanged with the Iranians for the Superbills. This was facilitated by the supply of military equipment, arms, ammunition and replacement parts for weapons systems. This part of the deal was arranged by Col. Oliver North on behalf of the CIA’s William Casey.

The results of these complex manoeuvres were twofold. On the one hand the CIA acquired $4 billion via the arms sales, for use in future black operations, without the need to rely on congressional oversight or authority. If later caught, Tatum says “…the CIA can report the source of funds as being from an arms transaction with Iran”. Some of these funds were then used to support the Contras, whilst the rest disappeared down the ultra-black hole of the Company’s covert finances.

Meanwhile, Nana DeBusia had begun laundering the remaining $4 billion through various banks, including the Vatican Bank.9 For his trouble, DeBusia was entitled to take a commission amounting to $200 million. The remaining $3.8 billion was then secreted in private, numbered accounts around the globe and controlled by George Bush and William Casey.

Guyatt claims to have a second source in Tehran who confirmed Tatum’s account.

Appeal for Gabriel Taboada

In 1997, Tatum referred to convicted drug trafficker Gabriel Taboada as “an old business associate” and accused the U.S. Attorney’s office in Miami of directing Taboada to lie under oath. Tatum names as conspirators in this plan Assistant U.S. Attorneys Guy LewisPat Sullivan and David Troyer. Taboada was represented by high-profile attorney F. Lee Bailey.[17]


Tatum’s allegations are generally supported by his wife, Nancy Tatum. [18] He has been promoted by Ted Gunderson[18]

Rodney Stich claims that Tatum’s information coincides with the information he has uncovered through his own investigations. [19]

According to a user of the Patriot Information Mailing List: [16]

NOTE: We have just found in some of Gene’s old military files, a copy of a 1985 plan where a Raymond Young was listed as a passenger on a medical recon flight to contra camps prior to Gene flying a Colonel from the Arkansas National Guard on tour of the area.

Conspiracy Nation adds: [7]

Tatum’s info on Pegasus is corroborated by Trenton Parker. See CN 6.54 and CN 6.89 for more on Parker… Parker has talked about this “Pegasus” unit, saying that it was secretly set up by Harry Truman to keep an eye on the CIA.

Commenter “llill00llill” at Above Top Secret writes: [20]

I was personally involved in many of the things tatum claims and can confirm with documentation that he is one of the best liars I have ever seen. He apparently did alot of reading while in prison and learned to fabricate documents as well, but one thing I am 100% certain about….his story as it touched my life was totally bogus which includes his military service and much of his supposed service in Honduras. I cannot vouch for alot of his claims, but if he lied about all that, the rest makes me seriously suspect of the rest of his claims. I cannot fathom how gunderson, an fbi agent could have been so totally taken in by this guy.

Confirmable Activities

“Chip” Tatum was active as a whistleblower from 1996 before disappearing in the late 1990s. It was rumored that he had died. Ted Gunderson advanced the rumour of his death. [20]

Tatum appeared on Facebook in 2011 and was active on the Internet as of 2014. He claims to have lived in Colombia for the previous nine years.

Tatum was vice president of Century Properties and Cenmax Corporation in Palm Harbor, Florida. Both companies were led by a Richard A. Simons and were registered in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It is unclear when Tatum worked for them. [21] [22]

1990s fraud case

Tatum and his wife were fined $115,000 for defrauding the FDIC. An appeal was denied in 1998.[23]

Because of a bank failure, the FDIC in 1989 became the receiver for the Ironwood Golf Course and Villas (“Ironwood”).   In 1991, the FDIC entered into a property management contract for the management of the Ironwood properties.   Gene Tatum was the on-site property manager, and in that capacity he signed a one-page attachment to the property management contract representing to the FDIC that he was “hereby disclos[ing] any and all parties that are directly or indirectly related ․ who are to receive payments for any proposed goods or services related to the management of the Property.”  …

At the time he signed the property management agreement, Gene Tatum had set up and become a principal in a company called Tee Time Management, Inc. (“Tee-Time”) …   Although Tee-Time was clearly a related party, Gene Tatum did not disclose his arrangement with Tee-Time when he signed the above-mentioned form.

While in jail awaiting trial in 1996, the US Marshals Service charged Tatum with treason[24] The charge was dropped a few days after this was published in the news, and it was attributed to a clerical error.

Tatum fled the United States in 1998. He was arrested in Panama in 2003, jumped parole in 2004, and was arrested in Colombia in 2012. [25]

2010s reappearance

As of 2011, Tatum was openly using Facebook.[20]

Wiki Army

Chip Tatum’s Wiki Army is a web site founded in 2013. Writers include Tatum and:

  • wiki11, likely a second Tatum account
  • Aaron Wilson, well known private intelligence operative who has worked for the Rothschilds, Bush Family, Carlyle Group and National Security Counsel among others, claimed occupation “Black Ops Commander: OSG 3” on his since-deleted Blogger profile.
  • eshalis, likely Elijah Shalis
  • Ringwind, likely David Howard who claims to have knowledge of an attempt by Mossad to assassinate Bill Clinton in 1992, known as Operation Mount Rushmore, and to have been a part of “Operation Ringwind” responsible for numerous assassinations, and advances the “wtcnucleardemolition” theory that 9/11 was a controlled demolition using low-yield atomic bombs under the towers.

The books offered for download include The Transhumanism Pandemic by Aaron E. McCollum, which describes body modifications as “sub-humanity’s messiah, humanity’s annihilation.” McCollum claims to have been involved in “Project Seagate at an undersea base … involving experimentation with dolphins, time travel through portals and telepathic communication.” [26]

Elijah Shallis allegation

From Elijah Shallis in 2010: [27]

My grandfather Maurice Allen Wheeler was a leader in the Masons, DeMolay and President of the Local UAW Union in Saginaw Michigan. He knew CIA agent Dois Gene “Chip” Tatum and his wife Nancy. Chip reported directly to Hillary Rodham Clinton in the early 1980s. Hillary is the leader of the Globalists and has been for decades. She dabbles in the occult and is known in such circles as the White Queen. They would talk openly about blowing up the World Trade Center and then detonating a nuclear weapon in Lansing Michigan to bring about the New World Order. They chose Lansing because the Fall Out will blow over Canada causing an international incident and thus start the North American Union.

I emailed former CIA Director William Casey about this in 1996 but then he died in a strange boating accident. He had a personal website with a public e-mail address at the time.

I also had encounters at the Order of the Eastern Star in D.C. as a kid that scared me. Hillary Clinton is a member and she is the primary descendant of Robert Navarre whom was a member of the French Royal Family. The French royal family worshiped the Black Madonna Queen Semiramis/Venus/Diana. No one has ever polled the First Ladies to see if they are members of the Order of the Eastern Star. How strange huh

All major events by the globalists have a special timing with the planet Venus and its relationship to the Sun and Earth.

President George H. W. Bush’s Sep 11 1990 speech -begin of solar maximum World Trade Center Sep 11 2001 -end of solar maximum 2012

A Sun cycle is 11 years

In January 2014, Tatum started blogging at

Update Date: 2014-01-03 12:22:04
Creation Date: 2014-01-03 12:22:04
Registrant Name: Dois Tatum
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: CRA 9
Registrant Street: 40-34
Registrant City: monteria
Registrant State/Province: Florida
Registrant Postal Code: 34606
Registrant Country: United States
Registrant Phone: +1.3003088578
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
(tech and admin are the same)

The company’s physical address, 5005 Mitchelldale Suite #100 in Houston, Texas, is owned by leasing company Domain Properties Ltd and bears the logo of BJ Services, a subsidiary of oilfield services company Baker Hughes. The WebsiteWelcome domain is used by HostGator for web hosting resellers.

Death Rumour

An internet posting claimed that he had been killed in around 2007, and his faceless body was washed up on a beach in Panama, but this may have just been disinformation.

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