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(Plaintiff, )AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF ) vs. )FRCP 24 ) GENE D. "CHIP" TATUM ) a/k/a Dois Gene Tatum, Mr. )

Date: August 28, 1996 a/k/a Chip Tatum ) NANCY JANE TATUM )Dept: a/k/a Nancy Fullilove )

Defendants. ) ) RODNEY F. STICH, ) ) Intervenor. ) ________________________________ )


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I, Rodney Stich, declare:

This Intervenor brief, declaration, and attached exhibit is a request for this court:

* In its sentencing decision, to eliminate any incarceration for defendants Gene and Nancy Tatum. Or:

* Grant to both Defendants, bail on their own recognizance, pending filing and hearing of an appeal, as provided by the Bail Reform Act of 1984 (Title 18 USC Section 1976, 1977).

Further, for this court to:

* Receive evidence of serious criminal activities being perpetrated against the United States. The responsibility of this court to receive under acceptable conditions reports and evidence of these federal crimes arises under the non-discretionary requirements of Title 18 USC Section 4 to provide a proper forum to receive such evidence. This evidence can be provided by the Defendants, primarily Defendant Chip Tatum, to provide in open hearings, testimony and evidence of criminal activities against the United States by federal employees and those acting on their behalf. Defendant Gene Tatum discovered these activities while in the employ of the United States as a military pilot and then as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency. Evidence of these criminal activities, possessed by Gene Tatum, is related to the decision by Justice Department personnel to charge the defendants with federal offenses, and thereby silence or discredit his disclosure of such crimes.

* The prior refusal of federal personnel, required by law to receive such evidence, made possible the continuation and enlargement of the practices and the infliction of great harm upon individual Americans, upon the nation's national security, and conversion of government offices into criminal enterprises. This includes, for instance, the many airplane crashes due to the safety and criminal violations that Intervenor and other federal investigators sought to report; the expansion of the drug trafficking into the United States by employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the military, aided and abetted by others.

* Allow Intervenor, and a number of his former CIA and other deep-cover sources, to also provide evidence of criminal activities to a forum that will not continue the prior coverup and obstruction of justice. The people providing this testimony and evidence should be given protection against retaliation that could be expected from Justice Department employees, and provided with legal assistance to provide the evidence in the most suitable form and to protect the parties from retaliation. National security considerations require that this information be received, and that it be received in open hearings to avoid a coverup. The national interests, and national security, require an open hearing, and that the American public be allowed to hear the testimony and evidence. The history of judicial coverups and obstruction of justice demands that the evidence be provided under these conditions.

Defendants have suffered unjust prosecution brought about by:

* Retaliation from government employees, primarily of the Justice Department and the Central Intelligence Agency. Circumstantial evidence suggests that the purpose of the retaliation was to discredit and silence the defendants as to their knowledge of criminal and subversive activities by people in control of the Central Intelligence Agency and those acting in concert with them. The defendants possess knowledge of extremely serious unlawful and even treasonous activities against the United States, being perpetrated, aided and abetted, by federal employees. Defendant Gene Tatum discovered these activities while performing official duties for the U.S. Army (as a helicopter pilot), and as an asset for the Central Intelligence Agency.

* Defendants have provided to Intervenor facts and evidence describing the criminal activities that he witnessed while a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army and for the Central Intelligence Agency. This information coincides with what Intervenor has discovered, partly as a federal investigator, and then as a private investigator and himself a victim of retaliation and obstruction of justice by employees of the U.S. Department of Justice and people acting on their behalf.

Defendants have suffered an unfair jury judgment brought about by:

* Inadequate legal counsel representation, including failure of legal counsel to call witnesses needed by the Defendants for their defense, despite Defendants request to have these witnesses called. Intervenor's experience has shown that court-appointed public defenders will frequently sabotage their client's defenses in highly-sensitive cases where Justice Department prosecutors and Central Intelligence Agency personnel wish to silence or discredit a potential whistleblower. Intervenor has repeatedly observed and discovered that this sabotaging of defendants by court-appointed attorneys is routine.

Intervenor's Qualifications

* Intervenor had been a federal inspector and investigator for the Federal Aviation Administration, during which time he discovered a pattern of criminal activities related to a series of fatal airline crashes. He established the existence of these crash-related misconduct by official government documents and during a four-month-long FAA hearing (EFAA20G). These federal activities were then followed by years of private investigative activities during which his discovery of criminal activities expanded into other areas. To this day, the effects of deeply ingrained corruption within the government of the United States, by federal employees, plays a tragic role in continuing airline crashes.

* Intervenor seeks to meet his responsibilities under federal criminal statutes (including Title 18 USC Section 4) and as a citizen (under Title 28 USC Section 1361), by reporting these serious criminal activities to a federal tribunal that could reasonably be expected to provide a forum to introduce such evidence, and a means to have the guilty prosecuted and impeached. Intervenor has undertaken various steps to expose, report, and eliminate these criminal activities, and has encountered criminal retaliation from Justice Department employees and federal judges in the Ninth Circuit.

* Intervenor further seeks to reduce the harm inflicted upon two defendants who have been made to suffer in retaliation for refusing to carry out additional wrongful activities for the CIA, and in retaliation for warning that he would expose these wrongful acts. (Defendant Gene Tatum had already sought to report the criminal activities to his superiors in the U.S. Army and the CIA, without success.)

* Starting while he was a federal investigator, Intervenor discovered throughout these many years of investigative work that employees of various divisions of the U.S. Department of Justice blocked the reporting of these crimes, making possible their continuation and enlargement, along with the consequences in preventable airline crashes and deaths, drug trafficking into the United States, and the infliction of other harm upon the security of the United States.

* Intervenor also discovered a pattern in which Justice Department employees/prosecutors fraudulently charged and prosecuted those who were either actively seeking to expose these crimes, or who might do so.

* Intervenor has published highly detailed and documented books seeking to make the American public aware of these serious offenses. These books include the third edition of Unfriendly Skies; the second edition of Defrauding America (to be shortly followed by an enlarged third edition); and Disavow, the story of a CIA proprietary in Hawaii and the Justice Department-CIA prosecution of the head of that operation when the cover was blown. Each of these highly detailed and documented books describe the criminal activities, and the criminal retaliation and obstruction of justice involving employees in control of the United States Department of Justice. A copy of the second edition of Defrauding America is included as Exhibit "A" with this amicus curiae brief, the purpose of which is to show the pattern of criminal and even treasonous activities by employees of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Central Intelligence Agency, and others.

* Intervenor has prepared an entire chapter that has been included in the third edition of Defrauding America that describes the criminal activities that Defendant Gene Tatum discovered while a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army and for the Central Intelligence Agency. Especially ominous are the involvement of a former U.S. Attorney Generals, members of the White House's National Security Council, and associates of a former president and vice-president in drug smuggling and drug-money laundering, including associates of then-Governor Bill Clinton. The significance of the vast amount of data and evidence accumulated by Intervenor is that federal employees in control of the CIA and Justice Department are inflicting enormous harm upon the United States which can eventually bring down the government as we know it today.

Support For Defendants Disclosures To Intervenor

It is intervenor's belief, based upon many years of investigative experience as a federal and then a private investigator, aided by years of close contact with numerous sources in the CIA and other covert agencies, that Defendant Chip Tatum:

* Served as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army from approximately 1982 to 1986. In 1986, he was discharged from the U.S. Army, and then performed work for the Central Intelligence Agency after a process known as "sheep-dipping."

* From 1982 to 1986, Defendant Gene Tatum flew as a helicopter pilot, based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, with occasional temporary duty in Central and South America.

* During his Central America tours he carried many large white coolers from remote areas to paved landing sites, where military pilots in C-130s and civilian pilots in C-123s would take the coolers to Panama. These coolers were fraudulently marked "medical supplies." Tatum accidentally discovered that the "medical supplies" were actually bags of cocaine. He occasionally made notations of these findings on the back of the flight plans filed in flight operations. He also reported these findings to military officers and to the National Security Council's Oliver North while North was operating out of the White House in Washington. He also reported the drug trafficking to Joe Fernandez (CIA), Don Gregg (Vice President George bush's National Security advisor) who, in turn, said he would inform Dewey Clarridge. The significance of this information, supported by other information, is that endemic corruption by people in control of key entities in the United States are inflicting great harm upon the American people and national security.

* During one helicopter trip, Defendant Tatum carried as passengers William Barr (before Barr became attorney general of the United States and head of the U.S. Department of Justice); Felix Rodriguez (aka Max Gomez, an aide to Vice President George Bush); Buddy Young (security advisor to then-governor Bill Clinton). The group then met with General Manuel Noriega (who had been flown to the meeting by Barry Seal in Seal's Learjet). The purpose of the meeting, at which Tatum attended, was to determine where the money from the drug operations into the United States was being siphoned off (i.e. "stolen"). It was discovered that the drug money was being siphoned off on the Panama to Arkansas segment.

* Tatum flew several army helicopter trips from Fort Campbell to Little Rock, Arkansas, with instructions from army and CIA superiors to deliver containers marked "medical supplies" to a Doctor Lasater. "Doctor Lasater" appeared several times, along with a Buddy Young (security aide to then-governor Bill Clinton) to take possession of the containers. The "doctor" title was a sham, as the so-called "doctor" was actually Dan Lasater, a known drug trafficker and business associate of then-governor Bill Clinton and present White House staff member, Patsy Thomasson.

* Subsequently President Bi

Gene Tatum was a personal friend of mine he and I did many radio show together in 1996-1997 as co-guests.

Bush Shadow Government Player CIA-NSA Gene Chip Tatum and the Denver Connections Stew Webb’s ex-in-law Leonard Millman.

Gary Webb's serious of articles the Dark Alliance in the San Jose Mercury Press was a result of Gene Tatum’s exposure of George H. W. Bush' CIA Narcotics Smuggling.

I, Stew Webb released the Short Version below of the Cutolo Affidavit in 1993 after being given both the 90 page long version and the short version in August 1993 by my Friend Bill McCoy DOD-CIA-Private Investigator (Murdered in 1997)

The reason the Long Version has not been released is to protect those named in it who are still alive.

Stew Webb Video 1993 Corruption in High Place describing the Cutolo Affidavit.

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