Gene Tatum Affidavit

Breaking News August 15, 1996

Ex-CIA; ex US-army.
Ex CIA Narcotic's Trafficker
No. CR 92-72 CR-T-21(A) Date: August 28, 1996 STATEMENT AND DECLARATION

I, Dois Gene Tatum, declare: I was a helicopter pilot for the United States Army
from 1982 to 1986, during which time I flew missions in Central America
and also from Ft Campbell, Kentucky. From 1986 to 1992 I was an agent for the
Central Intelligence Agency, operating under a deep-cover assignment. During this
time I witnessed activities involving high-level U.S. personnel that I felt were
unlawful, and I reported these activities to my superiors in the U.S.
Army and to my handlers in the Central Intelligence Agency, to the National
Security Council, and to various individuals, including William Barr, Oliver
North, George Bush. Among these activities were rampant drug smuggling into the
United States involving people in control of the Central Intelligence Agency,
the Drug Enforcement Administration, the armed forces of the United States, among
I have documented some of these activities on military flight plans,
showing as passengers on certain flights, the following!
: William Barr; Buddy Young; Felix Rodriguez; Oliver North; Joe
Fernandez; Manuel Noriega, and Mike Harari.
I have visited cocaine laboratories with
the above people, who were inspecting the drug smuggling operations in
Central America. I have documented on some of these military flight plans the
nature of the cargo being carried in white coolers that were fraudulently marked as
"medical supplies," which I accidentally discovered to be cocaine. During
one flight and related meeting, I was present while there were discussions as
to where drug money was being siphoned on the Panama to Arkansas run.
Present at this meeting were Manuel Noriega; William Barr (associated with CIA
proprietary Southern Air Transport and later attorney general of the United States);
Joe Fernandez; Mike Harari; General Gustavo Alverez. Participating in this
meeting via satellite telephone was Vice President George Bush, Oliver North, and
William Jefferson Clinton, then governor of Arkansas. I had repo!
rted these illegal operations to my superiors, including William Barr;
Oliver North; George Bush; Felix Rodriguez; Joe Fernandez; Don Gregg; Dewey
After I refused to perform a mission that I felt were beyond my
willingness to execute, I notified my handlers that I wanted out of the operation, which
at that time was known as Operation Pegasus. Their response was to warn me
that no one leaves the operation. I declare under penalty of perjury that the
above facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Executed this 15th day of August 1996 in the County of Hillsborough, State of Florida.
______________________ Dois Gene Tatum aka Gene D. Tatum the above is from:

Gene Tatum was a personal friend of mine he and I did many radio show together in 1996-1997 as co-guests.

Bush Shadow Government Player CIA-NSA Gene Chip Tatum and the Denver Connections Stew Webb’s ex-in-law Leonard Millman.

Gary Webb's serious of articles the Dark Alliance in the San Jose Mercury Press was a result of Gene Tatum’s exposure of George H. W. Bush' CIA Narcotics Smuggling.

I, Stew Webb released the Short Version below of the Cutolo Affidavit in 1993 after being given both the 90 page long version and the short version in August 1993 by my Friend Bill McCoy DOD-CIA-Private Investigator (Murdered in 1997)

The reason the Long Version has not been released is to protect those named in it who are still alive.

Stew Webb Video 1993 Corruption in High Place describing the Cutolo Affidavit.

Note Dois Gene Tatum

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