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Chip Tatum remains incarcerated in Jessup, GA. on trumped up charges. His coming forward with this information has already cost him and his family dearly. Chip needs to present his evidence in front of Senator Spector's committee. Call your US Senator and have him or her ask Spector why this evidence has not been brought forth.


By Gene "Chip" Tatum

November 6, 1996

Doyle McManus, William Rimpel, and Dan Morain can look forward to a rewarding Christmas this year. The CIAís newest spin doctors, employed by the LA Times, have successfully posted an eight column article in every major newspaper across the nation. The headline reads, "Evidence Thin on CIA -Contra Pipeline." In an attempt to downplay the CIAís involvement they have reported that convicted Nicaraguan drug trafficker Norvin Menesus donated "no more than $50,000 of his street sales to the Contras." The spin doctors continued their "spin" with testimony that Menesus was selling 30-40 kilos a week, inferring that $50,000 is a minuscule amount compared to the millions in sales that Menesus realized.

Good try boys-but hereís the facts. If Menesus was selling 40 kilos of cocaine a week, then he was buying 40 kilos per week. Who was supplying the product at $15,000-$20,000 per kilo? If my math is correct, 40 kilos at $15,000 is $600,000 - that equates to an income of $2.4 million per month for the entity which supplied Menesus with cocaine. Who was this entity?

During a four month period in 1985, as a CIA operative under the direct control of Oliver North, I delivered over two tons of cocaine to various airfields in Honduras. The cocaine was hidden in large coolers marked "medical supplies." Over a two day period, I delivered ten coolers (approximately 110 kilos per cooler) to San Lorenzo, Honduras. On April 10th, 1985 Barry Seal met me at San Lorenzo to pick up six of the coolers. When I questioned him concerning the destination of the cocaine it was quite different from the explanation that Col. Ollie North gave me when I confronted him about the cocaine. According to North, Felix Rodriguez, and Don Gregg, the cocaine was being produced by the Nicaraguans to support their war against the Contras. But the Contras were successful in overrunning the Nicaraguan manufacturing facilities. The cocaine which I was delivering to various airports throughout Honduras, according to North, Rodriguez, and Gregg, were destined to the world courts as evidence against the illegal activities of the Ortega led Nicaraguan government. But according to Seal, the cocaine was being produced by the Contras at the direction of Oliver North and members of the Medellin cartel. My many flights into Contra camps supported Sealís allegations. Seal further described the "Enterprise" and named involved top officials in the CIA, DEA, US politicians, and named ranking members of five foreign governments (Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Israel, Panama). Additional names were associated with the state governments of Louisiana, Colorado, Arkansas, Ohio, Florida and Texas. I documented this information on the back of a flight plan, which I filed with base operations in Palmerola, Honduras, and on the back of a mission sheet also filed with base operations in Palmerola, Honduras (a copy of which can be found in "The Tatum Chronicles") on 10 April, 1985. Barry Seal was tasked by North to deliver the cocaine, which I had delivered to him that day, and additional stores of cocaine, which were being held a Ilapongo Air Base, El Salvador, to Southern California.

With the recent exposure of the CIA's involvement in drug trafficking as reported by the San Jose Mercury News, the article by the Company's new spin doctors was written at an opportune time. Yes, Deutch has definitely added these three Journalists names to his gift list.

Gene Tatum was a personal friend of mine he and I did many radio show together in 1996-1997 as co-guests.

Bush Shadow Government Player CIA-NSA Gene Chip Tatum and the Denver Connections Stew Webbís ex-in-law Leonard Millman.

Gary Webb's serious of articles the Dark Alliance in the San Jose Mercury Press was a result of Gene Tatumís exposure of George H. W. Bush' CIA Narcotics Smuggling.

I, Stew Webb released the Short Version below of the Cutolo Affidavit in 1993 after being given both the 90 page long version and the short version in August 1993 by my Friend Bill McCoy DOD-CIA-Private Investigator (Murdered in 1997)

The reason the Long Version has not been released is to protect those named in it who are still alive.

Stew Webb Video 1993 Corruption in High Place describing the Cutolo Affidavit.

Note Dois Gene Tatum

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