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All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars (Video)

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Rand Paul on Syria: I can’t see sending my son to fight on the same side as al Qaeda

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., sharply opposed American military action in Syria on Fox News Thursday night, demanding that President Obama get congressional approval should he choose to act.

“Without question Congress should vote on this and he is going against the Constitution and it will be an unlawful act if he actually takes military action without having Congress vote on the issue,” Paul explained, reminding Americans that the separation of powers intended by the founders was to prevent the United States from going to war for emotional reasons.

Paul said that Obama would probably decide against a Congressional vote to avoid a similar defeat as David Cameron did in British Parlimant.

“They won’t risk a vote because they are worried that they could be defeated,” he said. “It happened in the British Parliament – the American people are not excited about a new war.”

Paul also explained that he had difficulty seeing any American interests in the Syrian conflict.

“I can’t see fighting to impose Sharia law in Syria,” Paul said. “I can’t see sending my son to fight with Islamic rebels against Christians. I also can’t see my son going to fight on the same side as al Qaeda.”

Under Sharia law, Paul noted, Christians would be persecuted for blasphemy, citing a woman in Pakistan who was jailed for blasphemy after she drank from a cup shared by Muslim workers.

“That is not something I want to send our boys and girls to die for,” Paul added.

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Obama’s 911 War with Syria can you stop it. (share video)

US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chemical Attacks not Syria Government

( Exclusive US Intel video share it click on picture below)

Obama’s 911 War with Syria can you stop it. (share video)

US Missiles will fly September 11-18 –Stew Webb Whistleblower.













Is it time for the American Revolution and arrest this US Illuminati Filth?

Less than 14 Days and 1/3 of mankind dies from WW III
Arrest? 1 million protect this filth and there are 100 million awake that is 1 to 99.

Illuminati President Obama just anounced on  TV  military action against Syria for use of chemical weapons which Daddy Bush’s and Israeli Senator John McCain rebel buddies did it (see video below). Illuminati Obama going to IIlluminati Israel AIPAC-Zionist controlled congress for approval. Congress comes back from vacation Sept. 9. You had better light up the congressional phone lines between now and then and spread this (US Satellite video) below help make it viral.

I gave you the tools  and no one picked up the ball if they had several months ago congress who will support this for the Zionists would be neutralized. As Gordon Duff Editor of Veterans Today says “Some People are just to stupid to live they do not listen. Unless you help stop this future WW III the USA will find a battle field here on US Soil and this will not be nice. Those who have served in the Military because of their training will have a much better chance of survival. –Stew Webb Whistleblower (USMC Honorable Discharged)

September 11, 2001 WTC false flag Illuminati attack on America

September 11, 2012 Benghazi- Romney, Clinton and Daddy Bush’s October Surprise against Obama

September 11, 2013 Word War III Kiss you ____ good buy. 1 in 3 Humans on planet earth may die from this.

This Evil Illuminati Zionist Devil Worshipers feed off of fear and hatred It is time to destroy this filth Pray helps and works.

Illuminati: The bloodlines families of the west (including the Bush’s, Millman’s and Mizel’s)
definitely have interaction with beings that I would also call djinn, but who they call demons, or daemon.
The USA and the UK top power brokers behind the scene interact with these beings during very unpleasant
rituals and ceremonies.
I noted that the countries slotted for invasion and takeover, were always countries
who’s central economies were not ‘hooked’ in directly to the global economy.
To me, THAT was the determining factor about who was going to be liberated or
invaded by those controlling the USA.
From US Intel to Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks ( Exclusive US Intel video) URGENT HELP STOP WW III Everyone must see this video please share make it go viral (See all important links below)

URGENT HELP STOP WW III here is how (Congress phone numbers)

Syrian Rebels-US Daddy Bush Zionist Contractors CAUGHT & ARRESTED With Chemical Weapons (RTV)

Rand Paul Suspects Chemical Attacks ‘Launched by Rebels

Syria asks UN to investigate chemical attacks by rebels-US Contractors

Democratic Reward for the British People rejection military action against Syria

Rand Paul on Syria: I can’t see sending my son to fight on the same side as al Qaeda

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars (Video)

Israel Senator McCain wants war in Syria because he profits being on Senate Armed Services Committee

John McCain’s Wife Hiding War Profits, Untaxed Off-Shore Accounts?

Stew Webb Whistleblowers Series of articles The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connections more to come stay tuned. (These are the AIPAC-Illuminati Zionists who control Irsrael and the United States)

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Obama Views Israel as Top Security Threat

Enough Spying!!

Leaked documents reveal US sees Israel as a major spying  threat

by Julian Pecquet


The Obama administration views Israel as one of the top spying threats facing  its intelligence services, leaked documents reveal.

A secret budget request obtained  by The Washington Post from former NSA contractor Edward  Snowden lumps Israel alongside U.S. foes Iran and Cuba as “key targets” for U.S.  counterintelligence efforts. The document suggests Israel does not believe U.S.  assurances that its interests are aligned with Israel’s on crucial issues such  as Iran and peace talks with the Palestinians.

“To further safeguard our classified  networks, we continue to strengthen insider threat detection capabilities across  the Community,” reads the FY 2013 congressional budget justification for  intelligence programs. “In addition, we are investing in target surveillance and  offensive CI [counterintelligence] against key targets, such as China, Russia,  Iran, Israel, Pakistan and Cuba.”

The White House and the Israeli Embassy did not respond to requests for  comment.

The revelations come as no surprise to Georgetown University’s Paul Pillar,  who retired as the national intelligence officer for the Near East in 1995 after  a 28-year career in U.S. intelligence. Israeli spying, he said, has remained a  major threat since U.S. citizen Jonathan Pollard received a life sentence in  1987 in a massive spying case that gravely strained relations between the two  countries.

“Israel should be assumed to continue to have an aggressive intelligence  collection operations against the United States,” Pillar said. While much  information is collected through traditional political contacts, “I would  personally have no doubt that that is supplemented by whatever means they can  use to find out as much as they can about what we’re doing, thinking, deciding  on anything of interest to Israel, which would include just about any Middle  Eastern topic.”

Click on link below to read full report:

Stew Webb Whistleblowers series of articles The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connections more to come stay tuned.
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Pro American Lobby in Israel

by Sami Jamil Jadallahaipac_leaders_meeting


A family friend, a South Asian international human rights lawyer raised a very interesting question the other day and asked if there is a pro Israeli lobby in the US, why there is no pro American lobby in Israel? A very good question indeed.

In the US, any one seeking a national political position whether as president, senator, house members, cabinet members or senior staff on the White House or Capital Hill, or diplomatic economic, and financial position certainly key financial advisors or Federal Reserve, all without exception must meet AIPAC litmus test of loyalty to Israel and its agenda. Single or dual citizenship is a one-way street in favor of Israel over America all the times.

The family friend was intrigued by the power AIPAC and Israel associated powerful think tanks hold over almost every thing political, economic or financial in America and asked why not an American lobby in Israel with the same powers and commitments to the US as AIPAC is toward Israel?

With hundreds of thousands of Americans in Israel, it is very difficult to even imagine if any one who would have the kind of loyalty to America to even think of organizing to represent pro America’s interests in Israel, in the same way that Americans Zionists and Israelis represent Israel’s interests in the US. Most are dual citizens; most volunteer to serve in the Israeli army, before they think of serving the American army, most join armed settlers groups and land thieves. America and its national interest is the last thing on their mind.

Just imagine if Bibi Netanyahu or members of his cabinet or security advisors who are members of the pro American lobby with declared loyalty to America First. Better yet imagine if members of Knesset as members of the American lobby.

Imagine members of Knesset simply signing blank letters or drafts bills presented by the pro American lobby when such letters or bills are contrary to Israel First or its national and security interests. They will never be able to come within one miles of Bibi or the Knesset or any political, defense or security positions.

Imagine if members of the pro American lobby in Israel, demand litmus test of loyalty to America from key political, defense and financial candidates similar to the demands made by members of Congress as they vote for confirmation of American officials who must meet loyalty test to Israel as recently was demanded by Susan Rice and Samantha Power, certainly Chuck Hagel. His service to America as a soldier, as a senator was not good enough for his colleagues in the senate who are at the pecking of AIPAC and who are Israel First.

Click on link to read full report:

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AIPAC Officers and Directors Larry Mizel and Norman Brownstein

Stew Webb Whistleblowers Series of articles The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connections more to come stay tuned.
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Syrian Rebels CAUGHT & ARRESTED With Chemical Weapons (RTV)

Syrian Rebels CAUGHT & ARRESTED With Chemical Weapons (RTV)

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Rand Paul Suspects Chemical Attacks ‘Launched by Rebels

8/29/2013  Stew Webb Whistleblower URGENT HELP STOP WW III US Contractors Gassed Syria (Video Proof) If USA attacks Syria America may get attacked by Russia and China share these links viral
We must not allow another catastrophic war to occur. Britian announced it will not support USA in a war with Syria. Russia is moving warships into the region. This cannot be stressed too greatly. Make the calls. Letters, faxes and emails are OK, too, but please call first—right away, at least on this issue and share video.
US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks (video)  
(Everyone must see this video please share make it go viral stop world war III Now……
Syria aks UN to investigate chemical attacks by rebels-US Contractors
Israel Senator McCain wants war in Syria
John McCain’s Wife Hiding War Profits, Untaxed Off-Shore Accounts?
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Urgent! Stop World War III – here’s how



A US “regime change” bombing campaign against Syria could ignite World War III.

Mark Anderson of American Free Press writes:

HELLO. Please read this….

While many say calling D.C. does no good, we have to assume that if we all call—and encourage many others to do so—then there could be enough of a groundswell to make the imperialists in Washington blink and avoid a war on Syria, at least long enough to buy some precious time.

I urge everyone, at least this one time, to immediately call the White House at 202-456-1414 [follow the prompts, to get to public comment, which is briefly taken by a live attendant, but no name or address is asked of you].

Also call the capitol switchboard, 202-224-3121, and 202-225-3121, to ask for any senator and House member by name. And it does not hurt to call legislators’ district offices, too.

We must not allow another catastrophic war to occur. Russia is moving warships into the region. This cannot be stressed too greatly. Make the calls. Letters, faxes and emails are OK, too, but please call first—right away, at least on this issue.

Click on link below to read full report:

US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks (video)   (Everyone must see this video please share make it go viral stop world war III Now……

Click on link below to views video:

Syria aks UN to investigate chemical attacks by rebels-US Contractors

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Syria aks UN to investigate chemical attacks by rebels-US Contractors














The Syrian government is demanding that the United Nations immediately investigate three alleged chemical attacks carried out by rebel groups on the outskirts of Damascus last week, Syria’s envoy to the UN said.

Ambassador Bashar Jaafari said he had requested of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the team of experts currently in Damascus investigating an alleged use of chemical weapons last week also investigate these other attacks.

The attacks took place on August 22, 24 and 25 in Jobar, Sahnaya, and al-Bahariya, Jaafari told journalists Wednesday. The “militants” used toxic chemical gas against the Syrian army, the diplomat said.

“We are asking UN to incorporate 3 more locations where the Syrian soldiers inhaled the nerve gas also in the suburbs of Damascus. So the spectrum of investigation is increasing compared to the initial phase of investigation,” Jaafari said.

Click on link below to read full report:

Related: By Gordon Duff Veterans Today

US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks (video) Please help this go viral stop wwwIII, Daddy Bush-Illuminati Zionist Contractors.

Click on link below to watch Video:

Stop WW III heres how and pass the above video help make it go viral:

We must not allow another catastrophic war to occur. Russia is moving warships into the region. This cannot be stressed too greatly. Make the calls. Letters, faxes and emails are OK, too, but please call first—right away, at least on this issue.

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2 + 2 = Israel nuked the WTC on 9/11

By Don Fox (with Jim Fetzer)


“[I]f New York was outsourced to the Mossad and if the Twin Towers were nuked, then the nukes that were used must have been Israeli….[N]o alternative explanation is reasonable.”–Jim Fetzer

Israeli nukes-featured image

How many wars is the US supposed to fight for Israel?  How many of our sons and daughters must die? How much of our national treasury and moral standing must be squandered to insure Israeli domination of the Middle East?

Does any serious analyst actually believe that the Syrian government–which has been routing the rebels for the past several months–would jeopardize its standing in the eyes of the world by launching a gas attack when he has no reason to do so? 

Does anyone believe that doing so on the eve of the arrival of a UN inspection team would be rational?  Are the American people so stupid and gullible that we are going to fall for the same “song and dance” from the nation’s leaders who so completely misled us about the massive surveillance being conducted by the NSA?

The lied to us about Iraq. They lied to us about Libya. They lied to us about Iran. And what could be more obvious than that they are lying to us again about Syria? The US is wreaking havoc in the Middle East for Israel. We have become Israeli liars, enforcers, stooges and dupes!

The absurdity of the American position by claiming that it needs to punish Bashar Assad for the violation of international law was apparent today when Charles Heyman, a former British officer who edits The Armed Forces of the UK, observed that attacking Syria without a mandate from the UN Security Council would itself be a gross violation of international law, rather like the claims made during the Vietnam war that “they had to destroy the village in order to save it”! Under Barack Obama, the US has become an international joke.

Some historical background

We know that 9/11 involved close collusion between the neo-cons in the Department of Defense and the Mossad to create a pretext for the US to invade the Middle East and deconstruct the modern Arab states by converting them into statelets to promote the domination of the Middle East by Israel. We know that New York City appears to have been outsourced to Israel and that the destruction of the Twin Towers, unlike WTC-7, can only be explained on the basis of sophisticated arrangements of mini or micro nukes. We have proven this again and again and again. It is beyond reasonable doubt.

The most powerful proof, ironically, comes from dust samples collected by the USGS, which substantiate the presence of elements that would not be present in this form had the destruction of the Twin Towers not been a nuclear event. Those include:

Barium and Strontium: Neither of these elements should ever appear in building debris in these quantities. The levels never fall below 400ppm for Barium and they never drop below 700ppm for Strontium and reach over 3000ppm for both in the dust sample taken at Broadway and John Streets.

Thorium and Uranium: These elements only exist in radioactive form. Thorium is a radioactive element formed from Uranium by decay. It’s very rare and should not be present in building rubble, ever. So once again we have verifiable evidence that a nuclear fission event has taken place.

Lithium: With the presence of lithium we have compelling evidence that this fission pathway of Uranium to Thorium and Helium, with subsequent decay of the Helium into Lithium has taken place.

Lanthanum: Lanthanum is the next element in the disintegration pathway of the element Barium.

Yttrium: The next decay element after Strontium, which further confirms the presence of Barium.

Chromium: The presence of Chromium is one more “tell tale” signature of a nuclear detonation.

Tritium: A very rare element and should not be found at concentrations 55 times normal the basement of WTC-6 no less than 11 days after 9/11, which is another “tell tale” sign of nukes.

But the proof also includes the dramatic incidence of cancers associated with nuclear events, where, as Jeff Prager has observed, (a) Multiple Myeloma in the general population at a rate of 3-9 incidents per 100,000 people, but the rate was 18 per 100,000 among first responders; (b) that other cancers relatively unusual cancers have appeared among the responders, including non-Hodgkins lymphoma, leukemia, thyroid, pancreatic, brain, prostate, esophageal and blood and plasma cancers; and (c) that, as of March 2011 no less than 1,003 first responders died from various cancers. Those familiar with the available evidence who continue to deny that 9/11 was a nuclear event would appear to be either cognitively impaired or deliberately deceptive.

How it was done

Unlike WTC-7, which was destroyed by a classic controlled demolition, where all the floors fell at the same time, none of its floors were blown apart, and there was a stack of debris equal to 12% of the original height of the 47-story building (about 5.5 floors of debris). The Twin Towers were blow apart sequentially from the top down, they were converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust, each floor remained stationary until its turn came and, when it was over, the buildings had been destroyed below ground level: there was no stack debris (which should have been around 12 floors high). They did not collapse. They were blown apart using mini or micro nukes, which too many have continued to deny for too long.

Click on link to watch video and read full report:

Stew Webb Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News
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Blue Star – You just can’t make this stuff up


Anti-Israel Sites Threatened by BlueStar College Fellows Program.


Sites lash out to shame and defame pro-Israel student leaders.


[ Editors Note: A righteous Jew forwarded this along because they knew we just love little gems like this, a peek behind the Jewish Wizard of Oz to see how they do their Voodoo. This is a classic. Catch the not too shy attitude about asking for money. And yes, I disabled the links just in case the Mossad has a subliminal message here that our senors missed. These folks just love the victim routine, that is playing victim while they are manufacturing real ones…Jim W. Dean ]


As I type the IDF has been taking over and old mosque in Jerusalem. Can you feel the love?

The BlueStar College Fellows leadership program has caught the attention of the Israel haters.

Their aggressive, abusive and assertion-laden coverage shows the kind of diatribes our students are facing on campuses and beyond.

BlueStar created our college program to help train student leaders to counter exactly this kind of bullying and bias from here and here.

The other side is clearly threatened by what we are accomplishing in our program. Now, it is up to you to help us continue our efforts to educate the next generation of Israel leaders and advocates. New student leaders are waiting for us to secure the funding to admit them to our leadership program.

The Mondoweiss author, who recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz where she was a leader in the Students for Justice in Palestine campus movement, was NOT on our trip, did NOT interview anyone on our trip, took participant blog quotes out of context, made broad, unsupported generalizations, and even made up “facts” about funders, program philosophy and trip activities to support her biased allegations against BlueStar’s program.

Students and board agree: Our student participants, who are puzzled by the inaccurate accounts of their trip, agree with BlueStar’s board of directors: official responses to close-minded sites like these are a waste of time. Time and energy are better spent telling the true story of Israel to the far more numerous people who can become our friends.

So, while we will use these articles as educational lessons to strengthen our students’ skills and knowledge on how to respond to bullying and media bias both on campus and beyond, BlueStar does NOT encourage you to respond to these sites.

What you should know about BlueStar College Fellows:

A Zionist Multiculturalism Day display. Isn't that special?

During the trip, participants see evidence of Israel’s diversity and values, the Jewish people’s right to self-determination and historical attachment to the land and just dealings with its neighbors despite legitimate security concerns. Our goal is to use the frame of journalism to help students develop the knowledge they need to have a more nuanced understanding of Israel, at a minimum.

Participants examine Israel’s affirmative case in its conflict with its neighbors. We reject black-and-white points of view, especially on difficult issues on land and security about which Israelis continue to debate.

Our program goal is not to dehumanize Palestinians, but rather to let participants examine the evidence against specious Palestinian claims that “Israel is an apartheid, illegal state built on land stolen from indigenous Palestinians and given to European Jews as a payoff for the Holocaust.”

[ Editors Note: Dear Folks, I did not edit the above as a practical joke. This is what really was in the email. I just wanted to make clear that I have only done the layout editing, but not changed any text! ]

Our struggle against anti-Israel forces is not over.

BlueStar is working full force to grow our college program this academic year. We need your help to reach even more Jewish and non-Jewish campus leaders in our struggle against anti-Israel actions on campus and beyond.

Click on link belwo to read full report:

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Zionist loses it on-air: “Shut it Mr. Barrett!”

I debated Charlie Wolf on Press TV yesterday. The topic, as my new Press TV op-ed puts it, was “Israeli false-flag in Syria: Trigger for World War III?

Of all the world’s obnoxious Zionists, Charlie Wolf is one of my favorites.

Unlike most of them, he has the guts to go on Press TV and debate people like me.

So he may be a war criminal and a scumbag. He may be pimping for the murder of millions.

He reacted to the bulldozer murder of Rachel Corrie by calling her “scum.” When that remark caused widespread outrage, Wolf’s so-called apology was to say that he was sorry for her death, “even if by her own stupidity.”

Now he’s fanning the flames of World War III in Syria.

But whatever you want to call Charlie Wolf – creep, genocide propagandist, moral imbecile – you can’t call him a complete coward. He’ll go on Press TV and duke it out with me or George Galloway or whoever they throw at him.

Good for Charlie.

But like all Zionists, he’s terrified of 9/11 truth. Bring up 9/11, and watch the Zionists squirm.

Yesterday, on Press TV’s “The Debate,” I made Charlie Wolf howl.

Click on link below to watch video:

Stew Webb Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News
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Prince Bandar and the Zionist Lobby

On the Right, or is it the Left?

Maneuvering Obama Into a Prolonged Syrian War


…by Franklin Lamb


Tehran — The Bandar-Zionist lobby collaboration, currently the cocktail party talk of many in Washington, is not a case of strange bedfellows given three decades of mutual cooperation which started during Prince Bandar’s long tenure as Saudi ambassador in Washington.

Based in Washington, but with a palace out west and up north, Bandar developed almost familial relationships with five presidents and their key advisers.

His voice was one of the shrillest urging the United States to invade Iraq in 2003. In the 1980s, Prince Bandar was deeply involved in the Iran-Contra scandal in Nicaragua and it his intelligence agency that first alerted Western allies to the alleged use of sarin gas by the Syrian regime in February.

Bandar has reportedly for months been focused exclusively on garnering international support, including arms and training, for Syrian rebel factions in pursuit of the eventual toppling of President Bashar al-Assad.

Reportedly, the Saudi-Zionist discretely coordinated effort, confirmed by Congressional staffers working on the US House Foreign Affairs Committee as well and the US Senate Foreign Relations committee, is being led by Bandar protégé, Adel A. al-Jubeir, the current Saudi ambassador and facilitated by Bahrain ambassador Houda Ezra Ebrahimis Nonoo, who is the first Jewish person, and third woman to be appointed ambassador of Bahrain.

Long known, for having myriad contacts at AIPAC HQ, and as an ardent Zionist, Houda Nonoo has attended lobby functions while advising associates that the “Arabs must forget about the so-called Liberation of Palestine. It will never happen.”

The project has set its sights on achieving American involvement in its third and hopefully its forth (the Islamic Republic) war in this region in just over one decade.

Labeled the “surgical strike project” according to one Congressional staffer, the organizers as of 8/26/13 are blitzing US Congressional offices with “fact sheets” making the following arguments in favor of an immediate sustained air assault. They are being supported by the increasingly anguished cries from neo-cons in Congress such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham and their ilk.

The lobby’s missive details calculations why the project will succeed and turn out to be a political plus for Obama who is increasingly being accused by this same team of dithering. Bandar is arguing that Syrian threats to retaliate against Israel is only political posturing because Syria has never and will never launch a war against Israel, has no military capacity to do so, and for the reason that Israel could level Damascus which the Baathist regime knows well.

In addition, the Prince and his partners insist that Iran will do nothing but complain because it has too much to lose. Iran will not respond other than verbally and has no history of attacking the US or Israel and would not risk the unpredictable consequences of a military response by the Republic Guards or even some of its backed militia in Iraq or Syria.

Sources in Tehran have reported otherwise to this observer. Hezbollah, it is claimed, will not act without orders from Tehran which has instructed it to maintain its heavy weapons in moth balls until the coming “big war” with Israel. It is widely agreed that if Israel attacks Iran, the region will ignite with Hezbollah playing an important role in targeting occupied Palestine.

McClain, a former pilot in Vietnam, is even pushing a “weapons to be employed” list, which includes advising the White House and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on how to do their jobs. Congressional sources report that there is tension between McCain and the Pentagon because the Senator is implying that the Pentagon doesn’t know its job or what assets it has available and how to use them.

The Saudi official assert that a military strike would be a game changer, especially for Russia, and that it will kill any diplomatic initiative (including Geneva II), meaning that Russia will lose a serious advantage in Syria. This also supposedly means that Russia will lose its bargaining chips which could have bought them the consensus they need, political or economic.

It is asserted that Russia will not stand up to the U.S. militarily, as the losses in that case would be severe. All this is reportedly acceptable to the Prince and the lobby. The timing of such an attack according to knowledgeable sources in Damascus and Washington would probably last no more than two days and involve sea-launched cruise missiles and long-range bombers.

Reportedly, striking military targets not directly related to Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, hinges on three factors: completion of an intelligence report assessing Syrian government culpability for the chemical attack; continuing consultation with allies and Congress; and the Department of States International Law Bureau preparing the justification under international law.

One of the most common phases being uttered by AIPAC to congressional offices this week is, “Assad’s massive use of chemical weapons.”

Bandar has reportedly agreed that Israel can call the shots but that the air assault will be led by the US and involve roughly two dozen US allies including Turkey, the UK and France. The German weekly ‘Focus” reported yesterday that the IDF’s 8200 intelligence unit bugged the Syrian leadership during the chemical weapons attack last week and that Israel “sold” the incriminating information to the White House. A group from Israel arrived in Washington on 8/26/13.

It included the Director of the Political-Security Staff in the Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. (res) Amos Gilad, Director of Planning Branch Maj. Gen. Nimrod Shefer and IDF intelligence Research Department Director Brigadier General Ital Brun. After some intense discussions, they shared some of their tapes with US officials.

The Bandar/AIPAC arguments being pushed by this delegation and being spread around capitol hill as part of “Israel sharing its sterling intelligence” can be summarized as follows: The US must avoid half measures, such as a limited punitive response to the CW use and giving in to that temptation would be a mistake. What is needed, it is claimed, is a sustained Bosnia-style bombing campaign until Bashar al-Assad is removed from office.

The use of the CW affords President Obama an (underserved) opportunity to correct his errant Middle East policies. As Israel’s agent, Robert Satloff of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), is telling anyone who is willing to listen, “Obama’s deep reluctance to engage in Syria is clear to all.

This hesitancy is part of his policy to wind down U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and his championing of the idea of nation-building at home. It is not understandable and to the millions of Americans who see Syria as a heaven-sent contest between radical Shiites and radical Sunnis, it is unwise and inappropriate.“

According to the Saudi’s, the Obama administration now faces Bashar al-Assad’s regime and its Iranian sponsors who believe they can put a stake through the heart of U.S. power and prestige in the region by testing the president’s “red line” on the use of chemical weapons (CW).

WINEP is arguing in a memo just issued, “For Assad, large-scale use of CW serves multiple ends — it demoralizes the rebels, underscores the impotence of their external financiers and suppliers, and confirms to Assad’s own patrons that he is committed to fight to the bitter end.

For the Iranians, Assad’s CW use makes Syria — not Iran’s nuclear facilities — the battlefield to test American resolve.” For Bander and his Zionist collaborators, the key issue is not whether Obama authorizes the use of American force as a response to Syria’s use of CW. Rather, the key imperative is that the U.S. use whatever force in necessary to achieve regime change and choose the next regime assuring that it will be friendly to Israel.

WINEP and AIPAC are arguing that if the US military action is designed to only punish Assad for violating the international norm on CW, ”it will merely have the effect of defining for Assad the acceptable tools for mass killing — perhaps only the acceptable quantities of CW to use at any given time — and will have little impact on the outcome of the Syrian conflict; in fact, it might just embolden Assad and his allies.”

Click on link below to read full report:

Stew Webb Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News

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America’s Neo-Praetorian Guard


Rise of America’s Praetorian Guard


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT  Editor   …with  Press TV

–  First  published  on  08-06-13  –


They did not fight and die for a police state

Military and Intelligence professionals, especially retired ones, are growing more concerned over the growing police state inside America. Those who served and fought to prevent its being imposed by an outside force have been watching it imposed internally… by Americans, including sadly, even veterans themselves. Growing numbers of them now agree that the Patriot Act was planned and designed for use primarily against Americans.The terrorism thing was just a cover as the archives show the legislation had been sitting up on the shelf for the ‘right situation’ to emerge where it could quickly be pushed through. And it was… with many Congressmen admitting later that they had never even read it. 

Of the 5,000 suspects quickly picked up after 911, all but a few were deported for visa violations, including the operational Israeli Intel people picked up. Those Israelis involved with 911 that were caught that day were quickly released on order of high political officials and left pronto.

New York City police were threatened with death if they ever publicly said a word about it. FBI agents who collected all the video camera footage of the Pentagon strike that day, including high definition footage, never leaked any of it.

None of those involved in spreading the small pieces of plane wreckage, flown in for the event, to spread around the lawn that night for the photos to be taken the next day, not a one ever went public… more Americans failing America.

A nice lean lawn, no paper, plastic, pillows, blankets or massive amounts of luggage items

But the Pentagon terror hustlers made mistakes. They spread the wreckage around too evenly, and any investigator will tell you that never happens in a crash.

They also forgot to seed the wreckage with the most common things seen at plane crashes if you look for them… paper items and other lightweight debris.

There were no paper napkins or coffee cups… no clear plastic drink cups or pillows, the things that explosive forces spread up into the air and float down everywhere around a bad crash site.

We only found out through people who knew about the ‘seeding wreckage’ that was flown in from storage of a previous crash, items saved for a future event. They only brought small pieces that were easy to transport and spread around.

This wreckage staging was shockingly brazen. Photos existed of the clear lawn on 911 and then magically became covered with evenly distributed small wreckage in the morning. Those with the courage to face it knew a coup had taken place.

Then later came the emergency anti-terrorism funding. It was a Santa Claus come early event for states and cities around the country who all fought for their piece of the pie. All your usual military type gear was of course at the top of the list, and even medium size city police forces fought for getting those $500,000 emergency command vehicles. They became a law enforcement status symbol for the “I’ve got one and you don’t” crowd.

Fear propaganda spread that local police could find themselves engaging highly trained and heavily armed Jihadis in their own towns so the scramble was on for all those who wanted Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams. Where only the larger size cities had them previously, we now saw medium size cities proudly sporting their local commando teams.

Brzezinski with bin Laden, aka Tim Osman

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. None of these kinds of attacks materialized as there were no terror networks here, a strange missing item for an Osama bin Laden who had supposedly declared war on America.

The scramble then began for all of the commando units to justify their financial expenditure. This was done in a few main ways.

It became evident that lone wolf attacks would probably be the main concern so large scale monitoring of the Muslim community went into action, especially in the mosques. Of course the internet communications were monitored to pick up overseas connections trying to recruit cannon fodder operatives here.

But the catching terrorists business was slow because their numbers were insignificant, so now they had to be invented to keep their toys and funding. The FBI began their aggressive sting operations with the tons of money they had and an army of criminals to go out looking for people to frame up for terror attacks where the FBI informants were the instigators.

To make it look more real pasties like the underwear bomber were groomed overseas to be sent here for the big busts that made the news.

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Stew Webb Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News












By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall

In the United States House of Representatives, the “Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending” (otherwise known as H.R. 2634) was passed on April 24, 2008.  The heading of that Act explains the concept behind what it covers:

“H. R. 2634


April 24, 2008

Received; read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations




To provide for greater responsibility in lending and expanded cancellation of debts owed to the United States and the international financial institutions by low-income countries, and for other purposes.




This Act may be cited as the `Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending and Expanded Debt Cancellation of 2008′.”

In other words, the United States wants to cancel the debts owed to it by international financial institutions in low-income countries.  This is a little like a man who stands on the street starving while offering to buy the rest of the world dinner – using a credit card, of course.

You can read the rest of the Jubilee Act H.R. 2634 HERE.

It doesn’t take a lot of mathematical skill to figure this out.  The dollar, or more accurately stated the Federal Reserve Note, has depreciated to the point where its value (being generous) is about 6 or 7 cents when compared to the 100 cents it was worth when the Federal Reserve Act was passed on December 23, 1913 and the unlawfully established Federal Reserve System took over the reins of America’s monetary management.

The 100-year contract established with this privately-owned corporation known as “The Federal Reserve” will come to an end on December 23, 2013.  On its 100th anniversary, the Federal Reserve System leaves the American people about 17 trillion dollars in debt – times five in long-term debt.  As of 2012, the Gross Domestic Product of the United States was close to $16.5 trillion.  Comparatively, Spain’s Gross Domestic Product for 2012 was about $1.3 trillion.  Spain’s debt was $2.3 trillion.  Spain has a 167 debt-to-GDP ratio.  The United States has a 106 percent debt-to-GDP; Italy’s debt at $2.5 trillion is 108 percent debt-to-GDP.  The European Union was at 85 percent at year-end 2012.

When you take all of the above and input it into my brain, it comes out this way:  For every dollar we print to repay our debt, we go 46 cents more in debt than we were before we printed the currency (or sold the bond or keyed a number into a computer) to reduce our debt.  In other words, as things stand at this moment in time it is impossible for America to repay her debt.  You can find the statistical data for debt-to-GDP HERE.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to actual US debt.  Or, look at it this way.  One trillion seconds is almost 32,000 years. So to pay off the debt, if Congress put a hundred dollar bill per second into an account to pay the debt, it would take well over 4,000 years to get the job done.

There is much history regarding the concept of what is called odious debt.  Americans need to pay attention to what it is and learn to use the concept to tell the US Treasury and Federal Reserve System where to go look for the trillions of dollars they say the American people owe in government debt.  According to the Doctrine of Odious Debt, we the people owe about 25 percent of what the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve System tell us we owe.

The concept of odious – or immoral – debt is not a bee I got in my bonnet one day and decided to dream a little dream of reduced debt, fewer taxes, more jobs, and a return to the Rule of Law.  This is a serious matter and is one with which the nations of France, Russia, Germany and the United States are very familiar because it has been used by those nations and others.

After the Civil War, it was found that the Confederate States incurred great debt in its attempt to secede from the Union.  The North won that war.  It would have been immoral for the taxpayers of the United States (North and South) to be forced to pay the debts of the Confederacy which had seceded from the Union during the time the debt was incurred.  The 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution repudiated those debts.

Section 4.

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Section 4 of Amendment 14 raises some very interesting questions regarding “insurrection” or “rebellion” as, it can be argued, Citizens of this nation had an economic war declared against them by too big to jail banksters when the protections of the Glass Steagall Act and the McFadden Act were, with careless disregard for the outcome, over-ridden.  For close to ten years, Washington’s political machine has used debt to enslave the American populace… what else can you call debt that is so huge it is not repayable?  The only thing that stands behind the value of the US Federal Reserve Note – American currency, regardless of what you call it – is the blood, sweat and tears of the American people.  If you don’t pay your taxes, you go to jail.  According to the 14th Amendment, public debt must be authorized by law.  From where does our Rule of Law in America flow?  The Constitution!

We do not honor debts resulting from dishonorable purposes.  We did not honor the debts of the Confederacy.  After the Spanish-American War ended in 1898, the US turned to the Doctrine of Odious Debt when it rejected Cuba’s debts to Spain.  We said the debts “…were imposed upon the people of Cuba without their consent and by force of arms.”

The peace negotiators argued that much of the debt was used to crush the efforts of the Cuban people to revolt against the domination of the Spanish.  The money was spent in a way that was contrary to the interests of the Cuban people.  To ask them to pay for debts incurred to help continue keeping them in a perpetual state of slavery would be immoral… it was odious debt – or, unlawful debt.  To command the people of any nation to keep their shoulders to the rock of debt and keep pushing it uphill under threat of imprisonment if they do not is… slavery.  Does that mean that any funds spent by the NSA for PRISM to spy on the American people are odious – immoral?  How about the funds spent by the IRS in an effort to crush the efforts of some of the American people from revolting against unconstitutional domination?

According to an excellent research article written by Patricia Adams, executive director of Probe International and author of “Odious Debts:  Loose Lending, Corruption, and the Third World’s Environmental Legacy” (London:  Earthscan, 1991), the legal Doctrine of Odious Debts was shaped and hones by Alexander Nahum Sack about 25 years after the settlement of the Spanish-American War.   If you are interested in a more in-depth overview, you can find Ms. Adams’ article reprinted at the LUDWIG VON MISES INSTITUTE SITE.  She said:

“After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks repudiated Russia’s debts indiscriminately. Sack, a professor of law in Paris and former minister in the Tsarist government, authored two major works on the obligations of successor systems and defined in law which debts are legitimate and which illegitimate. With colonial territories becoming independent nation states and colonies changing hands, with monarchies being replaced by republics and military rule by civilians, with constantly changing borders throughout Europe, and with the ascendant new ideologies of socialism, communism, and fascism overthrowing old orders, Sack’s debt theories dealt with the practical problems created by such transformations of state. Like many others, Sack believed that liability for public debts should remain intact, for these debts represent obligations of the state–the state being the territory, rather than a specific governmental structure. This he based not on some strict

dictate of natural justice but on the exigencies of international commerce. Without strong rules, he believed, chaos would reign in relations between nations and international trade and finance would break down. But Sack believed that debts not created in the interests of “the state” should not be bound to this general rule. Some debts, he said, were “dettes odieuses.” If a despotic power incurs a debt not for the needs or in the interest of the State, but to strengthen its despotic regime, to repress the population that fights against it, etc., this debt is Odious for the population of all the State,”

As I understand what is said in this well researched article, “…if a government becomes despotic and incurs debt not for the needs or in the interest of the State but to strengthen its despotic regime, to repress the population that fights against it,”  it sounds to me like all of the quantitative easing from TARP to TALF to the multi-trillion dollar loans made by the Federal Reserve System to Wall Street investment banks and international banks (as well as corporations — $16 trillion alone in 2011), can be considered “odious debt” and stricken from the books – and the backs – of the American (and French, and German, and British, and Greek, and Italian, and Spanish) people.

Since 2002, Argentina has fought the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) attempts to impose restrictive measures of economic austerity on the country. The IMF wanted to do what the IMF is known worldwide for doing:  It wanted to finance infrastructure, pay for research… you know the routine:  Make a country borrow and spend money building roads and airports and bridges and other “shovel ready projects.” Such strategies force any nation deeper and deeper and deeper in debt until it is in economic ruin.  Sound familiar?

On the other hand, it is equally true that Argentina seems to lack character as a state when it comes to repaying its loans.  They seem to believe that banks in other nations should lend them money but they can choose not to repay – and other nations and banks should keep lending them money.  They have not yet figured out that the credit process is a two-way street:  “I lend you money; you repay the money.”

Aside from nations that view the Doctrine of Odious Debt as a means to get out of debt every ten years, this concept may lend itself to an exit strategy for sovereign nations of the world to escape the crushing debt being heaped on the heads of people worldwide.   The idea does hold some thoughtful possibilities. Iceland thought so – and its crooked bankers and its crooked politicians sit in Icelandic prisons rather than getting multi-million dollar bonuses annually… and Iceland thrives.  Too bad the Greeks and Spanish haven’t followed in their footsteps.

What the Doctrine of Odious Debt makes quite clear is that a lie has been forced upon the majority of the world’s population by oligarchic elites.  They like the concept of a two-class system with them as the elitists, running things, while the rest of us who used to be middle class are shoved into the labor class forced into careers they, not we, decide are best for us.

Undoubtedly, one reason Julian Assange sits in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London is because he gave copies of documented conversations between elitist bankers and others about how to cripple the economies of South America.  The conversations Assange theoretically gave the South American governments focused on how to take South America’s energy resources, prevent economic recovery, and force the governments of the continent to pursue a neo-colonialist policy “so Spain, Italy and Germany can, with British capital, benefit from the difficulties sure to follow when the recommended policies are followed.”  Anyone who has read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man will recognize the parallels.

And, without intending to, Ecuador has exposed a great weakness in the world financial systems.

On December 16, 2008, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa didn’t make a scheduled interest payment on private bonds.  Ecuador had defaulted in 1998 when going through a financial crisis.  This time, however, was different.  Correa told the world that his small nation was not going to pay “obviously immoral and illegitimate debts.”

Ecuador’s gross domestic product (GDP) is close to 50 billion euros and its “immoral debt” is about 11 billion euros.  It’s a small country.  But that isn’t the point.  The “immoral debt” point made by Rafael Correa, was announced on television on December 12, 2008.  He said immoral and illegitimate debts were those debts that violated the Ecuadorian Constitution and oppressed his people.

The question, then, becomes:  What debts are “odious” or “immoral,” and which are not?  What is an illegitimate debt?  President Correa related the Ecuadorian “immoral debt” to violations of that nation’s Constitution.  If the Tea Party and Liberty Action Groups have any understanding of the significance of what is being said here, they will find access to constitutional legal and accounting expertise that can answer the question:  What debts are odious or immoral?  Which debts are not?

In America, we can look at mortgage-backed derivatives and millions of unlawful foreclosures and costing the people trillions of dollars to immediately identify trillions of dollars of property value and profits by banks that can be defined no way other than immoral.  Well, perhaps unlawful, too.  These debts and the government funds loaned to the banksters that created them and who got bailed out by additional funds from taxes on American citizens can probably make the best claim of “immoral” or “odious” debt of any citizens in the world.

What else might represent “immoral debt?”

If, as Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa says, “illegitimate debts violate the Ecuadorian Constitution and oppressed his people,” every other country that is drowning in immoral debt can make the same logical and lawful claim.  If debt is defined as anything unconstitutional, a claim can be made that the entire Federal Reserve System is “unconstitutional.”

Article One, Section 8 of the United States Constitution says “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United State;” Section 8 also says Congress has the responsibility “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”.

There is a lawful way to change the Constitution of the United States.  It involves both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Each must approve by a two-thirds supermajority vote a joint resolution amending the Constitution.  The joint resolution does not require the signature of the President but is sent directly to the states for ratification.  Once ratified via a vote by the People, the Constitution is lawfully amended.  That is the process put in place by our Founding Fathers.

As anyone who is familiar with the history of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 knows, this procedure was not followed.  Instead, politicians who supported the concept of a central bank (which America had only briefly on two occasions until 1913) let their opponents go home for Christmas on December 23rd and proceeded to pass this Act unconstitutionally.  The Congress cannot, under its own limited power, change the Constitution of the United States.  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the banking system that evolved from it have never been constitutional.

Foreign nations should be aware:  You may be doing business with an unlawful Corporation if you’re doing business within the Federal Reserve System.  The Federal Reserve System continues to be in violation of the US Constitution and not qualified to create debt in the name of the people of the United States of America… the debt of the Fed being thus “immoral” or “odious.”  That means it may be debt we, the citizens of this Great Nation, can write off.

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US Indicts Itself in Anti-Syrian Chemical Plot


We were right again – US is using its prestaged chemical weapons ‘red line’ to launch a Syrian attack with no evidence


“Deep within every one of us lies a natural understanding of good and evil. That is why one man can tell the truth convincingly…but it takes the entire apparatus of the state to peddle a lie, and propagate that lie to new generations.”…Gandhi


… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor       with Press TV

US implicates itself in anti-Syria chemical plot

–  First published on 08-24-13 –


The new 'field artillery'

I watched with utter astonishment how quickly the West and the Obama regime moved to put wind into the sails of the totally bogus claims of the Syrian army using nerve gas on its own people in the Damascus suburbs when the effectiveness of its traditional counter insurgency operations have been on display for months now.

I don’t know a soul that believes they would do this.

That the Syrian National Coalition would attempt this Hail Mary pass to trigger a ‘red line’ incident to bring in the Western cavalry (can we say USA?) to save them has been expected by the independent intelligence community. And yes, the photos of lot of dead kids came as no surprise. Killing kids also is a Zionist specialty as they have had a lot of experience at it.

The West has been supporting this reign of terror on the Syrian people for some time now through its admitted aiding and abetting the arming, training and supplying of a diverse array of cut throat criminal insurgent groups recruited from the hovels of North Africa and the Mid East.

Their Persian Gulf State proxies have provided only a thin veil of cover for the introduction of the Neo-Al Qaeda groups who are perpetrating a daily slow motion 9/11 upon the people of Northern Syria. Have those who have supported these terrorists been denounced by the US, the UN, or NATO? Hell no…they have not. Their inaction has been a crime in and of itself.

Wesley Clark

And the reason would be that the Persian Gulf proxies might then get angry and go public with the revelation that everything they have been doing was with the full knowledge and approval of their Western partners.

These are now the people seemingly so concerned about these recently mass murdered innocent people.

But I see no rage in their hearts for the deaths they are responsible for via the al-Nusra Takfiri throat cutters.

In 2006 General Wesley Clark once touched on this situational ethics tactic with his famous quote on the Iraq war:

“They [the government] actually believe that the major obstacle to success in Iraq is the American people…that we are the obstacle to success. If they can keep us from knowing the truth, they think they can win!”

The UN and Mr. Ban Ki-moon come out looking just as bad, or worse. Has there been any mention of even an investigation of the Persian Gulf state proxies being in violation of international terrorism laws which would actually list them as targets for pre-emptive strikes?

Ban Ki-moon

Is the UN Secretary threatening to hold a vote to have them kicked out of the UN, sanctions being imposed and international law proceedings against them under the terrorism and war crime statutes? Of course not.

Most humiliating of all are the pitiful mutterings of the Obama regime about ‘target updating’, dusting off ‘contingency plans’ to be ready to attack Syria when the President gives the green light. Do they really think the public is so stupid as to not see through this charade in two seconds?

The SNC leaders should all have international arrest warrants put out for them this weekend. Their having uploaded the atrocity videos before the event happened was kind of a major blunder.

The West and the UN proceeded with their saber rattling like the video timing gaff did not totally expose the slaughter of these innocent people as the dying gasp of a morally bankrupt SNC. That effectively put their stamp of approval on the attempted act. Their turning a blind eye to the obvious, makes them look like co-conspirators of the SNC, a huge credibility mistake on their parts.

Basic intelligence analysis 101 proceeds on a dual track, looking at what you can see to measure its veracity, and then more importantly looking for missing clues, things that should be visible if the purported act did actually happen as claim.

Right off the top there are no photos of 1,300 dead victims, and for good reason. There are not that many. Why are bodies of dead children not shown with the dead families, as they would normally be buried together?

All we have are ‘claims’ from a totally unreliable entity, the SNC, who have every reason to have staged the event. And idiot would know this, and the both the US military and Intel branches surely do.

We all want those who did this to die - including those who think they have diplomatic immunity

You might ask where the SCN could get such a chemical weapon to use in this war crime. Who has the largest stockpile of WMD including chemical and biological weapons in the Mid East? It is Israel of course.

Is Israel a biased party here, also engaged in supporting the insurgent training, arming and slipping them some Sarin gas to use in a ‘red line’ triggering’ event?

Has Israel ever attacked the United States or run major false flag operation to make use of American military power? The answers are yes and yes.

Not only is Israel the lead suspect in doing this but doing so I would suspect with Washington being fully aware and approving. If not, then the offensive use of WMD by Israel would trigger a cut off in all US aid and we know that would never happen. The Israelis would just say “You told us it was OK.”

Painfully absent from those in power in the West is any appearance of objectivity in analyzing these gas claims. The usual mutterings are being made about need to check the facts and confirm sources but that has no validity.

The US and the West have watched their allies slaughter of the Syrian people without a single mention that I am aware of for any law enforcement or military action being taken against them. Who has heard even a call for the Free Syrian Army to be holding trials for the worst murderers in their ranks, much less the al-Nusrats?

Saudi Arabia supported al-Nusra terrorist slaughtered Latakia civilians as they withdrew

I have to use an age old cliché but it fits so well, “The emperor doth wear no clothes.” To even describe their response to this latest war crime as a ‘foreign policy’ is a smear on the phrase.

It is more of a three ring circus…not the entertainment kind, but the brutal version put on the the Romans in the Colosseum where citizens watched the unfortunate victims die before them as a form of state policy public diversion of that time.Does not this shoddily done false flag attack bare similar motivations?

So, the bottom line question is why is such a saber rattling show being put on? General Dempsey has already said that he can destroy the Syrian Air Force but that would have no strategic effect for improving American ‘interests’. He said that even if the FSA won there was no evide nce that they would be beholden to American interests.

Have you noticed how no one ever lays it out to us what those interests are? It’s a bit odd isn’t it, almost like they want to wait until the thing is over and then tell us with 20/20 hindsight.

Obama covered himself with there being no attack without a UN mandate. Russia and China will never go along with that, so don’t hold your breath for the cruise missiles to start flying. But that said, what is being rolled out now with all the war blustering is the classic ‘preparing the minds’ of the public for something. We have been here many times before. We know the smell.

Will America's attack in Syria really be just a test shoot to see how good the Russian missiles are?

Could that be in regards to the French reports of CIA and Israeli trained commandos crossing over from Jordan into Syria to help prop up the big losses the insurgents are taking?

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Whistleblowers US Intel Breaking News


The Perverse Core of Christian Zionism (Part II)

Michelle Bachmann

Premillennialist George Eldon Ladd says, “The basic watershed between a dispensational and a nondispensational theology” is that dispensationalism “forms its eschatology by a literal interpretation of the Old Testament and then fits the New Testament into it. A nondispensational eschatology forms its theology from the explicit teaching of the New Testament.”[1]

For a dispensationalist or a Judaizer, many of the teachings in the Old Testament must take precedence over the teachings in New Testament—and sometimes even the teachings of Christ.

Moreover, Judaizers tend to invoke passages in the Old Testament in order to further their political and ideological ends. This has been one of the central issues among evangelical politicians.

In 2010, former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, who has long been a supporter of Israel,[2] made the pronouncement on the eve of her political stardom that America would cease to exist if it stops supporting Israel.  She said:

“I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States. We have to show that we are inextricably entwined, that as a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play.

“And my husband and I are both Christians, and we believe very strongly the verse from Genesis [Genesis 12:3], we believe very strongly that nations also receive blessings as they bless Israel. It is a strong and beautiful principle.”[3]

We will not go into extensive theological exegesis here. We shall do so later in subsequent articles. But for Bachmann and others, this issue discussed in Genesis still applies to modern Israel, even though many Protestant writers have shown that God fulfilled those promises during the time of Joshua.[4] Scripture also makes it plain that all the nations have been blessed because of Jesus Christ, who is the seed of Abraham.

“For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people. Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel and those after, as many as have spoken, have likewise foretold of these days.

“Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, and in thy seed shall all the kindred of the earth be blessed. Unto you first, God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities” (Acts 3:22-26).

This is completely antithetical to the Christian Zionist movement, which to a large extent elevates geopolitical Israel above anything else, including the church. One of the leading dispensationalists to espouse such a view is Herman Hoyt, who declared that in the dispensationalist millennium, the living Israel “will be the head over all the nations of the earth” and “on the lowest level there are the saved, living, Gentile nations.”[5]

This view has been stated in many ways by other leading dispensationalist writers, including Charles C. Ryrie, J. Dwight Pentecost, H. Wayne House, Thomas D. Ice, John F. Walvoord, Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Hal Lindsey, and even the late Dave Hunt.[6]

Hunt goes so far as to say that “national Israel [will be] restored to its place of supremacy over the nations.”[7] For dispensationalists, geopolitical Israel is one of the keys to the millennium. Pentecost states, “The Gentiles will be Israel’s servants” during that era.[8] For Fruchtenbaum, “In the millennium Israel as a nation will rule over the Gentiles.”[9]

Charles C. Ryrie

The only way dispensational premillennialists are able to solve this theological numbo-jumbo is to propose that God has two distinct plans: one for the church and one for the nation of Israel. Charles C. Ryrie put it this way:

“A dispensationalist keeps Israel and the church distinct.”[10]

Quoting another authority, Ryrie declares that “the basic premise of Dispensationalism is two purposes God expressed in the formation of two peoples who maintain their distinction throughout eternity.”[11]

This view was articulated by other leading dispensationalists such as Lewis Sperry Chafer,[12] and this thesis has played a major role in the writings of people like John Nelson Darby and C. I. Scofield.[13]

By the time we reach the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Dispensational Premillennialism had already been politicized, with presidents such as Ronald Reagan and beyond politically endorsing the movement. Charles Colson, a former Nixon advisor, had a cohort of friends in the White House who would lecture U.S. officials about prophecies in the book of Ezekiel and who would telephone “premillennialist faculty members at ‘Mid-South Seminary.”[14]

Ronald Reagan was also a product of Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth and other apocalyptic frenzies. Reagan told Christian Life magazine back in 1968, “Apparently never in history have so many of the prophecies come true in such a relatively short time.”

“Let’s wind the clock back a few years. These Muslims wouldn’t dare cross any of you Americans. What happens? Your balls dropped off?”

Historian Paul Boyer declared that “The Late Great Planet Earth strengthened Reagan’s prophecy belief, and at a 1971 political dinner in Sacramento shortly after leftist coup in Libya, Reagan observer soberly:

‘That’s the sign that the day of Armageddon isn’t far off…Everything is falling into place. It can’t be too long. Ezekiel says that fire and brimstone will be rained upon the enemies of God’s people. That must mean that they’ll be destroyed by nuclear weapons.’”

Reagan also said, “You know, I turn back to your ancient prophets in the Old Testament and the signs foretelling Armageddon, and I find myself wondering if we’re the generation that’s going to see that come about. I don’t know if you’ve noted any of those prophecies lately, but believe me, they certainly describe the times we’re going through.”[15]

Former president George W. Bush tried to convince France’s then president Jacques Chirac that “biblical prophecies were being fulfilled” and specifically that “Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East,” but Chirac decided that “France was not going to fight a war based on an American president’s interpretation of the Bible.”[16]

Like the dispensationalist camps, when the Gog and Magog apocalypse failed Bush, he turned to Baghdad as the forces of evil. As we shall see, all of this is completely compatible with the Judaizing movement which got its inception in the fifteenth century.

John Milton Was a Judaizer

A somewhat classic example of invoking the Old Testament to further ideological purposes is found in the life of John Milton, famed seventeenth-century English poet known for writing Paradise Lost.

Milton wanted to divorce his wife, but there was clear teaching about divorce in the New Testament. Christ taught that one ought not to divorce unless one partner has committed fornication (Matthew 5:32). Milton solved that problem by appealing to Moses and rejecting Christ’s teachings! To Milton,

“Our savior’s words touching divorce are, as it were, congealed into a stony rigour, inconsistent both with his doctrine and his office.”[17]

paradiseAs we shall see in subsequent articles, this form of eisegesis is consistent with many Protestant writers long before Milton came on the scene. Martin Luther for example wanted to burn the book of James because James did line up with Luther’s sola fide. And John Calvin was exegetically shown to be a Judaizer on many aspects.[18]

Milton later said,

“Yea, God himself commands in his law more than once, and by his prophet Malachi, as Calvin and the best translations read that ‘he who hates, let him divorce—that is, he who hates cannot love. Hence it is that the rabbins, and Maimonides…tells us that ‘divorce was permitted by Moses to preserve peace in marriage and quiet in the family.’”[19]

Milton’s reliance on rabbis such as Maimonides had nothing to do with the teachings of Christ, but rather with his own desire for divorce. He later published his own tract entitled The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, in which he essentially pleaded with England to allow divorce in society based on the teachings of the Old Testament and “some of the best among reformed writers.”[20]

Yet Milton completely missed Moses’ point for sanctioning divorce in the Old Testament. As E. Michael Jones puts it,

“Milton again needs to contradict Christ and scripture, because Christ said ‘in the beginning it was not so,’ meaning that divorce was something added after the fall because Moses had to deal with the hardness of his people’s hearts.”[21]

The temptation to reject the plain teachings of Christ—and the message of things like love, truth, dignity, love for one’s neighbor, and protection the innocent—and to embrace some of the Old Testament laws that were fulfilled or nullified by the coming of Jesus Christ did not start or die out in the seventeenth century. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries many heretical movements drew their conclusions from the Old Testament.[22]

Our time is no exception. For example, Sarah Palin frequently invoked passages in the Old Testament to pursue her political ends.[23] Michelle Bachmann did the same thing in 2011. When Bachmann was obviously outmatched and losing support in Iowa, she didn’t invoke Christ or figures in the New Testament, but turned to Old Testament figures.[24]

"I thought my jokes were bad."

The simple fact is that many politicians—most specifically Christian Judaizers—have over the centuries appealed to the Old Testament in order to marshal their ideological purposes.[25]

Take for example the Hussite revolution (which began in 1419), which used Moses and the nullified laws of the Old Testament, with respect to killing and pillaging enemies, as justification. There were indeed theological disputations around that time, and theological disputations got into politics, and politics got into a bloody war.[26]

The selling of indulgences was one of the doctrines that caught the spirit of that era. Luther rose up and challenged that idea. But Luther did not stop there. Luther clung to the sword as portrayed in the Old Testament. Luther used language like the Old Testament, language which can be found throughout his denunciation of the pope.

“Hearest thou this, O pope,” he wrote in 1520, “not most holy, but most sinful? O that God from heaven would soon destroy thy throne and sink it in the abyss of hell!…O Christ, my Lord, look down, let the day of thy judgment break, and destroy the devil’s nest at Rome.”[27] Luther sounded like James and John in the New Testament:

“And it came to pass, when the time was come that he [Jesus] should be received up, he stedfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem. And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him. And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem.

“And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them (Luke 9:52-54).

The Hussites solved problems such as indulgences by not only appealing to Moses in bearing swords and marching to crush their enemies, but also by leading mobs into churches and smearing excrement on crucifixes.[28]

Historian Howard Kaminsky declares that Huss did not decide to start the violent revolution and the radical Hussites did not draw their radical movement which led to violent acts against monks in particular from Huss himself.[29] There might be a glimpse of truth in this. But Huss’ heavy reliance on the Old Testament makes his doctrine ambiguous. He said:

“The time has come for us, just as it did for Moses in the Old Testament, to take up our swords and defend the law of God.”[30]

The obvious question is why didn’t Huss appeal to Christ, the humble servant and the model for all Christians? Why didn’t Huss appeal to passages such as Matthew 5:43-48, which implicitly forbids serious followers of Christ to take up arms against enemies, most specifically when it comes to theological disputes?

As Jones rightly argues, whether Huss liked it or not, his statement here was an obvious appeal to the Old Testament, which Huss’s followers took to a radical height. Moreover, it makes the Protestant motto sola scriptura meaningless, because if Scripture is going to be interpreted in light of the wars and pillaging of Old Testament and not in light of Christ’s teachings, then we are in deep trouble.

Historians agree that this posed a problem for the Reformers. Even Erasmus saw that Judaica expositio—a literal interpretation of many of the Old Testament principles, such as eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, with little regard for the teachings of the New Testament—could be a problem for the Judaizers.[31]

Erasmus was proved right, for we know that “the philological works most frequently consulted by Christian Hebraists (such as Reuchlin’s De rudimentibus) were actually written by Jews. In addition, several important exegetical works of the early Reformation period—such as Bucer’s commentary on the Psalter (1529)—drew heavily upon medieval rabbinical sources, such as David Kimhi and Abraham Ibn Ezra and Solomon ben Isaac (Rashi) of Troyes.”[32]

John Calvin

Will Durant writes that “Luther’s conception of God was Judaic. He could speak with eloquence of the divine mercy and grace, but more basic in him was the old picture of God as the avenger, and therefore of Christ as the final judge.”[33]

Before Luther, continues Durant, judaizing rarely happened in Western culture; after Luther, “the Judaic contribution triumphed over the Greek; the Prophets won against the Aristotle of the Scholastics and the Plato of the humanists…the Old Testament overshadowed the New; Yahweh darkened the face of Christ.”[34]

This played an influential role in Luther’s writings and teachings. And this essential point has been overlooked by many Protestant writers after Luther and beyond.

It is therefore safe to say that many during the Protestant Reformation were Judaizers, though Zwingli, on a theoretical level, was probably not one of them.[35] Yet on a practical level Zwingli was a Judaizer and was even accused of betraying the Protestant motto, sola scriptura.[36]

A propaganda manifesto was written in 1412 which reads,

“And so, dear holy community in Bohemia, let us stand in battle line with our head, Master Huss, and our leader, Master Jerome; and whoever will be a Christian, let him turn to us. Let everyone gird on his sword, let brother not spare brother, nor father spare son, nor son father, nor neighbor spare neighbor…All should kill so that we can make our hands holy in the blood of the accursed ones, as Moses shows us in his books; for what is written there is an example to us.”[37]

Will Durant declared, “On July 30, 1419, a Hussite crowd paraded into New Town, forced its way into the council chamber, and threw councilors out of the windows into the street, where another crowd finished them off. A popular assembly was organized, which elected Hussite councilors.”[38]

Pope Martin V organized a crusade against the Hussites, with king Sigismund approving it. The Hussites struck back by organizing their own army with Jan Zizka as the leader, “a sixty-year-old knight with one eye, who trained them, and led them to incredible victories.”[39]


Zizka defeated Sigismund, then began to espouse the view that there should be no religious dissent. As a consequence of this worldview, his army

“passed up and down Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia like a devastating storm, pillaging monasteries, massacring monks, and compelling the population to accept the Four Articles of Prague. The Germans in Bohemia, who wished to remain Catholic, became the favorite victims of Hussite arms.”[40]

The Four Articles of Prague declared that one ought to have freedom to worhip, to give no secular power to the clergy, and to punish mortal sins, yet the Hussites in general violated those principles. In other words, the document was a smokescreen for the Hussites. (However, not all Hussites were revolutionaries. There were many who were peaceful, detested wars and hatred against enemies, and practiced a return to traditional, mere, Christianity.[41])

Martin Luther was an admirer of Huss and believed he should not have been burned at the stake.[42] Later, Luther argued that “the German Church should be reconciled with the Hussites of Bohemia.”[43]

It should be made clear at the outset that there were several problems with the Reformation, but the issues were not as black and white as some historians have argued.

Calvin for example was responsible for the death of Michael Servetus, a Spanish physician who, upon reading rabbinical criticism of Christianity, no longer thought that the Trinity was valid. Servetus propounded heretical views in believing that Jesus was not co-equal with the Father, and that God the Father had to breath the Logos into Jesus. These views, among others, certainly made him a heretic, and he was disliked by both Catholics and Protestants.[44]

After writing Christianismi Restitutio in 1546, in which he denounced the idea that God had predestined some to hell and others to heaven, Servetus sent the manuscript to Calvin. Calvin returned the favor by sending Servetus a copy of his Institutes of the Christian Religion. The die was cast.

Servetus sent Institutes back to Calvin with insulting comments because he thought Calvin was making elementary errors. Servetus made the point that it was irrational for God to send some to hell irrespective of whether they want to accept him or not and then condemn those same people for not accepting him. Calvin himself wrote in his Institutes:

“By predestination we mean the eternal decree of God, by which He determined with Himself whatever He wished to happen with regard to every man. All are not created on equal terms, but some are preordained to eternal life, others to eternal damnation; and, accordingly, as each has been created for one or other of those ends, we say that he has been predestined to life or death.”[45]

In other words, freewill and predestination, in the Calvinist reading of things, are mutually exclusive. Moreover, those who are predestined to death are rebel sinners and therefore deserve God’s wrath! For example, you blindfold a person and then tell him to choose either right or left. And when he doesn’t choose what you want, you strike him dead. How is that logical?

Well, in the Calvinist reading of things, this is called compatibilism. It is the metaphysical idea that people are responsible and even blamed for their actions even though they cannot possibly do otherwise, even though it was God’s intention and decree that they fall into temptation and therefore be condemned!

These are essential in Calvin’s doctrine of predestination, and this is the doctrine that has been repudiated by many because it is pregnant with internal contradictions and because it makes God the author and the actual creator of sin. Listen to one Calvinist: God “can’t sin.” But two sentences later, the same author declares that God “created sin.”[46] The Reformed author did not appeal to sola scriptura this time to propound that doctrine but appeals to the Westminster Confession in order to support his case.[47]

By propounding this doctrine in his Institutes, Calvin made Servetus’ job easy.

Later Calvinists have found this doctrine repugnant and soon the essential doctrine of predestination as propounded by Calvin in his Institutes was “predestined” to split into five groups: five points, four points, three points, two points, and one point.

Servetus also implicitly made the point that if God condemns some for not responding to his gift of salvation, then the obvious conclusion is that God had given them the ability to respond to his calling. Modern Calvinists have struggled mightily to solve that contradiction.[48]

Calvin, in return, wrote to one of his friends in 1546,

“Servetus has just sent me a long volume of his ravings. If I consent he will come here, but I will not give my word, for should he come, if my authority is of any avail, I will not suffer him to get out alive.”[49]

By this time, Servetus was wanted by both Protestants and Catholics for heresy. He was arrested in Catholic lands, but barely escaped from prison and settled in Protestant Geneva, Calvin’s territory. On a Sunday, he went to church and was quickly recognized. Calvin quickly ordered his arrest.

Michael Servetus

During the trial, he was partially accused of having “in the person of M. Calvin, defamed the doctrines of the Gospel of the Church of Geneva.”[50] On two occasions, Calvin appeared during the trial as Servetus’s accuser, though “the Protestant Council of Geneva asked the Catholic judges at Vienne for particulars of the charges that had been brought against Servetus.”[51]

During the trial, Servetus literally begged for mercy, and two opponents of Calvin were summoned to save Servetus from burning at the stake. When the ministers declared that Servetus should be punished for his “utter lack of the spirit of meekness and docility,” he responded by saying, “You should show it toward me even though I were possessed of an evil spirit.”[52]

Durant declared that the two opponents irritated Calvin even more than Servetus. Matteo Gribaldi, a professor of jurisprudence at Padua, called upon the people at the assembly to seriously reconsider the fraudulent civil punishment for religious opinions and matters. He was banished “on suspicion of Unitarianism.”

Gribaldi was later established as a professor of law at the University of Tubingen, but “Calvin sent word there of Gribaldi’s doubts; the university pressed him to sign a Trinitarian confession; instead he fled to Bern, where he died of the plague in 1564.”[53]

Servetus moved on to write a reply to Calvin, in which he called Calvin “liar,” “impostor,” “hypocrite,” and “miserable wretch.” Calvin returned the favor by calling Servetus a “dirty dog” who “wiped his snout” and the “perfidious scamp.”[54] Bainton declares that Servetus’s statement that Calvin was a “liar” was not entirely without merit. For example, Calvin, during the trial, accused Servetus of being unable to understand and read Greek, when in fact Servetus knew the language well.[55]

Servetus was eventually condemned to be executed. Scared to death, Servetus begged Calvin to reconsider. Calvin declared that he would have a second thought if Servetus recanted from his heretical views. Servetus refused. He was eventually burned alive on October 27, 1553.[56]

“When the executioner brought the fire before his face he gave such a shriek that all the people were horror-stricken. As he lingered, some threw on wood. In a fearful wail he cried, ‘O Jesus, Son of the Eternal God, have pity on me!’”[57]

Many Protestant reformers were in agreement that Servetus deserved his punishment. Philip Melanchthon, a collaborator of Martin Luther, wrote a letter to Calvin and others giving “thanks to the Son of God” for the “punishment of this blasphemous man,” and declared that the burning was “a pious and memorable example to all posterity.”[58]

Some Protestant scholars such as Alister McGrath have tried to downplay Calvin’s role in the execution, thereby giving the impression that Calvin had nothing to do with it. Yet the evidence against such a defense is found in Calvin’s own mouth.

McGrath declares that Calvin’s “tacit support for the capital penalty for offenses such as heresy which he (and his contemporaries) regarded as serious makes him a little more than a child of his age, rather than an outrageous exception to its standards…To single out Calvin for particular criticism, however, suggests a selectivity approaching victimization.”[59]

McGrath says that Calvin’s involvement in the affair “was oblique.” Yet Calvin himself declared the opposite. McGrath continues, “The trial, condemnation and execution of Servetus were entirely the work of the city council, at a period in its history when it was particularly hostile to Calvin. The Perrinists had recently gained power, and were determined to weaken his position.”[60]

Not so. Even other Protestant historians such as Roland H. Bainton agreed that the whole trial was orchestrated by John Calvin.[61] Moreover, Calvin told us,

“And what crime was it of mine if our Council at my exhortation…took vengeance upon his execrable blasphemies?”[62]

McGrath declares, “Calvin himself attempted to alter the mode of execution to the more humane beheading; he was ignored.”[63] McGrath never tells us that it was Servetus who wanted “the more humane beheading,” to which Calvin agreed. The request was denied by the council, but Calvin had a hand in how Servetus was executed.

Calvin himself wrote a letter to the King of Navarre years later when he was still receiving criticism for his involvement in the execution, saying,

“Do not fail to rid the country of those zealous scoundrels who stir up the people to revolt against us. Such monsters should be exterminated, as I have exterminated Michael Servetus the Spaniard.”[64]

In a rather sophisticated way of downplaying Calvin’s influence in the affair, McGrath declares, “Every major Christian body which traces its history back to the sixteenth century has blood liberally scattered over its credentials. Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed and Anglican: all have condemned and executed their Servetuses, whether directly, or—as in the case of Calvin himself—indirectly.”[65]

Calvin received widespread criticism for his act, prompting him in 1554 to write Defensio Orthodoxae Fidei de Sacra Trinitate Contra Prodigiosos Errores Michaelis Serveti, in which he quoted passages in the Old Testament such as Deuteronomy 13:5-15, 17:2, Exodus 22:20, and Leviticus 24:16 to buttress his defense of burning heretics.

“Whoever shall maintain that wrong is done to heretics and blasphemers in punishing them makes himself an accomplice in their crime…Wherefore does He [God] demand of us so extreme severity if not to show us that due honor is not paid Him so long as we set not His service above every human consideration, so that we spare not kin nor blood of any, and forget all humanity when the matter is to combat for his glory?”[66]

By this time Calvin was already a Judaizer in applying Old Testament law to heretics. Even Durant wrote, “Whereas in general [Calvin] accepted St. Paul as his guide, he refused to use the Pauline expedient of declaring the old law superseded by the new.”[67]

E. Michael Jones agrees with Louis Israel Newman that Calvin knew the consequences of not burning Servetus, that he was soon going to be accused of Judaizing.[68] Diarmaid MacCulloch declares that for political reasons, Calvin wanted to prove to his enemies that he was not weak.[69]

But by burning Servetus, Calvin implicitly ended up Judaizing anyway. This was so clear that Calvin almost applied the same Old Testament law to a close friend of his, Sebastian Castellio.

Castellio was born in France in 1515 and became erudite in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and was a Greek teacher at Lyons. He also lived with Calvin for a while and, in 1541, Calvin appointed him as rector of the Latin School at Geneva.

In time, Castellio parted company with Calvin on the doctrine of predestination and accused Calvin of intolerance, among other things, though he still admired Calvin as a friend.

Unlike Servetus, who told Calvin that Simon Magus was the real father of the doctrine of predestination,[70] Castellio never castigated Calvin as a liar. Calvin again summoned the Council and accused Castellio. He was banished and for nine years lived in abject poverty, “supporting a large family, and working at night on his version of the Scriptures. He finished this in 1551.”[71]

Castellio finally got to teach Greek again at the University of Basel, and was completely shocked that Calvin was the main culprit behind the execution of Servetus. Years later, Castellio produced Haereticis an Sint Persequendi (Should Heretics Be Persecuted?), in which he implied that Christ would not have burned anyone alive for being a heretic.

In order to make a rational and exegetical case, Castellio appealed to the New Testament and declared that the Old Testament laws with respect to burning heretics were out-dated.

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WND: Corsi Cites Syria False Flag

WND:  Corsi Cites Syria False Flag

Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies

Contrary evidence arises as U.S. considers punishing Assad regime

Jerome R. Corsi


NEW YORK – As the U.S. considers a response to what it calls a chemical weapon attack by Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime that killed hundreds of civilians, reliable Middle Eastern sources say they have evidence the culprits actually were the rebel forces trying to take over the government.


Secretary of State John Kerry accused the Assad government Monday of covering up the use of chemical weapons

in “a cowardly crime” and a “moral obscenity” that shocked the world’s conscience.

Kerry claimed the Obama administration had “undeniable” evidence “that the Assad government was culpable in the use of chemical weapons on civilians” in the Aug. 21 attack in Damascus suburbs.

Reports that the Obama administration is considering a military strike against the Assad government continued to circulate Monday. Meanwhile, U.N. weapon inspectors in Syria were fired upon by snipers as they attempted to investigate the site of the Aug. 21 attack.

Assad has rejected charges that his government forces used chemical weapons as “preposterous” and “completely politicized,” the Los Angeles Times reported. He argues Syrian forces were in the targeted area.

“How is it possible that any country would use chemical weapons, or any weapons of mass destruction, in an area where its own forces are located?” Assad asked in the interview with Izvestia, according to a translation provided by Syria’s official news agency and published by the Los Angeles Times.

“This is preposterous! These accusations are completely politicized and come on the back of the advances made by the Syrian Army against the terrorists.”

Rebel attack?

Walid Shoebat

With the assistance of former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat, WND has assembled evidence from various Middle Eastern sources that cast doubt on Obama administration claims the Assad government is responsible for last week’s attack.

A video posted on YouTube, embedded below, shows Free Syrian Army, or FSA, rebel forces launching a Sarin gas attack on a Syrian village.


Another video posted on YouTube shows what appears to be Syrian rebel forces loading a canister of nerve gas on a rocket to fire presumably at civilians and possibly government forces.

As seen below, a screen capture from the video shows rebel civilian forces placing a suspicious blue canister on top of a rocket-launching device.

A separate YouTube video from Syrian television shows a government-captured arsenal of what appears to be nerve gas weapons seized from a rebel stronghold in Jobar, Syria.


The image below shows canisters in the seized rebel arsenal from Jobar that appear to resemble the canister launched by rebel forces in the first image above.

ScreenHunter_2065 Aug. 27 11.39

A close-up from the Syrian television news report, seen below, shows a chemical agent identified as having been made by a “Saudi factory.”

ScreenHunter_2066 Aug. 27 11.40


A report from the Russian Arabic-language channel RT Arabic shows captured rebel arsenals apparently with chemical agents manufactured in Saudi Arabia and gas masks, supporting Russian claims that the rebels are the culprits in the alleged chemical attack.


On Aug. 23, hosted an audio recording of a phone call broadcast on Syrian TV between a terrorist affiliated with the rebel civilian militia “Shuhada al-Bayada Battalion” in Homs, Syria, and his Saudi Arabian boss, identified as “Abulbasit.” The phone call indicates rebel-affiliated terrorists in Syria, not the Assad government, launched the chemical weapons attack in Deir Ballba in the Homs, Syria, countryside.

The terrorist said his group, which comprises 200 terrorists escaped from al-Bayadah to al-Daar al-Kabera through a tunnel, needed to buy weapons to attack Homs.

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Pravda: USA Disavows All Syrian Rebels

Pravda: USA Disavows All Syrian Rebels

USA disavows all Syrian rebels


USA disavows all Syrian rebels. 50959.jpeg

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey said that the Syrian rebels could not promote U.S. interests at this stage. The “Hawk” who recently proposed five options of Syrian intervention has surrendered. The statement marked the position of the military that do not recommend a direct U.S. involvement in the conflict in Syria.

CBS channel quoted Dempsey who in his letter to a congressman from the state of New York Eliot Engel wrote that today in Syria the U.S. would have to choose between not two, but multiple parties. He added that the party that the U.S. chooses must be prepared to defend both its own and the U.S. interests when the balance shifts in its favor. Today, none of the parties is ready for it, the general said.

Congressman Engel asked for a clarification on the possible U.S. military action in Syria. In particular, he asked about the possibility of missile attacks on Syrian military air bases, which, in his opinion, would significantly help the “rebels” without the full engagement of the United States in ground operations. Dempsey said that the U.S. could destroy the Syrian Air Force and eliminate the capacity of “the Assad regime” to bomb the opposition from the air. However, according to him, this move would potentially increase the U.S. commitment to directly enter into a conflict without addressing its root causes.

The general wrote that the use of military force can change the military balance in various ways, but it will not solve the main ethnic, historical, religious and tribal issues that are fueling the conflict. He said that he believed that the U.S. could help in a humanitarian crisis on a much more significant scale. This is some amazing pacifism and wisdom for a military person.

According to Dempsey, Washington believes that any opposition that could now theoretically replace Bashar al-Assad, in fact, would not make things better, and may even make them worse. It seems that the bad experience of Afghanistan where the United States attempted to combine military action with bribes, coalition building, and humanitarian efforts in order to “win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people” served as a good lesson. The U.S. authorities fear a repeat of Afghanistan that has become a fertile ground for Osama bin Laden and “Al Qaeda.” Engel was not pleased with the general’s response. The congressman believes that the U.S. involvement in the Syrian conflict is a choice between the acceleration of the end of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his continuation, rather than a choice between rebel groups.

Dempsey presented the Pentagon’s official position on the issue of intervention in Syria, and did it only a week after the publication of the five options of such interference. In addition to limiting air strikes, he proposed creation of a no-fly zone over the entire Syria, training of the opposition forces in safe areas, creation of buffer zones as a safe haven for militants, and destruction or seizure of chemical weapons.

What affected the general’s opinion? The statements were published almost immediately after another provocation about mass deaths of innocent Syrians by an alleged chemical attack of government troops. We can assume that the United States has evidence of who actually uses chemical weapons in Syria.

These suspicions are reinforced by simple thoughts about the reasons why the President of Syria would need to use chemical weapons on the second day after the beginning of the mission of the UN inspectors. Damascus now does not need such an attack with massive loss of life, as its superiority in an armed conflict is obvious.

During the last twelve years, the American “neo-conservatives” and other “hawks” of the war presented a military intervention in the Middle East as the only way to fight terrorism, promote stability in the region and guard democratic values. Last month, the Taliban opened an office in Doha (Qatar) to start peace negotiations with the U.S. However, the intervention in Afghanistan was carried out to destroy the Taliban.

After the U.S. left Iraq, the country plunged into chaos, its infrastructure is destroyed, there is an inter-religious war, two million refugees are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster, ancient Christian communities are destroyed, and the Iraqi government intends to cooperate with Iran. The U.S. intervention in Libya has led to the emergence of a nominal government that does not control the country and supplies Islamists throughout Africa.

A former ally, Egypt today is controlled by the military junta armed with the latest U.S. technology. The democratically elected government was overthrown, and “Muslim Brotherhood” chose to cooperate not with the U.S., but with Iran. Everywhere where democratic elections were held after the “Arab Spring,” governments with dubious prospects of support for the U.S. or Israel were elected.

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US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks (video)

US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chem Attacks (video)

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Welcome to the real world folks. It's a nasty place.

US Chem Weapons Disposal Program Supplies WMD’s for Syrian Rebels

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Investigative journalists inside Georgia and the region have traced shipments of chemical weapons to American controlled sources in the region.

Here, the weapons from Georgia are being deployed by US backed Al Qaeda terrorists.

Click on link below to watch video showing gas attacks a must see:

Help make this Video go viral send to media, congress, senate  help stop ww 3


Urgent! Stop World War III – here’s how

Syria aks UN to investigate chemical attacks by rebels-US Contractors

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Very Real China Threat

Very Real China Threat



Surprise Chinese Satellite Maneuvers Mystify Western Experts



[ Editor’s note:  Consider this story one of the understatements of all time. The threat of a bio-war with China is on the horizon.  The US has been caught genetically engineering diseases and releasing them on China.  Prior to this, US intel (highest) had learned of a Chinese program to develop extremely lethal agents that would target most “non-Mongolian” races.  What were rumors and conspiracy theories 3 months ago are becoming a global threat today…Gordon Duff ]


Alerted by a tweet from Hong Kong-based @cosmic_penguin, Bob Christy of spread the word that one of three Chinese satellites launched together on July 19 made a sudden maneuver yesterday.

The satellite, Shiyan 7 (SY-7, Experiment 7), already had completed a series of orbital changes that put it close to one of the companion satellites with which it was launched — Chuangxin 3 (CX-3).    Suddenly, however, it made a surprise rendezvous with a completely different satellite, Shijian 7 (SJ-7, Practice 7), launched in 2005.

Jonathan McDowell of Jonathan’s Space Report characterizes SJ-7′s own mission as “mysterious.”  Over the past eight years, it has changed its orbit several times followed by long periods of “quiescent decay.”  Its most recent orbit change was in January 2013 according to McDowell.

As for SY-7, it was launched last month along with CX-3 and Shijian-15 (SJ-15).   China’s Xinhua news service said at the time that all three satellites would be used to conduct “scientific experiments on space maintenance technologies.”

Christy reported soon after launch that “[i]t is known” that one of the three satellites carries “a prototype manipulator arm to capture other satellites” that might be “a predecessor of an arm destined to be aboard China’s large space station set for launch in 2020 or soon thereafter.”

He could not confirm which of the three satellites carries that arm.   McDowell said that SY-7 “is testing a robotic arm,” while SJ-15 was thought to be observing space debris and CX-3 might be carrying “technology experiments and/or serve as a target for the robotic arm tests.”

After a series of minor orbital adjustments, the first unexpected orbit change for SY-7 occurred on August 16 according to Christy, who said that it suddenly lowered its orbit by 150 kilometers.  Christy’s analysis at the time suggested that it was preparing to rendezvous with CX-3.  Then, yesterday (August 18) it rendezvoused with SJ-7 instead.

Christy reports that as of this morning SY-7 and SJ-7 remain about 2 kilometers apart in a 565 x 610 kilometer orbit.   Christy remarks that “[t]here are several possibilities for what looked like a space station rendezvous and docking simulation….satellite inspector, satellite servicing experiment, ASAT..?”

ASAT stands for antisatellite, a capability to render a satellite non-operational.  China conducted an ASAT test in 2007 when it launched a satellite interceptor against one of its own satellites.

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Pity the American People for They Live in a Jewish Run Democracy

Pity the American People for They Live in a Jewish Run Democracy

A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of  all”.



This quote has been repeated in many forms by many American Presidents since George Washington, by patriotic American politicians, diplomats, militiary officers, academicians, few journalists, and a few courageous American citizens of all faiths especially Christians, and Jewish Americans who stand firm despite the hate, death threats, and alienation from the Jewish community.

They repeatedly warned America of a “passionate attachment” to a foreign nation due to the power of a minority in America with true allegiance to that foreign nation and not to the interests of the United states.  They warned us that this “faction”, i.e. special interest, will ensure that the U.S.will be forced to take on the enemies of that nation, be involved in its wars, and have the uninformed American taxpayer fund the economic and military budget of that foreign nation.  They warned that Americans will die in service to that nation.

President George Washington warned that the U.S. will become a “Slave” to that foreign nations if such a powerful “special interest” is allowed to corrupt the political system  of the country thereby giving it the power to formulate domestic and foreign policies  and not the citizens of this nation.

The warning was never heeded due to greedy ambitious politicians willing to spend the treasury and blood of this nation as “slaves” to a foreign nation:  ISRAEL via AIPAC. — i.e. JEWISH POWER.

The Denver Illuminati Zionist Connection

Jews Run Foreign Policy:


One of America’s most courageous and patriotic men, Michael Scheuer, who for 20 years was a CIA Analyst and headed the Osama Bin Laden Counter Terrorism Task Force has spoken and written repeatedly about the powerful but dangerous control and influence of the Israel Lobby on U.S. Foreign Policy.  Despite his enormous experience and the honesty with which he speaks he’s hardly ever invited on TV as an “expert” on terrorism or U.S. Foreign Policy given that his truth contradicts the manufactured lies and myths of the U.S. government and its co-sonspirators in the media and the military-industrial complex which reaps billions from the holocaust against civilians around the world.

Please watch this video to hear Mr. Michael Scheuer.



America, do read the quote below over, and over, and over, until it sinks in as to whom is running Americans’ foreign policy in the Middle East and notice this was said in 1957,

“I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews.   Marshall (referring to Secretary of State George Marshall) and Forrestal (referring to Secretary of Defense) learned that…. terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen …. I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don’t approve of.  The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country” – Secretary of State John Foster Dulles in February 1957 (Donald Neff’s book: “Fallen Pillars” page 99)

Since President Wilson Jews have played the dominant role in U.S. Foreign Policy forcing Wilson’s hand to enter World War I.  Israel has used America as a “weapon of mass destruction” against the Palestinians and Arabs whose land they have stolen, annexed, and occupy.  These peoples simply seek their legitimate right to reclaim their stolen lands and be free from Israel’s illegal occupation.e and to recover their legitimate right to their lands live free from Israel’s murderous illegal occupation.  But in Israel’s America, Israel is the victim and the Arabs are the aggressors.

The theft of Palestine and America’s entry into World War 1:was due to the wealth and power of Zionist Jews in Britain and the U.S.  To the British “gifting” Palestine to the Zionists was simply a quid pro quo:   Get America into the war and we’ll issue a proclamation that Palestine can be your Zionist homeland, hence the Balfour Declaration.


On April 5, 1917 the British government announced that it was sending Rt. Hon. Arthur James Balfour, the Foreign Secretary, to the United States, to notify the American bankers that the British government was prepared to officially endorse their plans for political Zionism provided they would bring America into the war (WWI) on the side of the Allies.  America came into the war”. —William Guy Carr; in his book “Pawns in the Game”, 1958


After the sudden resignation of Senator George Mitchell as Obama’s envoy to the Israeli Palestinian conflict (the only Gentile to hold that position), Obama needed to appoint another envoy, but that position is automatically reserved for Jews so that they serve Israel’s interests and not the interest of the U.S. or peace.   Unfortunately American Gentiles are not qulaified for this position.

Martin Indyk, a Pro Israel Zionist, and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

So Obama appoints a Jew, Martin Indyk, as MidEast envoy.  Indyk a devout Zionist, a man who worked in AIPAC and founded the Zionist think tank the “Washington Institute for Near East Policy”, a think tank that serves as Israel’s mouthpiece, providing Congressmen with background material, opinions to share and write in the media, and easy talking points that if repeated often enough become mainstream opinion in the country.  The staff, members, and board of directors reads like a who’s who in foreign policy circles who constantly write oped pieces that are automatically published.

While serving as Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk was suspended by the State Department and stripped of his security clearance without any explanation to the public.  The only public statement issued said he was suspended due to his violation of security standards. The suspension occurred while he was involved in the Israeli Palestinian talks at that time.  The suspension meant Indyk will be denied access to classified information and will be prevented from attending meetings where classified information is discussed.  Naturally the suspension was lifted, he returned to work, and the American public was never told the truth of the matter.  One can only suspect he shared classified information with Israel; although such incidents are a daily occurrence in Washington D.C. and Israel is never held accountable.

Yet, regardless, our Presidents prefer a disgraced Jew as an envoy to an honorable respectable Gentile.

Aaron Miller, a former Jewish diplomat in the State Department and another envoy to the Israeli Palestinian talks courageously revealed in a Washington Post article titled “Israel’s Lawyer” published May 23, 2005, that in such peace talks the U.S. acts like “Israel’s Lawyer” and not as an honest broker.

He wrote:

“I’m not a lawyer by training, but I know one when I see one. For far too long, many American officials involved in Arab-Israeli peacemaking, myself included, have acted as Israel’s attorney, catering and coordinating with the Israelis at the expense of successful peace negotiations. If the United States wants to be an honest and effective broker on the Arab-Israeli issue, than surely it can have only one client: the pursuit of a solution that meets the needs and requirements of both sides”.

Being Pro Israel is the only ‘LITMUS TEST” for Senatorial Confirmation of appointees:

Any candidate or appointee who must be confirmed by the Senate needs only one qualification:  Does he/she support Israel and do they renounce and apologize for any past comments against Israel.  To the Senate, nothing else matters.

We all recall the outrageous humiliation Senator Chuck Hagel endured in his confirmation hearings where he was repeatedly attacked by both political parties for comments perceived as Anti-Israel such as “I’m an American Senator, not an Israeli Senator”.  After his humiliation and repentance he was confirmed.

Similarly Samantha Power, Obama’s nominee as U.N. Ambassador, underwent the same Pro Israel Senatorial “Litmus Test” attack during her confirmation hearings.  Her sin was that in 2002 she suggested an international intervention may be necessary in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Realizing that she must kowtow to the Israel Lobby’s Senate she disavowed that statement and said she will work tirelessly as U.N. Ambassador to “defend Israel”, saying she would “go on offense and defense” to stop UN criticism of Israel.

Incredulously she also said that she would work to secure a seat on the UN Security Council for Israel as a non-member.  She also accused the U.N. of an “unacceptable bias”.against Israel, not withstanding the U.S. has an inherent bias at the U.N. for Israel given its automatic Vetoes against any resolution critical of Israel.

Apparently the primary purpose of our elected officials from the White House to Congress, is to serve, spend, fight for, and defend Israel at all costs even if it harms the national interests.

Click on link below to read full report:

“Al-Qaeda jihadist” attacks Million American March!

Omar al-Farouq's cousin, a certain Mr. AmerJihad, hates the Million American March almost as much as Hannity does.

Sean Hannity is not the only extremist who hates the idea of Americans marching together on 9/11 to protest the politics of fear.

Apparently “al-Qaeda” agrees with Hannity.

An alleged al-Qaeda supporter who calls himself “@AmerJihad” has launched an angry attack on the organizers of the Million American March Against Fear, which will take place on the National Mall in Washington, DC on September 11th. In a blistering tirade, the self-styled jihadi echoes Islamophobes who claim that Muslims cannot be Americans:

“Email Address : @AmerJihad Phone Number (optional) : Your Message : When speaking in your interviews please stop talking like you speak for the best interests of the Muslim people.. How dare you backbite Muslims for the kafir, how dare you backbite the Mujahideens for defending sharia and the Ummah.. Our bothers are dying around the world “Syria,Egypt,Palestine” just to name a few places and you sit here and backbite the Muslims defending them.

Million American March? This is a joke!!! Nationalism is HARAM! To change the name of your so-called march from the Million Muslim March to Million American March is haram on it’s own.

Being a Muslim is a identify of its own, we are Muslims not Americans!! MUSLIM is our identify!! Muslims are not NATIONALISTS!!”

The American Muslim Political Action Committee wishes to make a number of points in response to Mr. “AmerJihad.”

* Muslims are obligated by their religion to be good citizens of whatever communities they live in, as all qualified Islamic scholars agree.

* Any non-Muslim country that protects the rights of Muslims to practice and preach their religion, as the USA does, is considered part of Dar al-Amn, the “House of Security,” and Muslims in such places should be good citizens and work for truth and justice.

* Since the USA has been hijacked by forces that hate both Islam and everything America stands for (google “Leo Strauss” and “neoconservatism” for details) it is especially important for Muslims to work to restore American democracy and Constitutional liberty, and international peace and security.

* One reason so many of our Muslim brothers and sisters are dying around the world is that a handful of idiots like you (assuming you really are a Muslim and not a sock puppet working for a certain country’s anti-Islam PR team) have been duped by those who hate Islam and the US Constitution into believing that “al-Qaeda” is something other than a neocon anti-Islam PR campaign designed to destabilize the whole Muslim world.

Click on link below to read full report:

US military intervention in Syria can lead to WWIII: Analyst


Press TV

Any US military intervention in Syria will merely exacerbate the crisis in the Arab country and put the globe on the brink of another world war, a political analyst tells Press TV.

“US military involvement [in Syria] obviously would not resolve the crisis. It would just make it worse as always happens when the US military gets involved in parts of the world where it has no business being,” said Kevin Barrett in a Saturday interview with Press TV.

“This is a dangerous move because we’re really on the edge of a potential World War III in Syria. The region is being destabilized more and more at every moment,” he pointed out.

On Friday, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that the Pentagon was positioning military forces as part of “contingency options” provided to US President Barack Obama regarding Syria.

Hagel’s remarks have been interpreted as a tacit suggestion that the US may be preparing for a military attack on Syria.

Also on Friday, some American military officials said that Washington was considering military options against Syria over the allegations of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government.

Barrett, noted that pressures by the hard-line Israeli lobby are also behind such hawkish US posturing.

On Wednesday, the militants operating in Syria claimed that around 1,300 people were killed in a government chemical attack on militant strongholds in the Damascus suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar.

But the Syrian Army strongly rejected any role in the chemical attack, saying the accusations were fabricated to distract a visiting team of the UN chemical weapons experts and to cover up militants’ losses.

The Syrian government later announced that the chemical attack had actually been carried out by the militants themselves as a false flag operation.

The announcement by Syria echoed earlier declarations by Russia, which said it had “new evidence” that the chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs were of a “provocative nature.” Iran has also said, “There are documents [showing] terrorist groups are behind this attack.”

Click on link below to read full report:


Nine Eleven IS the Litmus Test

Nine Eleven IS the Litmus Test

“It all comes down to 9/11. Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie. Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool. Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder. Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test.” – Snordster
Click on link below and watch the vide:


Mass Media Madness

by Paul Balles

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.–Jim Morrison

The media is too concentrated, too few people own too much. There’s really five companies that control 90 percent of what we read, see and hear. It’s not healthy.-Ted Turner


Media focusfox 58


Television anchors and their guests waste hours of viewer’s time ridiculously focused.  Topics with limited importance, should not be broadly covered at the expense of the most important issues.

Guesswork predictions of potential 2014 and 2016 political candidates waste time. The presidential elections are three years away and pundits are already taking polls and showing how much they know about potential candidates.

The sexual misbehaviour of a San Diego mayor and a New York mayoralty candidate have been recent favourite time-wasters when there are more important matters to discuss.

Hours and hours, day after day have been devoted to the trials of defendants who might be guilty of hate crimes.

Useless discussions and congressional attention has been wasted on attempts by a Republican Congress to repeal the American health care bill.  This is typical of the present do-nothing Congress. And the media reports it.

Gay laws in the military or states allowing gay marriage  have received inordinate attention at the expense of concerns affecting many more people.

Further to how legislators spend their time, the media has been attempting to out-do Congressional time-wasters.

The public in a democracy deserve more than wasted time reporting on relatively unimportant events and concerns.

journalist-saleNeglected important issues

Climate change and problems–droughts, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, polar icecap meltdowns– deserve much more public attention than the media provides. Much greater efforts are needed to reduce the factors that scientists have clearly identified as disastrous for the future of the planet.

Ecology issues – extinction of species, atomic plant and oil spill damage to the environment– receive miniscule momentary attention and then are forgotten. Much still needs to be done.

Corporate control and profiteering, including NAFTA agreements that cost one country jobs and do little for other countries, need to be discussed and regulated.

American government involvement—unreasonable, unwelcome and unsuccessful—in other countries affairs, their politics, their civil wars and their economies. not only lead to hatred of America, but result in terrorist plots,

The deaths and blowback from killing innocents with drones makes America the world’s empire that the victims want to bring down. The issue gets hardly any attention from the mass media in America.

Treatment of secretive US constitutional violations, like those of the National Security Agency (NSA), deserve immediate examination and transparency.

The issues raised by whistleblowers require closer attention.  “Many documents have nothing to do with terrorism or national security,” reports Glenn Greenwald, “but have to do with competition with other countries, in the business, industrial and economic fields,”

Instead of being tried in military courts, whistleblowers like Bradley Manning should be celebrated for exposing war crimes committed by the US military. Those who commit the crimes should be tried as criminals, no matter how high up they go in the chain of command.

Programmes to repair bad infrastructures – bridges, highways, public buildings—are desperately needed before neglect results in more deaths.


Click on link below to read full report:


America is Entering Another Great Depression

The credit boom came to an end in the 2006-2008 financial crisis, slowly but surely deflationary forces are starting to exert a dominant influence on all markets. The Federal Reserve, a quasi private-public entity has played the central role in the boom and bust and is unable to stop a depression even though its original charter was sold on that idea. Since the end of the international gold exchange standard in 1971, there has been an unprecedented expansion of credit. Without any gold backing, credit growth based on fiat currency was unlimited, the last four decades has resulted in a 50 trillion dollar expansion of credit, its undoing threatens the solvency of the United States and the Federal Reserve. The survival of the United States as a nation is now in question, already totalitarian forces are sharpening their knives for the destruction of the union.


There are two main drivers to the American economy, home construction and auto manufacture, both are in decline who’s descent has been lessened by falling interest rates to historic lows. Rates went lower than the Great Depression even though debt is at historic high levels by all measures, and now a sudden reversal and rising rates will kill home and auto sales sending America into an economic death spiral and another ‘Great Depression’, possibly the greatest depression of all time that ends Western Civilization.

final chart

The Housing Market

In a debt ridden society, credit is ‘money’, the long prosperity of the last 4 decades was created by an expansion of credit, high home and car prices is due to easy credit, thus a contraction in credit will be deflationary. This happened in 2008 with housing, the easy home loans fueled the final boom and now its gone bust, without easy credit the housing market coast to coast has declined dramatically. A $250,000 house, that traded for $50,000 a couple of decades earlier, can only exist so long as easy credit terms exists – low rates and low monthly payments.

Most consumers do not have $250,000 in cash laying around, and those that do are probably smart enough to know not to purchase an inflated property price. House prices are still in the stratosphere, but the majority of people believe that sky high home prices are normal and are counting on them staying that way for sale or retirement. This is pure wishful thinking, home prices are overly inflated by a severely over inflated credit market.  So far home prices have declined in most major cities, but we haven’t seen the depression lows because interest rates are now going up, the final leg down will now commence with the reversal in bond prices.


Home prices are far above the 100 year inflation adjusted mean, decades of successful and repeated credit infusions by the Federal Reserve Corporation have convinced the public that inflation and high home prices are normal. But they are not, they are completely artificial and against natural law, who can afford current home prices without credit? The bust will send prices lower, it would be normal for the market to overshoot to the downside once the credit contraction gets going. All credit busts go lower than where they started, it is perfectly reasonable to expect the correction will overshoot and go below the mean, below 100 on the chart:


Historic low mortgage rates of 3.42% last year stimulated a slight increase in new home sales. The Fed’s limp impotence to stimulate a dying home market are evident. Rates have now edged up in the last 12 months, and new housing sales have instantly reversed, a mere 100 basis point increase in 30 year mortgage rates has already caused the death knell of housing, what will happen in the upcoming credit market panic when rates soar?

New home sales have been plummeting, the FED lowered rates to lower than the Great Depression and that only resulted in slight gain, rising rates will absolutely kill new home sales and send them toward zero. Imagine that, new home construction is about to come to a standstill.

us-housing-market-3 red line

There are millions and millions of homes in foreclosure and millions and millions more unsold, the only way for this market to proceed is steep discounts. Even now houses for a dollar are spreading, Gary, Indiana has now joined Detroit in offering homes for $1. Yes you can buy a house for a buck! And you can buy whole blocks of houses and become a slum lord. Once people see houses selling for cheap, that changes their minds about what a house is worth.  High home ‘values’ is a myth lodged in the brains of brain dead consumers, a house is commodity like any other commodity and its price is set by market forces, oversupply will eventually overwhelm this last vain attempt of the banking system to keep prices high and their balance sheets in the black.

$1 homes in:

Gary, Indiana –

Detroit, Michigan –

Investors buying Detroit properties –

Milwaukee, Wisconsin –

Orange County, California – Buy a house for a $1 and move it –

Over 50% of home sales are now for cash. This is a significant change, people are adverse to borrowing money or using credit, the new trend is credit aversion. This is significant for bank lending, in the perverse world of bank lending, the mortgage becomes a deposit for more loans, since people are avoiding banks the banks will not be able to keep the bubble inflated.  The engine of fractional reserve banking has come to an end.

Click on link below to read full report:


All out for Washington, DC this September 11th!

All out for Washington, DC this September 11th!

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

Will you be there for "March on Washington 1.2" ?

When the corporate media mounts a hysterical campaign against a planned march on Washington DC…you know you’d better be there.

And when the anti-March-on-Washington blitz is led by Fox News, World Net Daily, Breitbart, and the ADL…you can see exactly who is running scared.

The neocon nutjobs are frothing at the mouth about the Million American March Against Fear. Why? Because it promises to bring a broad coalition of Americans together to protest the post-9/11 politics of fear.

Click on link below to read full report and watch video:


Secret Space War IX: Inside DC, It’s Beltway-Bloodsuckers and Parasites ‘R Us

Secret Space War IX:   Inside DC, It’s Beltway-Bloodsuckers and Parasites ‘R Us

by   Preston James

images_sizedimage_218141608America’s “Master Control City” Washington DC is best described as a huge, extra-judicial, unConstitutional parasite upon the body politic and “we the people”.

It is staffed by individuals acting as parasites as they conduct their daily activities, here’s why.

The purpose of any parasite is to attach itself to the host and suck all of its lifeblood out of it until the host is dead.

And this is what the criminals inside the Beltway are doing to Americans, their hosts, sucking their lifeblood until America will be destroyed.

This of course is like “killing the goose that laid the Golden Egg”, but apparently these parasites inside the Beltway believe they have a new host such as China, South America or Canada to latch onto and start the blood sucking there when they have finished off America.

Mankind is not alone in the universe and is as yet, immature in a cosmic sense. What now needs to be digested with a sense of urgency, is that Humanity is facing a grave threat, a challenge to it’s very sovereignty and freedom as integral beings. An unholy, inter dimensional alliance has been working behind the scenes, in the shadows, pulling the strings of authority, its agenda to hybridise new physical forms here on earth.”

Chris Bourne, Alien Intervention on Earth, Waking Times, Aug. 21, 2013

The Beltway-Bloodsuckers represent the alien interests of the City of London zio banksters who specialize in Babylonian “Money-Magick” and pernicious usury which creates millions of debt-slaves.

And besides the Beltway-Bloodsuckers represent the zionist Central Bankster system from the City of London, aka the Rothschilds, who want to destroy America the republic as revenge for their winning the Revolutionary War.  Their franchisees in America the Rockefellers have been more than willing to do their dirty work and make sure that nearly every single politicians and top USG official is bought off and owned, or compromised in some other way using standard trade-craft.

The big Secret is now out in the open, the USG has been a huge fraud since 1913 and has become hijacked by the zionist Central Banksters operating out of the City of London.

Yes, the big secret is out now that the whole Beltway Complex including the private Federal Reserve, its private collection Agency the IRS which is incorporated in Puerto Rico and the whole Income Tax system is not only completely unConstitutional, but it is a complete violation of civil and criminal RICO law.

It is operating as a big illegal Blood-Sucker, siphoning the economic lifeblood from the American system through the invocation of illegal income taxes, something the American Founding Fathers did their best to prevent with the creation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

What we have today is a monstrous RICO criminal enterprise which illegally sucks all the wealth from Americans by an illegal tax system which is exactly what the Founding Fathers of America went to war with England to get out of.  So we are right back to square one with the evil British central Banksters once again imposing taxation backed up by tyranny against the American people.

The USG is now operating as a big, out of control blood-sucking parasite upon the American people.

Now it is obvious that the USG is functioning as a large, out of control, blood-sucking parasite upon the American people. Is the USG staffed by folks who actually have ingested what is best described as “spiritual or cosmic parasites” which take their sols and make them operate as criminal sociopaths, according to central hive oriented behavior of an ET or alien entity?  The answer is both yes and no.  Yes, because most senior USG and SSG officials are believed to have somehow ingested these “spiritual or cosmic parasites”.

The answer is no also because many of the lower level parasites operate as functional sociopaths because they have been selected due to having psychopathic personalities or been found to be easily compromisable by use of the standard “fine art of human compromise” trade-craft tricks , almost always video recorded such as pedophile or honey pot traps, drug usage or various other human compromise ops.  These folks typically can easily function as criminal sociopaths given the right reward structure provided to them and the perception of protection or immunity from correction.

Many of them go on to ingest “spiritual or cosmic parasites” which makes their actual behavior even more inhuman, bloodthirsty and savage. Thus the ability to order extra-judicial murders of whistle-blowers like Michael Hastings or Pat Tillman, or to order military actions that constitute mass murder of one’s own soldiers as innocent civilians become instinctive since they have no functioning conscience or soul to prevent such inhuman actions. You can pinch these folks all you want but they no longer act human (at all) and it is evident that they have lost their very own souls which have apparently been stripped from them (if they ever had one at all–because some appear to be born as alien hybrids with no souls–refer to David Icke for a more detailed discussion of this).

It seems apparent that those top officials controlling major central banking, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Intel, the Alphabets and Big Defense are infested.

What are these spiritual or cosmic parasites that seem to have infested those who rule the major Central Banking, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Intel, the DHS and the Alphabets, Big defense and the major governments of the world? To answer this one must take a head trip into the esoteric and delve into the “beyond black” secrets of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). What personality traits or behaviors seem to make folks susceptible and what behaviors and beliefs seem to provide complete protection from becoming personally infested?

If someone has the parasite, they must lie about nearly everything, but everything they say publicly on behalf of the USG must be a lie, they cannot help it.  It is habitual behavior for all USG officials to lie through their teeth without being brought to justice.  this must change now.

Click on link below to read full report and watch several videos:


Passing Gas in Syria and Endless Israeli “False Flag” Attacks

by Jim Fetzer

“I am comfortable that Assad deployed a nerve agent in East Damascus.”Michael Shrimpton, Veterans Today

Michael Shrimpton

In my opinion, no serious analyst of affairs in the Middle East takes the claim that the Assad government has used chemical weapons in Syria as accurate and true–which means that at least one of my colleagues here at Veterans Today is not a serious analyst of Middle East affairs.  The very idea that the government of Syria would launch a nerve agent attack as a UN inspection team is about to arrive to investigate previous gas attacks is politically absurd.

That is on a level with the bombing in Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists and was blamed on a Canadian to provide pseudo-justification for passing extreme “anti-terrorism” legislation by Canada’s neo-con government, which appears to be playing “catch up” in its efforts to compete with its own version of the PATRIOT Act.  These are obvious “false flag” attacks.

Both are examples of the kind of blatant propaganda brought to us by Israel in the past, including the attack on the King David Hotel in Palestine in 1946 by Irgun terrorists dressed as Arabs, the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, and the bombing of its own Embassy in Argentina in 1992 and–when too few Jews were killed–of its own Jewish Community Center in 1994.

Israel’s involvement in the atrocities of 9/11 has been copiously documented–right down to the painting of the Twin Towers being hit by aircraft on the side of a truck from Urban Moving Systems, which was used to bring the “Dancing Israels” from Liberty State Park, where they had been filming the demolition of the World Trade Center and celebrating in Arab clothing. This is only the latest in a long line of fabricated events in the tradition of the Mossad’s motto, “Make War by Deception”.

Click on link below to watch video and read full report:

flagususmcflag france_flag

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Bush Illuminati Human Sacrifice Denver June 20-21 2018


President Trump Twitter feed

FBI Raids Satanic Human Sacrifice Video

Letter to Kansas City US Attorney Timothy Garrison purpose to Prosecute Cyber Terrorism April 18 2010

SEE: PROOF (Exhibits 1-22 below) Attemped murder of Stew Webb Federal Whistle blower and Grandview, Missouri Police Covered up the car crash.

March 26, 2018 Letter to President Trump Stop NSA NAZI Espionage

Please email or twitter to President Trump

Letter to President Trump 2017-02-23 from Whistle blowers How to Drain the Swamp Monsters

President Trump Stop Cyber Terrorism against Stew Webb Whistle blower

George Bush High Treason Illegal Sale of F-16s, Apache Helicopters, M-1 Tanks

AIPAC and Abramoff Operate Child Sex Blackmail Ring

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Stew Webb 34 Years a Federal Whistle blower
Stew Webb served in the United States Marine Corps and was Honorable Discharge. Stew was a General Contractor-Home Builder until 3 car crashes in one year and is now disabled. Stew turned Federal Whistle blower – Activist of 31 years and has been a guest on over 3,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and now has his own Radio and TV Network Stew was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings, the Denver International Airport Frauds hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. (MDC-NYSE) Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 hearings and the information provided that lead to the 2008 Illegal Bank Bailout.
Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges which were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush-Millman-Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman (Deceased 2004) was member of the “Illuminati Council of 13”