TV 9 News Denver asked what is under the Denver Airport

TV 9 News Denver asked what is under the Denver Airport

By Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower-Activist









Your answer Corey Rose of TV 9 News Denver I was the Whistleblower on Denver International Airport Frauds and Secret Underground. I further caused Congressional hearings in 1990 over all the frauds and theft of 16 Billion dollars. Navy Reserve Admiral Dick Young testified who afterwards illegally lost his law license, Dick and I worked weekly exposing the land frauds, the construction frauds, the bond sales frauds the maintenance contract frauds and the payoffs to Former Mayor Fredric Pena and others to vote for the airport. Pena was indicted for his 2.5 million dollar bribe in 1997 and had to resign as secretary of the Department of Energy. TV 9 news reporter Corey Rose need to take a course in investigative journalism or admit she is in the food chain of Denver’s Illuminati Zionists who stole the 16 Billions on the airport frauds.

Denver Secret Underground Airport by Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower
Aired on TV 59 6 pm News in Denver in 1994

I will be doing a story on Denver International Airport Frauds and the Denver Illuminati Zionist Connect this week.

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What’s really under Denver International Airport?

May 14, 2013 TV 9 News Denver

DENVER – Chances are you’ve heard it before. You’ve probably been asked about it by one of your friends or relatives: is there a city under Denver International Airport                         ?

Conspiracy theories surrounding DIA have gone worldwide.

If you type in “DIA Conspiracy” into YouTube, more than 80,000 videos pop up, each with tens of thousands of views.

So 9NEWS wanted to find out what’s really under DIA.

“There are so many conspiracy theories that exist about DIA,” DIA Communications Director Stacey Stegman said. “Some people say that there is an underground secret government unit that is housed [under DIA]; that there are alien structures that are hidden; a number of different psychological warfare testing. People question the murals. People question the art. I’ve never seen a facility that has so many questions about it.”

Ever seen the Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

“One of the good theories is that if you plug in the coordinates, the alien race gave to the humans in the Close Encounters of the Third Kind, that somehow that’s exactly where DIA is,” Stegman said. “The coordinates actually land about 51 miles northwest of the Airport. Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out in 1977, 16 years before the airport was built. There’s no link between and this great Hollywood film unfortunately.”

Now to the old baggage rooms. The baggage system is still in place, though no longer used. But of course , there are rumors about that too.

“Some have suggested that the old baggage bins were made just the right size so we could carry bodies in them,” Stegman said.

That’s also not true. They were used only to transport bags years ago.

People also have theories about the tunnels, specifically the height of the tunnels.

“The tunnels are so high because they were built to house the baggage system ,” Stegman said.

And of course, one of the most well known theories is that a city exists under the airport.

If you call the thousands of airport workers under DIA a city, then perhaps that theory has some truth to it.

“I think people would be very disappointed if they were to actually spend some time under DIA,” Stegman said.”We are under the foot print of 53 million people. It would be pretty difficult to hide any covert activity with the thousands of workers that are down here every day.”

Aside from the random handprints on the walls, the alien an airport worker drew on a wall and the old baggage system, all that’s under DIA are everyday airport operations.

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