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America’s wars destroyed its reputation: US veteran


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America’s wars and invasions in the Middle East and elsewhere have absolutely destroyed its reputation, says Scott Bennet, a US military veteran and analyst.  

On Friday, Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard called on the United States to stop the “illegal, counterproductive war” to overthrow the Syrian government and focus instead on defeating the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group.

Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, said the campaign to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is “illegal because Congress has not declared war. It has not authorized a war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad.”

“I don’t think Assad should be removed,” she said, arguing that if the Syrian government is toppled, extremist groups like ISIL and al-Qaeda will take over Syria. “They will be even stronger.”

Scott Bennet, a former US army psychological warfare officer, said Gabbard “is voicing an absolute truth, because Congress of the United States is the only body in the government that can [declare] war. There’s a reason for that so we do not have an emperor as president, waging wars wherever he wishes.”

“For the first time we have American combat veterans coming into political leadership, coming into the United States Congress and really being the voices of reason, being voices of experience,” he contended.

The US military analyst added that these are the “people who have been in combat and have been in military and who have seen the war in Iraq and really in the Middle East as complete waste; waste of blood, waste of treasure, waste of time, waste of the United States’ reputation.”

“And it’s absolutely destroyed this country’s reputation in every sense of the word. There’s nothing good that comes good from these wars and invasions. So Tulsi Gabbard’s comments are very welcome and very fresh,” Bennet noted.–reputation




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Stew Webb Whistle blower Grand Jury Demand Still Active against Hillary Clinton aka "HildaBeast". Where is the Justice Department having Lesbo Demonic Sex with Hillary Clinton?
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