Project Camelot Live Interview with Stew Webb Tuesday March 13 2012

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Kerry Cassady Project Camelot interviews Stew Webb The Octopus and Dirty Bush FBI Stooge Ted Gunderson


Evidence with Links for the above broadcast

Kerry Cassady Project Camelot interviews Stew Webb The Bankers and the Denver Airport Secret underground



Updated April 8, 2012



Note: In the link below Gary Clayman, Mark Hostlaw and the other Denver Corruption County, State and Federal Agents.

Further Note Stew Webb’s ex-in-law Leonard Millman’s brother-in-law the Criminal Lawyer Allen Karsh and his side-kick attorney

Of the Karsh-Fulton law firm who were involved in the RICO against Steve Gartin and Charles Clements.

Charles Clements is dying of an unknown Bio-chemical attack.

Stew Webb was hit with Anthrax in September 1995 while being illegally held at Adams County Jail two Guards died within 6 months

from the jail being contaminated with Anthrax. Stew Webb can prove FBI SA Mark Holstlaw and Leonard Millman were involved.

28 Whistleblower were hit with Anthrax within 3 years from 1984 to 1987 only 14 survived.

Darlene Novenger died in 2004 from cancer as a result of her anthrax attack.


Arkansas Hi-way Patrol Russell Welch who exposed the Bush-Clinton-Ollie North  Mena Drugs for Weapons

who Stew Webb worked with died of Anthrax 1997

Ted Gunderson’s Boss FBI Mark Holstlaw now of the Anti Terrorist

Task Force group out of Washington, DC who targets Whistleblower and others.

The same Jefferson County Strike Force JTFG with FBI Denver Mark Holstlaw at the time

Targeted Stew Webb with illegal Prosecution in 1995 which Stew Hung their Jury.

One of the Jury members was FBI Brenda Nigre in the Bush Nazi Goons News BushesNaziGoonsNews.html  ken_adachi_educate_yourself_org_liars.htm who killed Stew Webb’s friend Arizona Journalist Brian Quiq

Kerry Cassidy Interviews Stew Webb Live 9pm Central

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Updated March 26, 2012

Inslaw-Promise Software eventually has lead to this below


GOP using Echelon software to spy on Americans; NSA bribing media

NSA routing internet data thru Amsterdam to monitor U.S. websites and e-mail

NSA Operation Stellar Wind Espionage Against the American People



NSA Whistleblower Says "People Are Going To Be Shocked" By His Testimony Next Week..."This Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg"



Documents promised our viewers that were not in this page before the original interview March 13, 2012

Updated March 15, 2012

Ted Gunderson.gif Dirty CIA-FBI Division #5 Ted Gunderson and the Cabazon Indian Reservation Infiltrating Whistleblowers and Patriots

Updated March 15, 2012 Information Promised to Kerrey Cassidy and you the viewers about FBI Division # 5 Ted Gunderson connections to the Bush Organized Crime Syndicate. The added new links support what Stew Webb stated in the Interview:

This link has tons of information about The FBI #5 Gunderson gang

out there today on the internet see BushesNaziGoonsNews:

Ex CIA Barbara Hartwell has written tons on the FBI #5 Ted Gunderson and his Bush Nazi Goons:



The Octopus

The Cabazon Indian Reservation, Indio, California

Inslaw, Bio Chemical, Drugs for Guns, FBI-CIA Illegal Activity,

and The Cover ups of Murderer Ted L. Gunderson and his Connections.


Ted Gunderson Inslaw Affidavit of Michael Riconosciuto.htm

Stew Webb Whistleblower filing with U.S. SEC and US Attorneys Federal Crimes Task Force

These are the Criminals who caused the Economic Collapse and stole everyone’s money

The Government never paid Stew Webb a dime and never will this is why the company names were released.

larry_mizel.jpg Punk Larry Mizel of Denver



USA Mobster Mafia Muspuska Taking over Israels Discount Bank.htm

The Bush Millman-Mizel Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate



Bush-Millman Bank Accounts



Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower



Secret Document June 1986 SW FBI Report Millman.jpg



Stew Webb Psychological Evaluation Mentally Competent May 1993.jpg

Secret Documents Order of Dismissal Aug 93 92 CR 356.jpg

House of Rep HUD Stew Webb.jpg




Stew Webb BIO.html

As “Daddy” George HW Bush says “Stew Webb’s Library Card has “expired”




Note the FBI Stooges named in Stew Webb’s 2003 and 2004 Grand Jury Demand in US Court Denver, Colorado


Grand Jury District Court July 6th stamp.jpg

Grand Jury Demand July 1 2003 .html

Grand Jury Demand Aug 4 2004.html






As Mentioned in the Interview Your Vote Does Not Count.

Bush New World Order stooge change the numbers on the Electronic Voting Booths.

Inslaw and Voter Frauds “Treason and Sedition”


Stew Webb’s suggestions to clean up America


William “Bill” McCoy was Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower, Ex CIA Terry Reed and Iran Contra Whistleblower Al Martins good Friend.

Bill was mentioned in this interview he was killed in 1997 for exposing the Oklahoma City Bombing and the George HW Bush and Bill Clinton Black ops attack on America. Bill further had exposed the Lt. Strauss Meyer BDF German Intel connections that probably got him killed. Bill after being a Pentagon Investigator became a Famous Licensed Private Investigator who helped many of us, US Army Private Bill Tyree, CIA Ed Wilson “Eatco”, Gene Chip Tatum, Ambassador Leo Wanta, Tom Heneghan, Rodney Stich to name a few.

Bill was the Private Investigator on the Inslaw Software “Promise Software Case” for Bill Hamilton who had invented the software and sold it for $200 million to the U.S. Justice Department who stole the software without paying Hamilton’s.

 the_conspirators_al_martin.jpg Stew Webb helped get this book published

the_mafia_cia_&_george_bush.jpg Stew Webb Contributor to book terry_reed_compromised.jpg Terry Reed Stew Webb’s Friend

DefraudAmericaCoverOne200.jpgStew Webb Contributor Bushwhacked.jpg Stew Webb Contributor

US Army Private Bill Tyree

Legal Lawsuit Alleges FEMA Funded by Laundered Drug Profits.html

Tom Heneghan

Al Martin

Rodney Stich

Col. Cutola given to Stew Webb in 1994 to release to the American people by Bill McCoy now in Defrauding America.

Cutolo Affidavit.htm

Cutolo Col Corone Deposition.html

Ambassador Leo Wanta


CIA Gene Chip Tatum discussed in the interview who Stew Webb took public on the Radio in 1995-1997.

Whistleblower CIA Gene Chip Tatum.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Affadavit.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Amicus Curiae Brief.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Bush Drugs for Guns The Boss Hogs.htm

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Big Sky Cartel Zero's In.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Chronicles.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Contra Coke Train & Operation Red Rock.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Dark Alliance.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum FBI Terry Nelson & Montana Drugs.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Fort Peck Twilight Zone.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Funding Operation.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Gabiel Taboada.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Gov. Drug Running Part.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum LA Times Spins CIA Involvement..html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Letter to Montana.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum List of Docs..html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum Northern Exposure.html

CIA Gene Chip Tatum The President, Cocaine and the CIA.html

CIA Inside The Bush Crime Family Part 1.html



CIA Gunther Russbacher as promised the documents relating to National Brokerage Company and the St. Louis Connections:

National Brokerage was a company controlled by Leonard Millman out of Denver, Colorado Stew Webb’s former father-in-law,

AIG Insurance Maurice Hank Greenburg, Meyer Blinder the largest penny stock Brokerage that went Bankrupt in 1990 were all involved in Iran Contra Securities frauds as mentioned in Al Marin;s Book “The Conspirators” Len Millman and the Denver connections are mentioned throughout the book.

National Brokerage Gunther Russbacher.htm

National Brokerage Robert Medley.htm

Ed Slade Murdered Oct 2011 US Scientist who worked at Area 51 Pampose Lake,  Nevada were the Aliens-Fallen Angels have a base under the 1954-2012 US-Alien agreement signed by President Eisenhower, Papose Lake is south of the Famous Groom Lake Test site.



Note: Pertaining to Mercedes Benzes and Iraq gate the scandal that has changed names 3 times

Iraq gate aka BNL Bank aka Gulf War Syndrome which was High Treason and Sedition by Len Millman, George HW Bush, Neil Bush, Jeb Bush and others.


The Mercedes Benze Cover up

Ted Gunderson Lasala Debring Agreement.htm


Ted Gunderson Lasala Debring Letter.html

Ted Gunderson Lasala Debring Letter 2.html

Ted Gunderson Lasala Debring Letter 3.html

Joyce Reilly Radio Talk Show Host? Peter was an Investigator for the US Government they Murdered his wife after going on ABC NightLine.

Whistleblower Peter Kawaja Gulf War Syndrome.html

Note another Whistleblower EX LA Police Officer who says Ted Gunderon was involved in Iran Contra Drugs and Guns as head of the FBI office.

Whistleblower Ed Schooling Ex LAPD.html

Economic Plunder

Stew Webb turned over to SEC and US Attorneys Strike Force Mortgage and Bank Fraudsters which seem to be covering this up.


Stew Webb Whistleblower Filing Feb-March 2012


Note Ted Gunderson’s client: Stew Webb provided the information to Ted Gunderson who collected the money from a client he had and sent her theses letters. It turned out Ted Gunderson had lost his Private Investigative License in California some years before for scamming Little Old Ladies out of their Estates. Ted Gunderson took this woman’s money and never did anything further. Stew Webb provided the information at no charge to Ted Gunderson hoping this would be exposed. Gunderson once again never did anything further except cover up for the Bushes.

Ted Gunderson Copeland Farquhar CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION REPORT.html

Ted Gunderson Copeland Farquhar CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION REPORT 2.html

Ted Gunderson Copeland Farquhar Letter.html

Note: Ted Gunderson ties to Larry Mizel Mortgage Fraudster and Bank Bail Out Scamster. Gunderson was hired by Greater Ministries to see if he could find out what happed to Ministers from across the USA who had been ripped off of their retirements this included Stew Webb’s friend Dr. David Wolf of Buffalo New York who has a Radio Station there. Gunderson once again covered this up after Stew Webb provided the information to Gunderson at no charge to help the Ministers get their money back.

Note: One of the Players inside Greater Ministries was a Bush former Irag Gate Criminal, the Bank used to scam the Ministers threw Greater Ministries was Larry Mizel’s Key Bank of Colorado aka Len Millman and Larry Mizel’s OMNI Bank Corp of Colorado.


Ted Gunderson Greater Ministries International Agreement.html

Ted Gunderson Greater Ministries International Letter.html

Ted Gunderson infiltrates Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

Ted Gunderson.html

Ted Gunderson Letter to Dan Burton Dec 27 1999.jpg

Ted Gunderson Letter to FBI SAC Grant Ashley May 1 2000.jpg

Ted Gunderson Letter to Larry Flint.html

Ted Gunderson Illegal Iran Contra Activity

Ted Gunderson Iran Contra Illegal Activity.htm

Ted Gunderson Threatens Stew Webb after Gunderson sends in a Swat Team to Kill Stew Webb

Ted Gunderson Threat against Stew Webb Sept 2001.wav

Ted Gunderson_Police_Report_Stalking_Stew_Webb.htm



Stew_Webb_Restraining_Order_against_Ted_Gunderson Oct 24 2000.htm








Ted Gunderson will the real Creature please stand up.htm

Ted Gunderson Don Estep, Mark Holstlaw, Steve Olson Tim White from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task F.htm

Ted Gunderson Don Estep, Mark Holstlaw, Steve Olson Tim White from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.html

Ted Gunderson claims after he left the FBI in 1979 he tied to help children of Satanic abuse etc. Gunderson was kick out of FBI put to early retirement after holding Satanic ceremonies in his FBI Los Angeles Office and diagnosed as a mental nutcase. Gunderson continued his work for the Bush Crime Syndicate with the CIA and FBI Division # 5 to infiltrate people and  cover up the Crimes of the Bush Crime Syndicate. Jackie McGuley a mother of the Famous McMartin Preschool Molestations in southern California is a perfect example. Gunderson infiltrated Jackie to cover up the McMartin case then tried to kill her. Jackie had been on the National News over the McMartin Case.

Gov Plant Ted Gunderson Jacque McGauley Interview.html

Ted Gunderson 1990 Income Tax Evasion.htm

Ted Gunderson Broke Jackie Mcguleys Finger McMarin Preschool Mother.htm

Ted Gunderson California Tax Evasion.htm

Ted Gunderson Credit Card Frauds.htm

Ted Gunderson Telephone Fraud.htm

Ted Gunderson Murder of Rick Post at Gundersons Sierra Clinic. Gunderson and Rudy Manute were the owners of a Human Body Part Factory in Mexico.

Ted Gunderson Murdered Rick Post at Sierra Clinic.htm

Ted Gunderson Scripting Terrorist False Flag attack for George W. Bush


Ted Gunderson married Anthony Lavey’s mother for 2 weeks, when Gunderson did not satisfy her in bed she kicked him out. Gunderson filed for an annulment of their marriage in Las Vegas Family Court in the 2000 time frame. Anthony Jess Lavey called Stew Webb after seeing an internet post on Gunderson and one of his cronies Doug Malare who was trying to kill Anthony. Anthony Lavey did this Radio Interview with Stew Webb and Radio Host Jeremy Floyd on Truth Radio. Jeremy Floyd who had Ex CIA Barbra Hartwell on his show when Jeremy was on the “The Alex Jones network”. Barbra and Jeremy talked about the real Ted Gunderson who had infiltrated Barbara and she talked how Gunderson had sent a Las Vegas Police Swat team in to kill Stew Webb and left after 5 hours without arresting Stew for anything. Alex Jones had Barbra cut off the show Jeremy quite Jones network immediately and went Public with what happened. Jeremy then went to

Radio Barbara Hartwell.html

Affidavit of Jess Anthony Lavey.htm



Ken Adachi Editor of Educate yourself. Org a Ted Gunderson FBI#5 stooge to this day has Slanderous lies about Stew Webb on his FBI disinformation site. The pushes this FBI disinformation website WHY?









Tea_Party_Alert_Anti_Catholic_religious fascist_Michele_Bachmann_07182011.htm

Stew Webb put a restraining order against this Kansas City FBI Lying Witch yet FBI #5 Ken Adachi Gunderson’s side kick has a Slanderous link to this day.

Christina Kanas Stalking Threats 031005.wav






Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder and Ken Adachi set up and Jailed David Hinkson of to steal his business.

Stew Webb testified in Dave Hinkson’s behalf at his trial and the Judge would not let the Jury his Webb’s and others testimony in behalf of Dave Hinkson. Dave Hinkson’s dad wrote a book about the set up and how Ted Gunderson Molested a Teenage Girl from a Satanic Family while Gunderson was working for the FBI in the 1970s the Woman’s Affidavit is in his book.

Another Cover up by Ted Gunderson to Infiltrate Whistleblowers putting out tapes with Gunderson being the interviewer etc.

Former FBI Agent linger in Jail to this day. Gunderson was sent to infiltrate him and cover up his story.


Another Ted Gunderson Infiltrates a Minister in Las Vegas who had a TV Show and puts on Ex CIA Microbiologist Larry Harris. Gunderson had Larry Harris arrest to Silence him.

Ted Gunderson Letter to TV 3 and FBI Labeled him a Nutcase.html

The Murders of Witnesses, Iran Contra Players, Whistleblowers and Former President John F. Kennedy.



Murder Bush orders Ross Perot's During 1992 Pres. Elections.html

Murder Bush Body Count Part 1.html

Murder Set Up by FBI of Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower.html

Murder Paul Wilcher Attorney.htm

Murder Gov Coverup of Barry Seal Murder that Ollie North Ordered.html

Murder Senator Paul Wellstone by Al Martin.html

Murder White House Murder Incorporated.html



Murder Brenda Negri Murdered Journalist Brian Downing Quig.html

Murder A simple car accident ... or was it.html

Murder Clinton Death List.html


SEE: For more information




Original Links below were here during the Interview on March 13, 2012:



Ted Gunderson Inslaw Affidavit of Michael Riconosciuto.htm

Ted Gunderson.html



Grand Jury 95 Y 107 Page 1.jpg

Grand Jury Demand July 1 2003 .html

Grand Jury District Court July 6th stamp.jpg

Grand Jury Demand Aug 4 2004.html


INSLAW-Promise Software, Washington Times-Insight Magazine Articles below only show some of the ties to Michael Riconosciuto & Inslaw, they do not touch on the connections to ex FBI Cointelpro-CIA Ted L. Gunderson. Gunderson & Raymond Lavis, now hiding out in Canada were directly involved, through the Capison India Reservation, Indio, CA. Take note here of Inslaw-E Systems Dallas Texas, currently hooked up through the Weststar Satellite Systems, can hear everything that is being said by you in your home or office, while your telephone is hung-up. This is Big Brother-Shadow Government, it has been in effect since the 1980s, Thanks to George H.W. Bush, Edwin Meese, Dr. Earl Brian, Ted Gunderson, Michael Riconosciuto, Raymond Lavis, and others, if you desire to have a conversation in your home without being heard, unplug your telephone's from their wall sockets, and big brother-Government will not hear you. Further with the voice recognition, Inslaw can monitor you from any telephone in the World, if they have your voice enter into their system. Further, for spy purposes they can also monitor you through cable TV connections and actually see and hear you through your TV, making love to your spouse, if you desire privacy unplug the cable connection. My good friend the late Bill McCoy (Killed 1997) DIA-Defense Intelligence Agency retired, investigated and exposed this for the Hamilton-Inslaw-Prosecutor Software company that was ripped off by Criminal Former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese. A report was completed by Congressional Investigators that proved the U.S. Department of Justice was totally out of control involving "The Inslaw Prosecutors Software Affair". Call your US Representative for a copy of their investigations report. Several good American's/Whistleblowers and Investigative Journalists have been Murdered over what I have Told you here. Thanks to Scum Like current CIA Shadow-Government Player (Bad Guy) and Predicate Criminal, and Scamster Ted Gunderson your freedoms have been totally destroyed. Remember this guy is the FBI agent who was in charge for Hoover, in violating the Black Panthers Civil & Constitutional Rights and got one of them killed. He claims he is a Patriot, this is bull, read my full report above on Ted Gunderson

Ted Gunderson The Plot Thickens in Inslaw Promis Affair by Kelly O Meara.html

Ted Gunderson Nothing is Secret by Kelly Patricia O Meara.html

Ted Gunderson Promis Trail Leads to Justice by Kelly O Meara.html

Ted Gunderson Promis Spins Webb of Intrigue by Kelly Patricia O Meara.html


Ted Gunderson Cartel Security Payment.htm

FBI #5 Stooges DCS GOON.gif



Ted Gunderson.html

McMartin Preschool Case Gundersons Lies

Ted Gunderson 1990 Income Tax Evasion.htm

Ted Gunderson Broke Jackie Mcguleys Finger McMarin Preschool Mother.htm

Ted Gunderson Credit Card Frauds.htm

Ted Gunderson Telephone Fraud.htm

Gunderson Stealing money from people claiming to be a PI he lost his license

Ted Gunderson Copeland Farquhar CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION REPORT.html

Ted Gunderson Copeland Farquhar CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION REPORT 2.html

Threats against Stew Webb

Ted Gunderson Threat against Stew Webb Sept 2001.wav

Ted Gunderson Scripting Terrorism False Flag for George W. Bush

Ted Gunderson FBI Division 5 Scripting Terrorists.jpg

Ted Gunderson Diagram gundersonpir.gif

Infiltrated Stew Webb in order to try to control the FBI and Congressman Dan Burton

This was over CIA Terror in America School Shootings Video #6 not for sale by Stew Webb

Ted Gunderson Letter to Dan Burton Dec 27 1999.jpgTed Gunderson Letter to FBI SAC Grant Ashley May 1 2000.jpg



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