GOP using Echelon software to spy on Americans; NSA bribing media
Updated Breaking News May 22, 1012

Breaking News Update December 10, 2010


By Stew Webb

GOP using Echelon software to spy on Americans; NSA bribing media

Original Article Breaking News March 9, 2006
U.S. news media execs, hosts reportedly taking NSA bribes via Singapore trades to manipulate news and polls as ‘Kabuki Congress’ covers up spy agency’s use of satellites to delay financial markets 7-10 seconds, stealing investment capital from citizens throughout the world

by Tom Flocco

Washington—March 9, 2006——U.S. intelligence sources within the Special Operations Group (SOG) are reporting that National Security Agency (NSA) computers have been downloading financial and personal files of all American citizens as a result of upgrades to the Echelon satellite network and software program which is part of the Prosecutor’s Management Information System (PROMIS).

SOG says that NSA also has a “7-10 second lead time” which effectively affords the agency the opportunity to delay the release of currency, stock and bond sales transactions which permits a criminal advantage to agency officials and other high-level associates who game the system of the world’s financial markets.

The intelligence sources say that NSA utilizes the lead time delay in virtually every major financial market in the world, as brokerage computers around the globe are connected to satellites which are vulnerable to the NSA software program, that is, capable of being manipulated. [See below the NSA Echelon world satellite system]

The intelligence revelations may shed further light on how such financial transactions permitted those with prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks to profit from the deaths of 3,000 people at the World Trade Center via insider trading.

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By Stew Webb














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MSNBC host Keith Olbermann (8 pm & Midnight nightly)  partially confirmed the NSA spy reports Monday, revealing that GOP Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter is now aware of new revelations regarding additional activities concerning the Bush Administration spy program; however, GOP senators are reportedly rejecting an investigation for fear of what might become public knowledge.

The NSA citizen-based financial and industrial dragnet is also reportedly being used to spy on all American domestic and foreign financial transactions, including downloading bank accounts and intra bank currency transactions—both foreign and domestic.

According to national security expert and federal whistleblower Thomas Heneghan, leaked intelligence reports are alleging that U.S. media executives and talk show hosts were given favors and tips on currency movements along with the ability to unobtrusively trade offshore using the Singapore Stock Exchange (SYMEX) in order to provide cover for their transactions away from U.S. jurisdiction.

Heneghan said that NBC—General Electric [GE owns 80 % of NBC] is heavily involved in the offshore trading activity according to the intelligence reports.

According to the sources, congressional investigators have discovered that media executives are also allowing the NSA a 7-10 second delay mechanism or trigger which allows the national security group to have some control over content in media reports and what is said by certain hosts, controversial guests and other individuals during national broadcasts.

Members of the congressional team probing the Bush spy program also know that major U.S. networks have been helping the NSA with phone numbers of “activists who complain about media coverage or the lack thereof” regarding important issues.

Specter took issue with a Monday New York Times editorial which criticized his new spy program bill for “granting legal cover retroactively, to the one spying program that Mr. Bush has acknowledged,” and that the Specter bill “covers any other illegal wiretapping we don’t know about.”

This, following on the heels of multiple C-Span broadcasts of a Harpers Magazine Impeachment Forum in which the issue of presidential spying on citizens was one of the main topics of discussion and one of a few recommended articles of impeachment for President Bush.


Specter complained that the Times called the Senate and House a “Kabuki Congress,” writing to the editor, “I have reserved judgment on whether the president has Article II inherent power, which would trump the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [FISA] statute, because I don’t know what the program is, and the administration will not tell us.”

Specter was not prepared to say whether the GOP senators would take some other action to force the president to come clean about the full extent and nature of his citizen spy program, and whether GOP senators could be accused of running cover for Bush to prevent their own failed oversight from being exposed.

Late Tuesday, Senate Republicans proposed a bill to create terrorist surveillance subcommittees in both the House and Senate to oversee the process; however, GOP legislators were intent upon rejecting a full investigation of the administration’s spy program to hold the president accountable.

In a closed meeting on Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to reject Senator Jay Rockefeller’s request to have a “careful and fact-based review of the NSA surveillance eavesdropping activities inside the United States.”

Rockefeller called the move an “unprecedented bow to political pressure,” adding, “you can’t legislate properly if you don’t know what’s going on.”

Rockefeller was complaining about a political fact of life: the GOP controls the House, Senate, White House and Supreme Court—a difficult proposition for a minority senator without subpoena power or public outrage.