Turkey Roast by Russia



Turkey Shot Down Russian Jet

The recent shoot down of the Russian fighter plane by Turkey was not only a declaration of war against Russia, against honorable and civilized behavior, and against the spirit of the United Nations, but it was a declaration by President Erdogan himself that he is willing to risk destroying his fellow countrymen and Turkey itself with his recklessness and arrogance. Besides his suicidal behavior, Erdogan is willing to destroy Europeans as well through his facilitation of a mass invasion of Muslim refugees and enemy combatants into Europe, and by his risking a global war with Russia, China, and Iran, and hoping Europe and NATO will come to his rescue. Turkey has demonstrated it is no ally of Europeans by the simple fact that Erdogan is passively and actively destabilizing Europe, bleeding its resources, and destroying its cultural borders. Russia is successfully magnetizing European countries such as France and Germany, and will increasingly be seen as the hope for preserving Europe’s cultural and democratic heritage, ironic as they may seem to some.

Erdogan’s underestimation of Putin’s strength of character and love for his country and fellow Russians, as well as the rising groundswell of average Turkish citizens who are denouncing Erdogan’s murderous action and his increasing megalomaniacal delusions, will no doubt lead to a coup de etat in Turkey and new political leadership within Turkey–which not even the CIA will be able to control.





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