Comets Update November 13, 2013


Comets Update November 13, 2013: A large comet passed between Earth and the moon in the past 48 hours according to sources. I make this known the source is not Gordon Duff.

Sources state we are not out of the woods yet. There is still a serious threat of other comets impacting earth. This is being controlled by Military and Top Secret the Government does not want the public to panic. From now through March expect to see more and more comets coming into and striking earth smaller ones. In March 2014 Earth will enter a large Asteroid belt and it will cause chaos on earth.

A small meteor was see last week in San Diego and another yesterday in Australia expect to see even more as we enter the large Asteroid belt in March 2014. This is the best I can do for all of you who are reading this. The Government is super tight lipped on this subject (Top Secret).

What Can Now be Told: Comet Ison Update Nov. 7, 2013: US Gov. has put on the comet what is known as Solar Sails which has slowed down Ison and possible changed it course from direct impact on earth. US Sources have told me that we are now only facing a 40% possible direct hit on earth expected November 15. I also find it of interest that a Power Grid shutdown of all nuclear plants will occur November 13-14-15. CBS evening news reported a Meteor came in last night near San Diego, CA and lit up the sky. They will glow in the sky a few hours before impact.–Stew Webb

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Main Stream Controlled Media admits Comets coming November 2013

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