Why Alex Jones Bashes Nazis

Why Alex Jones Bashes Nazis


Anyone paying attention knows that Alex Jones has an obsession with attacking Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He does so for one reason and one reason only, he is a disinformation specialist, he is demonizing National Socialism and will not say the name of the enemy or any reference that directly links the Jews and Zionists to the criminal network looting the nation. Alex Jones uses a slew of euphemisms to hide the enemy, he calls the Zionists the New World Order, Globalists, or Germanic Dealt Cults. Alex Jones is famous for calling the enemy everything except for what it actually is, thus Alex Jones is aiding and abetting the Zionist entity and is no patriot but a clever disinformation warrior.

Germanic Death Cult Named as the Source of Zionism

Alex Jones interviewed Maxwell Jordan and these two went off in an orgasmic frenzy naming the Germans as the source of Zionism. This, is of course, complete nonsense. The single source of Zionism is Judaism. Zionism is the outgrowth of a line of exclusionary thinking patterns, the Jews are god’s chosen ones, the Jews were given the gentiles as their cattle (goyim). Supremacist Jews actually believe that they own you. You are a cow that is to be milked and killed according to wishes of these Jewish farmers. Recent Rabbinic statements prove this, one of the top Israeli state approved Rabbis still hold to these archaic ideas:

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

It is no accident that the world is run the way it is, the world is being exploited based on Judaic thinking, Zionism is the political expression of Judaism. So the reader might ask why doesn’t Alex Jones expose this obvious conspiracy, after all Alex Jones is a very smart man. Why does Alex Jones, instead, bash the Nazis? Why indeed? What do the Nazis have to do with anything in the world today, were they not defeated and outlawed? The answer is simple, he is a shill protecting the real power structure, he is leading the patriots and Christians exactly the wrong away by not naming the real perpetrators. He is substituting Nazis for Zionists, is he not demonizing the very group that needs to be studied and emulated in order to deal with Jewish supremacism? Alex Jones is demonizing the German solution of the Jewish problem, he is making the Nazis out as the ultimate evil to prevent you from realizing the obvious that we are the new Germans under the oppression of International Jewry.


Alex Jones is waging an infowar on your mind, so that your mind is boxed in unable to consider the possibility of nationalism as a viable alternative to Bolshevik Communism or Fascist Capitalism, he is keeping your mind from examining the flow of historical events, that what is happening to America is directly linked to the past. History has come full circle, America is the new bankrupt Weimar Republic. The Republic is gone, just like Weimar Germany the American Constitutional Republic is history, so now how are you going to fight the enemy? Complaining to the school board? Voting for the two main political parties who are completely whored to AIPAC/Zionists/Necons/Jews? Praying to Jesus? LOL! What are you going to do to actually get your freedom and government back? YOU MUST FORM A POLITICAL PARTY OPPOSED TO INTERNATIONAL JEWRY, YOU MUST DO SOMETHING SIMILAR TO WHAT THE GERMANS DID IN THE 1920′S AND 30′S. What is Alex Jones’ job? To prevent you from realizing the obvious solution, that supremacist Jews and their Zionist cohorts have subverted America just like Germany and that America has the same problem Hitler faced. Alex Jones, the great conspiracy theorist, is totally full of crap, he is not talking about the number one problem that America faces.

Jonestown Koolaid, a Special Flavor of Bullshillvek Red just for Christians

Alex Jones is serving up a big glass of poisoned punch and it could get a good many people killed. Alex Jones is draping an invisibility cloak over the Jews, this is deadly, by not exposing the enemy he is aiding the enemy. He’s no patriot, he is working you over and getting wealthy in the process, he is selling you and your freedom down the river. When someone challenges Jonestown about his lack of integrity regarding Jewish nature of the conspiracy he flies off the handle, becomes enraged, his behavior is so schizoid that it has spurred a slew of handles that describe him such as Rabbi Jonestein, Alex Jewns, Jonestown, etc. I prefer “Jonestown” because it conjores up the image of the infamous Jonestown massacre, the Jim Jones koolaid drinking death cult.


Think about it, what group do the ruling class of Supremacist Jews fear the most? Nazis. Why? The Third Reich was the first state in human history that named the Jews as the enemy of mankind. The Nazis took control of their nation-state and made it German again, they organized it against the International Jewry, specifically they started a national socialist political system and German bank not based on usury, put everyone to work and created an economic miracle. We are in the same sinking boat.  Look at how the manufacturing jobs have been stripped from America, inflationary policies of the Jewish owned Federal Reserve have worn a devastating effect on American jobs, the nation is piling up debt that it is unable to pay and the good jobs are gone.

If the world was under control of the Nazis, like Jonestein claims, then why is it that in Germany you not allowed to possess Mein Kampf or challenge the official Holocaust story? What a laugh Alex Jones is, he is the conspiracy king who never talks about the real conspiracy of supremacist Judaism. Alex Jones takes on every conspiracy imaginable except for the one that actually counts. He has never broached the Holocaust storyline and how it is used to extort money and weapons, like nuclear powered submarines gifted to Israel. Alex Jonestein is a kosher approved conspiracy theorist, he is herding the Christian patriots into a box canyon with no way out. Alex Jones Nazi bashing is a ploy that is without merit, Zion Crime Factory’s essay about his pathological lying totally destroys Alex Jones’ credibility:


“First of all, Adolf Hitler was a patriotic German nationalist who endeavored to create a Germany for Germans alone; quite the opposite of a “globalist NWO” type. Secondly, Hitler and his National Socialist movement were staunchly anti-Marxist/Communist/Bolshevik and therefore anti-Internationalist and anti-Globalist. The sinister agenda of Communism, not National Socialism, was internationalism — the overthrow and vanquishment of all existing nation states in order to establish a despotic global communist super-state. The pathological criminal madness known as Communism was, from its inception, an international Jewish conspiracy for the destruction and subjugation of the Gentile world whereupon a tyrannical global Jewish imperium would be established. Communism was nothing more than an expression and manifestation of the hateful, supremacist doctrines of the Jewish Talmud, which states: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” (Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10) Alex is deceptively projecting the evil and destructive legacy of Jewish Bolshevism onto Hitler and Nazi Germany. ”

Alex Jones the Judas Goat

A Judas Goat is an older goat trained to herd sheep and goats, to lead other goats to the slaughter house. Alex Jones is herding the Christian sheep into a box canyon. This is easy to do. Christians already live under a delusion of a Jewish based myth, they worship a Jewish deity, they believe the Jews are god’s chosen people, thus it is easy to substitute faux enemies for the real one. Most Christians can not condemn Jews because they would be condemning their own faith, so Alex Jones has the simple task of substituting the identity of the enemy because it maintains their mythological illusion and believers denial of reality. How can the most insidious enemy of all time be the very people you base and trust your life upon? You can’t criticize the Jews when you are hoping to spend eternity with a Jewish god.



Unfortunately, because of the current severe crisis with how religion in America is being manipulated for the benefit of the elite, we must discuss the the God (of the Bible). God only exists in two places, in a book and in a human mind. There is no (Bible) god outside of those two places, the god idea resides in your brain. You can look in the clouds for god, you will not find him. You can look on mountain tops, he is not there. You can go to the nearby planets and you will find out that Jupiter, Mars, and Venus are not gods. You can build a really big space telescope and look back into time, 15 billions years into the past, at proto galaxies and you will not see god’s hand. Nearly every phenomenon can be explained rationally because we live in a scientific age, we no longer believe that thunder and lightning are of an angry god. We no longer worship planets, the sun or stars as gods. Such beliefs have been overcome by a greater perception of reality, those gods have been transcended, in fact nearly all of the ten thousand previous gods have been discarded by the human mind except for a remaining few.

The God of the Bible still stands because he is invisible and can’t be disproven so easily like the earlier gods. The Bible God is still very real to millions, but in reality it is a mind virus, it is an idea that lives only in your mind. God is a meme, that must be transferred from mind to mind by witnessing and direct contact. If god was real then no one would have to explain it to others, for god would be self evident like air or water.  An omnipotent god doesn’t need your help, but the Bible god does and he wants your money. Isn’t it funny how the Creator of the Universe, this all powerful Jewish deity, just happens to need Jewish usury money? Am I the only one that sees how blatantly obvious this con is? Maybe the Jews need you to believe in their god and for you to tithe so that they can rule over you. Maybe the desert tribe of wandering Gypsies are very good at the art of the god con job, they have conned you out of your money and freedom because they got you to believe in their god and made themselves the exclusive chosen ones of this god.

This god of the Jews is patently not self evident, it must be learned from a book. The masses believe in god because of mass indoctrination, the god meme is pounded into their brains. In those areas where atheistic government rules, like China or North Korea, there is almost no belief in the Bible god. America is a nation with many Christians, a large part of Alex Jones’ audience is in the Bible belt, he broadcasts out of Austin, Texas – a Baptist stronghold. Virtually no Baptist believes 911 is an inside job, virtually no Baptist can intuit that Israel did 911 and you can bet your last shekel that Alex Jones will never tell them. Baptists form a large part of Christian Zionists and are completely blind to how the Jews are attacking America and destroying her. That is why the Bible God must be discussed as a memetic infection of the brain.

The Amazing Survival Strategy of the God Parasite and the Tribe

The Jews are a parasitic tribe, their success was their ability to infect other minds via their book. This book called the Holy Bible makes them the kings of humanity, so those who believe in this book are in effect making the authors their god. Some think the Federal Reserve is the greatest con, but the fiat money machine pales in comparison with this religion. The con works like this, I  tell the easy marks I’m special, they give up something they worked to obtain if I get them to believe.  If I tell someone that I am their god, they might laugh or even kill me.  How am I to get their money, why would people give up their hard earned efforts unless they were sold on a good story?  Have you noticed that the TV evangelists are slimy, disgusting snake oil salesman?  They are being handsomely rewarded for pushing the god meme out the door, and they get tax free status to boot.  The preacher is a salesman of Jewish supremacism, he is selling god and his chosenites and making himself rich.  Many are slick con artists, it is questionable if they actually believe in what they are peddling.  Just look at the hypocrisy of these vermin, their secret gay behavior.

Once this parasitic lifestyle is learned, the parasite realizes it would be far easier if everyone believed in this special status.

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