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Radio Anthony Sanchez interviews Bret Landrith and Stew Webb

Anthony F. Sanchez interviews Bret Landrith and Stew Webb

April 17, 2013


Chief Justice Roberts Fails Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit

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Chief Justice Roberts Fails Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit

Chief Justice Roberts Fails Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit


Breaking News April 7, 2013

By  Stew Webb 

Federal Whistleblower-Activist

On Friday, District of Columbia Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled the defendant Chief Justice John Roberts’ Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit for injunctive relief to improve federal judicial discipline reporting is no longer before the court and that the US Supreme Court justice must now answer the Amended Complaint that includes Chief Justice Roberts’ misconduct against the plaintiffs Bret D. Landrith and Samuel K. Lipari since the original complaint was filed.

I first met Sam Lipari and Bret Landrith when they were trying to enter the nationwide market for hospital supplies which is monopolized. Press releases about their antitrust case against the Novation LLC cartel members were being blocked and I could see the boys in the Bush-Millman crime syndicate were doing their usual number on these two whistleblowers trying to save our economy. At the time we were in danger of losing over thirty auto plants and all the jobs  that went with them because General Motors and Chrysler could no longer compete with foreign companies in our own domestic market because of hospital costs. I got  interested.  I contacted my friend Tom Flocco to investigate the deaths of two US Attorneys who had brought the government’s case against the Novation hospital supply cartel. Tom Flocco found that the deaths fit the kind of work the Bush-Millman crime syndicate has built its reputation on and published the article Dead fired attorneys’ Medicare fraud probe linked to White House Senator McCaskill (D-MO) knew about dead attorneys before Senate Gonzales hearing. The article was so hot, the F.B.I. then sent some agents to Tom Flocco’s house and intimidated Flocco and his wife who had already lost a son to the Bush-Millman corruption, ending Flocco’s investigative journalism work.

Fast forward to today, the inflation of hospital supplies costs by the monopoly probably killed your grandmother and most of our nation’s living wage jobs. Four and a half factories out of five were closed in the State of Missouri alone. Each autoworker job equaled eight more living wage jobs in supporting industries. We got Obamacare which the boys wrote to loot what was left in your savings accounts, and during the ten years in federal antitrust courts, Bret Landrith and Sam Lipari never got a decision based on fact or law. Judge after Judge would deny discovery and never let any evidence of the wrongdoing be presented.

Now Bret Landrith and Sam Lipari are going to the root of the problem in a lawsuit against Chief Justice Roberts who also wears a second hat as the head of FederalCourts and Judicial Conference of the United States which is responsible for enforcing judicial ethics rules. Or not enforcing them, as even former Nixon White House Attorney bad boy John Dean will tell you.

Chief Justice Roberts isn’t a mere bureaucrat though. In his role as administrator of the courts, Attorney General Eric Holder answers to him. And when Justice Roberts has got Eric Holder as part of his crewe, he’s got all the powers of warrantless wiretapping, investigations and intimidation or FBI visits of everybody you are in contact with. Eric Holder didn’t even know he couldn’t kill Americans on American soil until Rand Paul spent over 12 hours personally clarifying it for him.

The Amended Complaint Chief Justice Roberts now has to answer includes some of the special Eric Holder treatment of Bret Landrith and Sam Lipari and their family members after the original complaint was filed and Chief Justice Roberts can’t say he is not responsible for knowing.

This case will be interesting to watch. If the Department of Justice keeps defending Roberts the Eric Holder way, President Obama may even get to appoint a new Chief Justice. But, most importantly, all those Whistleblowers, many of whom are now dead would be vindicated in court if Landrith and Lipari succeed in improving the way federal judges are disciplined. No longer would someone with evidence and knowledge of the dangers to national safety like my friend Rodney Stich face rigged court after rigged court as he detailed in his book Defrauding America . Citizens like Michael Lynch, the former CEO of McCook Metals former CEO of McCook Metals or Captain Dan Hanley wouldn’t have their life savings seized and forced to leave the country by the racketeers controlling federal judges.

Long after the Department of Justice has given up on fighting widespread judicial corruption in Operation Greylord, and Whistleblowers like Sherman Skolnick have died, citizens in our courts can report misconduct and deliberate outcomes contrary to “black letter law” if the Judicial Conference would stop keeping those reports from being effectively disclosed.

The case LANDRITH et al v. JOHN G. ROBERTS 1:12-cv-01916-ABJ filings are available at and on this author’s web site .


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