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RIP Otis Johnson Las Vegas Secret Underground Houses

By Stew Webb

Super Spook a true 007 Otis Johnson was a good friend of mine and hated George HW Bush and Hillary Clinton. He was murdered with E-Systems Stone-R technology in July 2017 and had a massive Heart attack he told me while at the VA hospital in Omaha, Nebraska that they hit him with Stone-R.

George HW Bush runs E-Systems, Stone-R of Dallas which is owned by Ratheon Corp.

E-Systems is an enemy of America.

Otis confined in me many things he was involved with over the years.

Otis was CIA Director William Casey’s direct top assistant before George HW Bush murdered Casey because Casey was going to testify to the truth about Iran – Contra and the theft of the US Treasury by George HW Bush and Leonard Millman.

All of William Casey’s Doctors and Nurses were Murdered within six months of his death.

Otis Johnson was one of two of Jerry Henderson’s partners when Henderson was murdered by George HW Bush in 1997.  Henderson owned Grumman Aerospace Company and Avon Corp and Ran Hughes Corp. Henderson was the comptroller of currency for the CIA’s Covert Operations and had $3.5 Trillion Dollars in Gold in his Dawson Bank of Switzerland when he died in 1997.  Howard Hughes office was in the Dawson building Flamingo and Spence in Las Vegas Nevada. Henderson’s office was in the 5th floor underground. Across the street was his underground two house which Otis Johnson told me he sleep in the guest house many times. Henderson also had a secret underground house in Boulder Colorado.

Otis said they murdered Jerry Henderson after he shipped S-10 tank busters to Iran and Iraq for George HW Bush and found out it was not for the US Government but for Bushes private illegal sale of these aircraft.

The New York attorneys tied to Norman Brownstein took over and stripped Jerry Hendersons Estate after his wife Mary died a year later.

Bush started leasing the underground for parties and wedding receptions.

RIP Otis Johnson.


Tales of Vegas Past: Going underground

July 24, 2003

Las Vegas Mercury

By Gregory Crosby

About 25 years ago, drivers traveling in southeast Las Vegas were confronted with the curious sight of a well-landscaped desert plot filled with large rocks and trees, surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. An electronic gate stood closed over what could only be a driveway, but a driveway to what? Had they happened by at the right moment, perhaps they would have seen an elderly couple point a hand-held remote at one of the larger boulders and gaped in amazement as the rock face slid open, revealing a corridor that ended at an elevator that soon whisk the couple 25 feet below the surface of the Las Vegas Valley to another world: a 16,000-square-foot underground house complete with its own artificial yard, painted panoramic views and enough steel sheeting to withstand an earthquake and nuclear fallout.

When summer temperatures reach 115 degrees, the logic behind such a house in Las Vegas seems apparent. But it was the threat of nuclear destruction, the long shadow of the Cold War that swallowed up most of the second half of the 20th century, that was the primary motivation behind Jerry B. Henderson’s underground house. Henderson, with his second wife, Mary (a former Beverly Hills hairdresser to various stars in the 1940s), built the house in the late 1960s, in the vicinity of the Alexander Dawson office buildings he had developed (named, as is the school Henderson endowed, after his father Alexander Dawson Henderson). Though a large, traditional house lies atop that desert plot today, the underground house remains intact, a hidden time capsule from another era.

Henderson, who made his fortune in various enterprises, including Avon cosmetics (on whose board he sat for 35 years) and Gulfstream aircraft, had long been fascinated with the idea and desirability of living underground. Convinced, as many were, that a nuclear war was inevitable, he joined the cultural tide that created fallout shelters around the nation, each a longshot bet on survival in the coming radioactive apocalypse. But Henderson saw no point in creating a bunker that you may or may not get to in time when the mushroom clouds bloom; why not live there year-round, a permanent state of readiness that also ensured total peace and privacy?

When Henderson met the brothers Swayze, Kenneth and Jay, two building contractors from Plainview, Texas, who had pioneered the concept of full-time underground homes, he immediately seized on the idea as both a lifestyle and a business venture. Henderson contracted the Swayzes to build him his first underground house on his 320-acre property near Boulder, Colo., in 1964, the same year he married Mary. Such was their enthusiasm that they formed Underground World Homes, a company devoted to the concept. Henderson then entered into the history of the future by sponsoring the Underground Home Exhibit at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, where visitors could discover for themselves the answer to the question, “Why Live Underground?” But a burgeoning market in subterranean living failed to materialize, and the company soon disbanded.

These houses were no mere shelters. Luxurious and technologically state of the art, Henderson’s underground houses featured every comfort of the contemporary ranch-style home. The Las Vegas house is surrounded by an open area of astro-turf, with a heated swimming pool and rock waterfall in the “back yard,” two hot tubs, a sauna, a barbecue grill vented through one of several artificial trees, a small putting green, a fountain and even a separate one-bedroom guest house in the far south corner. It was in this guest house that the artist Jewel Smith, a Texas artist then in her 70s, lived during the three years it took for her to paint the panoramic murals on the surrounding walls, murals that depicted places from Henderson’s past: Los Angeles, Colorado, his boyhood home in New Jersey, even a sheep ranch he owned in distant New Zealand. When the home’s “outdoor” lights are dimmed, the lights in these cityscapes glow. Though phosphorescent paint was unavailable in the early ’70s, Smith used mercury taken from broken light bulbs to paint each street light.

Complete with computerized lighting, turning day into night and night into day at the touch of a button, its own generators and a dozen air-conditioning units, the house has the quiet air of a basement combined with the slightly creepy sanctity of a tomb. The three-bedroom house itself, filled with antiques and mementos from Jerry and Mary’s lives (Jerry died in 1983 at age 78, and Mary in 1989), is now owned by a distant relative, who occasionally leases the space for corporate events (no public tours, alas, are available). It stands now as a strange shrine to a mid-’60s vision of tomorrow that like all projections says more about the tenor of its own times–fear mastered by technology–than the future. Yet there’s something weirdly appropriate about the artificiality that is Vegas’ stock in trade extending its roots deep beneath the glitzy faãade, another fantasy, hidden in the dark, to mirror the ones on the Strip above.


RIP Otis Johnson Raising Sunken Ships

Radio Mass Arrests for Killing 007 Otis Johnson

Your kind Contributions are very much appreciated thank you. – Stew Webb


RIP Otis Johnson Raising Sunken Ships pt-1

My friend 007 Super Spook Otis Johnson was directly involved with raising the sunken Russian Nuclear SUB.

Raising Sunken Ships

The Glomar Explorer

In 1968, a flurry of coded communications alerted the U.S. Navy to the loss of a Soviet Golf-class submarine, an older diesel vessel that had sunk in 17,000 feet of water about 750 miles northwest of Hawaii. U.S. Intelligence reports soon revealed that an explosion had occurred, probably while the sub was at the surface, but that it was mostly intact – and that it still carried nuclear missiles on board. A few years later the wealthy eccentric Howard Hughes constructed the Glomar Explorer, an enormous barge built for the ostensible purpose of mining manganese nodules from the ocean floor. Although manganese nodules are real, the mining venture was actually an elaborate hoax.

In reality, the Glomar Explorer was built as part of an audacious CIA effort to retrieve the Golf. Codenamed “Project Jennifer,” the plan was to use a giant claw dangling on the end of a three-mile-long tether to grasp the submarine and raise it into a “moon pool” – a large area open to the sea – built inside the Glomar Explorer. The submarine would then be searched for Soviet codebooks, communications gear, and nuclear warheads.

The retrieval, begun in 1974, did not go smoothly. Trouble began when the claw (nicknamed “Clementine” by the crew) had been lowered almost within reach of the wreck of the Golf. While tantalizingly close to the submarine, the operators lost control, and the claw collided violently with the seabed. Inspection by remote camera showed no visible damage to the claw assembly, however, so the engineers decided to continue with the operation. The claw was lowered the final few feet, and found purchase around the hull of the wreck. The slow, methodical process of bringing the Golf to the surface began, and the success of the salvage effort was apparently in sight, despite the earlier mistake.

Hours later, when the submarine was about two miles below the surface, disaster struck. The impact of Clementine with the ocean bottom had seriously weakened the claw assembly. Three of the five tines that carried the load in the claw suddenly broke off, leaving most of the 5000-ton Golf unsupported. Unable to take the strain, the submarine tore apart under its own weight, most of it plunging back into the depths – but not before spilling a missile from an open missile bay.

Tense moments passed onboard the Glomar Explorer, as the crew steeled themselves for the nuclear explosion that many expected when the lost warhead smashed into the ocean floor. The explosion never came. Only a small part of the forward section of the submarine that remained in the grasp of the claw could be brought to the surface. This section contained little of interest to the CIA, but found among the wreckage were the remains of six Soviet sailors. They were given a solemn burial at sea by the crew of the Glomar Explorer, the ceremony performed in Russian.

GSF Explorer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Name: GSF Explorer
Owner: Transocean
Operator: Transocean
Port of registry: Vanuatu, Port Vila
Builder: Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.
Chester, Pennsylvania
Cost: $350 million +
Laid down: 1971
Launched: 04 November 1972
Completed: 31 July 1998
Acquired: 2010
Identification: ABS class no: 7310452
Call sign: YJQQ3
DNV ID:29748
IMO number: 7233292
MMSI no.:576830000
Status: Operational
Notes: [1]
Career (USA)
Name: Hughes Glomar Explorer
Namesake: Howard Hughes
Builder: Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co.
Launched: 04 November 1972
In service: 01 July 1973
Fate: Leased (not SAP)
Notes: [1]
General characteristics
Type: Drillship
Displacement: 50,500 long tons (51,310 t) light
Length: 619 ft (189 m)
Beam: 116 ft (35 m)
Draft: 38 ft (12 m)
Propulsion: Diesel-electric
5 × Nordberg 16-cylinder diesel engines driving 4,160 V AC generators turning 6 × 2,200 hp (1.6 MW) DC shaft motors, twin shafts
Speed: 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph)
Complement: 160
Notes: [1]


GSF Explorer, formerly USNS Hughes Glomar Explorer (T-AG-193), is a deep-sea drillship platform initially built for the United States Central Intelligence Agency Special Activities Division secret operation Project Azorian to recover the sunken Soviet submarine K-129, lost in April 1968.[2][3]

The cultural impact of Glomar Explorer is indicated by its reference in a number of books: The Ghost from the Grand Banks, a 1990 science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke; Shock Wave by Clive Cussler; Charles Stross‘s novel, The Jennifer Morgue; and The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy.



Hughes Glomar Explorer (HGE), as the ship was called at the time, was built between 1973 and 1974, by Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co. for more than US$350 million at the direction of Howard Hughes for use by his company, Global Marine Development Inc.[4] This is equivalent to $1.67 billion in present-day terms.[5] She set sail on 20 June 1974. Hughes told the media that the ship’s purpose was to extract manganese nodules from the ocean floor. This marine geology cover story became surprisingly influential, spurring many others to examine the idea. But in sworn testimony in United States district court proceedings and in appearances before government agencies, Global Marine executives and others associated with Hughes Glomar Explorer project unanimously maintained that the ship could not be used in any economically viable ocean mineral operation.

Project Azorian

Main article: Project Azorian

Because K-129 sank in very deep water, at a depth of 3.0 miles (4.8 km), located 1,560 miles (2,510 km) NW of Hawaii,[6] a large ship was required for the recovery operation. Such a vessel would easily be spotted by Soviet vessels, which might then interfere with the operation, so an elaborate cover story was developed. The CIA contacted Hughes, who agreed to assist.[7]

While the ship did recover a portion of K-129, a mechanical failure in the grapple caused two-thirds of the recovered section to break off during recovery.[8] This lost section is said to have held many of the most sought items, including the code book and nuclear missiles. It was subsequently reported two nuclear-tipped torpedoes and some cryptographic machines were recovered, along with the bodies of six Soviet submariners, who were given a formal, filmed burial at sea.[9]

The operation became public in February 1975 when the Los Angeles Times published a story about “Project Jennifer”, followed by news stories with additional details in other publications, including The New York Times. The CIA, wanting to neither confirm nor deny the story, issued the Glomar response, which set the precedent for subsequent boilerplate responses to Freedom of Information Act requests.[10] The true name of the project was not publicly known to be Project Azorian until 2010.

Red Star Rogue (2005) by Kenneth Sewell makes the claim “Project Jennifer” recovered virtually all of K-129 from the ocean floor.[11][12] Sewell states, “[D]espite an elaborate cover-up and the eventual claim that Project Jennifer had been a failure, most of K-129 and the remains of the crew were, in fact, raised from the bottom of the Pacific and brought into the Glomar Explorer“.[N 1] A subsequent film and book by Michael White and Norman Polmar revealed testimony from on-site crewmen as well as B&W video of the actual recovery operation. These sources indicate that only the forward 38 feet of the submarine were recovered.

After Project Azorian


Glomar Explorer mothballed in Suisun Bay, California, in June 1993

While the ship had an enormous lifting capacity, there was little interest in operating the vessel because of her high cost. From March to June 1976, the General Services Administration (GSA) published advertisements inviting businesses to submit proposals for leasing the ship.[14] By the end of four months, GSA had received a total of seven bids, including a US$2 million offer submitted by a Lincoln, Nebraska college student, and a US$1.98 million offer from a man who said he planned to seek a government contract to salvage the nuclear reactors of two United States submarines. These are equivalent to $8.29 million and $8.21 million in present-day terms, respectively.[5] The Lockheed Missile and Space Company submitted a US$3 million, two-year lease proposal contingent upon the company’s ability to secure financing. GSA had already extended the bid deadline twice to allow Lockheed to find financial backers for its project without success and the agency concluded there was no reason to believe this would change in the near future.

Although the scientific community rallied to the defense of Hughes Glomar Explorer, urging the president to maintain the ship as a national asset, no agency or department of the government wanted to assume the maintenance and operating cost.[15] Subsequently, in September 1976, the GSA turned Hughes Glomar Explorer over to the Navy for mothballing, and in January 1977, after she was prepared for dry docking at a cost of more than two million dollars, the ship became part of the Navy’s Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet.[16]

Lease, sale and current status

In September 1978, Ocean Minerals Company consortium of Mountain View, California announced it had leased Hughes Glomar Explorer and that in November would begin testing a prototype deepsea mining system in the Pacific Ocean. The consortium included subsidiaries of the Standard Oil Company of Indiana, Royal Dutch Shell, and Boskalis Westminster Group NV of the Netherlands. Another partner, and the prime contractor, was the Lockheed Missiles and Space Company.

In 1997, the ship was taken to Atlantic Marine’s Mobile, Ala shipyard for modifications that converted her to a dynamically-positioned deep sea drilling ship, capable of drilling in waters of 7,500 feet (2,300 m) and, with some modification, up to 11,500 feet (3,500 m), which is 2,000 feet (610 m) deeper than any other existing rig. The conversion cost over $180 million US and was completed during the first quarter of 1998. This is equivalent to $260 million in present-day terms.[5]

The conversion of the vessel from 1996-1998 was the start of a 30-year lease from the U.S. Navy to Global Marine Drilling at a cost of US$1 million per year. Global Marine merged with Santa Fe International Corporation in 2001 to become GlobalSantaFe Corporation, which merged with Transocean Inc. in November 2007 and operates the vessel as GSF Explorer.

In 2010, Transocean acquired the vessel in return for a US$15 million cash payment.[17]

After finishing up a contract for ONGC in India in late 2014, the GSF Explorer is currently idle in Brunei Bay off the island of Labuan.

The rig was reflagged from Houston, US to Port Vila, Vanuatu in the 3rd quarter of 2013.[18]

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      • Special Activities Division

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      • The Special Activities Division (SAD) is a division in the United States Central Intelligence Agency‘s (CIA) National Clandestine Service (NCS) responsible for covert operations known as “special activities”. Within SAD there are two separate groups, SAD/SOG for tactical paramilitary operations and SAD/PAG for covert political action.[1]. The Special Activities Division reports directly to the Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service.

        Special Operations Group (SOG) is the department within SAD responsible for operations that include the collection of intelligence in hostile countries and regions, and all high threat military or intelligence operations with which the U.S. government does not wish to be overtly associated.[2] As such, members of the unit (called Paramilitary Operations Officers and Specialized Skills Officers) normally do not carry any objects or clothing (e.g., military uniforms) that would associate them with the United States government.[3] If they are compromised during a mission, the United States government may deny all knowledge.[4]

        SOG is generally considered the most secretive special operations force in the United States. The group selects operatives from other tier one special mission units such as Delta Force, DEVGRU and ISA, as well as other United States special operations forces, such as USNSWC, MARSOC, USASF and 24th STS.

        SOG Paramilitary Operations Officers account for a majority of Distinguished Intelligence Cross and Intelligence Star recipients during any given conflict or incident which elicits CIA involvement. An award bestowing either of these citations represents the highest honors awarded within the CIA organization in recognition of distinguished valor and excellence in the line of duty. SAD/SOG operatives also account for the majority of the names displayed on the Memorial Wall at CIA headquarters indicating that the agent died while on active duty.[5]

        Political Action Group (PAG) is responsible for covert activities related to political influence, psychological operations and economic warfare. The rapid development of technology has added cyberwarfare to their mission. Tactical units within SAD are also capable of carrying out covert political action while deployed in hostile and austere environments. A large covert operation usually has components that involve many, or all, of these categories, as well as paramilitary operations. Political and Influence covert operations are used to support U.S. foreign policy. Often overt support for one element of an insurgency would be counter-productive due to the impression it would have on the local population. In such cases, covert assistance allows the U.S. to assist without damaging these elements in the process. Many of the other activities (such as propaganda, economic and cyber) support the overall political effort. There have been issues in the past with attempts to influence the US media such as in Operation Mockingbird. However, these activities are now subject to the same oversight as all covert action operations.[6]

    • Overview

      SAD provides the President of the United States with an option when covert military and/or diplomatic actions are not viable or politically feasible. SAD can be directly tasked by the President of the United States or the National Security Council at the President’s direction. This is unlike any other U.S. special mission force. However, SAD/SOG has far fewer members than most of the other special missions units, such as the U.S. Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force) or Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU).[7][8][9]

      As the action arm of the NCS, SAD/SOG conducts direct action missions such as raids, ambushes, sabotage, targeted killings[10][11][12] and unconventional warfare (e.g., training and leading guerrilla and military units of other countries in combat). SAD/SOG also conducts special reconnaissance, that can be either military or intelligence driven, but is carried out by Paramilitary Officers (also called Paramilitary Operatives) when in “non-permissive environments“. Paramilitary Operations Officers are also fully trained case officers (i.e., “spies”) and as such conduct clandestine human intelligence (HUMINT) operations throughout the world.[13] SAD/SOG officers are selected from the most elite U.S. military units.[9]

      The political action group within SAD conducts the deniable psychological operations, also known as black propaganda, as well as “Covert Influence” to effect political change as an important part of any Administration’s foreign policy.[1] Covert intervention in a foreign election is the most significant form of political action. This could involve financial support for favored candidates, media guidance, technical support for public relations, get-out-the-vote or political organizing efforts, legal expertise, advertising campaigns, assistance with poll-watching, and other means of direct action. Policy decisions could be influenced by assets, such as subversion of officials of the country, to make decisions in their official capacity that are in the furtherance of U.S. policy aims. In addition, mechanisms for forming and developing opinions involve the covert use of propaganda.[14]

      Propaganda includes leaflets, newspapers, magazines, books, radio, and television, all of which are geared to convey the U.S. message appropriate to the region. These techniques have expanded to cover the internet as well. They may employ officers to work as journalists, recruit agents of influence, operate media platforms, plant certain stories or information in places it is hoped it will come to public attention, or seek to deny and/or discredit information that is public knowledge. In all such propaganda efforts, “black” operations denote those in which the audience is to be kept ignorant of the source; “white” efforts are those in which the originator openly acknowledges himself; and “gray” operations are those in which the source is partly but not fully acknowledged.[14][15]

      Some examples of political action programs were the prevention of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) from winning elections between 1948 and the late 1960s; overthrowing the governments of Iran in 1953, and Guatemala in 1954; arming rebels in Indonesia in 1957; and providing funds and support to the trade union federation Solidarity following the imposition of martial law in Poland after 1981.[16]

      SAD’s existence became better known as a result of the “Global War on Terror“. Beginning in autumn of 2001, SAD/SOG paramilitary teams arrived in Afghanistan to hunt down al-Qaeda leaders, facilitate the entry of U.S. Army Special Forces and lead the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan against the ruling Taliban. SAD/SOG units also defeated Ansar al-Islam in Iraqi Kurdistan prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003[17][18] and trained, equipped, organized and led the Kurdish peshmerga forces to defeat the Iraqi army in northern Iraq.[13][17] Despite being the most covert unit in U.S. Special Operations, numerous books have been published on the exploits of CIA paramilitary officers, including Conboy and Morrison’s Feet to the Fire: CIA Covert Operations in Indonesia,[19] and Warner’s Shooting at the Moon: The Story of America’s Clandestine War in Laos.[20] Most experts consider SAD/SOG the premiere force for unconventional warfare (UW), whether that warfare consists of either creating or combating an insurgency in a foreign country.[7][21][22]

    • There remains some conflict between the National Clandestine Service and the more clandestine parts of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM),[23] such as the Joint Special Operations Command. This is usually confined to the civilian/political heads of the respective Department/Agency. The combination of SAD and USSOCOM units has resulted in some of the most notable successes of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to include the locating and killing of Osama bin Laden.[22][24] SAD/SOG has several missions. One of these missions is the recruiting, training, and leading of indigenous forces in combat operations.[22] SAD/SOG and its successors have been used when it was considered desirable to have plausible deniability about U.S. support (this is called a covert operation or “covert action”).[13] Unlike other special missions units, SAD/SOG operatives combine special operations and clandestine intelligence capabilities in one individual.[9] These individuals can operate in any environment (sea, air or ground) with limited to no support.[7]

      Covert action

    • Under U.S. law, the CIA is authorized to collect intelligence, conduct counterintelligence and to conduct covert action by the National Security Act of 1947.[1] President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12333 titled “United States Intelligence Activities” in 1984. This order defined covert action as “special activities,” both political and military, that the U.S. government would deny, granting such operations exclusively to the CIA. The CIA was also designated as the sole authority under the 1991 Intelligence Authorization Act and mirrored in Title 50 of the United States Code Section 413(e).[1][22] The CIA must have a presidential finding issued by the President of the United States in order to conduct these activities under the Hughes-Ryan amendment to the 1991 Intelligence Authorization Act.[25] These findings are then monitored by the oversight committees in both the U.S. Senate, called the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) and the U.S. House of Representatives, called the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).[26]

      Every U.S. President since George Washington has used covert action as a part of their broader foreign policy, whether Republican or Democratic, liberal or conservative.[27] The majority of these covert action operations were successful.[28] Most of the operations that were not successful were directed by the President over the objections of the CIA.[28] Some of the most controversial “covert action” programs, such as the Iran–Contra affair, were not primarily the work of the CIA.[29] Covert action programs are also much less expensive than overt political or military actions.[1] The Pentagon commissioned a study to determine whether the CIA or the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) should conduct covert action paramilitary operations. Their study determined that the CIA should maintain this capability and be the “sole government agency conducting covert action.” The DoD found that, even under U.S. law, it does not have the legal authority to conduct covert action, nor the operational agility to carry out these types of missions.[30] The operation in May 2011 that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden was a covert action under the authority of the CIA.[24][31]

      Selection and training

    • SAD/SOG has several hundred officers, mostly former members of special operations forces (SOF) and a majority from the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).[32] The CIA has also recruited individuals within the agency.[33] The CIA’s formal position for these individuals is “Paramilitary Operations Officers” and “Specialized Skills Officers.” Paramilitary Operations Officers attend the Clandestine Service Trainee (CST) program, which trains them as clandestine intelligence operatives (known as “Core Collectors” within the Agency). The primary strengths of SAD/SOG Paramilitary Officers are operational agility, adaptability, and deniability. They often operate in small teams, typically made up of six operators (with some operations being carried out by a single officer), all with extensive military special operations expertise and a set of specialized skills that does not exist in any other unit.[9] As fully trained intelligence case officers, Paramilitary Operations Officers possess all the clandestine skills to collect human intelligence—and most importantly—to recruit assets from among the indigenous troops receiving their training. These officers often operate in remote locations behind enemy lines to carry out direct action (including raids and sabotage), counter-intelligence, guerrilla/ unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue missions, in addition to being able to conduct espionage via HUMINT assets.

      There are four principal elements within SAD’s Special Operations Group: the Air Branch, the Maritime Branch, the Ground Branch, and the Armor and Special Programs Branch. The Armor and Special Programs Branch is charged with development, testing, and covert procurement of new personnel and vehicular armor and maintenance of stockpiles of ordnance and weapons systems used by SOG, almost all of which must be obtained from clandestine sources abroad, in order to provide SOG operatives and their foreign trainees with plausible deniability in accordance with U.S. Congressional directives.

      Together, SAD/SOG contains a complete combined arms covert military. Paramilitary Operations Officers are the core of each branch and routinely move between the branches to gain expertise in all aspects of SOG.[33] As such, Paramilitary Operations Officers are trained to operate in a multitude of environments. Because these officers are taken from the most highly trained units in the U.S. military and then provided with extensive additional training to become CIA clandestine intelligence officers, many U.S. security experts assess them as the most elite of the U.S. special missions units.[34]

      SAD, like most of the CIA, requires a bachelor’s degree to be considered for employment. Many have advanced degrees such as Master’s and law degrees.[35] Many candidates come from notable schools, many from Ivy League institutions and United States Service Academies, but the majority of recruits today come from middle-class backgrounds.[36] SAD officers are trained at Camp Peary, Virginia (also known as “The Farm”) and at privately owned training centers around the United States. They also train its personnel at “The Point” (Harvey Point), a facility outside of Hertford, North Carolina.[37][38] In addition to the eighteen months of training in the Clandestine Service Trainee (CST) Program[39] required to become a clandestine intelligence officer, Paramilitary Operations Officers are trained to a high level of proficiency in the use and tactical employment of an unusually wide degree of modern weaponry, explosive devices and firearms (foreign and domestic), hand to hand combat, high performance/tactical driving (on and off road), apprehension avoidance (including picking handcuffs and escaping from confinement), improvised explosive devices, cyberwarfare, covert channels, Military Free Fall parachuting, combat and commercial SCUBA and closed circuit diving, proficiency in foreign languages, surreptitious entry operations (picking or otherwise bypassing locks), vehicle hot-wiring, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE), extreme survival and wilderness training, combat EMS medical training, tactical communications, and tracking.

    • While the World War II Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was technically a military agency under the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in practice it was fairly autonomous of military control and enjoyed direct access to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Major General William Joseph Donovan was the head of the OSS. Donovan was a soldier and Medal of Honor recipient from World War I. He was also a lawyer and former classmate of FDR at Columbia Law School.[40] Like its successor, the CIA, OSS included both human intelligence functions and special operations paramilitary functions. Its Secret Intelligence division was responsible for espionage, while its Jedburgh teams, a joint U.S.-UK-French unit, were forerunners of groups that create guerrilla units, such as the U.S. Army Special Forces and the CIA. OSS’ Operational Groups were larger U.S. units that carried out direct action behind enemy lines. Even during World War II, the idea of intelligence and special operations units not under strict military control was controversial. OSS operated primarily in the European Theater of Operations (ETO) and to some extent in the China-Burma-India Theater, while General of the Army Douglas MacArthur was extremely reluctant to have any OSS personnel within his area of operations.

      From 1943 to 1945, the OSS also played a major role in training Kuomintang troops in China and Burma, and recruited other indigenous irregular forces for sabotage as well as guides for Allied forces in Burma fighting the Japanese army. OSS also helped arm, train and supply resistance movements, including Mao Zedong‘s People’s Liberation Army in China and the Viet Minh in French Indochina, in areas occupied by the Axis powers. Other functions of the OSS included the use of propaganda, espionage, subversion, and post-war planning.

      One of the OSS’ greatest accomplishments during World War II was its penetration of Nazi Germany by OSS operatives. The OSS was responsible for training German and Austrian commandos for missions inside Nazi Germany. Some of these agents included exiled communists and socialist party members, labor activists, anti-Nazi POWs, and German and Jewish refugees. At the height of its influence during World War II, the OSS employed almost 24,000 people.[41]

      OSS Paramilitary Officers parachuted into many countries then behind enemy lines, including France, Norway, Greece and The Netherlands. In Crete, OSS paramilitary officers linked up with, equipped and fought alongside Greek resistance forces against the Axis occupation.

      OSS was disbanded shortly after World War II, with its intelligence analysis functions moving temporarily into the U.S. Department of State. Espionage and counterintelligence went into military units, while paramilitary and related functions went into an assortment of ‘ad hoc’ groups, such as the Office of Policy Coordination. Between the original creation of the CIA by the National Security Act of 1947 and various mergers and reorganizations through 1952, the wartime OSS functions generally went into CIA. The mission of training and leading guerrillas generally stayed in the United States Army Special Forces, but those missions required to remain covert were folded into the paramilitary arm of the CIA. The direct descendant of the OSS’ Special Operations is the CIA’s Special Activities Division.

    • The Bay of Pigs Invasion (known as “La Batalla de Girón”, or “Playa Girón” in Cuba), was an unsuccessful attempt by a U.S.-trained force of Cuban exiles to invade southern Cuba and overthrow the Cuban government of Fidel Castro. The plan was launched in April 1961, less than three months after John F. Kennedy assumed the presidency of the United States. The Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, trained and equipped by Eastern Bloc nations, defeated the exile-combatants in three days.

      The sea-borne invasion force landed on April 17, and fighting lasted until April 19, 1961. CIA Paramilitary Operations Officers Grayston Lynch and William “Rip” Robertson led the first assault on the beaches, and supervised the amphibious landings.[48] Four American aircrew instructors from Alabama Air National Guard were killed while flying attack sorties.[48] Various sources estimate Cuban Army casualties (killed or injured) to be in the thousands (between 2,000 and 5,000).[49] This invasion followed the successful overthrow by the CIA of the Mosaddeq government in Iran in 1953[50] and Arbenz government in Guatemala in 1954,[51] but was a failure both militarily and politically.[52] Deteriorating Cuban-American relations were made worse by the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.




Sorry this could not be posted until now- Stew Webb

Sunday November 12 2017

By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   –   It can now be reported that actor Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer and German spy and pedophile former CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush have all been indicted in the state of Nevada on charges of child sex trafficking and pedophilia with a direct link to the Saudi Royal Family.

Illegal year 2000 White House occupant, Nazi junior George W. Bush FRAUD, mentally ill lesbian, sociopath Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, and her husband, CIA stooge and sexual predator and rapist, William Jefferson Clinton ARE NEXT!

Note: Nazi junior George W. Bush FRAUD will be charged with child sex trafficking reference his involvement with a homosexual Satanic cult that was operating in Brownsville, Texas in the 1980s.

Nazi junior Bush FRAUD will also be indicted by a Tennessee Federal Grand Jury for criminal conspiracy and HIGH TREASON involving the 9/11 Black Op attack against the United States and criminal conspiracy to conduct massive electoral fraud aka the hacking of the year 2000 U.S. Presidential Election directed from the Texas Governor’s mansion at 7:58 p.m. CST election night 2000.

The two Clintons, along with both of the Podesta brothers, are now tied to not only child sex trafficking but massive HIGH TREASON involving the sell of U.S. property to a foreign government, including direct collusion with a foreign sovereign aka the Satanist pedophile British Monarchy.

The Federal Grand Jury in Tennessee have also issued warrants for the arrest of former CIA Director Nazi John Brennan, former NSA Chief James Clapper, current U.S. Senator Robert Corker, Republican of Tennessee, as well as current alleged Special Counsel former Bush FRAUD and Obama FRAUD FBI Director Nazi German spy Robert Mueller.

Reference: Mueller is now directly tied to the noted Kurt Becker Hamburg, Germany terror cell which helped script Nazi junior George W. Bush FRAUD’s Adolf Hitler’s Reichstag Fire style 9/11 attack on the American People.

In closing, expect the unexpected! 

There will be no more compromise with this

 gang of TREASONOUS filth!


You are no longer a free press. You are a direct enemy of the American People’s Constitution. You have enabled the Bush-Clinton-CIA plutocracy during the last twenty-five years and covered up massive criminal treasonous activities by the aforementioned individuals and parties named in this intelligence briefing.

Note: The Bush-Clinton plutocracy aka their game of thrones has absolutely wrecked the United States of America, shredded the Constitution and reduced the United States to a banana republic.

You are now nothing more than a pay-to-play Nazi German style Joseph Goebbels propaganda trumpet.


You are now on a 48 hour time clock to tell the American People the TRUTH!

You will do as you are told or be held accountable!




From: * * * * * * @ * * * * * * . com

Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017

Subject: First Level: Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer and H.W. Bush indicted for human trafficking!




Bryan Singer first level indictment hits! Finally, we can securely say something has truly been done

to put an end to human trafficking.


The first indictments have been brought, shedding light on the serial criminal

BRYAN SINGER who stands accused of human-trafficking, trafficking and sale of

children and the sale plus trafficking of minors. Grand Jury demanded, and we

are absolutely positive the now private courts will have a field day with these

pretty clear cut treasonous activities. As well, I’m sure the newly restored Grand Juries

will have a grand old time to set precedent against the whole lot of them. BRYAN SINGER

should have been definitively charged, arraigned and jailed ten years ago.



Jeremy Lowe, Don Bailey, Stephen Duane Curry (in private capacity by special appearance only).







Don’t get too up in arms about it until we have it before numerous Grand Juries. I’m sure

certain people here, including Charles will find something very beneficial to do with this.


KEVIN SPACEY is a serial liar and a pedophile, now we finally get to see public evidence

of his actual crimes and the witness statements of victims. We have begun putting out

real indictments of the whole lot, especially KEVIN SPACEY and GEORGE BUSH SENIOR.


Particularly pay attention to their part played in the mining cover-up, likely the sale of the mines

in addition to their fraud in the solicitations of these mines to foreign heads of state.


To think that for over twenty years, people have enjoyed and celebrated

this con artist’s movies. KEVIN SPACEY is a complete failure. He is nothing

more than a criminal con, and with BUSH actually committed sedition.


From our perspective, some of SPACEY’s crimes are worse. He used all the

proceeds from organ harvesting/trafficking to pay for his movies.


Any fans of the movie CASINO out there? All of it was bought with blood money.


Barrick Gold’s blood money. I’m going to see these nasty pieces of trash in court.


Word to the wise, get rid of all of the GODFATHER or KEVIN SPACEY movies

you own as soon as possible as I hear the collector’s prices are going to be killer.


Spread the word everywhere as always.


P.S.: BRYAN SINGER is a criminal traitor who sodomized over sixty boys.


I wrote off buying an “X-Men” sequel for some reason. I bet people have a field day when the dust settles!!



****** ******

From: * * * * * * @ * * * * * * .com

Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017

Subject: Defendant “A” Subpoeaned to North Las Vegas to testify against Podesta Group.


By now, you have all seen the preview indictments against BUSH and KEVIN SPACEY. They are both being charged for extremely serious crimes and BRYAN SINGER has been outed, soon to be in court.

But what you certainly didn’t know, is we have now officially subpoenaed “Defendant A” to testify against Podesta Group, and compel them to answer the subpoenas with complete information. We are showing that here.



ggggg ggggg ggggg. ggggg. …



Harry Reid, Gold Member Is our Senate leader in bed with America’s worst polluter?. Illustration by John Ueland In the back of Goldie’s, a dive bar in Elko, Nevada, I was talking rocks with a miner with a steadily growing heap of beer bottles in front of him. He was about 50, with a sun-scorched fac …








DIRECT ATTENTION OF CONSTABLE U.S. MARSHALS SERVICE November 8, 2017. You are requested to rendezvous with Christopher Hoye of the provost marshal’s office and direct the submitted questionnaire enclosed in the demand letter to the required address. Defendant Navarro is ordered to answer all of the …

No other specific information is revealed about “Defendant A” , but Charles knows exactly who she is. We want complete and accurate on the record answers from the suspect, not threats, so we can draw a full picture about Podesta Group’s activities.

Accordingly some of our associates are doing “double time” to drive the answers out of the defendant. Especially to get them delivered by mail with much better responses.

Right as this occurs, Podesta Group closes shop and both John as well as Tony Podesta are being indicted. You can imagine the rats fleeing the sinking ship, but that sure as hell won’t help them with the Judges we have lined up in Nevada and elsewhere. As you can imagine, this has been a long time in coming.

John and Tony Podesta being indicted and tossed overboard!!

Perhaps one of you will accurately sleuthly predict who “Defendant A” happens to be..perhaps not. CLINTON is also at the center of this entire mess, and we are compelling answers on both ends to force SPACEY’s indictment.

Curry is also very livid about this entire situation. We are going to assure that KEVIN SPACEY goes behind bars for quite a long time…or otherwise.


As always spread the word, and keep your ear to the grind stone!




From: * * * @ * * *.com


Anonymous (ID: FCUVGMWz) 11/08/17(Wed)20:55:00 No.148623439▶

>>148623783 >>148629998 >>148630778 >>148631296


>>148622838 (OP)


they already cut a deal with Podesta. Gave him immunity. Just like they did with Hillary and all her cohorts. This is a coup. Sessions needs to go. Anonymous


(ID: FCUVGMWz) 11/08/17(Wed)20:55:00 No.148623439▶

>>148623783 >>148629998 >>148630778 >>148631296


50 more sealed indictments in eastern Virgina.  33 others are in DC.  These are 50 additional sealed indictments.  A big storm is a brewing


by IWB · November 9, 2017


And for quick reference here are the 33 from DC.


33 at 3:30


Allegedly here are some of the sealed indictments unmasked?


File: Screenshot_20171108-200017.png (312 KB, 1080×1920)


Sealed Indictments unmasked on court RSS Anonymous (ID: qND2XP2G) 11/08/17(Wed)20:50:23 No.148622838 [Archived] ▶

>>148622898 >>148623092 >>148623129 >>148623216 >>148623294 >>148623366 >>148623439 >>148623484 >>148623524 >>148623875 >>148623973 >>148624092 >>148624163 >>148624257 >>148624311 >>148624443 >>148624621 >>148624628 >>148624721 >>148624950 >>148625925 >>148626759 >>148626763 >>148626889 >>148627620 >>148628088 >>148628353 >>148628762 >>148628831 >>148629851 >>148629901 >>148630140 >>148630411 >>148630642 >>148631277 >>148631487 >>148632396 >>148633078 >>148634358 >>148635691


was just trying to find the court docket and stumbled into the RSS feed here

found several cases filed under “Sealed” including names and a couple other names that peaked interest including “Sweigart v. Podesta.. What does it mean?


RSS Feed where data is pulled –


1:15-cv-00708 HUSAIN v. WARREN


1:17-cv-02187 BEAN LLC v. JOHN DOE BANK


1:17-cv-02187 BEAN LLC v. JOHN DOE BANK


1:17-cv-01060 SCHIRRIPA v. OSTROFF




1:17-cr-00056-1 USA v. DAVIS


1:17-cr-00048-1 USA v. PARKS et al


1:13-cv-01777 LOCKS v. LEW




1:15-cv-00708 HUSAIN v. WARREN


1:17-cv-00797 GREENWALD v. PRICE et al








RABBANI et al v. BUSH et al


1:17-cv-02330 SWEIGERT et al v. PODESTA et al (George Webb?)

Lots more guys. Currently browsing.


Your kind Contributions are very much appreciated thank you. – Stew Webb



Radio Stew Webb Tom Heneghan Glenn Canady Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Above Hillary Clinton aka HildaBeast

Radio Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and Glenn Canady

Intel UPDates

Happy Thanksgiving

Larry Mizel’s MDC Holding, Inc. Marine Raid on CIA Headquarters reveals Larry Mizel and Partner running Child Prostitution Ring.

Top Right Larry Mizel Ban Bail Out Scamster and AIPAC Director

Intel Update – Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan (11-23-17) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


Your kind Contributions are very much appreciated thank you. – Stew Webb


Joe’s Data Center Cyber Terrorist Attacks against Stew Webb Whistle blower

November 22, 2017

By Stew Webb Federal Whistle blower

This is evidence gathered October 31, 2017 for the purpose of Prosecutions. is being attacked by Cyber Terrorists in Violations of my 1st Amendment Right to freedom of speech and a form of RICO.
I have over three years of evidence.
I will be posting the entire report proving over 6 million felonies under The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) [18 U.S.C. Section 1030] makes it illegal for anyone to distribute computer code or place it in the stream of commerce if they intend to cause either damage or economic loss. The CFAA focuses on a code’s damage to computer systems and the attendant economic losses, and it provides criminal penalties for either knowingly or recklessly releasing a computer virus into computers used in interstate commerce. Someone convicted under the CFAA could face a prison sentence as long as 20 years and a fine of up to $250,000.
I am aware that this attack most likely by the same Cyber Terrorists and these are many Military Installations, Private and Public Corporations and FBI all tied to Larry Mizel and George HW Bush Organized Crime Ring.

I have thousands of pages of evidence proving that WholeSale Internet, Inc.  Joe Patrick Morgan, AARON WENDEL, and others have been Cyber attacking for over three years.

Joe’s Data center Kansas City Cyber Terroist Attacks against Stew Webb Whistleblower

Kansas City, United States tried to access non-existent page…10/31/2017 4:01:42 PM (22 seconds ago) IP: [block] Hostname:
Browser: undefined
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS i686 3912.101.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/27.0.1453.116 Safari/537.36

NetRange: – [4096 addresses in this network. Click to block this network]
CIDR: [8191 addresses in this network. Click to block this network]
NetName: JOESDC-01
NetHandle: NET-96-43-128-0-1
Parent: NET96 (NET-96-0-0-0-0)
NetType: Direct Allocation
OriginAS: AS19969
Organization: Joe’s Datacenter, LLC (JOESD)
RegDate: 2009-10-16
Updated: 2012-02-24

OrgName: Joe’s Datacenter, LLC
Address: 1325 Tracy Ave
City: Kansas City
StateProv: MO
PostalCode: 64106
Country: US
RegDate: 2009-08-21
Updated: 2017-01-28

ReferralServer: rwhois://

OrgAbuseHandle: NAA25-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Network Abuse Administrator
OrgAbusePhone: +1-877-226-0840

OrgTechHandle: JPM84-ARIN
OrgTechName: Morgan, Joe Patrick
OrgTechPhone: +1-816-726-7615

OrgNOCHandle: JPM84-ARIN
OrgNOCName: Morgan, Joe Patrick
OrgNOCPhone: +1-816-726-7615

RAbuseHandle: NAA25-ARIN
RAbuseName: Network Abuse Administrator
RAbusePhone: +1-877-226-0840

RTechHandle: JPM84-ARIN
RTechName: Morgan, Joe Patrick
RTechPhone: +1-816-726-7615

RNOCName: Morgan, Joe Patrick
RNOCPhone: +1-816-726-7615

This domain is hosted by WholeSale Internet, Inc. (AS32097). The first DNS server is The current IPv4 address is The mail server with the highest priority is

v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: +ip4: ~
DNS server (NS records) ( (
Mail server (MX records) (
IP address (IPv4)
IP address (IPv6)
ASN number 32097
ASN name (ISP) WholeSale Internet, Inc.
IP-range/subnet –

Domain Name: KCIX.NET
Registry Domain ID: 112561627_DOMAIN_NET-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2017-01-27T00:52:10.00Z
Creation Date: 2004-02-25T03:21:21.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-02-25T03:21:00.00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 48
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: AARON WENDEL
Registrant Street: 6910 W. 83RD ST.
Registrant Street: SUITE 207
Registrant City: OVERLAND PARK
Registrant State/Province: KS
Registrant Postal Code: 66204
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.8168680888
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Registrant Fax: +1.3144315202
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Registrant Email: removed email address
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Street: 6910 W. 83RD ST.
Admin Street: SUITE 207
Admin State/Province: KS
Admin Postal Code: 66204
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.8168680888
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Admin Fax: +1.3144315202
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: removed email address
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Street: 6910 W. 83RD ST.
Tech Street: SUITE 207
Tech State/Province: KS
Tech Postal Code: 66204
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.8168680888
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +1.3144315202
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email: removed email address
Name Server: NS1.KCIX.NET
Name Server: NS2.KCIX.NET
DNSSEC: unSigned
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: removed email address
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252982646
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2017-01-27T00:52:10.00Z <<<

Are you looking for IPv4 address you looking fo
Domain IPv4 address Ranking Alexa Pagerank -1 2
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Startip Endip Description Country #domains #spamhosts Home net project, UA 20 0 Web Page: RU 9 0 Web Page: RU 10 0 Internet GmbH DE 0 0 Internet GmbH DE 21,560 0 Home net project, UA 4 0 Home net project, UA 0 0 Home net project, UA 4 0 Home net project, UA 4 0 Web Page: RU 0 0 Web Page: RU 5 0 Home net project, http UA 1 0 Home net project, http UA 6 1 UA 1 0 UA 1 3 UA 0 0 UA 0 0 UA 0 0 UA 0 3 UA 1 0 UA 1 0 UA 0 0 UA 4 1 UA 2 1 UA 2 0 UA 0 0 UA 0 0 UA 0 0 UA 0 0 UA 0 0

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Startip Endip Description Country #domains #spamhosts
2a00:17d8:: 2a00:17df:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Internet GmbH DE 107 0
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2a00:54e0:: 2a00:54e0:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff EL.COM. S.R.L. – dodonet network – IT 0 0
2a01:7bc0:: 2a01:7bc0:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff FI 0 0
2001:830:fc:: 2001:830:fc:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Mainlab GmbH – DE 0 0
2a05:dfc7:5:: 2a05:dfc7:5:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff FuslVZ OpenNIC Anycast DNS Resolver (IPv6-1) – GB 14 0
2a05:dfc7:5353:: 2a05:dfc7:5353:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff FuslVZ OpenNIC Anycast DNS Resolver (IPv6-5) – GB 0 0
2a00:d18:: 2a00:d18:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Net By Net Holding LLC RU 2 0
2a00:16d0:: 2a00:16d0:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Net By Net Holding LLC RU 0 0
2a03:d240:: 2a03:d240:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Ltd. BG 0 0
2001:518:: 2001:518:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Net Access Corporation US 6 0
2001:5a8:: 2001:5a8:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff SONIC.NET, INC. US 13 0
2001:678:d4:: 2001:678:d4:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Medi@net S.r.l. IT 0 0
2001:678:170:: 2001:678:170:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Air NET Marcin Gola PL 0 0
2001:678:178:: 2001:678:178:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff PROGRESS NET Sp. z o.o. PL 0 0
2001:678:190:: 2001:678:190:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Forest Net LTD RU 0 0
2001:678:320:: 2001:678:320:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff a.s. CZ 0 0
2001:678:38c:: 2001:678:38c:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Rawi-Net Sp. z o.o PL 0 0
2001:678:3c8:: 2001:678:3c8:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff ARX-NET SA GR 4 0
2001:678:3e8:: 2001:678:3e8:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Janex-Net Marek Jasinski PL 3 0
2001:67c:84:: 2001:67c:84:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff MAN net Ltd. CZ 0 0
2001:67c:e8:: 2001:67c:e8:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Multi-Net plus Ltd CZ 0 0
2001:67c:11c:: 2001:67c:11c:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff MT-NEt G.Wojcik J.Kusnierz s.c. PL 3 0
2001:67c:53c:: 2001:67c:53c:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff RECRO-NET d.o.o. HR 0 0
2001:67c:618:: 2001:67c:618:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff KM-NET Marek Sobol PL 0 0
2001:67c:668:: 2001:67c:668:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff SC ITNS.NET SRL MD 0 0
2001:67c:738:: 2001:67c:738:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Maximum-Net LLC UA 2 0
2001:67c:7e4:: 2001:67c:7e4:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Limited DE 0 0
2001:67c:10a8:: 2001:67c:10a9:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff DE 2 0
2001:67c:1160:: 2001:67c:1160:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Schuh-NET DE 0 0
2001:67c:11e8:: 2001:67c:11e8:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff WI-HURA.NET Sp. z o.o. PL 0 0
2001:67c:1320:: 2001:67c:1320:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff GmbH DE 302 0
2001:67c:13e0:: 2001:67c:13e0:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff MS-NET MICHAL SLUSARCZYK PL 0 0
2001:67c:1728:: 2001:67c:1728:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff IXP UA 0 0
2001:67c:2100:: 2001:67c:2100:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff CH-NET S.R.L. RO 1 0
2001:67c:2158:: 2001:67c:2158:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff WIECZOR-NET Sieci Komputerowe, Internet Henryk Wieczorek PL 1 0
2001:67c:2190:: 2001:67c:2190:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff SPOJE.NET s.r.o. CZ 159 0
2001:67c:21ec:: 2001:67c:21ec:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Marcin Gondek PL 8 0
2001:67c:24f4:: 2001:67c:24f4:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff BEST-NET s.r.o. CZ 1,423 0
2001:67c:2604:: 2001:67c:2604:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff SURANY.NET s.r.o. SK 3 0
2001:67c:286c:: 2001:67c:286c:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff IPv6 PI GB 8 0
2001:67c:2ac0:: 2001:67c:2ac0:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff UA 1 0
2001:67c:2b5c:: 2001:67c:2b5c:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Juraj Koba – SOBOTISTE.NET SK 0 0
2001:67c:2db4:: 2001:67c:2db4:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Marcin Zapotoczny PL 0 0
2001:67c:2e34:: 2001:67c:2e34:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff NPK Home-Net Ltd. UA 0 0
2001:7f8:29:: 2001:7f8:29:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff contact: for information DE 0 0
2001:7f8:9b:: 2001:7f8:9b:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Rafal Czarny PL 0 0
2001:7f8:a9:: 2001:7f8:a9:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff SC ITNS.NET SRL MD 0 0
2001:7fe:: 2001:7fe:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff Prefix reserved for DNS root name server SE 0 0
2001:930:: 2001:930:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff VODAFONE NET ILETISIM HIZMETLERI ANONIM SIRKETI TR 0 0
ASN Provider Country #prefixes IPv4 #prefixes IPv6 #domains #spamhosts
12574 Internet GmbH DE 1 1 21,560 0
58544 http TH 2 0 3 0
12714 Net By Net Holding LLC RU 193 2 4,237 138
20911 Ltd. BG 27 0 72 11
51939 Net By Net Holding LLC RU 1 0 0 0
267 Nether.Net US 1 0 0 0
606 US 3 0 48 0
819 LARG*net CA 21 1 163 0
1618 Daytona Net Works, Inc. US 2 0 272 0
1886 BT NET d.o.o. za trgovinu i usluge HR 7 8 10 0
1902 Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net s.r.o. SK 3 0 0 0
3254 Lucky Net Ltd UA 4 0 1,833 5
3595 Global Net Access, LLC US 40 3 92,933 12
3931 Logical Net Corporation US 6 0 764 0
3976 I.Net Technologies Inc. KR 1 0 0 0
4685 Asahi Net JP 33 2 8,936 10
4776 A-Net Co., Ltd. TH 35 1 149 3
4781 , INC. TW 8 0 3 0
4788 TM Net, Internet Service Provider MY 431 11 34,163 778
5405 Internet Services GmbH AT 1 1 3,894 0
6364, Inc. US 47 5 18,379 11
6380 Inc. US 5 0 0 0
6381 Inc. US 9 0 0 0
6382 Inc. US 5 0 0 0
6383 Inc. US 5 0 0 0
6384 Inc. US 7 0 0 0
6385 Inc. US 6 0 0 0
6386 Inc. US 23 0 4 0
6389 Inc. US 2,045 0 11,271 16
6624 Gower.Net US 2 0 26 0
6735 AG DE 6 1 301 2
6831 Net & Com s.r.l. IT 2 0 654 0
6911 Pro-Net Internet Services Limited GB 6 0 187 1
7106 Com Net, Inc. US 10 1 1,000 2
7146 Georgia Business Net, Inc US 2 0 45 0
7175 Pty Limited AU 3 1 2 0
7350 MetComm.Net, LLC US 1 0 40 0
7403 Colba Net Inc. CA 8 0 291 2
7600 AU 55 4 512 0
7641 China Broadcasting TV Net CN 8 0 60 0
7806 Binary Net, LLC US 16 0 1,265 0
7850, Inc. US 22 1 37 0
7891 Bellsouth.Net US 1 0 0 0
7893 Bellsouth.Net US 2 0 0 0
7894 Bellsouth.Net US 9 0 1 0
8001 Net Access Corporation US 40 4 16,743 2
8057 Vision Net, Inc. US 42 1 317 5
8061 Bellsouth.Net US 13 0 0 0
8062 Bellsouth.Net US 7 0 5 0


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Radio Marines Raid CIA FBI Neutralized November 21 2017

Radio Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and Glenn Canady November 21, 2017

US Marines Raid CIA Headquarters and FBI Headquarters

President Trump declared Martial Law

Marines Raid CIA! FBI Neutralized! Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (11-21-17) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Radio Mass Arrests for Killing 007 Otis Johnson

Radio November 18, 2017 Stew Webb and Glenn Canady

Mass Arrests coming for Killing 007 Super Spook NSA Otis Johnson

Bush and Clinton you are cooked!

Mass Arrests – Rage For Killing Otis Johnson from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Bush Illuminati Human Sacrifice Denver June 20-21 2018


President Trump Twitter feed

FBI Raids Satanic Human Sacrifice Video

Letter to Kansas City US Attorney Timothy Garrison purpose to Prosecute Cyber Terrorism April 18 2010

SEE: PROOF (Exhibits 1-22 below) Attemped murder of Stew Webb Federal Whistle blower and Grandview, Missouri Police Covered up the car crash.

March 26, 2018 Letter to President Trump Stop NSA NAZI Espionage

Please email or twitter to President Trump

Letter to President Trump 2017-02-23 from Whistle blowers How to Drain the Swamp Monsters

President Trump Stop Cyber Terrorism against Stew Webb Whistle blower

George Bush High Treason Illegal Sale of F-16s, Apache Helicopters, M-1 Tanks

AIPAC and Abramoff Operate Child Sex Blackmail Ring

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Stew Webb 34 Years a Federal Whistle blower
Stew Webb served in the United States Marine Corps and was Honorable Discharge. Stew was a General Contractor-Home Builder until 3 car crashes in one year and is now disabled. Stew turned Federal Whistle blower – Activist of 31 years and has been a guest on over 3,000 Radio and TV Programs since September 18, 1991 and now has his own Radio and TV Network Stew was responsible for the Congressional Investigations and hearings that lead to the Appointment of Independent Prosecutor Arlin Adams in the 1989 HUD Hearings, the Silverado Savings and Loan Hearings, the Denver International Airport Frauds hearings, the MDC Holdings, Inc. (MDC-NYSE) Illegal Political Campaign Money Laundering Colorado’s biggest case aka Keating 5 hearings and the information provided that lead to the 2008 Illegal Bank Bailout.
Stew was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 to silence his exposure by Leonard Millman his former in law with illegal charges of threatening harassing telephone calls charges which were dismissed with prejudice. Leonard Millman, George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Larry Mizel, Phil Winn, Norman Brownstein, John McCain and Mitt Romney to name a few are all partners in what is known as the Bush-Millman-Clinton Organized Crime Syndicate. Leonard Millman (Deceased 2004) was member of the “Illuminati Council of 13”