Silicon Valley Bank, FTX, Pandora Papers & Money Laundering in New Hampshire

Silicon Valley Bank, FTX, Pandora Papers & Money Laundering in New Hampshire

Silicon Valley Bank, FTX, Pandora Papers & Money Laundering in New Hampshire | by Claire Best | Medium

2 1/2 Beacon Street, Concord, New Hampshire is the registered address for Boston Private Bank which is directly connected to Silicon Valley Bank.

2 1/2 Beacon Street, Concord, New Hampshire is the registered address for the agent (CT Corporation Systems) of Granite Recovery Centers — infamous for Vice President Mike Pence’s cancelled visit due to discovery of fentanyl trafficking by the person he was supposed to meet: Ex NFL Player — Jeff Hatch.

Mike Pence, a fentanyl clinic, an ex-NFL user: The inside story

Ex-Ivy Leaguer and NFL-er Jeff Hatch spent years telling audiences of his triumph over opioid addiction, to great…

2 1/2 Beacon Street, Concord, New Hampshire also happens to be the registered address for a company in Hong Kong that is called “Morning Gate CASA NH.” There does not appear to be any other entry for CASA NH.

CASA New Hampshire is a non-profit whose legal counsel is Caroline Delaney.

Staff – CASA of New Hampshire

CASA of NH uses cookies on its website to analyze web traffic, improve functionality, and personalize content. By using…

Caroline Delaney is married to Michael Delaney, a former Attorney General for New Hampshire who admitted to his office’s failures in the FRM Ponzi scheme. Caroline Delaney is or was also the legal counsel for the Department of Revenue.

FRM debacle: Opportunities ignored and overlooked – NH Business Review

The legislative inquiry into the Financial Resources Mortgage Inc. affair, allegedly the biggest Ponzi scheme in New…

In 2013, a few months after local law firm McLane Middleton started a Government & Public Strategies Company, Michael Delaney stepped down as AG to join the law firm.

In 2019 McLane Middleton published an article advocating “Civil Foundations”

Thanks to New Hampshire legislators, advisors now have the option to use a New Hampshire-based foundation as a wealth management tool for clients residing in civil law jurisdictions. Based on ease of use in the international arena and likely favorable tax treatment and asset protection potential, foundations are a wealth management game-changer in the U.S. and potentially internationally.

The New Hampshire Foundation Act: A Solid Foundation for Wealth Management on a Global Scale …

Director, Tax, Trusts & Estates, and Corporate Departments Co-authored by: Thanda Fields Brassard, Fiduciary Trust…

Coincidentally, a report from October 2021 by a consortium of journalists, exposed New Hampshire as being the home to $932.5 billion in “Pandora Papers” accounts. Was McLane Middleton promoting “civil foundations” or a method to money launder and avoid taxes and scrutiny?

What the Pandora Papers say about New Hampshire

The Pandora Papers are the most expansive leak of tax haven files in history, with nearly 12 million documents…

McLane Middleton received $4.8 million in PPP loans — more than any other law firm in New Hampshire.

Law firm Shaheen & Gordon also received several million in PPP loans. Bill Shaheen is married to Senator Jeanne Shaheen who is pushing for Michael Delaney of McLane Middleton to be judge for the First Circuit Court of Appeals covering New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico.

Bill Shaheen ran Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign for a while in 2007/8 and her super pac in 2016. He used to be US Attorney for New Hampshire and before that he and Jeanne Shaheen were partners in “Bill & Bob’s — A Sterling Example” where their partner and brother-in-law was arrested and went to prison for dealing in stolen goods.

Dem Senator’s Small Business Experience Was Co-Running Store Which Sold Stolen Goods

Throughout her political career, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.) has touted her experience as a small business owner…

“The business was co-owned by Bill Shaheen’s brother-in-law, future state senator Bob Fennelly.

In 1980, police executed a search warrant at the Maine Bill and Bob’s location in connection to an investigation of a burglary ring that authorities said had stolen up to $200,000 of property from 27 residences.

Fennelly was indicted for allegedly buying $11,000 of stolen jewelry from the burglars. Fennelly retained a lawyer, Robert Stein, who would later become a partner at Bill Shaheen’s law firm.

“It was a known fact that Bill and Bob’s would buy any silver and gold without asking many questions,” one burglar told police, according to a Sep. 6, 1980 report by the Foster’s Daily Democrat newspaper, which extensively covered the trial.”

In 2020, Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire. Shaheen & Gordon acted as her local legal counsel.

Was Ghislaine Maxwell hiding out at this $1 million home paid for in cash?

Before Jeffrey Epstein’s confidant Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested Thursday, she was hiding out at a 156-acre property…

The AG for the US Virgin Islands has been intent on tracking down the money laundering network of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell paid for her New Hampshire home in cash through a shell company: Granite Reality LLC (also registered at 2 1/2 Beacon Street, Concord, New Hampshire just like Boston Private Bank, Granite Recovery Centers and Morninggate HK CASA NH) which has a curiously close name to Red Granite Reality in Maryland (whose status was forfeited in 2014 right before the 1MDB scandal started to blow up involving “Red Granite Pictures” which financed “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

1MDB scandal explained: a tale of Malaysia’s missing billions

Originally 1MDB – an abbreviation of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (which means limited) – was nothing more than a…

Red Granite Pictures – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Red Granite Pictures was an American film production and distribution company…

One of Ghislaine Maxwell’s last Reddit posts before she was arrested was about Bitcoin which Epstein had a fascination with according to a 2017 article.

Jeffrey Epstein Confidant Ghislaine Maxwell’s Rumored Last Reddit Post Was About Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency community has been discussing the infamous Ghislaine Maxwell, the associate of the financier and…

FBI found Ghislaine Maxwell using mobile phone data

“The obvious concern is that the phones of those not intended to be targeted could be located,” Prof Alan Woodward…

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and Bill & Jeanne Shaheen have a mutual connection to Bill & Hillary Clinton whose foundation has been under scrutiny on several fronts.

Billionaire sex offender Epstein once claimed he co-founded Clinton Foundation

Attorneys for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein touted his close friendship with Bill Clinton and even claimed the…

Shaheen in NY for Hillary Clinton-led fundraiser

Hillary Clinton is headlining a fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., in New York.Click to watch News 9’s…

Sam Bankman-Fried opened FTX in Derry New Hampshire just one week after Senator Maggie Hassan opened up a branch of Primary Bank in New Hampshire in the same town. FTX/Bankman Fried’s address in Derry also looks like a front rather than any kind of real office. Maggie Hassan and NH Democrats have yet to give up the money they received from Bankman-Fried & co.

Primary Bank celebrates new Derry location

JULIE HUSS/Staff photoPrimary Bank celebrated the opening of its Derry branch with a ribbon-cutting ceremony March 6…

Primary Bank’s board of directors include clients of Shaheen & Gordon. One of these is Andrew H Crews who was CEO of “Autofair” which is listed in the Paradise and Pandora Papers. He stepped down in December 2021 and the company was sold to a company in West Palm Beach Florida. Coincidentally this happened during the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and around the time that the Senate Ways & Means Committee started probing the Pandora Papers.

Andy Crews announces sale of AutoFair to Florida company, stepping down but not away from NH |…

MANCHESTER, NH – AutoFair CEO/Owner Andy Crews announced on Tuesday that he has sold AutoFair Automotive Group to…

Right after Ghislaine Maxwell’s verdict, New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, William Gardner stepped down. He’d been there for 42 years so it was probably time but the timing is curious given the Pandora Papers investigations and Ghislaine Maxwell’s own shell company. To register an entity in New Hampshire, you have to go through the Secretary of State.

“It’s time”: After more than 40 years in office, N.H. Secretary of State Bill Gardner to step down

New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner, who earned a national reputation as gatekeeper of the state’s…

New Hampshire Banking Commissioner Jerry Little allegedly introduced the bill that allowed companies not to be audited if they were “trusted”.

NH Banking Commissioner Jerry Little – NH Business Review

On June 6, after a tough confirmation battle because of his previous role as president of the NH Bankers Association…

What was the attraction to New Hampshire for Ghislaine Maxwell, Sam Bankman-Fried and Silicon Valley Bank? Why are Senators Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan and President Joe Biden so dead set on having Michael Delaney from McLane Middleton as a judge on the First Circuit Court of Appeals?

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