Biden-Funded Ukrainian Military Tortures, Kills, and EATS Innocent Russian Civilians

Biden-Funded Ukrainian Military Tortures, Kills, and EATS Innocent Russian Civilians

Biden-Funded Ukrainian Military Tortures, Kills, and EATS Innocent Russian Civilians | Real Raw News

The Ukrainian military has abducted and tortured, maimed, killed, and consumed elderly Russian citizens from border settlements near the city of Gokovo, according to FSB agent Andrei Zakharov and gruesome video General Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s commander in chief of armed forces, sent to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Zakharov said Ukraine’s elite 10th Mountain Assault Brigade has made numerous border incursions since the start of Vladimir Putin’s Special Military Operation, each time abducting Russian citizens, including the elderly and young children, and dragging them across the border to face unimaginable, sadistic torture. Although the Russian army has interceded and prevented several raids, the 10th Mountain Brigade appears to have adopted U.S. insurgency tactics and has craftily learned to avoid Spetznas patrols.

“These monsters have spies. They know when and where our soldiers are patrolling and hit unprotected towns and villages. They kidnap men, women, and children and do terrible things to them like in the video,” Zakharov said.

The video, a sliver of which was shown to Real Raw News, shows a Ukrainian soldier chopping off a frail woman’s arm at the elbow with a machete. She screams as two soldiers pin her down, her stump of an arm spilling crimson blood on the ground. “Ty vse odno staryy,” or, “You’re old anyway,” a soldier says, then decapitates her.

In the second segment, a horse had been tied to each of a man’s limbs and set running in different directions. Ukrainian soldiers laugh uproariously as the man is ripped apart.

In the third, soldiers force Russian civilians to cross a minefield. A man refuses and is shot in the face. A second man nervously steps onto the field, takes twelve steps, and explodes. “Perekhreshchuyeshsya i ydesh dodomu,” or, “You can go home if you make it across,” a soldier tells a boy who looks about 11 years old. The boy successfully crosses the field and is told, “We take you home,” as a soldier adeptly enters the field—obviously knowing the path—and retrieves a finger from the man who had been blown apart. He puts the finger in his mouth, chews, and swallows. “They taste good,” he says.

Zakharov believes these occurrences have become commonplace.

Equally worrying is that the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade is now armed with U.S. army weapons—M16A3s, M27s, and XM7s—and vehicles—Bradley IFVs and Stryker infantry carrier vehicles—and is using them to terrorize innocent Russian citizens.

“Your fake president and the pig Zelenskyy make this happen,” Zakharov said. “Biden gives Zelenskyy billions and billions and billions of dollars and war machines to Zelenskyy and he use then to kill the innocent not fight us on the battlefield. And your Western media say nothing because they are complicit, but they make all the big deals about Israel and Hamas while the person Biden funds makes war crimes on our citizens,” he finished passionately.

He said Ukraine’s military has left countless children orphaned. In one village, packs of 50 and sometimes even 100 are skittering in mismatched shoes and muddy faces, thundering up to anyone they think has a morsel of food. Sometimes the Ukrainians kidnap the children; other times they leave the kids to fend for themselves.

“This must stop. If not for your U.S. money, Zelenskyy could not wage his secret war on our people. It is very evil,” Zakharov said.


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