White Hats Murdered While Investigating Child Trafficking Ring in LA

White Hats Murdered While Investigating Child Trafficking Ring in LA


Silent shrieks of agony locked on melted faces offered a macabre greeting to Special Forces operatives responding to a tip that agents of the Deep State had caught and intended to kill four White Hats investigating a child trafficking ring in southern California.

The self-storage unit where the dead were found held four office chairs with a body shackled to each—arms cuffed behind backs and ankles bound to chair legs. An icepick protruded from an eye socket. Two propane torches lie on the floor, a blood-stained concrete slab.

On July 15, General Eric M. Smith’s office received in the mail a white envelope containing only an SD card and a typewritten note with the sentence “You’ll want to watch this.” The envelope had no physical return address and had been sent to the general via a remailing service–a company that takes post and then remails it, giving it a completely different return address and postmark stamp—in Mexico City, Mexico. Forensics found no prints or DNA on either the envelope or its contents.

The SD card had a video of two English-speaking men in ski masks standing beside the four then-alive soldiers, stripped naked, gagged, and fastened to chairs. At that moment, the soldiers had only superficial wounds, a cut above the eye, a lacerated cheek, etc. Nothing life-threatening. One of the torturers addressed the camera, saying, “This is what happens when you f*** with us,” while his partner suddenly began pummeling a helpless prisoner in the face, his gloved fist repeatedly slamming against the soldier’s cheek and jaw. The soldier took the beating eyes open, glaring menacingly at his sadistic assailant. The harder he stared, the more forceful the strikes became, until he seemed to lose consciousness.

The attacker then focused on a second soldier chewing on his gag. This time he pulled out a metal baton and struck the soldier’s kneecaps with such force that he, the aggressor, hurt his own wrists and yelped in pain. Tears welled up in the soldier’s eyes.

“This is a warning. Don’t f*** with us. We can get to you, too. These men will die. You sent them to die. If you send more, they’ll die. Want them? Come find them in Los Angeles,” the voice said, and the video ended.

Gen. Smith at once consulted White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command, who ruled out CGI and Deep Fake tech and established a recording time from the video’s metadata.

“It was grim news,” a source in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. “The vid was made 14 days before we got eyes on it.”

Gen. Smith asked the Lord to help find the soldiers, then said, “We pray to find our men alive, but if they’re not, let them rest safely in your grace, Lord.”

The location on the video had the telltale signs of a self-storage facility—a placard on a wall instructed renters to securely double-lock the steel roll-up door after leaving the room, flickering fluorescent ceiling lights, and, most telling, a yellow post-It note taped to a wall. Somone had typed the address and unit number on it.

“Gen. Smith first thought it might be a mislead—a trap. Who knows what could’ve been there? A bomb. Poison gas. These evil types merely condescend to logic, leaving us the job of unravelling some sick bastard’s terrifying caprice. This was the only lead, so that’s where we went,” our source said.

After speaking with 5th Special Forces Group commander Col. Brent Lindemen, Gen. Smith ordered a Special Forces team to California. They arrived at the self-storage facility at 2:30 a.m., July 16, and used “counter-insurgency tech” to temporarily disable a “piss poor” wireless surveillance system after determining that the massive construction had no roving security patrols and few security cameras.

“We definitely considered an insider. Someone at the place could’ve been in on it,” our source said.

Special Forces found the unit and cut the two Master Locks. The place smelled like death. The blackened, decomposing dead still sat cuffed to chairs. The torture they went through was unimaginable. Teeth were found in a corner of the unit.

Our source said that special Forces recovered their fallen military brethren and brought the corpses to Camp Pendleton.

“The chief medical officer believes they were murdered shortly after the video was made. This has hit us all, Gen. Smith included, very hard,” he added.

The fallen had been gathering evidence against a renowned Hollywood producer whom White Hats believe has been leading a child trafficking syndicate with impunity for nearly 20 years. The person in question, our source said, uncoincidentally left the United States for the Czech Republic, ostensibly for a production, the same day Gen. Smith’s office got the SD card.

White Hats are presently withholding the dead’s names, ranks, and units.

“Though tragic, this won’t deter our mission,” our source said in closing.

Edit: I was just told the dead were all U.S. Army warrant officers attatched the the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID.)

Note: This in unrelated to the three Marines fonud dead near in a car near Camp Lejeune. We are still in talks with Gen. Smith’s office on that matter and will report any discrepencies from official narrative soon.



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