Putin Decimates Another Adrenochrome Warehouse in Ukraine

Putin Decimates Another Adrenochrome Warehouse in Ukraine


Putin Decimates Another Adrenochrome Warehouse in Ukraine | Real Raw News





Russian Forces on Friday “decommissioned” an adrenochrome factory in western Ukraine, this time hammering it with cruise missiles launched from a frigate in the North Sea, Russian FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

News of the factory’s destruction comes weeks after Spetznas intercepted an adrenochrome-laden tractor-trailer headed for Poland.

Vladimir Putin, Zakharov said, has spared no expense investigating reports of scores of adrenochrome farms popping up across an embattled Ukraine and committed “many, many soldiers” to destroy a pharmaceutical cocktail Putin has called “the devil’s elixir.”

Last week, FSB learned that an industrial warehouse in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnytskiy was being retrofitted into what seemed like an adrenochrome harvesting facility. Satellite imagery showed the building being emptied of grain and filled with medical equipment used in the adrenochrome trade—hospital gurneys, centrifuges, medical freezers and refrigerators, anesthesia machines, sterilizers, lights, and electrosurgical units.

“These items can be in any hospital, but there is perfectly good hospital less than 1km away. And it’s empty hospital. Your Western media tells lies of Ukrainian victims filling hospitals. We saw this warehouse very suspicious,” Zakharov said.

Putin, however, was unwilling to obliterate the building without first putting boots on the ground to confirm that the warehouse would be used to siphon blood and adrenal fluid from kidnapped Russian children. Undercover FSB, Zakharov said, slipped undetected into western Ukraine and put eyes on the warehouse. They spent two days surveilling it and saw ‘smoking guns’ suggesting the warehouse was no ordinary wartime triage center. First, they spotted a man named Eldric Spitz, a biotechnologist attached to the German pharmaceutical company Fresenius Kabi, entering the warehouse at noon and leaving it at 2:00 a.m., an odd work hour. Spitz had been on Putin’s radar since last month, when Spetznas destroyed an adrenochrome harvesting center in Shostka, Ukraine. Spitz’s name appeared in documents found on a laptop Spetznas had seized before torching the facility.

Moreover, the FSB surveillance team noticed a truck dropping off boxes of stuffed animal toys at the warehouse.

“These filth kidnappers, they use toys to calm children into a false sense of security before draining them,” Zakharov said. “Our men used thermal optics to see heat signatures inside. Never more than four. This made Putin think children were not yet taken to it. President Putin courageously made a decision to destroy it before it was operational.”

On Friday, a Russian Navy frigate launched a salvo of Kalibr high-precision ship-based land-attack cruise missiles on the warehouse, which, Zakharov said, was laid waste until the only trace of its existence was a pile of smoldering rubble.

“We decommissioned it,” he said.



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