White Hats Montana Balloon Was Deep State not Chinese Shadow Government equals Deep State

Shadow Government equals Deep State

White Hats Montana Balloon Was Deep State not Chinese


White Hats: Montana Balloon Was Deep State, not Chinese


The reason the regime hasn’t shot down (see edit at bottom) a “Chinese spy balloon” in U.S. airspace is that the silvery object seen hovering above Montana is actually a Deep State surveillance balloon that has been spying on patriotic militia groups, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Yesterday, the MSM was awash with tales of a high-altitude balloon that purportedly flew over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, through Canada, and into Montana, a deeply Republican state and home to a rapidly dwindling militia that the Biden regime has long sought to eradicate. After news of the balloon hit the airwaves, Deep Staters Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley announced they had considered downing the Chinese dirigible, but opted not to because debris could have injured persons or damaged property.

Gen. Smith’s office challenged the official narrative, saying Austin and Milley had no intention of firing at the balloon because it’s theirs, not China’s, and they and the regime launched the device to clandestinely keep tabs on a militia movement currently engaged in perfectly legal training exercises in central Montana.

“The balloon’s flight path is different than what’s been said publicly. It didn’t enter the U.S. from Canada. It was launched from Fairchild AFB in Washington and moved under its own power to Montana. It has an electric prop and is remote-controlled, like a drone,” our source said.

Asked how White Hats derived their conclusion, he said a confidential source at Deep State-controlled Fairchild AFB witnessed the launch but had no knowledge of the mission. Moreover, the balloon came to a dead stop south of Roundup, Montana, and loitered motionless for several hours, made possible by solar-powered turboprops powerful enough to neutralize motion relative to the prevailing winds.

Miles below, several hundred members of the Montana and Wyoming militias were involved in a joint wintertime training exercise, clueless that they were being surveilled. The maneuvers are moved to various locations annually because pernicious feds have adeptly infiltrated nearly every militia in the country.

Our source said the Montana and Wyoming militias have many former armed forces members still loyal to President Trump, including a relative of Gen. Smith.

The Deep State, he added, has technology that can count the number of hairs on a person’s mustache from the stratosphere and stream that data back to an operator in real-time.

“If we could do it, they can too,” our source said.

Asked why White Hats didn’t avail themselves of the opportunity to destroy the balloon, he said, “The whistleblower at Fairchild, for whatever reason, didn’t share intel with us until news went public. Also, we didn’t have assets in the area. And like I said, it was probably live streamed right back to Fairchild, so not sure what good it would’ve done. We would’ve knocked it out of the sky if it had overflown our command centers.”

We further asked why the Deep State used a balloon when it could have used a satellite.

“They no longer have access to them,” he said but would not expound on his response.

If White Hats now control the nation’s KH-11 surveillance satellites, it’s a new development; several months ago, Gen. Smith’s office admitted that spy satellites were under Deep State control.

Finally, we asked whether White Hats notified the Montana and Wyoming militias.

“They’ve been made aware,” was all our source would say.

Update: Friday evening, Tyler Perry Studios White House Spokesdemon Karine Jean-Pierre said the regime received word from Beijing that the balloon was studying atmospheric conditions when it blew off course—by 6,300 miles, an improbability. White Hats continue to say it’s Deep State and that the regime fabricated the Beijing explanation to put restless minds at ease.

Update 2: An object exploded in the sky above Billings late Friday evening. In a follow-up call, a source in Gen. Smith’s office told RRN the regime might have shot it down to keep it from falling into White Hat’s hands. After learning of the balloon’s destruction, Gen. Smith and his council ruminated over the possibility that spying on patriots could’ve been incidental.

“It wouldn’t be above the criminal administration to fill that thing with bioweapons and let it rain down on a State with a seething hatred for Biden. We have no proof of that, but we look at all possibilities. We do know it launched from Fairchild and was loitering at 60,000 over the militia exercise,” our source said.

White Hats have no explanation for why a second balloon has been spotted over Latin America.



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