The Mothership Chronicles A Wider World of Hope and Joy by Jane Egan

The Mothership Chronicles A Wider World of Hope and Joy by Jane Egan



Language : English

Publication Date : 7/10/2001

Format : Softcover

Dimensions : 5×8

Page Count : 256

ISBN : 9780759622739

Format : E-Book

Dimensions : E-Book

Page Count : 256

ISBN : 9780759622722

About the Book

The most exciting frontier in space is not far and away. It is Planet Earth! There are multitudes of spaceships that have gathered in our skies to watch the progress of Planet Earth as her inhabitants crawl on their knees through their wars and the Atomic Age. Most of these spaceships are beyond the gravitational field of the Earth. They stand by and watch, but cannot interfere in our big and little wars.

One night the author found herself aboard an enormous Mothership. It was the size of a city. She had concentrated her thoughts during the astral travel that we all do at the edge of sleep. However, she was able to bring the memories of her travels back to Earth. The people she met on board the Mothership were Extra-Terrestrials of the Nordic type, tall, slender, mostly blond, with blue or green eyes. They worked in various ways with those they called Earthlings. They helped those injured in the battles of Earth such as the Gulf War, or in one case, a gas explosion in the heart of Mexico City. Those badly injured people were beamed aboard the Mothership to be healed in an expeditious fashion, using technology not yet available on Earth.

Jane made friends aboard the Mothership and one night she was invited to go aboard a “flying saucer” (they prefer to call it a scoutcraft). She was piloted out into space, and watched a ballet of scoutcraft performing to the music of the Nutcracker Suite. Later she spent time in a scoutcraft learning about their controls and then participated in a complex operation involving our solar system. Then she and other Earthlings were observers as diplomats from many galaxies gathered in this Mothership to hear briefings about Planet Earth. Life on a Mothership can be very exciting!

About the Author

Jane Egan is the pen name of a woman who is a retired Army Officer. She never had an interest in so-called UFOs while on active duty. Therefore her visits up to the Pleiadon Mothership were a grand new adventure. She is now speaking at Star Knowledge Conferences about her experiences. She has been interested in Metaphysics all of her life and the kinds of healing which is done using just energy. Before joining the Army she had been a high school teacher. She grew up on a farm in the Midwest before the era of television. She learned to entertain herself with nature and meditation. She has several books still circulating in her head about an ancient civilization in Central America. She plans to develop these as time allows.




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