Silent Holocaust Whistle blower Testimony

Silent Holocaust Whistle blower Testimony, a Documentary. Ex-Gang-Stalker Explains Tactics and Motives

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 13:09

Silent Holocaust-Whistleblower Testimony, a Documentary. Ex-Gang-Stalker Explains Tactics and Motives

Ex-Gangstalker (Organized Stalking Operative) Explains Tactics and Motives


People from all walks of life are being recruited to be the Eyes and Ears of the State.
Every age, race, gender and every sector of society is part of this.

A Targeted Individual is someone who has been placed in a Depopulation Program known as Gang Stalking.
Whistle blowers and those who pose a threat to the Powers That Be are the prime candidates, but many are chosen at random as test subjects.


21st Century Mind Control Programs – Remote Neural Monitoring – Final

21st Century Mind Control Programs – Remote Neural Monitoring – Final

Part 1 Selection Process Gang Stalking DEW RNM Explained Targeted Individuals

This video was made by Kenneth Peartree and it was mirrored from his You Tube channel that has the following address:…
This video is case, point, and example of current actions by our government against its citizens. Over the past eight-years, the United States Government has been completing the final stages of Human Trials for its Remote Neural Monitoring and Behavior Modification Programs. Now that the programs are complete, and really since the programs’ inception, covert systems to ensure plausible deniability has been the operators’ Number ONE focus. Those efforts center around highly sophisticated systems that are designed to discredit their victims. Once we learn of the true nature of our captivity, their carefully already established covert actions that are designed to give the impression that they had reason to terrorize their victims, and that the individuals are violent, mentally ill, or both, will render all efforts to expose them mute in the eyes of a gullible public. Theirs is the perfect “get out of jail free” card, and the most brazen mental and physical exploitation of any human beings since the days of Adolf Hitler.


Organized Stalking in the USA, Dr John Hall, book Author on Targeted Individuals

Ex-Gangstalker. Why and how his entire family became perps (deep state funded perpetrators)

Gangstalking is really FBI Managed Aggression”

“!!GOOD NEWS!! TRUTH IS ON SIDE EMPOWERED INDIVIDUALS!! gangstalking is really a powerless F.B.I. tactic known as managed aggression once you know what it is. this document and others prove so below… !!ALSO HAVE USEFUL TIPS IN VIDEO!! !!VICTORY TO THE EMPOWERED!!

*LINK# 1 -F.B.I. managed aggression (this tactic is failing now!)….

*LINK# 2 – how they train local groups to harass Empowered Individuals…

*LINK #3 -law that protects gangstalking……+&t=h_&ia=web


Illegally surveillance #FBI Managed aggression #cointelpro #Gangstalking #11:36

FBI COINTELPRO GANGSTALKING Of: 1) Witness, Patrick Knowlton In Vince Foster Murder-Cover Up, 2) Bombing of Environmentalist, Judi Bari, and 3) “Disappearing” Members of Black, Muslim, Anti-War, Environmental, and Animal-Rights Groups (5 YouTube, court cases, and 2 personal accounts by webmaster)
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I. Webmaster (Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom) Introduction: This post includes 5 youtube presentations that provide real life examples of the FBI’s COINTELPRO (COunterINTEL PROgram) Version 2.0. The first video, entitled: “The Vince Foster Cover-up, The FBI, and the Press,” provides a compelling and frightening first-hand account of the intense, coordinated gangstalking/psychological warfare campaign that numerous FBI agents waged against Patrick Knowlton, Grand Jury Witness, in 1995 in the Vince Foster “suicide”/murder case. The operation was clearly carried out by the FBI in order to intimidate, silence, and discredit “Targeted Individual” (TI) Knowlton and to sabotage his testimony. These events show that the FBI used gangstalking tactics as part of the coverup of Vince Foster’s murder.
The second YouTube video is entitled “Who Bombed Judi Bari?,” the environmental activist and musician. This video provides evidence that the FBI carried out COINTELPRO tactics against “TIs” Judi Bari, Darryl Cherney, and the environmental group, Earth First! In addition to attempting to murder the two activists through planting and exploding a pipe bomb in Bari’s Subaru and then immediately arresting Bari and Cherney for transporting the bomb, the FBI used smear tactics, false affidavits, framing, false arrest, sham investigation, planting evidence, and violations of the “targets” First Amendment rights, among other crimes.
The third, fourth, and fifth videos relate to the ongoing impacts that COINTELPRO Version 1.0 (1956-1971) and Version 2.0 (1971 to present) are having on the Black and Muslim, and also on anti-war, environmental, and animal rights groups. Individuals are disappearing and being “suicided” at unprecedented rates.

Finally, I relate two of my own personal experiences that are related to FBI COINTELPRO crimes in America.
II. “The Vince Foster Cover-up, The FBI, and the Press (YouTube video)

Understanding FBI surveillance Part 1
At best, the FBI does not have a history of respect for civil rights. Whether you are guilty or innocent doesn’t matter. You are always treated the same way during an FBI investigation – unfairly. Especially if surveillance is involved. If you snooze, you lose. It’s that simple. Many of us are sleepwalking through life. And if you don’t pay attention, then you’re gonna pay – especially if you engage in behavior that attracts the attention of the FBI.
Make no mistake about it, FBI surveillance teams are lethal. They are very effective at what they do. They have had lots of experience. They’ve got massive resources. In a major investigation, 30 agents watching one person is commonplace. You never see the same agent twice. You never see the same vehicle twice.
The FBI’s triple-threat surveillance strategy of multi-layered teams, rapid response, and managed aggression must be taken seriously.

Threat #3- The FBI’s policy of managed aggression can easily provoke you into losing your temper, or your nerve, or It is a wicked strategy. That’s why they use it. It’s easy to see why most people are easy But it doesn’t need to be that way. Beating There are people who routinely thwart the FBI.

5G Danger, Childrens Nose Bleeds in Gateshead UK
Thanks to Wireless Dangers Australia Youtube Channel and Lee Garret Youtube Channel and to all others that made this video possible. In order to find a solution, one has to identify the problem.



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