Bill Binney & Dr. Katherine Horton Speak On Being Electronically Tortured!

Bill Binney & Dr. Katherine Horton Speak On Being Electronically Tortured!

Bill Binney & Dr. Katherine Horton Speak On Being Electronically Tortured! The Globalist Agenda In 12 Min. America’s Nazi Secret. Robert Snodgres Exposes Lethal Direct Energy Weapons. Alan Watt – An Eternal Battle Between Good & Evil!


“Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney and former particle physicist Dr. Katherine Horton launch their new series with personal news and updates on their investigation. Dr. Horton has led the legal challenge to the use of directed energy devices to harass and torment individuals, among whom she herself has been a target. They are an impressive couple who recently married–a fascinating story in itself.” Prof. Jim Fetzer Dr. Horton’s website:  Prof. Fetzer’s website:




Aaron Russo discusses his conversations with Nickolas Rockefeller concerning the Council On Foreign Relations and learns of how they want to control the population through microchips, information control & the federal reserve. Rockefeller discusses the true reason the Rockefeller Foundation supported feminism. Rockefeller tells Russo of 9/11 & the proceeding wars – eleven months prior.

The full interview:
“Reflections And Warnings: An Interview With Aaron Russo”


[Original Broadcast Feb. 22, 2007, “IBM = Eye-Bee-M(A Son) = Eye-Beam = I Am Bee.Bee = Cell = Cell Phone”] – Virtual Realities – Projecting Anxiety and Insecurity – The Burden of Money – Image of Oneself – Money System is Based on Fear – Human Nature – Groupthink – Committees – Serfs and Tenant Farmers – The Industrial Revolution – Elite Destroying their Old Structure to Bring in their New – Brzezinski, Between Two Ages – Adaptation – Humanity Easiest to Manipulate Because they’re Adaptable – Behavioural Sciences – Darwinian School, Adapt or Die – Combine with Science, Microchips, Cybernetics into the Next Type of Human – Emotion and Logic are Both Necessary; The Intuitive – Adapting Humans to Machines – Cell Phones – The BORG – Implantable Cell Phones – Virtual Reality; Loss of Normal Perception – Avatars – IBM Virtual Worlds, Lotus Connections – The Meaning of Virtue in Freemasonry – Virtual = Almost the Same – IBM’s Lotusphere – IntRA-Net – The Swing of the Pendulum – Ancient Egyptian Rock Carvings Clasping the Suns’ Rays = Ankh = Anchor, IBM = Eye-Beam, Intra-Company Coordination – Meta-Verse – Revelations of the Bible as a Business Plan; Mystery Language. (Song: “Nowhere Man” by the Beatles, “Zombie Jamboree” by Harry Belafonte)
Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Feb. 22, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


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