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United Hatzalah and Danielle Sonnenfeld Foundation honored at Jerusalem’s Museum of Tolerance gala.

The popular Israeli rock band Ethnix performed at a gala tribute last week in Jerusalem on behalf of United Hatzalah, the volunteer-based emergency medical services organization, and the Danielle Sonnenfeld Foundation (Keren Danielli).

Organized by the founders and donors of the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, the event took place at the Museum in advance of its official opening to the public.

United States Congressman and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), was among the VIPs who were given a first look at the new Museum, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2020. Also in attendance were Israel’s Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel (Yamina), Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, Jerusalem Council Member Ofer Berkowitz, former Prime Minister’s Office director-general Eli Gruner, businessman Moti Ben Moshe, and others.

The evening’s guest of honor was Moti Sonnenfeld, founder of the Danielle Sonnenfeld Foundation, and a staunch supporter of United Hatzalah for more than 20 years. Members of the Ra’anana City Council also received special recognition for their efforts in establishing the Ra’anana Foundation, which supports education and welfare projects for the city’s residents, and is a joint initiative between Sonnenfeld and Ra’anana Mayor Haim Broida.

United Hatzalah President and Founder Eli Beer and Chairman Moshe Teitelbaum presented Sonnenfeld with a certificate of appreciation for his efforts on behalf of the organization. Beer thanked Sonnenfeld with warm and touching words.

“It is a privilege for us to honor the memory of Moti’s dear daughter Danielli in saving lives on a daily basis,” Beer said. During her National Service, Danielli volunteered at Schneider Children’s Hospital’s Oncology Department and was about to start her own medical studies when her aspirations were cut short at age 20 by a fatal car accident as she returned home from her volunteer work just four and a half years ago.

Sonnenfeld congratulated the United Hatzalah and the Museum of Tolerance, adding: “Where in our area would you find a capital city like Jerusalem, where the State legally prevented the construction of an arts and culture building for over 20 years, so as not to harm, G-d forbid, a Muslim cemetery located near the building until a solution is found? Is there any better expression of tolerance in Israel and Jerusalem?”

In an emotional high point of the evening, the entire audience rose to its feet and applauded a video presentation about the late Danielli and the work of the Foundation established in her memory.

In a message to the honorees read by his spokesman, American businessman, philanthropist and co-founder of the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem Larry Mizel said: “It is important that the Museum, which advocates the values of tolerance in Israeli society for all its various populations, becomes active soon. How appropriate that tonight we recognize and honor those who work to save lives, especially without regard to religious differences or sector affiliation.”

United Hatzalah Chairman Moshe Teitelbaum commented on the symbolism of holding the event at the Museum of Tolerance immediately after Tisha B’Av.

“Today, we cherish all that is good and beautiful in Israeli society, represented here by the United Hatzalah volunteers and of course, by Danielli, of blessed memory, who worked her entire life for her love of Israel and all of its people.”

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