Obama Fraud and George Bush Fraud Now Delegitimized

Alpha-Bravo Team,

Excellent work regarding your resolve with recent issues. Your orders have only just begun in relation to one important matter of national security, and you are now to carry these out without pause.

The colonel has declared one hostile Barack Obama to be a national security threat, given his recent tangent for riling up the muslims intending to topple the government. You are ordered to now immediately seize Obama into custody and confine him to a cell on constant watch. Criminal charges against Obama are currently pending as of monday.

What the White House released was not a physical hard copy document. It was not a copy of any verified authentic document, it was absolutely nothing,” Zullo argued.  “It was a computer-generated PDF file containing a copy of something that had its metadata erased from the electronic file, making it impossible to determine origin and authenticity of the file.”

Because of this, Zullo insisted the PDF file released by the White House on April 27, 2011, as Obama’s legitimate Long-Form Birth Certificate has zero legal probative value and as such cannot be considered an official document created and certified by the issuing State as called for by statute.

“This PDF file cannot be relied on as proof a birth event in any legal setting,” Zullo insisted. “It is not paper, it was created in cyberspace and resides in a computer.  On April 27, 2011, Obama showed the nation and the world absolutely nothing.”





Mr. Vrooman in addition to the original lien claimant will be along in the near future.

Take out any problems along the way, is clearly fine as usual and only by following the proper institutional guidelines. You are ordered to confine him to a cold cell, along with the following targets:

Democrat Dick Cheney (confirmed target, cut off funds to state PAC.)

Democrat John Brennan (confirmed target, cut off all funds to the business.)

Democrat Peter Hoekstra (confirmed target, do not set off alerts)

Democrat Lisa Page

Democrat Kamala Harris (This may require cutting off all funds to the state PAC. Harris is a confirmed national target, do not set off alerts, engage with extreme caution.)

Democrat John Conyers

Democrat Ed Meese, III

There will be other additional actions that must be carried out. You are to as required, consult your field manual given how serious this has gotten. You will also do so at all times.

Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe thought they were going to testify to a closed session of Congress, throw smoke in the grass and then leave for vacation. Instead, ensure they never leave Washington.

Escort Peter Strzok and McCabe to the Congress, to answer any and all questions they now have. Knock him in the back once just for the provost marshal’s sake. Oh and by escort, we do in fact mean it is ordered to be an armed escort that takes them to the chambers.

We are sure they will enjoy being much more cooperative as the chips play out in the hearing room.

Thank you once again in regards to this dilemma, and our condolences to all of our troops. This has been a greater burden than any of you are yet apprised of.

Wanda, feel free to forward this message to only your select group of contacts. We appreciate it.

15 U.S.C Public Notice of IntentShould you not be up to speed or fully understand your orders do not attempt them.

If you carry out orders and later renege, you can and will be court marshaled. Do not make a move without consulting your legion commander. These are serious conditions which must be followed on every step for success.

God speed from the front lines,

Alpha-Bravo Team you are clear to go live,

Our instructions are now to clear your mission teams to go live with the seek and capture protocol. These guidelines have been issued from on-high, and you are now to carry them out. You are ordered to seek out and seize each target, by whatever means necessary and deposit them at the drop-off sites. Knock out problematic targets or neutralize them entirely, that is the official drop command orders from the high colonel.

You are now also ordered to carry out subpoenas to all public officials involved, and engage in on-site recon to locate additional evidence on the uranium issues. Any such evidence is now a mandatory priority for each of the juries who are converting over to tribunal status for the remainder. Your orders are to seize certain courts in accordance with UCMJ field rules, and prepare them properly for receiving processing.



The provost marshal has ordered the following hostiles be taken down immediately:

Huma Abedin (Deposit in the brig if not yet done.)

George H.W. Bush

Kevin Spacey (Take them in for processing starting now.)

Frank Giustra

Bryan Singer

Cheryl Mills

Andrew McCabe

Robert DeNiro (Locate for processing starting now.)

John McCain

James Baker, III (Seek target and neutralize it, see indictments.)

Peter Strzock

James Murren (Initiate seize and capture, use GPS to locate.)

Ofr. E.W. Priestap

James Rybicki

Melissa Hodgman (Initiate seize and capture, use GPS to locate.)

Tony Podesta

Robert C. Jones

Ben Sasse (Initiate seize and capture, use GPS to locate.)

Rick Gates

Harvey Weinstein (Initiate seize and capture, use GPS to locate.)

John Grissom (Initiate seize and capture, use GPS to locate.)

Your direct orders are to locate and seize Peter Munk, if the target can be found. These orders come direct from the high command. You are then ordered to find and place a tag tracer on Barack Obama’s vehicle as he will be the very last card to fall.




Additional transcripts have come available as of now in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Apparently also is able to be seen in the Supreme Courts of Nevada as well, keep track of it for indictment records.

Court Records As of December 2, 2017






Apparently they uncovered proof that Kevin Spacey is indeed the heir and relative of William Fowler. This is incredible they were able to unearth this, since William Fowler is the original founder of Skull and Bones. It puts Spacey’s lineage in direct lineage from the first Nazis, which certainly will be hard to take for some. Nonetheless this will make for very interesting discussions to say the least. Each layer of the Fowler heritage traces back to 1860 when the thirteen club was originally created.












Ensure that Spacey is in custody as well as any of his accomplices in government, then issue the next subpoenas. The orders are to take down the accomplices of Bush, Bronfman and Hillary Clinton as well. You will then seize Hillary Clinton, by any means necessary for capture. Perhaps when she disappears, you need to ask the media to do a story stating she needed to step away for health reasons so a few questions could be answered about uranium one.

You will review the evidence as needed for updated information. In addition to those targets, you are now ordered to seize Joel Schumacker and Hillary Rodham Clinton under formal court martial rules. You are to consult your field manual for all deliberations. Joel Schumacker is a new recent target, current whereabouts are unknown. You are hereby ordered to locate Schumacker on a GPS and track the target.

Then you are to locate exactly where target Harvey Weinstein appears to have gone. Since Weinstein has been indicted more than once, you are ordered to take out the escorts and transport Weinstein for processing. Each of these criminals are now to be taken off the street by order of the provost marshal.

Take a number of them to the brig near the out ramp for the Supreme Court of Philadelphia. The others should be processed at facilities in Nevada and outside the main entrance for the national grand jury of Virginia. Every one of the suspects must be tied down with chains, since the crowds are offering to supply the chains and locks for free.

Your other orders are to deliver the subpoenas by any means necessary, and then begin extraction of Dan Bundy and his comrades from the prison site in Nevada. The officials on duty there clearly didn’t get the message soon enough, there’s a new sheriff and acting constable in town. Place Bravo team near Harry Reid’s office, the commanders do not want anyone getting out of the city and that is duly enforced when it comes to the Reids.

You are ordered to cut off any remaining funds to the Clinton Foundation. This will make your job, and all our official duties much easier when it comes to taking Hillary Clinton into custody. You are also now ordered to seize John Podesta by completely removing his escort, since Podesta was indicted on several different charges in three state courts. Do not leave anything to chance, locate and capture J.P. Podesta is then to be added to processing and you will do it quietly, without anyone getting suspicious.

The Special Counsel in charge of the investigation now is the high solicitor general in the District of Columbia. He is under orders directly from the military, and a lot of the evidence has been quietly handed over to his possession. This is a very serious situation so you are not going to get his name, ask your superior officer for who M1 is and they will gladly tell you the name of the current high solicitor appointed this year by the President.

FBI acting head Chris Wray also has some of those files, yet not the most important ones. Also placed in charge of getting resources and protection to the high solicitor general, was NSC Security Chief Dave Cattler. At this time, he has taken possession of most of the critical evidence.

The acting Attorney General has been taken off the investigation, due to conflicts showing he held at least four hearings concerning uranium in the state of Alabama. We won’t discuss that in detail. It clearly was not meant to be, his role in all of this will be minimized now on orders of the Army solicitor.

Additionally, we request that you consult your field manuals for all missions when serving subpoenas. It needs to be as clean and quiet as possible. Legal advisor Wanda, we ask that you forward this message only to your direct group contacts and no one else.

It is now being issued that all commands be on red alert. The colonel has said we may have a soft, temporary form of martial law go active now. This is to assure an appropriate transition.

It is especially important this begin now that the solicitor general has started drawing up final criminal charges and building a very large case, as it concerns the utter disaster which is uranium one. We now have proof depleted uranium and also lethal cancer laced uranium extracts made their way into the soil, as a direct result of this crime related to uranium one.

The acting EPA administrators are going to be sent to prison, yet a large amount of issues must be addressed on just how poisoned the soil has become from the disaster. Stay tuned to EPA acting chief Pruitt for necessary updates.

We are all aware of the fact that each of us has been shot at. These are going to be challenging times, and if you weren’t close to God before very soon all of us will be. You are ordered to carry out your orders as though your life depended on it, because it does sergeant.

If you aren’t in favor of sacrificing children on altars whether that be in the LDS Church, Protestant Reformation, Lutheran or anywhere else…then regardless of where you stand, you are their sworn enemy. From this day onward you need to act like it, begin seizure and make it count.

Remember one key factor, you are to consult your field manual at all times. Any order you carry out or later renege upon, does make you eligible for immediate court marshal later so the next in command will have to arrest you as well. As all things go under military rules, please look both ways before any movement.

You are also ordered directly by the colonel to seize the station managers of NBC News, and specific television stations effective immediately. They will need to broadcast up to the minute news about these developments from our perspective, and by removing the worst problems in one stroke this will be effortless to inform the population.

These station owners are the worst traitors of all. By cutting off funds to the news and the Clinton Foundation, this will assist the executive branch to begin shuttering the Federal Reserve quietly.

Do not seize a news station without consulting the legion command. We are now in the throes of martial law officers. Watch everyone very carefully, and good luck to all who are involved.

15 U.S.C Public Notice of IntentShould you not be up to speed or fully understand your orders do not attempt them.

If you carry out orders and later renege, you can and will be court marshaled. Do not make a move without consulting your legion commander. These are serious conditions which must be followed on every step for success.

God speed from the front lines,

An Important Update on Going Hot,

As you are all well aware by now, there are at least three impaneled juries now investigating the aforementioned Uranium One crime in progress. Moreover, there is a massive effort underway to obstruct these probes at every step of the path.


The colonel has reiterated it’s time for your armed forces to go live. You are ordered to shadow the OFFICIO CONSTABLE’S office, and ensure everything goes smoothly from now on. We have no time now for any games to play out, and I have heard subpoenas were issued.

Be advised that Mr. RX is arriving in Nevada this week and will officially be passing through. As a long-time private prosecutor, he is very interested in getting work done right away and requires full cooperation. Anything less than that is unacceptable at this stage, so you need to get the evidence he needs.

Seeing that a suspect in this case Judge Navarro has been served a subpoena, your orders are to get to work to get the required information out of her. Then transmit all evidence including her statement, to the address listed in the following documents. It will then be securely sent directly to Mr. RX, and your orders are then to take her official statement at the jury’s conference room.


Required Reading Material:




We don’t care how you get the evidence out of her as UCMJ code is the only thing that applies. You may go ahead and beat her in the back of the head with a blunt end of your barrel if needed, and force her to give up and write down the names and information people want.

If the suspect refuses to cooperate, finally you can also dispose of her out back. We have orders from up high that supersede usual protocols. I sense we’ve all been shot at and seen the Walking Dead episodes, and in a lot of ways that’s where we’re at. The commander will even accept the full burden for any issues that arise should the suspect not make it.

Either way, time is now up and your orders are as follows. Get all the data out of the suspect, ensure its mailed back to that address as well as the other listed drop box in Colorado. It needs to be received without delay, as prosecutors are very upset.

Be advised Kevin Spacey, after everything they dug up is officially history.




Divide the team into an Alpha and Bravo “dual” striker team. You will go hot with this team since RX wants Harry Reid’s office surrounded, so thus when things get ugly at court Reid is escorted by armed guard to face trial. You have always known this would occur.

You are all ready for this, as the original lien claimant including Justin Belcher cannot be there in person at this moment. They will each arrive after the trials begin, especially the original claimant since it is that important to putting a stop to all of this.

You must carry out your orders as though your life depended on it, since it does and that is a direct fact general.  Each team will fan out and locate Kevin Spacey for enforced seizure.

At this point, given everything the prosecutors have….we’re going to just put out an official order to escort Spacey by armed escort to the jury under UCMJ. This is the only way we see things going well and without Mr. RX entirely blowing his top and shooting many of these vermin on sight.

UCMJ for the militia uses a highly strict standard, so consult your legion officer. Do not ever second guess what the laws and protocols may be, at this stage.

Alpha team is ordered to fan out and liquidate all armed guards of Spacey, take them out for good. Then tackle Spacey to the ground and his accomplices; escort every suspect to the jury where they will face all offenses. If necessary under these sort of scenarios, run the same rules on Bryan Singer if he resists.

It is a simple mission, and don’t carry it out without checking your manual.

Bravo team will be dispatched to D.C. and will locate suspect Huma Abedin. Now that things have gone hot, knock her out with the back of your gun.

Ensure this two bit witch is unconscious. Then drag her to Nevada and deposit her at the state jury where Mr. RX will be very pleased to do some clean up for Carson City without compensation.

The provost marshal has then ordered you to seize George H.W. Bush, his accomplices as well as Bryan Singer by force. Deposit them all at the jury tribunal as needed and leave armed escorts on site.

Then given all the evidence collected, locate John Podesta and seize him into your custody for trial. Locate Hillary Clinton on the map, remove any other obstacles and do not engage until official orders come in.

You will keep tabs on Clinton for tracking purposes. If you run across Mueller threaten him with arrest and then get out, as the area is dangerous for civilians.

Alpha team is then ordered under military law to locate Reid’s family in case

they must be taken into custody. Orders are to not engage until court says so.

Then the biggest surprise of this operation will begin. You may need to declare temporary martial law, but you are ordered to find Peter Munk of Barrick Gold. Bring him to trial as the prosecutor would like to speak to him.

As you know, Soros Group the main owner of Barrick Gold is out there. There are apparently notarized military orders about this. We will get to that issue shortly, but first carry out all orders with swift care and resolve.

In the mean time, keep secure channels open for all squadron members. Wanda is directed to forward this message to her news group.

Any updates on these cases are found at the official court houses very soon.

15 U.S.C Public Notice of IntentShould you not be up to speed or fully understand your orders do not attempt them.

If you carry out orders and later renege, you can and will be court marshaled. Do not make a move without consulting your legion commander. These are serious conditions which must be followed on every step for success.

Sincerely Yours,

ar Official Clerks of Clark County,

As specified, time has officially run out for you. Ex-assistant in charge Debbie Conway has been removed and shall be forthwith held in detainment conditions, however the Southern Nevada Militia prescribes such solutions and handles such actions.



Clark County commissioner, you’d be well served to not forget the following caveat tempor:

“Except for a Jury, it is also a fatal offense for any person, even a Judge, to impair or to expunge, without a Counter-Affidavit, any Affidavit or any commercial process based upon an Affidavit. Judicial non-jury commercial judgments and orders originate from a limited liability entity called a municipal corporation, hence must be reinforced by a Commercial Affidavit and a Commercial Liability Bond provided by a titled Bonding Agency.”


It should come as no surprise that since you violated law, we took liberty to ensure the lien has been specifically re-engaged elsewhere. A location, time or circumstances are immaterial. What is truly important Clark County, is District Judge Gloria Navarro has finally been exposed as on the payroll of Barrick Gold and deeply involved in Barrick Gold’s ventures. Thus the orders stand, the colonel will initiate removal of further property and lock Navarro out of her office.









Bankruptcy of Garcia Navarro





To wit, all that is missing now is the pay stubs written to Navarro on behalf of Barrick Gold mines as some of the premier investigators just recently discovered in a doc dump linked to MGM. Since the commercial process stands outside of public courts, the aforementioned order will continue until complete fulfillment from the lien debtors.

It should be publicly known, this issue highly concerns you. We also hold the shooting is not only a part of it but at the center of it.

Whether you, or any party affiliated with you likes Bundy or not: it should be known that the Bundy’s, Coors and Millars are all victims of a public lobotomy by Barrick Gold Inc. If or when they each lose all of their land, that will mean the end of your land coming next.

Militia Generals, you have now been deputized with assistance of the provost general to remove this problem. You will now take care of the hostiles, and seize the County buildings so each grand jury has all required evidence to proceed. Jury deliberations began this week.

Your orders are to seize the county property, to include Navarro’s property until this is no longer any issue. Dispose of resistance in whatever way is seen fit, it is up to you to determine that phrase’s meaning. You will stay lawful in the execution of public duties, and liason with sheriff’s office for only one reason: to compel their assistance with the final removal of Navarro’s career.

Should any one of you decide so, Rory Reid will be served will be served with notice to resign.

A note to Chief Advisor Wanda, we request for you to forward this message everywhere.

U.S.C. 15 Public Notice of Intent: Should you not be up to speed or fully understand your orders do not attempt them.

If you carry out orders and later renege, you can and will be court marshaled. Do not make a move without consulting

your legion commander. This is a serious situation, as these are war-time type of decisions.


Sincerely Yours,

Your kind Contributions are very much appreciated thank you. – Stew Webb


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