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Thank you for taking the time to get in touch and share your views with me.  If you

are a resident of the 9th Congressional District and have included your address, I

will get back to you shortly.  You don't need to do anything else.


If you live in the 9th Congressional District and have not included your address,

please do so and I will respond to your concerns.  Unfortunately, due to the large

amount of correspondence, I can only respond to constituents.





Jan Schakowsky



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Subject: Blackwater Xe Attempted Murder of American on US Soil


lackwater Xe Attempted Murder of American on US Soil

Honorable Jan Schakowsky


Wednesday March 24, 2010

Honorable Jan Schakowsky

Wednesday March 24, 2010

I recently saw that you introduced a Bill to stop the Outsourcing of BlackWater/Xe.

The reason I desire to talk with you is regarding the attempted murder of me by Blackwater/Xe with four Israeli Mossad aboard shooting me with Lasers.

The Blackwater/Xe Chinook Helicopter was shot down by a French Mirage Aircraft known by Homeland Security as the “incident” on January 28, 2010 over Hastings, Nebraska.

The attempted murder was as result of my most recent Court Filings to Bring the Bush-Millman-Lindner-Clinton Crime Syndicate to Justice and remove an illegal lifetime restraining order off myself and my child.

I am a nationally known Federal Whistleblower not by choice but over my Daughter who is now 25 that I have never had a Father/Daughter relationship as a result of Leonard Millman and the Bushes Obstructing Justice I married into the Bush-Millman-Lindner-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

My current Grand Jury Demand with case number

and actions I have taken In The United States Court of Appeals in Denver.$1.3_trillion_dollar_bush_hospital_supply_frauds_12072009.htm

I have been instrumental in the current Bank Bail Out Exposure, the truth has not be recognized by Government-Public Officials as to the Illegal Mortgage Securities that were sold with no Houses to back the Security sold by Leonard Millman and  Larry Mizel through MDC Asset Investors of Denver.

Please do not hesitate in calling me I desire to live and not die.

Your HELP would be greatly appreciated.

Stew Webb

(C) 913-952-0846

P.O. Box 3061

Independence, MO. 64055

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Breaking News Sunday March 14, 2010


Netanyahu THREATENS the U.S.
Wanta Protocol Update
Thomas Jefferson vs Texas Killer Netanyahu

It can now be reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, along with current U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, and current White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, are operating in triangular fashion to speed up an attack on Iran's alleged nuclear installations.

The corporate-controlled fascist U.S. media is reporting that Hillary had a shouting match with Netanyahu over Israeli settlements; this is a cover story to  disguise  that Hillary, Netanyahu, Gates and Emanuel are actually on the same page when it comes to the attack on Iran, along with other national security and financial matters.

U.S. President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joseph Biden, as well as Obama's National Security Adviser General James Jones, are on the other side of this power struggle and believe that Netanyahu is a threat to world peace.

Reference: Sociopath and anti-gentile bigot Netanyahu recently broke glass in the presence of Vice President Biden and actually threatened to unleash an attack on the United States if Biden and Obama did not acceed to Netanyahu's demands.