Kerre Millman writes to her mother Child Abuser Elaine Millman

Hey, Mother-What's the Matter?

Breaking News Jan 6, 2013


Kerre Millman aka Kerre S. Smith aka Kerre Millmansmith the Daughter of Organized Crime Boss Leonard Millman and Elaine Millman Denver, Colorado

kerre_Elaine052012.JPG (L)Fugitive from Justice Kerre Millman (R) Elaine Millman Organized Crime Boss wife and Satanic Child Abuser


Hey, Mother-What's the Matter?

By Kerre S. Millman

Written 1970 regarding Elaine Ruth Millman


Hey, Mother-

      What's the Matter?

Aren't I a good enough daughter

                          for you ?

  Can't you except me for What

                           I am

              rather than what

                           you want me to be ?

I guess I'm changing mother.

      I Can't be what you want me

                        to be any more.

I want to be like me, not you


Can't you try to understand me mother?

        did  you ever try to sit down and

    really rap to me?

          I don't think you could mother-

you are to hung up on you and your


 is that why you're crying mother?

     Because your daughter is growing

 up and away from you and your










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