Radio Stew Webb and FBI Darlene Novenger

Radio 1996 Stew Webb and FBI Darlene Novenger (Dead)

Former FBI Whistleblower Darlene Novenger had exposed “Operation Neumbus” the Smatt Brothers Bush’s Jamaican Drug smugglers delivery of cocaine to then Vice President George HW Bush for his personal use. Darlene then was fired from the FBI and targeted by the Bush Organized Crime syndicate. Darlene’s Father was murdered in July 1993 after she did a radio interview, her Mother Flow was killed with Anthrax. Darlene’s house in Pennsylvania was taken down by the Pennsylvania EPA because of the Anthrax spoors. One of Darleen’s neighbors died Darlene contracted the Anthrax in 1984 died in 2004 from cancer as a result of her Anthrax attack. There were 28 Whistleblowers between 1984 and 1997 who were diagnosed with Anthrax this Reporter-Whistleblower was hit in 1995 and almost died.

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