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Seattle TV all day live interviews Dr Preston James and Stew Webb


January 16, 2014 Will Wilson interviews Dr. Preston James and Stew Webb subject the Alien agenda.

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Alien Agenda III


Sharon’s Death, the Third Force and the Planned Desolation of Jerusalem

…by   Preston James

“Once upon a time”

Last week Ariel Sharon was unplugged from his respirator after 8 years of existing in a coma-like state. Does Sharon’s death signify a new turning point in the future of Israel?

However, before that can be answered folks need to investigate and gain understanding why was he allowed to die now after being kept “alive” on life support for eight years.

And they also need to understand why Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated as well as a very strange and evil Alien Agenda that is engineered to “take no prisoners”.

This Alien Agenda responsible is now being imposed on the whole world through only a few top Policy-Makers who are strategically positioned at the top positions of power that sit at the nexus of the hidden worldwide occult network and the secret shadow government.

This positioning has placed them in key positions as principal Cutouts for the Third Force which is only beginning to make its presence and power evident to the masses. Such strategic positions place them at the top of world power hierarchies allowing them to set top policies in every government of the world.

At the time Sharon entered into the coma, it certainly signified an abrupt end to the secret agreement negotiated with him on behalf of the State of Israel for a workable, true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. But why was he unplugged now rather than years ago? That is the key question here.

Sharon is finally dead

Some thought that Muslim Intel operativespoisoned Sharon as revenge for Yassar Arafat whom they believed was murdered at Sharons’ orders.

Recently evidence has emerged suggesting that Arafat was assassinated by the administration of Polonium, something Israeli Intel has been believed to have access to.(1)

Some international Intel experts believe that there was a sophisticated assassination attempt on Sharon, but it was not done by Muslims as revenge for Arafat’s alleged assassination.

They believe that Sharon was taken out of play because he had made a 180% degree turn from a fierce, exceedingly aggressive warrior to a peace advocate and had agreed in principal for a workable Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that was being promoted by the man who was the President of the United States at the time.

Sharon’s death has been attributed to extreme hawkish elements in the Israeli Defense and Intel establishment that just could not accept his recent personal changes which led him to morph from a warrior with a record of extreme military aggression into a man who wanted peace between Israelis and Palestinians. To understand this possibility and likelihood, an examination of the facts around the assassination of Rabin is certainly in order.

Several times in recent years there have been serious efforts made to create a workable Peace Agreement for Israel and Palestinians, and both sides have agreed in principal. However before such agreements could be activated, in every instance, strange events have occurred that that interfered and prevented the enactment of any workable, real Peace Agreement.

It was during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan that a real and workable Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement was at hand. Few know that A true Peace Agreement was negotiated by Presidential Secret Agent Lee Wanta with Yitzhak Rabin. Had Rabin not been assassinated, this Agreement would have been actuated.

The involvement of Rabin in changing his views and becoming willing to advocate a workable, true peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, with full recognition of both nations and the establishment of fair borders for both in a compromise arrangement is a story that has not been told before. Now for the first time you will learn what really happened, that is the true story and context that led to Rabin’s assassination and who the likely string-pullers that ordered his murder and why.

Yitzhak Rabin, the Israel Leader who became serious about establishing a true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians after secret negotiations with Secret Agent Lee Wanta on President Reagan’s behalf.

Rabin had agreed to a workable Peace Agreement which was brokered by Lee Wanta as he served as President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent.

Rabin was assassinated upon the orders of radical elements of the secret command structure of the Israeli intelligence system. These highest elements within the Israeli Intel and Defense structure have been alleged to be functioning as Third Force operatives (Cutouts), knowingly or unknowingly.

The bottom line is that these top Israeli Policy-Makers maintain and have maintained a 100% policy of no true Peace Agreement with Palestinians will ever be permitted.

They will allow lots of talk and many promises but no real Peace Agreement ever. Their extreme commitment to the zionist “Greater Israel” racist delusion/compulsion/obsession and as long as they are in power will never allow Israel to make peace.

The question is why, and although the answer will seem incredulous to many who consider it for the first time, there is now good evidence to support the answer for those that are willing to take the time to examine the supporting evidence.

In 1993, Lee Wanta negotiated a true Peace Agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Involved was a 5 Billion USD aid package to each party for their cooperation in activating the Agreement.  It was a done deal, already to sign when Rabin was assassinated. Here is a copy of the letter which Rabin sent to Lee Wanta who was serving as Ronald Reagan’s secret agent responsible for negotiating this Peace Plan.






Below is a copy of the Totten Doctrine [92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875)] Rogers Houston Memorandum:








Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s Secret Agent and a great American hero, served Reagan under the Totten Doctrine.


Wanta’s claims are well documented and supported by facts despite coordinated efforts to wipe his past clear and bury all associated documents.  In American intel this is exceedingly difficult to do because of all the excessive bureaucracy and production and filing of multiple copies in strange locations.


For those that are skeptical of Wanta’s claims which seem quite incredulous to those who have never heard of them before or taken the time to truly examine the evidence, let me assure you there is ample documentation available to support them. (1)


This includes massive documentation included in his book, Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat, now available on Kindle in digital form in its latest edition for about $10 (2 ), or free in an earlier edition on Lee Wanta’s website. (3)


I have spent two months examining and studying the documents available which took Wanta and his biographer Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall about 5 years to recover and assemble. Fortunately two top Generals assisted by providing docs. And despite misinformation from detractors in the past, I am well convinced that Wanta’s claims are fully supported.


There is a radical Alien Agenda that has been imposed on the world and it has involved setting up and using Cutouts, best described as several top Policy Makers or “Kingpins.” Once these Cutouts have attained their ascribed goals, a later phase of the Alien Agenda involves getting rid of them and throwing these Cutout/top Policy-Makers on the trash-heap of History once the Third Force is done with them.


It has been alleged by insiders close to top policy-Makers that Marduk came down from the heavens within the last year after many years of exile, was greeted by numerous top world officials, and was crowned King of Africa at Mandela’s funeral.

Supposedly Marduk’s exile of many years ago (going back to the Enochian Epoch) was a sentence enforced on Him for violating God Almighty’s Cosmic Rules of Play.

And one of the main rules is this, unless a certain critical mass of the earth’s human inhabitants violate the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you want them to do to you” (AKA “love your neighbor as you love yourself), Marduk and such ET alien leaders cannot bridge humans sovereignty.

So obviously alien Mass mind-kontrol and Hollywood culture (AKA Hollywoodism) are major tools that have been employed to “dirty up” humans and seduce them into giving consent to the Alien ET beings who are believed to be inter-dimensional spirit beings, many regard as fallen angels, Nephilim, demons, Jinns or evil entities that live many centuries. (4 & 5)


Soon Abbadon (aka Appollyon) will allegedly come up from the “pit” though Mount Herman to bring absolute Chaos to the whole world, followed by his “complete” NWO solution after he is crowned the Caesar of the Ages in the New World Order Temple built in Jerusalem over the previous location of Salomon’s temple.




YouTube – Veterans Today –


The UN has an office on Mount Herman. Why? Preparing the way for Abbaddon to rise from inside the earth (aka the “Pit”) where he has been held captive for his earlier crimes against humanity during what many call the Enochian Epoch (as described in the Book of Enoch).


After Abbaddon has risen and deployed massive, worldwide disorder, chaos and destruction, and has cleared and depopulated the city of Jerusalem and probably most of Israel, he will then pave the way for the seating of the anti-Christ to descend (some say he will descend from a large Alien ET UFO to become seated in the New World Order Third Force Temple at Jerusalem as the Caesar of the Ages).


There is considerable disagreement of Marduk’s part in all this.  Some believe that Marduk was crowned King of Africa and will serve as the great prophet that will prepare the way for the NWO Caesar of the Ages, others suspect Marduk will rise again and then descend in an ET UFO for the masses to witness on worldwide Television, and will himself become seated and crowned as the New Caesar of the Ages in the NWO Third Force Temple in Jerusalem.

Before Abbaddon can be crowned Caesar of the Ages in a new temple in Jerusalem built on the Temple of the Mount, first Jerusalem must be made desolate, and it is likely this will be done some some new type of nuclear device.

Some believe that Israel will also be depopulated and most Muslim countries weakened economically to the point of collapse. Perhaps a nuclear exchange will decimate Jerusalem, Israel and much of the Arab Middle East, creating radical depopulation in those areas hit.

The bottom line is this, the several top Policy-Makers that serve the Third Force in secret and pay first homage to it even more than to family, nation, government or so-called peer groups. And lately they have been paying homage to the Third Force and making some astounding and surprising complete reversals and betrayals.

Zionists Kingpins and Cutouts all over the world are very confused at how the top Policy-Makers they thought were their allies have turned on them and are “cutting them loose”. Israeli leaders are confused because the Obama administration has turned against them and is pursuing its own Agenda, best described as a Third Force Agenda.

The war criminal died without suffering…a shame really.

This reversal of policy by America is a completely new phenomena out from left field, a real curve-ball to the world zionist Central Banksters and their Noahide Talmudist associates, NeoCons and top Sayanims and media mouthpieces and talking heads as well as those who own and operate  the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is little more than a USG propaganda dispenser and chronic advertiser of notably, false absurd or dysfunctional Big Pharma ads, military recruiting ads, political ads, and absurd gadget and phone sex ads.

Without these advertising scams, most at night, the CMMM would be bankrupt in short order. it is no coincidence that less than a majority of Americans believe anything the CMMM says and go directly to their favorite alternative news websites like,,, and the like.

The Israeli policy of “No Peace Ever” by the covert deployment of hijacked asset nations like America and use of Cutouts until the desired boundaries of Greater Israel has been conquered and the whole world is run by a zionist NWO government set in Jerusalem is a passing obsession and fancy that has kept the Israeli High Military and Intel command from allowing any true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians to be negotiated and enacted.  That is why they had Rabin and then Sharon covertly assassinated.

And the best evidence so far is that Sharon was kept on a respirator for all these years to serve as an ongoing warning to anyone else who might try to negotiate such an agreement as he did.

Yes, that is correct, Sharon, the most aggressive, pugilistic warrior Israel ever had, a man blamed for numerous massacres of innocents such as the massacre of hundreds of innocent Palestinians including women and children at the refugee camps of Sabra and Shotila, as well as being the primary planner for the 9/11 false flag attacks falsely blamed by the George W. Bush Administration on Middle East Muslims from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some blamed a secret team of American Intel for poisoning Sharon for his part in planning and deployed the 9/11 attacks on America with zionist assets in the USAF High Command, NORAD, the Pentagon and the White House as well as the NeoCon and Sayanims.

This is always a possibility that some deal was struck where it was agreed that Sharon had to go (these kind of high level back door negotiations actually do occur).

But the best evidence so far is that the Israel High Military and Intel Command (very top Policy-Makers) decided that Sharon had to go because he had completely changed his mind and became in favor of negotiating a true Peace Agreement between Israelis and Palestinians and compliance with prior UN Sanctions and Agreements.

At the time this executive action was taken, it was rumored that it was rumored Sharon’s complete and unexpected turn-around was due to the successful deployment of ultra-high tech psychotronics and pharmacological mind-kontrol deployed with the help of Third Force alien ETs and their technology as revenge for his part in the 9/11 attacks on America.

Perhaps some day the full story will emerge because as Intel assets get old, sick and close to death, they often start talking and telling what really happened behind the scenes. But at this time it does seem likely that his own high command refused to support his complete turn-around and took executive action that they are so infamous for all over the world including inside Israel and even among their own..

Conclusion: It’s a very good guess that the unplugging of Ariel Sharon marks a serious turning point for the coming desolation of Israel and much of Jerusalem as well as some Muslim enemies who have the major military capabilities.

It appears that the Alien Agenda is is control of a very few top Policy-Makers who control the Israeli High Military and Intel Command and are working in concert, knowingly or unknowingly, with other select third Force controlled top Policy-Makers in the USG and the current Administration which has been recently throwing the world zionists and NeoCons major curve-balls and reversals of previously long standing policies toward Israel.

Israel the major Cutout for the zionist City of London Central Banksters is now being Cut-loose and thrown to the dogs in systematic, incremental fashion.  And it seems clear that the secret reason is an Alien Agenda to clear the land in Jerusalem and the get rid of the top Israeli High Command who has been serving the zionist world agenda and the agenda to amass major new lands surrounding Israel for the new greater Israel will that will now never happen.

Domination of Israel has been the desired Crown Jewel for hundred of years by the European kings and Nobility, the British Knights, and the Knights Templars because in the past alien ETs prophesized to them in secret encounters (some called them personal guides after making a luciferian blood contract) that a NWO Caesar of the Ages will be seated and crowned in a newly rebuilt temple like Salomon’s. these folks believed that taking Jerusalem and discovering its secrets would unlock eternal life and they would become Kings of the world themselves when the NWO ruler descended form the Heavens.

The world zionists have always believed that this NWO temple was to be their and it would be a Talmudic Noahide New World Order.  Wrong on all counts because once the Alien ETs are done with their Kingpins and Cutouts, they get purged and thrown on the trash-heap of History. (6) Those who have the time and want to explore the subject of alien ETs, alien/human hybrids, and the Alien Agenda can use the search bar using the subject or author name (Preston James) or by using other search bars, the best ones are proxied for privacy.

Since the days that George H. W. Bush was President, contrary to the Prescott Bush (Sherff) Immunity Agreement, the USG has been manipulated into to deployed the American military to fight Israel’s wars in the Middle East at a great personal cost to thousands of fine American soldiers that were completely betrayed by their leaders and abuse beyond reason in so many ways, physically and mentally that it would fill many books to adequately describe such treason, sedition and abject betrayal.

The interesting things about this is that the few select top Policy-Makers/Controllers of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is that they have covertly used alien “beyond black” technology to deploy eugenic weapons against the world such as aerosol atmospheric spraying aircraft, in their jet fuel and in higher concentration by direct spraying pumped through nozzles from tanks inside special aircraft of CIA and DOD contractors. This is worldwide as are other secret eugenic programs such as tainted water and special vaccine additives as well as GMO foods.

The most disturbing such weapon of all is perhaps

Radio: Ed Slade S-4 US Scientist and Stew Webb “Aliens”


Your numerous requests have been heard and here are the three exclusive radio programs.

Chris Zucker interviews S-F Area 52 US Scientist Ed Slade and Whistleblower Stew Webb. The below three radio interviews are the most powerful interviews about the “Aliens aka Fallen Angels” ever done by insider Ed Slade who worked with the Aliens for the US Government.

Radio: Ed Slade Area 51 US Scientist and Stew Webb “Back by Popular Demand”

Click on the links below to listen to these exclusive interviews by date:
March 18, 2010 Ed Slade Area 51 Scientist and Stew Webb
Ed Slade #1

Ed Slade #2


Area 52 S-4 areal photo


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Radio Rick and Annie interviews Stew Webb Jan 9 2014


New NSA Utah base tied to Utah Alien Base

This is a must hear interview it is your life and you have no future unless you take action now:



Click on link below to hear this explosive 2 hour interview: 

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Secret Space War VIII: Alien Quantum Computing and the End of Secrecy?

Secret Space War VIII:  Alien Quantum Computing and the End of Secrecy?

by  Preston James

MoleculesThere has been little publicly released about what Quantum computing actually is, but it is perhaps best described as advanced computing involving multi or inter-dimensional processing that has almost unimaginable power.

It is now recognized in the highest circles of American Intel deep inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that development of quantum computing is the key to mastery over all cryptographics as well as advanced scientific data analysis, mass intelligence gathering through the Internet and cell phone systems, product/material management, advanced CAD/CAM, cyber warfare and the establishment and maintenance of absolutely bulletproof cyber security.

It is now likely that any nation that completely masters quantum computing first will be able to master cyber warfare, cyber defense and dominate any other nation state or even the world and this quest itself alone will likely create a complete end to secrecy between and within nation-states due to the application of this new technology to industry which cannot be kept secret easily or forever.

Thus the stakes are very high for mastering quantum computing. In fact, Quantum computing is considered the final stage left to develop human sized fully functioning combat robots now that new high tech plasma-based metal parts printing is a reality.

Small quantum based CPUs are considered essential for day to day deployment of stand-alone, self-contained fully functional advanced fighter interceptor aircraft, smart drones with missiles which require no remote operators, devices that can easily become humankind’s worst nightmare, devices that can “see” with 3D and even 4D or 5D sensors and can make decisions that are far beyond “fuzzy logic” circuits and software. Quantum processors will be supposedly be able to execute high level independent judgments, and be used to re-design themselves, build and add additional micro-circuits and will be deployed to do so.

Some of those who are now working to develop them believe that they will eventually even be able to set up and build their own factories to replicate or improve themselves and be able to operate turn-key manufacturing including their own quantum powered design studio to produce the CAD for CAM manufacturing. Obviously if this ever comes to pass the role of human labor may become quite limited and quantum processors and the manufacturing they support could result in the development of whole armies of independently self-controlled combat forces.

Of course the possibility of high tech hacking in a multitude of modalities would always be a major concern, but quantum computers appear to have the ability to indicate remote access or hacking much easier than other present computer systems. Quantum computers are an alternative to the biologically based “super brain” computers that researchers are working with and are alleged to have already gained their own independent consciousness.

And some experts fear that some of these new quantum super computers will be manufactured to have the capability for self-programming and may develop their own agenda to declare and begin a covert war on their owners, which when discovered will be too late to successfully defend against.

The big hold up appears to be the apparent “error rate” that occurs when a byte of information or qubit is processed in more than one dimension at a time.

So far the error rate that occurs has been unacceptably high, so much so that the value of quantum processors has been limited. But now the NSA is rolling out its new VESUVIUS system at their new massive Utah Data Center. Have they solved the error rate problem or this this computer system just another massive unproven experiment?

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Have the Chinese entered into an agreement with aliens to obtain the secrets of quantum computing?

It is now rumored that the Chinese have entered into a special treaty with Reptoids which is supposed to provide them with the deep secrets and technology of quantum computing. If this is true the Chinese would be able to assert worldwide control over all cybernetics and crypto, thus being able to bring down any nation they wished at will if properly executed. Insiders have reported that the initial source of all fiber-optics, micro-circuits, solid state electronics, and toroidal/scalar communications equipment, as well as the idea of quantum computing which later appeared on the scene was gained from aliens as a condition of certain treaties and back-engineering of recovered alien anti-gravity vehicles (AGCs) and their component assemblies that crashed.

And if rumors are accurate, the Chinese Government has been quite angry with Americans for tricking them into manufacturing remotely “compromisable” CPUs, or CPUs with numerous back-doors and means of secret access. More on this later after a brief discussion of alien treaties with various governments of the earth. And various officials in the Defense contracting industry and the DOD allegedly feel betrayed that Israeli “brokers” and power control groups provided the knowledge of this secret technology to the Chinese.

More and More respected scientists are coming forth and disclosing the truth about aliens and alien technology.

Click on link below to read full report:

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Unholy Communion – Aliens are Demons of the Bible!

Unholy Communion – Aliens are Demons of the Bible!
Man who screams out to Jesus saved from Alien Abductions
forward to 55 minutes meat of story


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US CIA Area 51 Scientist Ed Slade tells all

US CIA Area 52 S-4 US Scientist Ed Slade tells all

Ed Slade – Area 51 Secrets Exposed – Aliens, UFOs, Tesla and More!

This is one of several programs Ed and I, Stew Webb did together before Ed was murdered October 2011.
 Radio: Ed Slade Area 51 US Scientist and Stew Webb
March 18, 2010 Ed Slade Area 51 Scientist and Stew Webb
March 31, 2010 Ed Slade Area 51 Scientist and Whistleblower Stew Webb
April 7, 2010 Ed Slade Area 51 Scientist and Whistleblower Stew Webb

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The Third Force

The Third Force


by Preston James


Is this THIRD FORCE non-human or alien and are the major world powers being separately controlled by this entity in different dress inside each nation state’s highest echelons of government? Is there an overall coordinated purpose of this THIRD FORCE to create a NWO Globalist One-World Tyranny?


Is their apparent end-game the drastic reduction of the world’s population through mass eugenics & world war after which they plan to establish a one world global empire with a single dictator, a new “Caesar of the Ages”?


Is this THIRD FORCE a completely evil non-human parasite with superior intelligence that promotes the philosophy “the end justifies the means” in order to more quickly attain its long term goals?



This article is an attempt to shed some light on this little discussed quite shadowy subject and perhaps provide a framework for some plausible answers from what is now known or strongly suspected. Several sources will be listed where folks can pursue any further interests they have in these matters. Every day there appears to be more disclosures, leaks and new findings about who really runs the world, the Hidden Hand or the Powers That Be (PTB). And what is being revealed is not a pretty picture but it appears that those who uncover this entity are staring “pure evil” in the face, which makes it incredulous to most.

“For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know even as I am known.”


Click on link below to read this incredible report:

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