Samuel Lipari vs. GE Jeb Bush Novation,LLC US Bank et, al.

Medicare and Hospital Supply Frauds in the Trillions


Breaking News December 14, 2009


Sam Lipari Federal Whistleblower vs. Bush Crime Syndicate General Electric, Jeb Bush Novation LLC US Bank

With Massive Obstruction of Justice by

Co-Conspirator and Obstructer for Bush Crime Syndicate:

Judge Fernando J. Gaitan United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri

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Ethics complaint Samuel Lipari made against Judge Murguia.

Samuel K. Lipari v. District Judge Carlos Murguia, Judicial Misconduct

Complaint  No.  08-10-372-08. 

It is addressed to former Chief Judge Deanell Reece Tacha but

went to the new Chief Judge Henry of the Tenth Circuit. Later after it was

dismissed a petition for review by the Tenth Circuit Judicial Council was

filed with lots of documentation but that was dismissed also.


In pages 5-9 of the petition against US Bank filed in Missouri court but

transferred to Kansas Federal court and to Judge Murguia by the defendants

where the petition  (the segment is also attached as a pdf) Judge Murguia

and Judge Vratil¹s role in the disbarment are outlined. The petition stayed

the same in Kansas Court and Judge Murguia knowing pages 5-9 were true

refused to strike them from the complaint when the defendants made a motion

to do so. The petition is here



Earlier complaint against federal Magistrate O¹Hara who falsely testified against Bret Landrith at the state disbarment and talked ex parte to the three attorney panel.


Affidavit of Samuel Lipari describing the corrupt actions in Kansas District

Court including the fraudulent disbarment he witnessed


Letter of Lipari to Sen. McCaskill



Stew Webb Files Suit against Judge Kathryn Vratil’s