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July 19, 2007

The False Claims Act investigation of the McCook Metals take over was terminated by the USA Patriot Act appointed US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, Bradley J. Schlozman."

Kansas City, Mo 07/17/07 - Medical Supply Chain's founder Samuel Lipari learned today that General Electric (GE) had initiated the three actions required to resolve the parallel federal government investigation of GE's anticompetitive conduct which is the subject of Samuel Lipari's private civil litigation. GE announced on July 17th its intent to divest the commercial credit division GE Capital, a defendant in Samuel Lipari's lawsuit Lipari v General Electric, et al, Jackson County Missouri 16th Circuit Court Case # 0616-CV07421

The government initiated its investigation of General Electric because of GE Capital's underwriting of Novation LLC's sale of medical supply marketplace Neoforma, Inc. (NEOF) to GE's electronic marketplace GHX in an effort to conceal Neoforma's financials from an ongoing US Justice Department investigation of Novation LLC's monopolization of the hospital supply market reported in the London Times on July 31st 2006. Two assistant US Attorneys linked to the Novation investigation were found dead and three more were fired.



dead_ fired_attorneys_linked_to_white_house

Evidence disclosed in Medical Supply Chain civil litigation discovery revealed GE's failure to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, anticompetitive conduct in the Aluminum market through GE Capital's underwriting of Alcoa in the takeover of McCook Metals, LLC and General Electric's pattern of extortion and obstruction to influence outcomes in state and federal courts that included GE Capital's efforts to influence the United Airlines (UAL) bankruptcy proceedings so that union workers would be deprived of pension health benefits.

The False Claims Act investigation of the McCook Metals take over was terminated by the USA Patriot Act appointed US Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, Bradley J. Schlozman.

General Electric satisfied the government investigation by canceling its planned purchase of Abbott Laboratories Inc. (ABT) for $8.3 billion dollars on July 12th 2007, abandoning plans to further the monopoly in key aluminum product segments by withdrawing underwriting for Alcoa, Inc. (AA) to purchase Alcan, Inc. (AL) against mining giant Rio Tinto's bid of $38.1 billion dollars on July 13th 2007. Finally, General Electric and its CEO Jeffrey Immelt on July 16th 2007 signaled their intent to sell off GE Capital, the General Electric unit most directly involved in the misconduct. GE Capital will retain liability for any conduct injuring United Airlines employees.

General Electric's alleged co-conspirator in Medical Supply Chain's civil litigation, US Bancorp (USB) was forced to divest its subsidiary US Bancorp Piper Jaffray February 19th 2003 when Lipari's civil litigation exposed Piper Jaffray's continuing role in extortion and monopolization of securities underwriting for healthcare technology companies allowed to enter the hospital supply market controlled by Novation LLC.

Samuel Lipari cautions that General Electric's bargain may satisfy US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales but does not stop Samuel Lipari's private civil litigation claims or Samuel Lipari's False Claims Act investigation of General Electric's role as a co-conspirator with Novation LLC and US Bancorp to artificially inflate healthcare costs paid by Medicare and Medicaid.

Novation LLC is a hospital supplier in Irving, Texas and was created in 1998 by two networks of non-profit hospitals, VHA Inc, of Irving, Texas, and University Health System Consortium of Oak Brook, Illinois. Between them they control more than 2,000 hospitals and health care facilities.

General Electric Company, General Electric Capital Business Asset Funding Corporation and GE Transportation System Global Signaling, LLC are represented by the St. Louis, Missouri law firm Husch & Eppenberger, LLC through their Kansas City, Missouri attorney John K. Power. John K. Power, Husch & Eppenberger, LLC 1200 Main Street Suite 2300 Kansas City, MO 64105, (816) 283-4651. 

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