Barbara Frei DHS CIA Assassin Hastings Nebraska

Breaking News Wednesday June 9, 2010

By Stew Webb

25 years Federal Whistleblower

It can now be reported that Federal Agents interrogated Barbara Frei Sunday June 6, 2010 regarding her involvement with DHS CIA Assassination Teams on US Soil to Murder Patriotic Whistleblowers Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan.


See: Breaking News below June 3, 2010 British Petroleum-Goldman Sachs Terrorist Attack on America June 3, 2010.


It further can now be reported that investigations ties Barbara Frei DHS CIA had coordinated the attempted murder of myself Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb on January 28, 2010 in Hastings, Nebraska using a Blackwater/Xe Chinook Helicopter with four Israeli Mossad aboard shooting me with Lasers.

The Blackwater/Xe Chinook Helicopter was shot down over the U.S. Governments Secret Underground Facility east of Hasting known as Clay Center by a French Mirage Aircraft known by DHS Homeland Security as the “incident” aka “Mechanical Failure” on January 28, 2010 east of Hastings, Nebraska near Hi-way 6, Several people witnessed the fireball in the sky and the debris falling.

Several days many residents of Hastings, Nebraska saw the bombardment of Helicopters over Hastings attempting to kill Stew Webb.





Barbara J. Frei Currently works for DHS

Barbara Frei DHS Home Land Agent in Secret

Barbara Frei Former CIA De-briefer

Barbara Frei CIA DHS Codename: Pinkpuff aka Pinkie

Barbara Frei is further known by US Intelligence as a Sociopath Lesbian AC-DC with Direct ties to Hillary Clinton and Frances Townsend.

Breaking News Thursday June 3, 2010

British Petroleum Goldman Sachs Terrorist Attack on America

Domestic Mossad DHS assassination teams (ML 40) Targets Patriotic Whistleblowers and Militias

Former Vice President Gore has been working directly with Patriotic element of U.S. Military

to save and re-implement the U.S. Constitution.


We can also report tonight that Patriotic sources close to U.S. Military are ready to arrest CIA DHS alleged Psychiatrist and former Bush-Clinton DHS Stooge Francis Ford Townsend.

Military sources are now divulging that both Barbara Frei and Francis Townsend are in charge of Domestic Mossad DHS assassination teams (ML 40) that have been ordered to target US Citizens aka Patriotic Whistleblowers who basically know too much about the criminal activity going on in the United States.

The Frei-Townsend assassination teams are under direct Command and Control of Looser and Lesbian in the closet Hillary Rodenhurt Dysfunctional Secretary of State Clinton and Bush family Crony U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.


These assassination teams have also been ordered to target State Militias

That are now in direct alliance with State and local law enforcement agencies which have set up State Defense Forces and purge Criminal Mossad infiltration of both local and State police.

Note: this is one of the reason folk’s democratic Congress woman Jane Harman (Mossad asset) is sponsoring legislation called the domestic surveillance terrorist act.

This Un Constitutional Treasonous legislation is designed to strip Americans of their Constitutional Rights, continue Mossad occupation and manipulations of U.S., State and Government Institutions.

We can also report tonight former Vice President and current year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. has separated from his wife Tipper Gore to protect the security of his Wife and Daughters who have had physical threats directed against them since year 2000 election was stolen from him by the Bush Crime Syndicate.

The Path to Florida How Bush Stole The Election part 1.html.htm

The Path to Florida How Bush Stole The Election part 2.html.htm

Former Vice President Gore has been working directly with Patriotic element of U.S. Military to save and re-implement the U.S. Constitution,

Arrest those involved who have looted the U.S. Treasury and liberate America from the Bush Clinton Mizel Mossad Crime Syndicate occupation.

There will be more as the information can be released on Barbara Frei, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates and Frances Townsend DHS CIA Assassination Teams on U.S. Soil with ties to FBI Division #5 Cross dresser Tim White and Jeff Fisher, Barbara Frei being their handler and 30 Death Threats from three separate telephones coming from Hasting, Nebraska as reported to the Police who did nothing except help cover up the Death Threats 3 years prior involving DHS.