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PA Senator Toomey 10000 gun calls to Wash DC in 4 days

PA Senator Toomey 10,000 gun calls to Wash DC in 4 days!

April 12, 2013

To Stew Webb


1–GOP Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey is the ringleader in today’s “bi-partisan”

attempt to begin the process of diluting portions of the Second Amendment to the US

Constitution’s right to keep and bear arms–esp in the bill’s language.  He

represents one of the most influential gun states – Pennsylvania — that’s how

brazen he is!  He is betting PA voters will forget his past actions for 3.5 years

and that no one will run against him in a primary.

2–His WashDC office told me today they have received 10,000 protest calls in the

first 4 days of this week!  This likely counts for several hundred thousand or more

Pennsylvanians who feel the same way but did not take time to call yet.  Call Pat

Toomey on Friday or next week to let him know how you feel about your right to keep

and bear arms, “pathways to amnesty,” and “weasel language” to intrude on and betray

your personal health privacy:


Washington, DC–(202) 224-4254

Philadelphia, PA–(215) 241-1090

Pittsburgh, PA–(412) 803-3501

Allentown/Lehigh Valley–1-855-552-1831 (toll-free for PA callers)

Erie, PA–(814) 453-3010

Harrisburg, PA–(717) 782-3951

Johnstown, PA–(814) 266-5970

Scranton, PA–(570) 941-3540



3–Toomey will not protest Obama Justice Department prosecution of only 44 out of

15,000 attempts to buy firearms illegally.  Our senator is a national security

threat to all Pennsylvanians and should be removed ASAP if at all possible via a

national precedent-setting recall.

4–If Toomey had sense he should publicly change his stance on the senate floor,

saying “my constituents have told me they don’t want this anti-gun bill.  But he’s

too arrogant to do that.


5–Toomey is also for “pathways to amnesty” illegal immigration reform—joining GOP

sellout senators Lindsay “Goober” Graham-nesty, John McCain–even disappointing

weasel word “gang of eight” upstart Marco Rubio–unfortunately a real tragedy for

Marco Rubio.  Hope he reconsiders.


6–The founding fathers gave us recall capabilities—and even some failed recall

attempts in several states would expose collective senatorial failures to protect

the Constitution and would place a personal family blot on their character and

integrity for attempting to secretly betray constituents.


***7–Utah GOP Senator Mike Lee told radio host Mark Levin tonight (4-11-2013) that

“we are being handed bills after midnight and told to vote on them six minutes



“Politics has become criminalized in the U.S.”   (Mark Levin, Mark Levin Show) Heard

daily 6-9 pm nationally on local radio or internet stream.  Raised in the

Philadelphia suburbs and a Constitutional lawyer, Mark is Philly’s “national”

treasure. (WIQ FM 106.9 Phila, PA)

Turn off cable TV and listen to Mark on radio or your computer from 6-9 pm to catch

some incredibly intelligent insight!….But only if you care that your country is

being turned upside down by a crew of criminal mafia disguised in expensive suits.

Tom Flocco

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